industrial engineering


    In 2017, International Conference on Industrial Engineering was held on 16-19 of May. The conference organizers were Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, as a main conference venue and South Ural State University (national research university), Chelyabinsk and Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University, Novocherkassk, Rostov region and Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russky Island as the additional conference venues. A video bridge connected the platforms during all the period of holding of the conference. Furthermore, a web-broadcast of the work of the conference sections was organized during two days in on-line.

    ICIE 2017 included a rich technical program consisting of 8 sections:
    Part 1. Research and development of machines and mechanisms:
    1.1. Dynamics of machines and working processes;
    1.2. Friction, wear and lubrication in machines;
    1.3. Design and manufacturing engineering of industrial facilities;
    1.4. Surface transport and technological machines.
    Part 2. Materials engineering and technologies for production and processing:
    2.1. New functional materials and technologies;
    2.2. Innovation and cost-effective use of resources of metallurgy industry.
    Part 3. Sustainable development of industrial enterprises.
    Part 4. Industrial and civil construction.

    More than 650 reports were selected by the program committee for participating in the conference (see program). In 2017, scientists and practicians from 12 countries took part in the conference, including representatives of 66 Russian cities from the western and central parts to the Far East regions. International participants represented such countries as Hungary, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, China (including Taiwan), Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Switzerland.

    English-speaking conference papers were accepted for publication in "Solid State Phenomena" journal of Trans Tech Publications Ltd. (, "Procedia Engineering" of Elsevier Ltd. publishing house (, "SHS Web of Conferences" of Web of Conferences publishing ( and as the conference proceedings included in the digital library "IEEE Xplore" (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Reports of "Research and development of machines and mechanisms" and "Industrial and civil construction" were published in the "Procedia Engineering" journal (vol. 206, 2017). Reports of "Materials engineering and technologies for production and processing" were published in the "Solid State Phenomena" journal (vol. 265, 2017). Reports of "Sustainable development of industrial enterprises" were published in the "SHS Web of Conferences" journal (vol. 35, 2017). Articles are indexed by Scopus or WoS database.

    Russian-speaking conference papers were accepted for publication in the conference proceedings as electronic issue indexed by RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

    Photos from the conference:

    1. Registration and opening of the conference:

    2. Work in sections: