industrial engineering


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Research and development of machines and mechanisms
    Section 1.1. Dynamics of machines and working processes
    1A. Malozemov, V. Bondar, G. Malozemov
    Diesel Engine Pre-heating and Starting Simulation with Modelica Language
    2L.V. Plotnikov, Yu.M. Brodov
    Processes Dynamic Characteristics in the Intake System of Piston Internal Combustion Engine
    3D.A. Permyakov, A.S. Pantileev, S.V. Makhnovich
    Calculated and Experimental Study of Free Vibrations of a Cylindrical Shell
    6E.A. Lazarev,V.E. Lazarev, M.A. Matsulevich
    Optimization of Parameters for Fuel Combustion Process at Diesel Working Cycle Improvement
    7V.V. Kirillov, R.D. Shelkhovskoi
    Mathematical Models of Low-Temperature Gas Generator
    8A. Ermakova
    Iterative Process of AFEM and Ideal Failure Models of Structures
    9L.V. Plotnikov, S. Bernasconi, B.P. Zhilkin
    Analysis of Resonator Installation Effect in Intake System of the Diesel Engine on Parameters of Gas Exchange Quality
    10M.V. Shakhmatov, E.A. Usmanova, L.I. Khmarova
    Calculated-experimental Estimation of Residual Pipeline Resource for Long-Term Operation
    11D.A. Shlyakhina,O.V. Ratmanova
    Dynamic Problem of Direct Piezoelectric Effect for the Circular Multilayer Plate
    12A.A. Gubanova
    Dynamic Diagnostics of Limiting State of Milling Process Based on Poincare Stroboscopic Mapping
    13B.A. Sharoglazov, K.D. Podsedov, M.K. Kuanyshev
    Calculation-Analytical Estimation of the Working Cycle Parameters of the Crankless and Crank Engines Under Similar Loading Conditions
    14G.V. Lomakin,V.. Lazarev, V.M. Myslyaev
    Experimental Estimation of Influence of Fuel injector Nozzle Design on Output Parameters of Tractor Diesel
    15A.N. Savoskin, A.P. Vasilev
    Dislocation Model of Wheel-rail Interaction with Locomotive Lateral Fluctuations
    16A.D. Bardovsky, A.A. Gerasimova, I.I. Basyrov
    Study of Oscillating Process of Harp Screens
    18E.E. Richter, A.V. Ignatova, A.V. Ponkin
    To Issue of Application of Method of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) to Determine Viscoelastic Properties and Heat Generation in Rubber Elements of Solid Tires
    19N.N. Barbashov, I.V. Leonov, K.D. Sologub
    Modeling of Dynamic and Economical Characteristics of Life-Saving Device with Flywheel Energy Storage
    20A.I. Artyunin, S.V. Eliseev, O.Y. Sumenkov
    Experimental Studies on Influence of Natural Frequencies of Oscillations of Mechanical system on Angular Velocity of Pendulum on Rotating Shaft
    24L. Abdullina, N. Barbashov, I. Leonov
    Analysis of Possibilities to Reduce Energy Consumption of Elevator Systems
    25I.A. Teterina,P.A. Korchagin, A.B. Letopolsky
    Results of Investigating Vibration Load at Human Operators Seat in Utility Machine
    26V.S. Zhernakov, V.P. Pavlov, V. M. Kudoyarova
    Deformation of Thin Elastic Rod Under Large Deflections
    27K.E. Rozhkov,I.A. Krivosheev, N.B. Simonov
    Selection of Incidence Angle at Designing Blade Row of Compressors and Turbines
    28N.K. Kuznetsov, I.A. Iov, A.A. Iov
    Synthesis of Controlling the Movement of Digging Mechanisms of Excavators on the Basis of Inverse Dynamics Problems
    30K.Yu. Kravchenko, S.S. Kugaevskii, M.P. Zhuravlev
    Damping Ratio and Natural Frequency of Dynamic System in Milling
    31A.N. Gots
    Models of Fatigue Fracture under Cyclic Loading Pistons of Internal Combustion Engines
    32V.Yu. Ovsyannikov, A.I. Klychnikov, A.V. Sharov
    Investigation of Units Condition of Rotor Type Milling Machines Based on Vibration Analysis
    33V.L. Zakovorotny, V.E. Gvindjiliya
    Mathematical Modeling of Wear of Cutter on Back Edge by Taking into Account Beating and Kinematic Perturbations
    36A.N. Davydov, A.V. Smolyaninov
    Determination of Critical Speed of Rail Vehicle as Mechanical System with Nonlinear Constraints
    38S.V. Seregin
    Influence of Contact Area of Additional Elements on Frequency Spectrum Splitting in Cylindrical Shells
    39D.R. Mugla, A.L. Galinovskiy, N.V. Kobernik
    Selection of Rational Technological Modes and Parameters of Underwater Waterjet Cutting
    40E.I. Shchurova
    Voxel and Finite Element Modeling of the Ceramic Grains-Polymer Composite Panel for Ballistic Impact Description
    42A.A. Kondratyuk, V.K. Shilko, A.A. Klopotov
    Type Problems and Prospects of Crankshaft (Eccentric) Machinery Usage in Sawmilling
    43V.S. Bykador
    Drill Bit Self-Oscillation in Cutting
    44S.S. Kugaevskii , V.N. Ashikhmin
    Using Local Coordinate Systems for Dimensional Analysis in the Machining
    46I.O. Lysov, S.S. Nikiforov, E.B. Ryzhuk
    Research of Nature of Interaction of Fuel Spray with Wall of Combustion Chamber of Overload Diesel Engine on Unique Injection Research Installation
    49S.S. Makarov, V.B. Dementiev
    Numerical Simulation of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Non-Regular Mode of Cooling High-Temperature Metal Cylinder by Gas-Liquid Medium in Circular Channel
    50S.V. Rakulenko, V.I. Grishchenko, M.S. Poleshkin
    Amplitude-Frequency Method of Control of a Mobile Drilling Machine Hydraulic Drive with Dependent Tool Advance
    51V. Chernyshev, O. Fominova
    Control of Damping Process in System of Vibration Isolation
    53S. Majorov, L. Savin, A. Babin
    Estimation of Energy-Efficiency of Oscillations of Rotors on Radial Fluid-Film Bearings
    54A.I. Ozerskij, N.A. Tseligorov
    Method of Investigating Dynamic Operating Modes of Electro-Hydraulic Drive Systems with Movable Boundaries of Working Fluids
    56S.V. Sergeev, Yu.S. Sergeev, A.V. Kononistov
    Self-Synchronized Controlled Vibration Drive with Automated Oscillation Parameters Monitoring System for High-Tech Equipment
    57A.S. Khoruzhiy,P.A. Taranenko
    Analysis of Effect of Internal Pressure on Natural Frequencies of Bending Vibrations of Straight Pipe with Fluid
    58V.V. Novikov, D.A. Chumakov, I.A. Golyatkin
    Experimental Modular Unit for Testing Nodes of Air Suspension with Combined Amortization
    59A.V. Vasilyev, Y.S. Bakhracheva
    Calculation of Kinematic Characteristics of Internal Combustion Engine Valve Gear
    60A.V. Otrokov, G.S. Khazanovich, N.B. Afonina
    Impact of Design Parameters on Efficiency of Loading Organs with Gathering-Stars of the Roadheaders
    63V.A. Romanov, V.P. Beskachko
    Virtual Prototyping Experience of the Coriolis Flowmeter
    64K.V. Chernyshov, I.M. Ryabov, A.V. Pozdeev
    Theoretical Foundations of Optimal Two-Step Control of Suspension Stiffness of Transport Vehicle in Oscillation Cycle
    65K.V. Chernyshov, I.M. Ryabov, A.V. Pozdeev
    Potential Vibration Isolation Qualities of Suspensions with Two-Step Stiffness Control in Oscillation Cycle
    66A.A. Abyzov, I.I. Berezin
    Fatigue Life Prediction of Track Link of a High-Speed Vehicle
    69V.S. Popov, L.I. Mogilevich, E.D. Grushenkova
    Hydroelastic Response of Three-layered Plate Interacting with Pulsating Viscous Liquid Layer
    70M.D. Garipov, D.R. Rezvanov, R.F. Zinnatullin
    Experimental Study of Spark-Ignited 2-Stroke Heavy Fuel Engine
    71M.Sh. Nikhamkin, S.V. Semenov, D.G. Solomonov
    Application of Experimental Modal Analysis for Identification of Laminated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Model Parameters
    72 .., .., ..
