industrial engineering


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Mechanical Engineering
    Section 1.1. Machinery and Mechanism Design
    1_1_1Б.А. Шароглазов, В.В. Клементьев,
    Бескривошипный двигатель внутреннего сгорания: аналитика процессов рабочего цикла на номинальном режиме работы
    1_1_2A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
    The Design Features of Locomotives with Hybrid Propulsion Systems
    1_1_3Wu Que, M.Yu. Rachkov
    Reconfiguration Mechanism Analysis of the Wheel-Track Robot
    1_1_4O. Krol
    Modified Double-slider Coupling of Multioperational Milling Machine
    1_1_6V.I. Chizhikov, E.V. Kurnasov
    Strain-stress State Control of Multidimensional Resilient Kinematic with Indefinite External Distubance
    1_1_8A. Barykin, R. Galiyev, D. Nuretdinov, R. Takhaviev
    Selection of the Differential Construction Taking Into Account Operational Requirements
    1_1_9V. Syzrantsev, A. Starikov
    Modeling of Generating Cylindrical Gear Arc Teeth Shaping Processes
    1_1_10K. Syzrantseva, K. Kuskov, N. Gonchar, D. Dubrovko
    Updating the Statistical Strength Analysis Method for the Shut-Off Valve Body in Random Loading Conditions
    1_1_11E. Trubachev
    Spiroid Gears as an Alternative to Bevel and Hypoid Gears
    1_1_12A.V. Evseev, I.A. Yuraskova, A.O. Chechuga, G.V. Kasatkin, T.S. Khachlaev
    Mathematical Model for Optimizing the Determination of the Number of Doses of Components Dispensed by Discrete Dispensers to Obtain a Minimum Portion of a Mixture with Specified Probabilistic Characteristics on a Conveyor Nonmixer
    1_1_13A. Pazyak, V. Petrukhin
    Determining Helical Gear Transmission Geometrical Parameters of Top Drive Gearbox
    1_1_14A. Bobkov, M. Krivenko
    Analysis of Factors Reducing the Reliability of Electric Pump Units Bearing of Spacecraft Thermal Control Systems
    1_1_15I.P. Nikitina, A.N. Polyakov
    Improving Thermal Characteristics of Double-sided Face Grinding Machines
    1_1_16Ya.S. Makunina, S.N. Dolmatov, P.G. Kolesnikov
    Operation of Wheel Skidders in Conditions of Insufficient Ground Bearing Capacity
    1_1_18E.V. Balakina, M. S. Kochetov, D. S. Sarbaev
    Design Calculation of the Lateral Tire Stiffness When the Wheel Rotation Plane Is Inclined
    1_1_19P.V. Boslovyak, S. Guo
    Modernization of the jib lifting mechanism design of a truck crane
    1_1_20A.V. Volchenkov, L.G. Nikitina
    Modeling of the Thermal State of a Motor Spindle with a Radial Ventilation System
    1_1_22S. Ivanov, M. Kolesnik, K. Kim
    The Determination of Output Parameters of the Electric Drive of the Sealed Valve of the Main Pipeline
    1_1_24M.K. Sagdatullin
    Statement of the Problem of Stability Cylindrical Panel by the Method of Finite Elements
    1_1_25V.V. Martishkin, O.G. Savostikova, S.N. Yudaev
    Possibility of Achieving Guaranteed reliability of Mechanical Products for Set Service Life
    1_1_26A.I. Popov, A.S. Fumin, S.V. Zakharov, V.P. Tretyakov, M.M. Radkevich
    Method for Selecting Electrodes of Tools for Jet Electrolytic-Plasma Processing
    1_1_27E.A. Petrakova, Yu.I. Brovkina, N.A. Kuzmin
    Parameterization of Body Parts of Vertical Gearboxes in Autodesk Inventor for Solving Research Problems
    1_1_28N.A. Fomenko, O.V. Burlachenko, T.F. Cherednichenko, O G. Chesnokova
    The Optimization of the Grubber Pruning Device Design
    1_1_29B.N. Feshin, L.G. Shpakova, K.M. Tokhmetova
    Hierarchical Management System of the Coal-Winning Complex
    1_1_32A.L. Balaban, V.V. Grechikhin, Yu.V. Yufanova
    Combined Approach to Simulation of Electromagnets in the Levitation System of Ground Transport
    1_1_33M.E. Nikolaev, V.A. Perfilov, E.Yu. Kozlovtseva
    Loading and Transport Unit with an Enlarged Working Area
