industrial engineering


    The main conference venue of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering in 2024 is the resort center of the Black Sea coast of Russia in Sochi city. Furthermore, the webcast of the operation of conference sections will be organized in on-line mode. Anyone can become a listener of the conference from anywhere in the world.

    For those participants who cannot attend in person, the option of remote participation is provided, namely:
    - remotely via video conference;
    - remotely in the format of a poster presentation.

    Learn more about remote participation...

    Sochi is the only city in Russia with subtropical climate. The unique peculiarity of Sochi climate is that on three sides the city is surrounded by the mountains of the Caucasus range, which protect it from cold winds and preserve the accumulated heat, and on the fourth side there is the Black Sea, which warms up in summer, and in autumn and in winter it gives back its warmth. All these conditions contribute to the rapid growth of trees, bushes and flowers that fill the entire coastline. In May, the air daytime temperature is 25-27 °C.

    In 2014, Sochi was the capital of the XXII Winter Olympic Games. During preparations for the Olympics, its infrastructure has been substantially updated and is now available to all guests of the city.

    In the Adler district, on the territory of the Imereti Lowlands, there is a theme amusement park. Fans of the underwater world can visit the oceanarium of Sochi Discovery World Aquarium.