    73V.A. Kryukov, A.V. Plyasov
    Reducing Level of Vibration in Two-Stream Spur Gear
    74V. Surikov, Yu. Lisin, A. Valeev
    Analysis of Application of Pre-Screwed Auger Wheels for Operative Increasing of Throughput Capacity of Oil Pipelines
    76V.G. Gusev, A.A. Fomin, V.A. Saldaev
    Mathematical Model of Cut Layer at Intensive Profile Milling of Workpieces
    77A.A. Fomin, V.G. Gusev, A.R. Sadrtdinov
    Assurance of Accuracy of Longitudinal Section of Profile Surfaces Milled at High Feeds
    78S.D. Smetanin, V.G. Shalamov
    Dynamics of Rotary Milling According to Group Scheme of Obtaining Discontinuous Chips
    80R.R. Kalimullin, T.A. Volkova, A.R. Valeev
    Modeling Hydrodynamic Processes in the Vortex Generator
    81A. Bakhtegareeva, O. Mironova, E. Bakhtegareeva
    Substantiation of Necessity to Modernize Gas Pipelines Gas Cooling System
    82A. Yatsun, S. Jatsun
    Modeling Quasi-static Gait of a Person Wearing Lower-Limb Exoskeleton
    83A. Koloskova, I. Kiselev, S. Voronov
    Modeling of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Part Turning Process Dynamics
    84I. Ivanov, I. Pleshcheev, A. Larkin
    Investigation of Controlled Vibratory Drilling Dynamics with Variable Velocity Feedback Gain
    85A.S. Gishvarov, M.N. Davydov
    Justification of Program for Accelerated Tests of Aircraft Auxiliary Gas Turbine Engine
    87Nail Farilovich Timerbaev, Omar Abdulhadi Mustafa Almohammed, Asaad Kamil Ali
    Longitudinal Fin Effect on Effectiveness of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
    88D.L. Karelin, A.V. Boldyrev, A.M. Belousov
    Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Adjustable Axial Flow Divider
    90A.Yu. Botashev, A.A. Musaev, R.A. Bayramukov
    Study of Combustion Stroke of Double-Chamber Explosive Gas Forming Device
    91V. Lapshin
    Influence of Elastic-Plastic Transformation of Mechanorheological Model on Impact Duration
    92E. Bazhenov, S. Buynachev, D. Chernyshev
    Mathematical Modeling of Oscillations of the Associated Transport and Technological Complex with the Use of the Graph Theory
    93E.V. Zenkov,V.I. Sobolev
    Modeling of Seismic Processes in Buildings at Presence of Elastoplastic Seismic Insulators
    94A.S. Gishvarov, M.N. Davidov, A.V. Zyrianov
    Planning an Experiment in Assessing Altitude-Velocity Characteristics of Aviation Gas Turbine Engine
    95A. Gavrilov, E. Poyarkova, N. Morozov
    Damping Accounting in Calculating Problem of Thin-Walled Rod of Closed Profile
    96V.A. Kuts, S.M. Nikolaev, I.A. Kiselev
    Application of Combined Technique for Chatter Prediction in 5-Axis Milling
    97A.A. Ershov, A.A. Ershova
    On Bending of Rod under Strong Longitudinal Compression
    98P.A. Taranenko, D.V. Telegin, V.A. Romanov
    Analysis of Forced Bending Vibrations of Straight Pipe with Flowing Fluid
    99I.R. Tazeev, S.O. Gaponenko, A.E. Kondratiev
    Assessment of Natural Oscillation Frequencies of Rotor for Development of Hard-Bearing Balancing Machine
    100A.L. Kartashev, M.A. Kartasheva
    Simulation of Flows in Bottom Field of an External Expansion Annular Nozzles
    101E.A. Kartasheva
    On the Economic Viability of Reusable SpaceRocket Systems Use to Deliver Payloads to Satellite Orbit
    102I.V. Dobrov
    Mechanics of Uniform Motion of a Rigid Body
    374V.G. Shram, A.V. Lysyannikov, N.N. Lysyannikov
    Development of Device for Evaluating Performance of Rolling Bearings
    Section 1.2. Friction, wear and lubrication in machines
    1A.O. Gorlenko, S.P. Shetz
    Investigation of Kinetics of Wear in Friction Pair of Type Undercuff Neck - Cuff Edge
    2E.V. Balakina, D.S. Sarbaev
    Qualitative Research of Combined Friction in Contact of Elastic Wheel with Solid Surface
    3.V. Zernin, A.G. Yashutin
    Modeling of Various Types of Surface Wear
    5A.N. Bolotov, V.V. Novikov, O.O. Novikova
    Magnetic Nanodisperse Oils Based on Organosilicone Fluids: Lubricant Properties of Oils with Different Additives
    6A.M. Antimonov, N.B. Pushkareva, E.G. Reshetnikov
    Four-Ball Machine Friction Unit Geometrical Parameters
    7A.M. Antimonov, N.B. Pushkareva, E.G. Reshetnikov
    Cylindrical Shell Edges Bending Process Technological Features
    8A.N. Bolotov, V.V. Novikov, O.O. Novikova
    Magnetic Nanodispersed Lubricating Oils Based on Organosilicon Fluids: Basics of the Technology
    9E. Safronov, A. Nosko
    Measurement Technique for Temperature of Friction Lining of Brake Roller for Pallet Flow Rack
    10V.A. Markov, V.A. Sokolova, V.I. Kretinin
    Assessing the Impact Strength of Blade Edges of Forestry Machinery Operating Components
    11.. Ulanov, S.. Bezborodov
    Wearing of MR Wire Vibration Insulation Material under Random Load
    12V.P. Lapshin, T.S. Babenko, D.V. Moiseev
    Experimental Evaluation of Influence of Tool Wear on Quality of Turning
    14A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev,O.R. Issenova
    Development of Measures to Prevent Surging Turbochargers of Cars
    15B.I. Kowalsky, V.G. Shram, A.V. Lysyannikov
    Semigraphical Method of Motor Oils Thermal-Oxidative Stability Index Control
    16A.N. Sokolnikov, O.N. Petrov, V.I. Vereshchagin
    Comparison Method of Engine Oils on Thermooxidizing Stability Indicators
    17O.N. Petrov, A.N. Sokolnikov, D.V. Agrovichenko
    Electrometric Control Method for Processes Proceeding at Boundary Sliding Friction
    18.O. Lagunova, M.A. Mukutadze
    Radial Friction Bearings Conditioned by Melt
    22A.S. Khusainov, A.A. Glushchenko, F.F. Zartdinova
    Application of Bio Oil in Hydraulic Systems
    23A.S. Khusainov, A.A. Glushchenko
    On Support of Optimization Criterion of Recovery Process of Motor Oils
    24R.R. Dema, R.N. Amirov, O.B. Kalugina
    Determining Parameters Effecting Work of Lubricants Supplying System at Wide-Strip Hot Rolling
    25E. Zadorozhnaya, I. Levanov, M. Kandeva
    Tribological Research of Biodegradable Lubricants for Friction Units of Machines and Mechanisms. Current State of Research
    26P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov, V. Elsukov
    Contact of Rigid Rough Surface Through Polymer Coating Layer
    27P. Ogar, D. Gorokhov, E. Ugryumova
    Relative Contact Area by Indentation and Flattening of Rough Surfaces Spherical Asperities
    28I. Levanov, E. Zadorozhnaya, D. Vichnyakov
    Influence of Friction Geo-Modifiers on HTHS Viscosity of Motor Oils
    33P.I. Malenko, K.J. Relmasira, A.Yu. Leonov
    Application of Method of Molecular Dynamics (MMD) for Modeling the Process of Dislocation of Hardening of Surface Zone
    35Y. Rozhdestvensky, K. Gavrilov,A. Doikin
    Influence of Location of Lubrication Sources on Hydromechanical Characteristics of Diesel Crankshaft Bearings
    36K. Gavrilov, A. Doikin, M. Izzatulloev, Y. Goritskiy
    Numerical Model of Mechanical Interaction of Rough Surfaces of Journal Bearings of Piston Engine
    37E. Torskaya, A. Mezrin, Ju Carlos Sanchez-Lopez
    Fracture of TiC/a-C(:H) Coatings in Friction Contact
    38E. Torskaya, T. Muravyeva, Juan Carlos Sanchez-Lopez
    Study of TiC/a-C(:H) Coatings before and after Friction by Nanoindentation
    39B.I. Kowalski, E.G. Kravcova, N.N. Lysyannikova
    Research Results of Influence of Synthetical Additive on Temperature Parameters of Moto Oils
    40A.V. Morozov, Yu.Yu. Makhovskaya
    Effect of Adhesion Properties of Frost-Resistant Rubbers on Sliding Friction
    42N.N. Lysyannikova, E.G. Kravcova, M.A. Kovaleva
    Control Method of Thermo-Oxidative Stability Factors of Synthetic Motor Oil
    44I.V. Kolesnikov, .. Mukutadze, V.V. Avilov
    Ways of Increasing Wear Resistance and Damping Properties of Radial Bearings with Forced Lubricant Supply