    Section 1.2. Dynamics of Machines and Working Processes
    1_2_1A. Malozemov, A. Shavlov, K. Gundarev, G. Malozemov
    Influence of the Gases Enthalpy in the Diesel Engine Exhaust Manifold on the Boost Pressure
    1_2_2A.V. Vyboishchik,M.Yu. Popov
    Contemporary Methods for Applying Low-Waste and Non-Waste Technologies in Producing Chromium- and Titanium-Containing Pigments
    1_2_3D.V. Kondratov, T.S. Kondratova, V.S. Popov, M.V. Popova
    Modeling Hydroelastic Response of the Channel Wall Resting on a Nonlinear Elastic Foundation
    1_2_5V.G. Avgustinovich, T.A. Kuznetsova, A.I. Fatykov, V.O. Fofanov
    Correlation between Pressure Pulsations and the Pilot Fuel Ratio in a Dle Combustor of a Gas Turbine Engine as an Evaluation Criteria for the Fuel-Air Mixture Homogeneity
    1_2_6Sh. Buzikov, O. Buzikova, M. Motovilova
    Evaluation of Dynamic Parameters of Nozzle and Sprayer Operation on Mixed Fuel
    1_2_8I.V. Kudryavtsev, L.K. Malykhina, S.S. Morozov, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Support Coefficients for a Spring-Hinged Beam at Vibration and Buckling
    1_2_9S. Ivannikov, I. Manaenkov, M. Krutyakova
    Parametric Reliability of Metalworking Equipment
    1_2_13S.D. Shepelev, M.V. Pyataev, E.V. Shalonkina
    Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Tractive Resistance of a Spring-Tooth Harrow with a Parallelogram Section Mount System
    1_2_16L.V. Plotnikov, N.I. Grigoriev, K.O. Desyatov
    Stationary Gas Dynamics and Heat Transfer of Turbulent Gas Flow in the Cylinder and Exhaust System of a Reciprocating Engine
    1_2_17O.V. Abyzov, Yu.V. Galyshev, A.A. Metelev, Luo Xinyao
    Computational Study of Combustion and Emissions Characteristics in Ammonia-Powered Gas-Diesel Engine
    1_2_18V.A. Markov, P.B. Barchenko, V.A. Neverov, M.I. Shlenov, E.A. Savastenko
    Transient Processes of Piston Engines with Various Forms of External Speed Characteristic
    1_2_19E.T. Plaksina, M.D. Plamennova, A.B. Syritskii, N.S. Lozhkin
    Development of a System for Monitoring Torsional Oscillations of the Crankshaft Based on the Phase Chronometric Method
    1_2_20С.Л. Букин, В.Н. Беловодский
    Супергармонический инерционный вибропривод на базе одношарнирной карданной передачи
    1_2_21V. Shepelev, A. Gritsenko, A. Vorobyev, B. Kaliyev, O. Fadina
    Increasing the Robustness of Modern Turbocharging Systems Using a Hydraulic Accumulator and Oil Circulation
    1_2_22D.M. Shprekher, E.B. Kolesnikov, D.S. Ovsyannikov
    Adaptive Scraper Conveyor Loading Control System
    1_2_23A.A. Abyzov
    Estimation of Fatigue Life under Multivariable Loading Using the Corrected Linear Damage Summation Hypothesis
    1_2_24A.N. Savkin, A.A. Sedov, K.A. Badikov, А.А. Baryshnikov
    Modeling of Fatigue Crack Growth Kinetics under Biharmonic Loading
    1_2_25K.K. Abishev, A.Zh. Kasenov, A.D. Suleimenov, R.B. Mukanov, A.V. Mazdubay
    Reduction of Torsional Vibrations in the Transmission of Transport Vehicles
    Section 1.3. Friction, Wear, and Lubrication in Machines
    1_3_2P.I. Malenko, O.B. Kryuchkov, A.E. Boldyrev
    Corrosion and Fatigue at Steel Fretting Damage
    1_3_3Т. Дайюб, А.В. Максимкин
    Влияние графеновых нанопластин/полианилина на структуру, механические и трибологические свойства ориентированных лент СВМПЭ
    1_3_4I.A. Mikhaylov, K.V. Sukhareva, E.A. Mamin, Yu.O. Andriasyan, A.A. Popov
    Operating Resource Prolongation of Diaphragms for Tire Shaping and Vulcanizing Presses
    1_3_5V.V. Alisin
    Advancements in High Temperature Cylindrical Joints Tribological Properties
    1_3_6V.I. Kolesnikov, O.V. Kudryakov, V.N. Varavka, A.I. Voropaev, E.S. Novikov
    Comparative Analysis of Tribological Nitride and Carbon PVD-Coatings Deposited on a Nitrided Steel Substrate
    1_3_7V.V. Martyshkin, A.P. Adylina, A.R. Chestnyh, A.Ya. Klochkov, D.E. Kashirin