    46N. Berezhansky, A. Zaplatyn, R. Karymov
    Development of Bearing Beam and Seal System for Main Pumps
    48A.V. Kornaev
    On Proof of the Generalized Lagrange Variational Principle
    49S.V. Putintsev, S.P. Chirsky, S.S. Pilatskaya
    New Method of Tribological Testing Lubricants and Antifrictional Additives
    52A.S. Fetisov, A.V. Kornaev, N.V. Tokmakov
    Friction and Vibration in Journal Bearings Operating with Nanofluids: Experimental Results
    53O.V. Dushko, G.V. Voronkova, S.S. Rekunov
    Optimisation of Piston Compressor Geometric Size Using the Genetic Algorithm Method
    55K.E. Kozlov, V.N. Belogusev, A.V. Egorov
    Development of Method and Instruments to Identify Efficiency of Tracked Vehicles
    57V.V. Shapovalov,V.B. Mishchinenko, G.A. Areshjan
    Modelling of Mobile Nonlinear Frictional Systems
    58V.V. Shapovalov, P.N. Stcherbak, R.A. Kornienko
    Forecast of Frictional Bonds Abnormal Status
    Section 1.3. Design and manufacturing engineering of industrial facilities
    1A.V. Vyboishchik
    Modelling of Cutting Forces in Ball-End Milling
    3V.M. Volgin, V.V. Lyubimov, I.V. Gnidina
    Simulation of Ion Transfer during Electrochemical Shaping by Ultrashort Pulses
    4N.V. Vulykh
    Microprofile Model Form Changing Research at Axisymmmetric Deformation with Account of Scale Factor
    5Yu.I. Brovkina, A.N. Sobolev, A.Y. Nekrasov
    Research of Characteristics and Parameters of Cycloidal Gear
    8P.G. Pyrikov
    Technological Aspects of Quality and Renovation of Machines
    9.. zlov, .. zlov, Yu.V. Vasilenko
    Raster Marking of Surfaces with Elastic Coating
    10B.. Lopatin, R.I. Zaynetdinov
    Cutting Teeth of Non-Involute Gears of the Cylinder-Conical Internal Transmission of Internal Gearing
    11T.N. Ivanova, V.N. Tyukpiekov
    Mathematical Model of State of Stress in Cutting Area During Synthegran Machining
    12D.A. Rychkov, A.S. Yanyushkin, V.Yu Popov
    Specificity of Cutting Tool Wear in Processing of Polymer Composite Materials
    13L.G. Egorova, K.N. Vdovin, O.S. Logunova
    Diagnostics and Forecasting of Defects in Rotation Details
    15O.Yu. Erenkov, S.N. Khimukhin, A.I. Erukov
    Influence of Thermoplastics Advanced Ultrasonic Treatment on Treated Surface Roughness after Turning
    16V.V. legin, .M. Kozlov, .V. irichek
    Solid Modeling in Autodesk Inventor at Initial Stage of Training of Specialists in Field Mechanical Engineering
    18V.Yu. ncev, N.A. Vitchuk, V.V. iroshnikov
    Management Mechanism for Continuous Improvement of Production Processes Using Quality Management Methods
    19T.N. Ivanova
    Influence of Chemical Composition of Tough-to-Machine Materials on Grinding Technologies
    21L. Haritonova
    Neural Modeling of the Energy Efficiency Factor for Recuperators (Heat Exchangers) Using Impinging Jets for the Metallurgical Productions and Machine Building
    22 .., .., ..
    24V.N. Tyshkevich, V.A. Nosenko, A.V. Sarazov
    Determination of Optimal Conditions for Flat Grinding of 20Kh Steel Workpieces
    25I.. Lyuminarsky, S.. Lyuminarsky, E.S. Lyuminarskaya
    Increased Durability of Flexible Gear of Harmonic Drive due to Flexible Bearing Modification
    28A.V. Korobko, S.Yu. Savin, Yu.E. Balikhina
    Estimation of Geometrical Torsion Rigidity of Triangular and Rectangular Sections Using Interpolation Method
    29V.I. Korobko, N. G. Kalashnikova, O. V. Kalashnikova
    Determination of Maximum Deflection of Elastically Isotropic Plates with Combined Boundary Conditions Using Scaling Method
    30S.I. Gvozdkova, L.E. Shvartsburg
    Analysis of Methods for Increase of Sound-Proofing Structure Efficiency for Noise Reduction during Technological Processes of Machinery Production
    34L. Mironova, L. Kondratenko, V. Terekhov
    To Question of Creation of General Theory of Deep Holes Machining
    37A.V. Antsupov, A.V. Antsupov, M.G. Slobodianskii
    Overhaul-Period Renewal of Cement Kiln Rotary Drive
    38Alexey V. Antsupov, V.P. Antsupov, Alexander V. Antsupov
    Model of Failure Due to Wear Process for Mill Rolls Universal Spindle Couplings
    41A. Kapitanov, V. Mitrofanov
    General Principles and Design Strategy of Optimal Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
    43M. Kozochkin, D. Allenov, I. Andryushchenko
    Use of Vibro-Acoustic Monitoring for Stabilization Stress-Strain State of Surface Layer of Workpiece During Cutting
    45L.G. Vainer
    Model and Analysis of the Grinding Wheels Transformation in Double Disc Grinding
    46K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    New Generation Magnetorheological, Magnetodynamic and Ferrofluid Control Devices with Nonstationary Electromagnetic Fields
    47.S. Kalashnikov, P.. alashnikov, I.I. Marushchak
    Technological Peculiarities of Chemical-Heat Treatment of Alloyed-Steel Gears
    48N.A. Suhova, S.R. Shekhtman, M.Sh. Migranov
    Synthesis of Nanostructured Composite Coatings in Arc Discharge Plasma
    50N.V. Syreyshchikova, E.N. Yaroslavova
    Development of Methodological Recommendations for Selection of Flexible Abrasive Tool by Performance Indicator
    53A. Fomin, S. Kiselev
    Structural and Kinematic Analysis of a Shaper Linkage with Four-bar Assur Group
    54S.A. Kryukov, N.V. Baidakova
    Dependence of Roughness Parameters of Workpiece Surface on Structural Characteristics of Grinding Discs
    55S.A. Kryukov, N.V. Baidakova, P.Y. Bochkarev
    State of Problem of Technological Support of Workpiece Surface Quality During Grinding
    57T.N. Orlova, I.Y. Orlov, N.S. Hvan
    Physical and Mathematical Model of the Process of Face Grinding of Rails with Abrasive Wheels Operating at Speed of 50 m/s
    58V.M. Shumyacher, A.V. Slavin, O.G. Kulik
    Chip Formation Mechanism at Metal Grinding
    59V.M. Shumyacher, A.V. Slavin, P. Iu. Bochkarev
    Monitoring of Grinding Process with Help of Automatic Measuring Complex
    61O.G. Kulik, E.D. Illarionova
    Intensification of Technical Grinding Modes by Managing Physical Processes of Chip Formation
    62.. Gruzdev, Yu.. Morgunov, B.P. Saushkin
    Tools for Electrical-Discarge Hole Drilling
    63I.P. Deryabin, A.S. Tokarev
    Specifics of Reaming Allowances of Different Materials with Indexable Throw-Away Inserts
    64R.M. Khusainov, P.N. Krestyaninov, D.D. Safin
    Experimental Optimization of Cutting Modes for Milling Based on Vibroacoustic Analysis
    65A.G. Ignatiev, V.V. Erofeev
    Selection of Priority Production Technology Based on Comparative Evaluation of the Oil and Gas Equipment Working Resource
    66E.A. Herreinstein, L.I. Korolkova, N. Mashrabov
    Statistical Processing Method of Cylinder Measurement Results
    67K. Syzrantseva, L. Chernaya
    Shafts Reliability Assessment in Accordance with Criteria of Fatigue Strength under Random Load Conditions
    68E. Levchenko, Yu. Deykun, Yu. Moroz
    heoretical Foundations of Vibration Processing Modeling
    69S.A. Malakanov, O.S. Zhelezkov
    Modeling Stress State Carbide Dies for Hexagonal Rods Production
    70M.N. Nagorkin,V.P. Fyodorov, E.V. Kovalyova
    Automation of Technological System Diagnostics by Parameters of Quality of Surfaces of Machined Parts
    71I.N. Khaimovich
    Computer-Aided Design of Die Tooling for Large Parts of Airfoil Profiles
    72V.Syzrantsev, A. Pazyak
    Determining Precessional Gearboxes Efficiency of Manual Pipeline Valve Drives
    73A. Bobkov
    Engineering Calculation of Axial Force Acting on Rotor of Electric Pumping Unit of Space Thermal Regulation Systems
    74L.E. Shvartsburg, E.V. Butrimova, O.V. Yagolnitser
    Assurance of Quality Indices of Technological Processes of Form-Shaping During Preproduction Stage
    75 .., .., ..