    Principles of Guaranteed Reliability Provision for Agricultural Equipment
    1_3_8A. Bolotov, V. Novikov, O. Novikova
    The Effect of Magnetic Nanoparticles on Lubricating Properties of Magnetic Oils under Boundary Friction
    1_3_9P.V. Kharlamov
    Analysis of Secondary Structure Formation During Modification of Steel Friction Surfaces
    1_3_10A.N. Bolotov, I.A. Smolyakova, L.E. Afanasieva
    Magnetic Lubricating Fluids with Novel Dispersion Media
    1_3_12A.I. Izotov, V.N. Tymoshenko, S.А. Izotov, I.V. Gubin
    Antifriction Composite Inserts for Current-Removing Brushes of Electric Machines
    1_3_13O.A. Belyak, I.V. Kolesnikov, T.V. Suvorova
    Modeling of Tribological Properties of Self-Lubricating Composite Materials
    1_3_14A.N. Zayatzev, J.I. Shoucheng, Y.P. Alexandrova
    An Experimental Study of Tribological Properties of Threaded Joints Inconel 718 ? Grade 660 With a Solid Lubricant Based on MoS2
    Section 1.4. Design and Manufacturing Engineering of Industrial Facilities
    1_4_2L. Kondratenko, L. Mironova
    Stem Bending of Gun Drill for Deep Hole Machining
    1_4_3V.V. Lyashenko, A.V. Muratov
    Using Lean Production Tools to Optimize the Business Processes of Locomotive Stock Units of Russian Railroads OJSC
    1_4_5R. Khusainov, E. Gainiyeva, G. Davletshina, B. Zairov
    Modeling Volumetric Errors in the Working Area of a Vertical Milling Machine
    1_4_6M.V. Vartanov, Nguyen Van Linh
    Determination of the Friction Coefficient Using a Force Torque Sensor During the Robotic Assembly of a Non-Rigid Shaft with a Rigid Sleeve
    1_4_7А.И. Никоноров
    Оценка риска неприемлемой производительности при выборе оборудования механообрабатывающих производств
    1_4_8V.F. Bulavin, T.G. Bulavina, D.V. Koshutin
    Engineering Support & Infrastructure of Small – Sized Mechanical Engineering Companies
    1_4_9D.S. Ershov, T.A. Levina, A.V. Malahov, R.Z. Khayrullin, A.A. Galishnikov
    To the Design of Medium- and Long-Term Programs of Innovative Development of Some Areas of Mechanical Engineering
    1_4_12V. Malikov, A. Ishkov, S. Voinash, R. Zagidullin, L. Sabitov
    Automated Control of the Conductivity of Thin Films Using the Eddy Current Method
    1_4_13V. Lebedev, Yu. Torop, O. Baryshnikova, N. Koval, A. Kochetov
    Technological Effect of Hole Calibration in the Conditions of Ultrasonic Exposure to the Part
    1_4_14D. Glazunov, N. Osipova, N. Repeshko, M. Mukonina
    Cross-platform Simulator for Railway University Students
    1_4_15N.A. Sukhova, R.S. Khmyrov, Y.O. Pristinsky
    Development of Technology for Spark Plasma Sintering of High-Entropy Target Cathodes for Synthesis of Wear-Resistant Coatings on Cutting Tools
    1_4_18M. Prakhova, Yu. Shishkina, P. Krasnova
    The Smart System to Supply Methanol to the Gas-Gathering Network
    1_4_19A. Krasnov
    The Distributed Automated System to Supply Methanol to the Gas-Gathering Network
    1_4_20V.V. Matrosova, M.V. Arkhipov, D.V. Silyakov
    Laser quality control system for robotic machining system
    1_4_22V.N. Sidorov, S.G. Nizhnik
    Method of Tool-Electrode Design for Electrochemical Machining of Multi-Stage Conical Hole by Rotating Electrodes
    1_4_24P. Kalish, V. Volgin, A. Malakho
    Automated Design of Tooling for the Production of Tape Prepreg Based on Thermoplastic Polymers
    1_4_66М.В. Вартанов, Нгуен Ван Линь
    Определение величины коэффициента трения с использованием силомоментного датчика при роботизированной сборке нежесткого вала с жесткой втулкой
    Section 1.5. Transport and Technological Machines
    1_5_2V.A. Ryzhikov
    Resonance Phenomena in Vehicle Suspension
    1_5_3V.S. Velikanov, N.V. Dyorina, E.A. Gasanenko, E.A. Pikalova
    Development of a Neuro-Fuzzy Matlab Model for Assessing the Wear Rate of Crusher Liners