    76V.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Shchedrin, A.V. Korovin
    Investigation of Cutting Processes and Surface of Plastic Deformation in Environment of LCTE with Nanosize Antifriction Particles
    77V.P. Antipin, M.Ya. Durmanov, O.A. Mikhaylov
    Choosing Transmission Gearset for Agricultural Aggregates Based on Energy Consumption
    78M.Ya. Durmanov, B.G. Martynov, S.V. Spiridonov
    Energy and Fuel Consumption of Agricultural Aggregate
    79A.V. Shchurova
    Effect of Tool-Operating Mode on Circularity Deviation in Multi-Lobed Turbine Rotor Journal Restoration with Location on Bearing Bottom Half
    80I.A. Shchurov
    Improved Axis Determination Method for Calculation of Virtual Pitch Thread Diameter Using a Point Cloud from CMM
    81I.A. Shchurov, A.V. Nikonov
    SPH Modeling and Experimental Study of Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Composite Cutting
    82N. Kanatnikov,O. Ivanova, G. Harlamov
    Strengthening of Low-Alloyed Steels by Carbides During Carbon-Black-Gas Carburizer Cementation
    85A.F. Denisenko, M.V. Yakimov
    Dynamics of Spindle Assembly Metal-cutting Machine-tool with Anisotropic Elastic Support
    88D.T. Safarov,S.V. Kasyanov, A.G Kondrashov
    Informative Value of Measurements for Quality Management of Auto Parts
    89N. Pokintelitsa, E. Levchenko
    Investigation of Parts Thermo-Frictional Treatment Using Special Dynamic Appliances
    91G. Barsukov, T. Zhuravleva, O. Kozhus
    Methodics of Quality of Hydroabrasive Waterjet Cutting Machinability Assessment
    93Y.V. Turuk, N.I. Sysoev, B.B. Lugantsev
    Substantiation of Structure and Basic Design Parameters of Devices for Orienting Powered Support Relatively to Face Conveyor in Formation Plane
    95I.S. Boldyrev
    SPG-Simulation of Free Orthogonal Cutting for Cutting Forces Prediction
    96Yu.A. Izvekov, E.M. Gugina, V.V. Shemetova
    Structural Risk Analysis as Basis for Quality Control of Metallurgical Systems
    97P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Use of Dynamic Programming Method to Design for Optimal Performance of Grinding Cycles
    98P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Modeling Relationship between Different Stages of Cylindrical Grinding Process with Axial feed in Reversal Zones
    100N.V. Lishchenko, V.P. Larshin
    Profile Gear Grinding Temperature Determination
    102N.V. Syreyshchikova, V.V. Batyev
    Development of Complex of Performance Indicators of a Flexible Abrasive Tool for Assessing the Effectiveness of Application
    103V.A. Gafarova, N.K. Krioni, A.D. Mingazhev
    Renovation Repair Of Trunk Pipeline While Operation
    104D. Bylinkin, A. Zaplatyn, R. Karymov
    Development of Advanced Technologies for Secondary Use of Thermal Energy
    105S. Bratan, B. Bogutsky, S. Roshchupkin
    Development of Mathematical Model of Material Removal Calculation for Combined Grinding Process
    108F.V. Grechnikov, A.V. Kochetkov, O.V. Zakharov
    Method for Compensation of Radius and Shape of Spherical Probe when Measuring Complex Surfaces with CMMs
    111R.B. Tukaeva, A.A. Prokhorov, O.Yu. Miniakhmetov
    Magnetic Inspection for Assessing the Uniformity of Flange Joints Bolt Tightening
    114Ya.N. Oteny, E.V. Morozova, V.F. Kazak
    Research of Temperature Phenomena during Machining Surface Plastic Deformation of Detail
    116A.V. Zotov, D.A. Rastorguev, O.I. Drachev
    Neural Network Modeling and Prediction of Adhesion of Coatings Applied by Wire Tool
    118A.A. Udalov, S.V.Parshin, A.V. Udalov
    Mechanism for Flow Forming of Cylindrical Workpiece
    119A.A. Ryzhkin, E.V. Fominoff, C.G. Shuchev
    Study on Tribological Characteristics of High Entropy High-Speed Steels in Conditions of Dry Friction on Structural Steel
    120V.V. Maretskaya, A.V. Zaytsev
    Assurance of Quality Characteristics for Electric-Weld Pipe Mill Roll
    122I. Katalazhnova
    Correlation and Regression Method of Centrifugal Pump Geometry Optimization
    123A.V. Dmitriev, E.I. Salakhova, O.S. Dmitrieva
    Optimization of Flows in Jet-Film Contact Devices
    124V.M. Volgin, V.D. Kukhar, A.E. Kireeva
    Multiphysics Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming of Aluminum Alloy Tubes
    125A.I. Ogorodnikov, Yu.N. Zhukov
    Predictive Modeling of Scribing Brittle Material Using Diamond Tool with Improved Geometry
    126V.A. Chekanin, A.V. Chekanin
    Packing Compaction Algorithm for Rectangular Cutting and Orthogonal Packing Problems
    127S. Lukina, M. Kosov, I. Tolkacheva
    Predictive Modeling of Design Innovative Solutions on Tooling Configurations at High-tech Manufacturing Companies
    128A. Bobkov
    Method of Energy Efficiency Increase of Low Power Radial Impeller Micromachines
    129A.V. Dmitriev, I.N. Madyshev, O.S. Dmitrieva
    Separation Efficiency of the Heat-Mass Transfer Apparatuses With Jet-Film Contact Devices
    130S. Lukina, M. Krutyakova
    Methodology for Automated Design of Optimum Cylindrical Broach Structures Developed by Total of Criteria
    132I. Manaenkov, V. Makarov
    Forming and Selection Technique for Optimal Configuration of Form Shaping System for Multiple-Axis Machining
    133L.A. Barkov, M.N. Samodurova, D.P. Galkina
    Rolling of Refractory Metals on Four-Roll Passes Rolling Mills
    135L.A. Barkov, M.N. Samodurova, Yu.S. Latfulina
    Dependences of Blanks Density from Pressing Force and Packing Density of Molybdenum and Tungsten Powders
    136M.N. Krasnova, S.V. Safonov, D.M. Chernykh
    Experimental Installation for Analysing the Dynamics of Cutting Forces and Vibrations at High Frequencies of Machine Spindle Rotation
    137S.D. Smetanin, V.G. Shalamov
    System Approach and Multivariance of Screw Surface Profiling
    138M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Practice of Dimensional Modeling of Assembly Operations Using Static Compensators
    139M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Computer-Aided Algorithm for Non-linear Optimization of Pre-Machining Using Measuring Instrument
    140E.V. Zenkov, L.B. Tsvik
    Verification of Finite Element Model of Deformation of Laboratory Sample for Mechanical Tests by Method of Digital Images Correlation
    141D. Slavgorodskaya, V. Bugaev
    Impact Impulse Research During Ice Navigation with Computer Modeling
    142Z.R. Mukhametzyanov, A.V. Rubtsov, A.S. Valiev
    Estimation of Influence Character of Installation Loads on Degree of Corrosive Wear of Column Apparatus
    143G.S. Morokina, Zagdzusem Mungunkhulug
    Radiation Individual Control Method in Engineering
    Section 1.4. Surface transport and technological machines
    1V.V. Shekhovtsov, N.S. Sokolov-Dobrev, M.V. Lyashenko
    Technology of Creation of Three-Dimensional Model of Tractor Transmission in Program Package Universal Mechanism
    3T.A. Balabina, Yu.I. Brovkina, A.N. Mamaev
    Elastic Toroidal Wheel Rolling with Side Slip
    5K.T. Mambetalin
    The Calculation of Reserve Coefficient Clutch
    9A.A. Shelepov, D.I. Istomin, E.E. Rikhter
    Efficiency of Application Self-blocked Cross-Axle Screw-ball Differential at Car 4x4 Movement on Not Deformable Base Surface
    10S.V. Streltsov, V.A. Ryzhikov
    Influence of Uneven Braking of Running Wheels on Stress-Strain State of Crane Metal Structure
    11P.V. Vitchuk, V.Yu. Antsev, A.A. Obozov
    Lifting Mechanism with Ribbon Brake
    12A. Startcev, S. Romanov, O. Vagina
    Increasing Engine Power by Applying Water Injection
    13E.M. Itkis, E.A. Fedyanov, Y.V. Levin
    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Influence of Hydrogen Addition to Hydrocarbon Fuel on Wankel Rotary Engine Performance
    14A. Startcev, S. Romanov, G. Romanova
    Influence of Water Injection on Performance of Diesel Engine
    16.. Goncharov, .V. Grishin
    Synthesis of Main Parameters and Experimental Approbation of Test Bench for Study of Working Processes of Intermediate Belt Conveyor Drive
    17E. Podchasov, A. Terenteva
    Theoretical Methods for Precision Increment of Earthwork Made by Power Shovel Actuator
    19A.I. Nefed'ev, G.I. Sharonov, I.E. Ilyina
    Three-Position Solenoid Valve for Pneumatic Systems of Trucks
    22I.A. Teterina,P.A. Korchagin, A.B. Letopolsky
    Investigation of Soil Destruction by Trench Chain Excavator Cutting Element Process
    23V. Kushnir, N. Gavrilov,T. Shkotova
    Improvement of the Extruder Construction
    24I.P. Troyanovskaya, I.Yu. Novikova, I.S. Zhitenko
    New Roller Testing Unit for Vehicles
    26A.V. Lysyannikov, V.G. Shram, Y.F. Kaiser
    Modern State and Development of Grader Blades for Earth Moving and Snow Removal
    27A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev , E.V. Shepeleva
    Optimizing Consumption of Gas Fuel Using Static Method of Tuning Automobile Gas-Cylinder Equipment
    29A.M. Plaksin, Z.V. Almetova, A.E. Popov
    Method and Means for Shutting Off Individual Cyclic Feeds of ICE and their Use for Measuring ICE Speed and Load Characteristics
    30D. Kushaliyev, L.T. Shulanbayeva, B.A. Ermanova
    Repair Kit Application with Spring Insert in Silentblockof Amortizor
    31D.B. Vlasov, A.G. Ignatiev, Z.V. Almetova
    Methodological Aspects of Diagnostics of Electric Gasoline Pumps in Operation of Automobiles
    32P.V. Boslovyak, M.M. Jileykin
    Optimal Design of Steel Structure of Conveyor with Hanging Belt
    33Ye. Koshkarev, M. Stepanov
    Determination of Scope of Two-Arm Concrete Placing Booms
    34K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Hardware Implementation of Automatic Control System for New Generation Magnetorheological Supports
    35A.V. Kostukov, L.A. Kosach, A.S. Gornovskii
    Microturbine with Heat Exchanger with Regeneration Ratio Equal 95%
    36A. Fomin, A. Olexenko
    Study on Structure and Kinematics of Quick-Return Mechanism with Four-Bar Assur Group
    39O. Ognev, A. Yanikov, Y. Stroganov
    Optimization of Maintenance Service Parameters on the Example of Motor Transport Company Located in North-West Region of the Russian Federation
    40T. Ripol-Saragosi, L. Ripol-Saragosi
    System Approach Realization under Compressed Air Quality Increase Strategy Choice Based on Resource-Saving
    41O. Lukashuk, A. Komissarov, K. Letnev
    Operation Parameters Matching for Main Mechanisms of Open-Pit Excavators Employed in Rock Excavation
    42O. Lukashuk, A. Komissarov, K. Letnev
    Distribution of Consumed Power between Drives of Main Mechanisms in Open-Pit Excavators uring the Process of Rock Excavation
    48I.A. Lagerev, A.V. Lagerev
    Research of Dynamics of Hydraulic Loader Crane in Case of Conjoint Movement of Sections
    49B.A. Kaitukov, M.A. Stepanov
    Selection of Mixers for Preparation of Quality Building Mixtures
    51N.A. Fomenko, S.V. Aleksikov, S.G. Artemova
    Hydraulic Drive Relieving Device for Road Construction Machines
    52G.G. Nadareishvili,V.V. Galevko2, R.I. Rakhmatov
    Improvement of Acoustic Characteristics of Motor Vehicle Intake System Based on Calculation and Experimental Research
    55V.S. Isakov, V.P. Maksimov, Y.V. Maksimov
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Cable Excavator Bucket Swing Mechanism
    56D.Ya. Antipin, V.I. Vorobiev, .. Maslov
    Improving Construction of Magnetic Clutch Amplifiers of Locomotive Wheels with Rails
    57D.Ya. Antipin, E.V. Lukashova
    Technique of Increasing Passenger Comfort by Ensuring Rational Parameters of Flexural Stiffness of Bodies of Passenger Cars
    58V.I. Vorobiev, O.V. Izmerov, S.O. Kopyilov
    Features of Decision Making Simulation When Designing Locomotive Underframe Part
    61Yu.I. Moiseev, A.V. Popov, K.A. Badikov
    Modernization Gas Purifying System In Bus Methane Feed System
    63R.Yu. Dobretsov, A.V. Lozin, M.S. Medvedev
    Hyperbolic Steering for Tracked Vehicles
    66I.A. Yaitskov
    Theoretical Study of the Vibrations Transmitted to Frame from Internal Combustion Engine of Locomotives and Diesel Locomotives and Their Influence on Labour Conditions of Locomotive Crews
    71A.N. Gots, V.S. Klevtsov
    Choice of Destruction Criteria of Cylinder Heads of Piston Engines
    72D.N. Kuimov, A.V. Pavlenko
    Design of Inductor as Knot of Electromechanical Converter with Secondary Discrete Part
    Section 1.5. Equipment and technology of welding production
    1V.L. Broido, S.S. Chernyak
    Welding and Build-Up Technologies at Dredge Scooping Pin Manufacture and Renovation
    2D.A. Gaponova, A.V. Shcherbakov, R.V. Rodyakina
    Investigation of Wire Feed Control Channel in Additive Manufacturing Unit
    4E.P. Nikolaeva, A.Yu. Nikolaev
    Measurement of Residual Stresses in Thin-Sheet Welded Constructions of Low-Alloyed Steel
    5L.I. Korolkova, A.V. Herreinstein, N. Mashrabov
    Filler Wire Feeding Device
    6V.V. Abramov, Yu.P. Rakunov
    Kinetics of Contact Interaction between Dissimilar Solid Materials by Pressure Welding with Heating
    10V.N. Lastovirya, A.A. Cherepakhin, R.V. Rodyakina
    Determination of Functional Relation Between Parameters of Weld Penetration Shape and Measurable Output Variables in Electron-Beam Welding Process
    11M. Nurguzhin, G. Danenova, T. Akhmetzhanov
    Computer Modeling of Residual Stresses and Strains at Arc Welding by Modulated Current
    13L. Shron, V. Bogutsky, E. Yagyaev
    Study n Dispersion Of Concentrator Geometric Parameters In Fillet Welded Joints
    14S. Ivanov, E. Valdaytseva, S. Stankevich
    Numerical Analysis of Surface Formation of Titanium Parts During Direct Laser Deposition
    15P.A. Golovin, A.M. Vildanov, K.D. Babkin
    Optimization of High-Speed Direct Laser Deposition Regime Parameters in Titanium Blades Production
    16N. Astafeva
    Tungsten Electrode Fracture in Submerged Arc Welding Process
    Part 2. Materials engineering and technologies for production and processing
    Section 2.1. New functional materials and technologies
    1G.V. Nesvetaev, Y.I. Koryanova, T.N. Zhilnikova
    Coefficients for Calculation of Deformation-Strength Characteristic of Concrete for Injection with Two-Stage Expansion
    2G.V. Nesvetaev, Y.I. Koryanova , A.V. Kolleganov
    E-Modulus and Creep Coefficient of Self-Compacting Concretes and Concretes with Some Mineral Additives
    3A.V. Vyboishchik , I.L. Kostiunina
    Producing Improved Masonry and Protective Paints by Means of Modifying and Introducing Additives in Liquid Glass
    5.V. Davydov, .. Gorlenko
    Morphology of Tungsten Carbide Inclusions in Wear-Resistant Coatings of Carbon Steels
    6R.V. Gavariev, I.A. Savin
    Research of the Mechanism of Destruction of Compression Molds for Casting Under Pressure of Color Alloys
    10V.F. Balakirev, V.V. Krymsky, N.. Shaburova
    Electromagnetic Pulse Treatment of Silumin Under Experimental and Industrial Conditions
    11A.M. Stolyarov, M.V. Potapova, M.G. Potapov
    Influence of Different Factors on Withdrawal Speed of Continuous Cast Billet
    14M. Filippov, N. Ozerets, S. Nikiforova, E. Smagireva