    1_5_4М.Г. Бояршинов, А.С. Вавилин
    Статистические показатели транспортного затора на городской улично-дорожной сети
    1_5_6E.V. Pantyukhina, I.V. Puzikov, O.A. Erzin
    Scientific basis of design of automatic hopper feeding device for three-piece caps
    1_5_9E.V. Zenkov, L.B. Tsvik
    Structural Strength Modelling Methods for Solid-Rolled Railway Wheels
    1_5_15V.A. Krutova
    Theoretical Study of Sound Radiation of Bearing Frames of Overhead Cranes
    Section 1.6. Mechanical Treatment of Materials
    1_6_1E. Fominov, C. Shuchev, V. Sukhomlinova, O. Pyatnitzkaya, A. Barkov
    Influence of Geometric Parameters of the Secondary Plastic Deformations Zone On the Temperature Distribution on the Rake Face of the Lathe Cutter
    1_6_2M.R. Gimadeev, A.A. Li
    Tool condition monitoring techniques for milling
    1_6_3Yu.A.Tempel, O.A. Tempel, Yu.V. Surmyatova, R.Y. Nekrasov
    Digital Technologies Within the Accuracy of Processing Low-Rigid Workpieces on CNC Machines
    1_6_4А.В. Савилов, С.А. Тимофеев, Г.В. Матлыгин, В.А. Ушаков
    Исследование обрабатываемости резанием быстрорежущей стали
    1_6_7M.Sh. Migranov, S.R. Shekhtman, A.S. Gusev
    Synthesizing Low-Wear Cathodic Coatings from Multi-Component Alloys with a High-Entropy Effect
    1_6_8В.А. Ушаков, А.С. Пятых, М.С. Моисеева, Ф.С. Костенко
    К вопросу расчета сил резания при вихревом резьбонарезании
    1_6_9V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin, O.V. Zimovnov
    Studies of the Influence of the Contact Temperature on the Buoyancy Force When Turning Metals
    1_6_10E. Kolganova, A. Shishkina, G. Sanamyan
    Prospects for the Application of Granular Media from Natural Materials to Improve the Quality of Coating Surfaces
    1_6_11A.V. Karpov
    The Use of the Index of Chip-Forming Specific Energy Intensity for Determining and Controlling the Machinability of Structural Material in Adaptive Technological Cutting Systems
    1_6_13A. Gritsenko, V. Shepelev, S. Baryshnikov, E. Tsybunov, D. Nevolin
    Reconditioning Turbocharger Shafts Through Electrocontact Sintering with Powder Metal Mixtures
    1_6_14M.N. Nagorkin, V.P. Fyodorov
    Determination of the Adhesive Component Parameters of Friction Ratio of Tool Indentor with the Surface When Processing Parts by Surface Plastic Deformation
    1_6_15Д.В. Чащилов, К.С. Манухина, Л.А. Злочевский, И.Н. Павлов
    Оценка удельной энергии разволокнения при механической обработке листовой целлюлозы применительно к расчёту мельницы ударного действия
    1_6_16M.A. Volosova, A.E. Seleznev, A.M. Migranov
    Tribological Properties of Innovative Composite Nanostructured Coatings for High-Speed Turning
    1_6_17D.A. Barchukov, I.A. Smolyakova, L.E. Afanasieva
    The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Structural Phase State of the Gas-Laser Cut Surface of High-Speed Steel
    1_6_19L.A. Glebov, I.N. Erdakov, L.V. Radionova, D.V. Gromov, E.V. Safonov
    Influence of Trajectories During Direct Metal Deposition on Mechanical Properties of the Ti6Al4V Alloy
    1_6_20L.V. Radionova, R.A. Lisovskiy, A.E. Sarafanov, S.R. Faizov, I.N. Erdakov
    Analysis of Deformation Behavior for Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature
    1_6_21Радионова Л.В., Громов Д.В., Лисовский Р.А., Фаизов С.Р., Хламкова С.С., Глебов Л.А.
    Анализ влияния технологических параметров на скорость деформации при экструзии проволоки
    Section 1.7. Industrial Hydraulic Systems
    1_7_2A.D. Kolga, V.A. Alexandrov, R.T. Galiakhmetov
    Development of an Improved Hydraulic Drive of Agricultural Machines for The Conditions of the Urals and Siberia
    1_7_4M.V. Vecherkin, A.S. Sarvarov, I.G. Samarina
    Modeling the Aerodynamic Parameters of Centrifugal Fans with an Axial Distributor