    Increasing the Abrasive Wear Resistance of High-chromium Steel after Cold Treatment/td>
    15L. Shtirc, S. Vlasova, K. Zemlyanoi
    Synthesis of Porous Heat-Insulating Material from Industrial Waste
    16N.Yu. Dudareva, A.B. Kruglov, R.F. Gallyamova
    Structure and thermophysical properties of coatings formed by the method of microarc oxidation on an aluminum alloy AK4-1
    17V.I. Loganina, Ch.V. Zhegera
    Estimation Of Strength Of Coating Of Solvent Layer On The Basis Of Adhesive Building Mixture
    18V.A. Perfilov, V.V. Gabova
    Nano Modified Foam-Fiber-Concrete Mixture
    19A.V. Shaparev, I.A. Savin
    Influence of the State of the Contact Surfaces on the Formation of the Joint of Steel and Brass during Cold Cladding
    26I.G. Shubin, .V. Shubina
    Methodology of High-Carbon Wire Rod Perlite Grain Grade Identification
    27K.N. Vdovin, .V. Shubina, I.G. Shubin
    Investigation of Grey Cast Iron Microstructure Influence on Its Heat Resistance
    28E.G. Sokolov
    Structure Formation During Liquid-Phase Sintering of the Diamond-Containing Composites with Sn-Cu-Co-W Binders
    34M. Filippov, G. Yagudin, V. Legchilo, N. Ozerets
    The Usage of Metastable Austenite to Increase the Wear Resistance of Steels of the Pearlite Class
    36Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, Ye.V. Chibisova
    Heat Treatment Regimes Influence on Mechanical Properties of Forging Products of ?+?- and Pseudo- ?-Titanium Alloys
    37P.G. Ivanochkin, K.N. Dolgopolov, S.A. Danilchenko
    Creation of Oil-Filled Composites of Tribotechnical Purpose Based on Aromatic Polyamide Phenylone C-2
    38O. Fomina, A. Stolboushkin, M. Druzhinin
    Method for Parameter Determination of Ceramic Products Compression using the Mounting for Curves Readout
    41V.V. Kukhar, A.V. Grushko, I.V. Vishtak
    Shape Indexes for Dieless Forming of the Elongated Forgings with Sharpened End by Tensile Drawing with Rupture
    42D.I. Tishkevich, A.V. Trukhanov, S.S. Grabchikov
    Electrodeposited Bismuth Shields against Electron Irradiation for Aerospace Application
    46P.V. Matyukhin
    Modification of the Hematite Filling Surface of New Composition Material during High Pressure Testing
    48V.A. Nosenko, A.V. Fetisov, V.Ye. Puzyrkova
    Morphology and Chemical Composition of Silicon Carbide Surfaces Interacting with Iron Cobalt and Nickel in Microscratching
    49S.V. Nosenko, V.A. Nosenko, A.A. Koryazhkin
    The Effect of the Operating Speed and Wheel Characteristics on the Surface Quality at Creep-feed Grinding Titanium Alloys
    52A.A. Valeev, E.V. Morozova
    Simple Universal Kelvin Equation Valid in the Critical Point Vicinity External-Internal State Correction and their Application to Nitrogen Capillary Condensation in Mesoporous Silica SBA-15
    53Zh.A. Sapronova, S.V. Sverguzova, A.V. Svyatchenko
    About a Possibility of Usage of Sugar beet Industrial Carbonate-Containing Byproducts in Dry Construction Mixtures and Oil Paints Manufacturing
    57A.A. Solobai, A.V. Trukhanov, S.S. Grabchikov
    Ni-Fe Alloys as Perspective Materials for Highly Efficient Magnetostatic Shielding
    58I.K. Domanskaya, E.S. Gerasimova
    Portland Cement with Mineral Fillers and Polymer Additives
    60A. Bogatov, D. Nukhov
    Development And Research Of The Method Of Severe Alternating Deformation In The Process Of Rolling Of Thick Steel Sheets And Plates Made Of Non-Ferrous Alloys
    61L.A. Porozhnyuk, E.V. Porozhnyuk
    The Development of a Purification Method of Sewage from Chromium (VI) by Iron-Containing Waste
    67O.V. Burlachenko, O.G. Chesnokova, T.F. Cherednichenko
    Research of Thermophysical Properties of the Ultrathin Liquid Heat-Insulation
    68A.Yu. Omarov, A.D. Shlyapin
    The Structure Phase Composition and Rheological Properties of Powders Obtained by Chemical Dispersion of Al Alloys with Mo V and Zr
    72G.A. Orlov, A.G. Orlov
    Qualimetry rating of hot-rolled pipes
    74N. Ozerets, V. Sharapova, A. Levina, T. Maltseva, M. Pavlov
    A Study of the Structure and Properties of Austenitic Metastable Steels under Strain
    75E.A. Kudryashov, I.M. Smirnov, E.V. Pavlov
    About Turning the Surface of a Part Formed by a Combination of Dissimilar Structural Materials with Break Elements
    76A.A. Redikultsev, G.M. Rusakov, M.L. Lobanov
    The Possibility of Obtaining Electrical Steel with Texture
    77I.N. Yegorov, N.Ya. Yegorov
    The Influence of Milling Regimes in Beater Mill on Particle Size Distribution and Structural Characteristics of Strontium Hexaferrite Powder
    78M.V. Maisuradze, M.A. Ryzhkov
    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Alloyed Steel for Aerospace Application
    79M.V. Maisuradze, A.A. Kuklina
    Numerical Solution of the Differential Diffusion Equation for a Steel Carburizing Process
    80V.I. Pastukhov, A.V. Kozlov, M.L. Lobanov
    Crystallographic Peculiarities of Shear ?-? Transformation in Austenitic Stainless Steel in the High Temperature Area
    81R.A. Shishkin, A.P. Zemlyanskaya, A.R. Beketov
    High PerformanceThermal Grease with Aluminum Nitride Filler and an Installation for Thermal Conductivity Investigation
    82Yu.Yu. Galkin, S.A. Udodov
    X-ray Phase Analysis of High-Aluminate Cements Under Conditions of Early Compression
    83A.Yu. Stolboushkin, A.I. Ivanov, O.A. Fomina
    A Study on Structure and Phase Composition of Cellular Ceramic Materials from Dispersed Silica-rich Rocks
    84A. Kamenskikh
    The Analysis of the Work of Materials of Mouthguard Designs during Biomechanical Deformation
    85V.S. Rudnov, V.A. Belyakov, R.T. Galiakhmetov
    New Technology of White Portland Cement Production in the Ural Federal District
    86V.G. Merzlikin, T.V. Zhubreva, A.V. Kostukov
    Modeling of the Structure of Heat-insulating Semi-transparent Materials and Coatings for Industrial and Transport Power Plants
    87V.G. Merzlikin, G.I. Bolkina, L.N. Ignatova
    Effective and Ecological Technologies of Application of Structured Materials for Roadbed in the Permafrost Regions
    88S.A. Parshina, A.Yu. Sokolov, E.O. Savchenko
    Technological Processes for Obtaining Monolithic Polydisperse Protein-Base Systems
    89A.T. Kanayev, A.V. Bogomolov, A.A. Kanayev
    Increase of Wear Resistance and Contact-Fatigue Strength of Wheel Steel by Plasma Hardening
    90V.V. Kukhar, A.V. Grushko, I.V. Vishtak
    Shape Indexes For Dieless Forming Of The Elongated Forgings With Sharpened End By Tensile Drawing With Rupture
    91Yu.V. Yuferov, F.M. Zykov, E. Malshakova
    Defects of Porous Self-structured Anodic Alumina Oxide on Industrial Aluminum Grades
    92Ch.V. Zhegera, I.S. Pyshkina
    Applications of Calcium Hydrosilicates and Amorphous Aluminosilicates in Lime Dry Mixes
    93O.B. Kolmachikhina, Y.A. Napolskikh, K.A. Vakula
    Nickel Extraction from Poor Solutions by Sorption on Modified Coke
    94E.R. Zvereva, A.O. Makarova, O.S. Zueva
    Methods and Materials of Nanotechnologies for Improving the Boiler Fuel Properties
    95A.A. Voznesenskaya, A.V. Zhdanov, D.A. Kochuev
    Investigation of the Influence of the Form Factor of Finely Dispersed Carbon Components on the Hydrophobicity of the Surface
    97M.A. Fedosov, O.B. Butusov
    Microstructural Analysis of Granular Metal-Ceramic Composite Materials of Matrix Type
    98V. Konukhov, S. Mukhanov, G. Konukhova
    Optimal Shape Selection of Heat Exchangers Surfaces during Convective Heat Transfer
    99N.Yu. Kiryushina, A.Yu. Semeykin
    Optimization of Wastewater Treatment from Cd2+ Ions Using Slag of Electric Furnace Steelmaking Production
    101E.S. Sergeeva
    Dependence of the Elastic Properties of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube on its Chirality
    102Yu.N. Belyayev, E.I. Yashin, O.Y. Yashina
    Conversion of Elastic Wave Polarization in Calcium Molybdate Layer
    104I.N. Shcherbakov, V.V. Ivanov, A.A. Korotkiy
    Elaboration and Investigation of Metallic Coating with Inclusion of Potassium Polytitanate
    105M.V. Novikov, E.E. Prokshits, A.N. Goykalov
    Creep and long-time strength of compression elements from foam concrete
    106T.N. Storodubtseva, A.. Aksomitny, A.R. Sadrtdinov
    Thermal Insulation Properties Of Wood Polymeric Sand Composite
    107A.V. Matushkin1, Yu.A. Pyckin, S.V. Anakhov, I.Y. Matushkina
    About Raising of the Gas Vortex Stabilization Efficiency in Plasma Torch for Metal Cutting
    108S.I. Platov, V.A.Nekit,N.N. Ogarkov
    Comparative Evaluation of Analytical Methods for the Determination of Coefficients of Friction and Stresses when Wire Rod Drawing
    109N.S. Lupandina, N.Yu. Kiryushina, E.V. Porozhnyuk
    Adsorption Activity of Thermally Modified Shell Hazelnut in Relation to Ions Ni2+
    110G.G. Mikhailov, T.M. Lonzinger, V.A. Skotnikov
    Effect of Thermochemical Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Materials Based on Aluminum Oxide
    111V.A. Ivanov, S.P. Zakharychev
    Reinforced Antifriction Epoxy Fluoroplastics
    112Yu.M. Kosichenko, O.A. Baev
    Geo-composite Materials with Preset Properties and Their Application in Hydraulic Engineering Construction
    114V.I. Kuz'min, V.I. Lysak, E.V. Kuz'min
    A Study of the Structure and Regularities of Formation of the Compounds during Explosive Welding of Steel-Aluminum Composite
    118N.P. Lukuttsova, E.G. Karpikov, S.N. Golovin
    Highly-Dispersed Wollastonite-Based Additive and its Effect on Fine Concrete Strength
    119L. Gurevich, D. Pronichev, R. Novikov
    The Effect of Soft Interlayers on the Behavior of a Four-Layer Titanium-Steel Composite at High Temperatures
    120L. Gurevich, D. Pronichev, R. Novikov
    Compressive Strength of Four-Layer Titanium-Steel Adapter with Soft Interlayer of Varying Thickness
    121N. Kanatnikov, P. Kanatnikova, D. Pickalov
    Thermal Processes Simulation during Processing Bevel Gears
    124E.V. Solomin, E.A. Sirotkin, I.M. Kirpichnikova
    Efficiency Analysis of the Friction Material for the Wind Turbine Braking System
    126R.F. Gallyamova, S.N. Galyshev, F.F. Musin, A.G. Badamshin, V.A. Dokichev
    Investigation of Protective Coatings for Carbon Fibers by the Sol-Gel Method
    127P.V. Solovyev, A.I. Gomzin, L.A. Ishbulatov, S.N. Galyshew, F.F. Musin
    Stress-Strain State Exploration of Stringer Made of Composite Materials Depending on Layers Stacking Structure
    128M.M. Kosukhin, A.M. Kosukhin
    The Research of the Influence of Ferruginous Aggregates Surface and Polyfunctional Modifiers on Interfacial Phenomena and Strength Formation of the Contact Area in Concretes
    129I.V. Starostina, A.E. Nikitina, Y.V. Porozhnyuk
    Magnetic Petroleum Sorbent Based on Waste Kieselghur Sludge from Oil Extraction Industry for Removing Petroleum Products from Water Surface
    133V.D. Tukhareli, O Y. Pushkarskaya, A.V. Tukhareli
    Methodological Approaches in Assessing the Possibility of Using Waste Electrocorundum Materials in Concrete Compositions
    135V.M. Lipkin, L.N. Fesenko, S.M. Lipkin
    Tin Powders Electrodeposition from Choline Chloride Based Ionic Liquid
    136A.V. Shcherbakov, R.V. Rodyakina , D.A. Gaponova
    Using of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method for Constructing a Mathematical Model of Electron-Beam Surfacing Process
    137I.Cherunova, L. Osipenko, M. Stenkina
    Influence of Structure and Composition of the Fibrous Materials on the Performance Characteristics of Thermal Protection Structures with Combined Functions
    139A.V. Zhelnina, A.G. Illarionov, A.V. Trubochkin
    Study of Interstitial Impurities Influence on Properties of Titanium Alloy Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr-1Zr
    141A. Kamenskikh, M. Bartolomey
    Analysis of Elastoplastic Behavior Model of Antifriction Polymers
    143.. Lukash, N.P. Lukutsova
    Technological Features of the Production of Embossed Plywood
    144T.M. Lonzinger, V.A. Skotnikov
    Increase in the Slag Resistance of Refractories Based on the Al2O3-Sic-Sio2 System
    145M.M. Kosukhin, A.M. Kosukhin
    A Mechanism of Action of a Polyfunctional Modifier Made of Hydrocarbons Production Waste in Mineral Suspensions Based on Fine-Ground Cements
    147.. Vasilenko, M.. Lamakina, O.M. Brusnitsyna
    The Purification of Electroplating Industry Effluents with Agricultural Waste
    148.. Vasilenko, A.D. Mishina
    Designing a Technology of Industrial Sewage Waters Purification from the Spent Polishing Powder Based on Ceric Oxide
    149A.A. Sukhikh, V.B. Dementev, T.M. Makhneva
    Properties of Austenite in Maraging Steel
    150O.V. Tarakanov, E.A. Belyakova, V.S. Yurova
    Complex Organomineral Additives with Hardening Accelerator
    151R.R. Safin, E.A. Beliakova, A.R. Mukhtarova
    Heat Treatment of Wood in Liquids
    152M.A. Vasilyeva
    Influence of the Accuracy of Determining the Inner Diameter of Pressure Polyethylene Pipes by the Amount of Head Loss by Length
    153V.A. Guryeva, A.V. Doroshin
    Building Ceramics Based on Carbonate-Containing Raw Materials
    154.. Lukash, N.P. Lukutsova
    Determination of the Geometric Parameters of Round Logs as Functional Materials for Wooden Housing Construction
    155S.B. Mikhailov, N.A. Mikhailova, V.A. Sharapova
    Zero Background Line for Iron Alloys Samples Dilatographs Decoding
    156V.V. Karzhavin, L.V. Maltsev, V.V. Bakina
    Study on Surface Layers of Aluminum and Titanium Alloys and Analysis of Their Scuff Resistance
    157I. Garkina, A. Danilov
    A Design of Composite Materials with Desired Properties
    158T.V. Shveyova, V.I. Astashchenko, A.I. Shveyov
    New Decisions in Manufacturing Techniques of the Cemented Parts of Cars
    160L.N. Shafigullin, A.R. Ibragimov,A.I. Saifutdinov
    An investigation of the effects of High Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Thermal Spray Coatings Applied by Plasma Spraying
    161A.A. Vishnevskiy, F.L. Kapustin
    Problems of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Treatment
    162D.V. Gadeev, A.G. Illarionov
    Determination of Beta-Transus Temperature of Two-Phase Titanium Alloys Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    165Yu.L. Starostina, O.A. Plotnikova
    Efficient Autoclaved Silicate Concretes with the Use of Steelmaking Slag
    166Yu.L. Starostina, L.V. Denisova, L.A. Porozhnyuk
    The Processing of Citrogypsum for Obtaining Modified Gypsum Binders and Composite Materials on Their Basis
    167V.I. Astashchenko, E.V. Purtova
    New Technology of Hardening of Chromium-Nickel Steel Parts
    168V. Kuts, A. Byshkin, S. Khodyrevskaya
    The Method and Device for Automated Material Elastic and Proportionality Limits Calculation
    170V.M. Zhikharev, M.S. Pavlovskaya
    The Dependence of Gibbs Energy of Formation of Niobium Mono-nitride on its Composition and Temperature in the Range of 1773-2023 K
    171R.N. Gadelshin, P.V. Ponomarev, A.R. Kurbangaleeva, S.I. Volfson, Yu.N. Khakimullin
    Effect of Organoclays on Fire Resistance of Siloxane Rubbers
    172 ..
    174V.V. Berezovskaya, A.V. Berezovskiy, D.H. Hilfi
    Laser Welded Joints of High-Nitrogen Austenitic Steels: Microstructure and Properties
    175A.T. Gabdrakhmanov, I.H. Israphilov, L.N. Shafigullin
    Increasing Efficiency of the Laser Action to Materials
    176V.S.Rudnov, V.A. Belyakov, R.T. Galiakhmetov
    New Concrete for Protection from Radiation in the Urals Based on Natural Fillers
    177V.P. Shveikin
    Thermomechanical Hardening of Steels
    179M.S. Gribkov, M.A. Portnov, A.S. Kozhechenko
    Influence of Electrode Gaps Value in Electron Gun on the Penetrating Ability of Electron Beam during the Implementation of Additive Processes
    182M.O. Sklyar, O.G. Klimova-Korsmik, G.A. Turichin, S.A. Shalnova
    Influence of Technological Parameters of Direct Laser Deposition Process on the Structure and Properties of Deposited Products from Alloy Ti-6Al-4V
    183V.G. Klimov, S.S. Zhatkin, .V. Kogteva
    Using VPr11-40N Brazing Powder as a Wear-Resistant Cladding for GTE Blade Airfoils
    184M.A. Goncharova, R.A. Gorin, O.V. Karaseva
    The Formation of Composite Curing Systems Based on Technogenic Raw Materials
    185Shalnova S.A., Klimova-Korsmik O.G., Sklyar M.O.
    Influence of the Roughness on the Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Products Prepared by Direct Laser Deposition Technology
    187A.V. Khandoshka, S.G. Vlasova
    The Choice of Chemical Composition and Raw Materials for the Production of Basalt Wool with the Defined Characteristics
    188A.V. Mikhailov, A.S. Fedorov
    Preliminary Study of Tubular Peat Extrusion
    191A.V. Ryabov, T.V. Prokaeva, Yu.E. Amosova
    Free-Cutting CrNiMo Steel
    194I. Kovyazina, S. Vlasova, F. Kapustin
    Hydrolytic Resistance of Na2OSiO2SnO2 Glass System
    195A.Yu. Rodichev, A.V. Sytin, V.O. Tyurin
    Varying of Oil Consumption of Fluid-Film Bearings Surface Layer by Means of Application of Anti-Friction Coatings
    196A.V. Korolev, A.F. Balaev, A.A. Korolev
    Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of the Vibromechanical Stabilization of Bearing Rings
    197A.V. Korolev, A.F. Balaev, A.A. Korolev
    The Study of Ultrasonic Relaxation of Residual Stresses of Metal Plates Using Computer Simulation
    199A.G. Panov, D.A. Gurtovoy, I.F. Shaekhova
    About the Possibility of Increase in CGI Properties by Austempering
    200L.N. Fesenko, I.V. Pchelnikov, R.V. Fedotov
    Technology of Producing of Sodium Hypochlorite from the Concentrate of Reverse Osmosis Systems
    202I.R. Kuzeev
    Asphaltenes as Nano Objects Regulating Macrostructure of Solid High-Carbon Substances
    203M.A.Goncharova, V.V. Simbaev, O.V. Karaseva
    Optimization of Fine-Grained Concrete Composition in order to Improve the Quality of Units Front Surface
    205A.O. Korneeva, R.Yu. Saprykin, A.B. Bondarev
    The Influence of Structure-Forming Factors on the Properties of Polymer Composite Material under Static Loading
    206A.V. Tyurin, N.Ya. Galimova,A.V. Belyaev
    Using the Simplex Design Technique for Optimization of Modes of Burnishing with Ball Tools
    207E.R. Galimov, T.N. Vagizov, A.V. Belyaev
    Method for Synthesis of Retro-Reflective Coatings with Specified Optical Properties
    208V.L. Fedyaev, E.R. Galimov, N.Ya. Galimova
    Theoretical Description of Electrophysical Properties of Syntactic Carbon Foams
    209A.V. Smirnov, S.G. Ponomarev, V.V. Rybalchenko
    Dense Packing of Poly-Fractional Powder of Ceramic Materials
    210E.A. Trofimov, O.V. Samoilova, E.R. Vakhitova
    Thermodynamic Assessment of the NaCu and NaK Binary Systems
    211I.V. Starostina
    The Through-Dyed Autoclaved Silicate Concretes with the Use of Thermally Activated Iron Ore Raw Materials Refinement Tailings
    212M. Bruyako, L. Grigoryeva
    Ecologically Safe Composite Building Materials Based on Cellulose-Containing Solid Household Waste
    213S.A. Tipalin, M.A. Petrov, N.F.Shpunkin
    To the Influence of the Deformation Speed on Hardening Process during the Cold Sheet Forming
    214Yu. Bakhracheva
    Combined Methods of Laser Processing of Steel
    216A.D. Ahmetov, M.O. Sklyar, R.S. Korsmik, I.A. Tsibulskiy
    Features of the Structure Formation at Laser and Laser-Arc Deposition from Aluminum Wire
    218V.A. Beregovoi, A.M. Beregovoi
    Lightweight Ceramic Materials with Increased Strength Based on Microporous Silicates
    220E.N. Gryadunova, R.N. Polyakov, N.V. Tokmakov
    Photometric Method of Diagnosis of Bearing Units Operating with Hydrocarbon Mixtures
    221Sh.N. Dzhabbarov, E.I. Pryakhin, A.A. Germanov
    Research Regarding Heat Treatment Influence on Properties of Chromic Steel 40H GOST 4543-71(DIN 41Cr4 GB 40Cr ASTM 5140) with Quenching in Polymer Solution with Purpose of Matching Tubing Pipes which Used in Oil and Gas Extraction
    222M.A. Filippov, E.I. Korzunova, M.V. Tyumkova
    Engineering Method for Analysis of the Ability to Strain-Hardening of Steels
    224A.M. Rekov
    Strain State During Rolling of Aluminum Samples
    225E. Khairova, S. Vlasova
    Investigation of the Usage of the Opportunity of the Dinur OJSC Scrap in the Packing Glass Manufacture
    226S.A. Alekseev, A.S. Dmitriev, I.A. Mikhailova
    New Functional Materials for Energy Applications Based on Hybrid Graphene Nanocomposites
    227 .., ...
    228E.B. Kolmachikhina, E.A. Ryzhkova, D.V. Dmitrieva
    Influence of Zinc Sulfide Wetting in Surfactants Presence on Leaching Parameters
    229A. Stolbovsky, E. Farafontova
    Statistical Analysis Method of the Grain Structure of Nanostructured Single Phase Metal Materials Processed by High-Pressure Torsion
    230V.G. Shmorgun, A.I. Bogdanov, A.O. Taube
    Layered Ni-Cr-Al Coatings for Air Tuyeres Protection from the Burnout
    231V.R. Baraz, S.S. Gerasimov, I.A. Gruzdeva
    Ion-Plasma Sprayed Coating as a Protective Decorative Coating for Copper-Nickel Alloy
    233K.D. Naumov, V.G. Lobanov
    Effect of Lime and Organic Binders on Clay Gold-Bearing Ores Filterability
    236R.R. Sattarov, T.A. Volkova, I.Z. Gubaydullin
    Electromagnetic Effect of Eddy Currents in Composites with Conductive Components: Magnetic Field Strengthening and its Simple Analytical Estimation
    237A.I. Golodnov, Yu.N. Loginov, S.I. Stepanov
    Numeric Loading Simulation of Titanium Implant Manufactured Using 3D Printing
    238V.V. Gostishchev, E.D. Kim, E.H. Ri
    Synthesis of Aluminum-Matrix Alloys with Al-Zr-W by Metallothermy of Oxides
    239S.Ya. Zhuravlev, V.I. Matyukhin, V.A. Goltsev
    Investigation of Fuel Briquettes Properties Using Wastes of Mineral Wool Production
    242V.V. Stepanov, N.F. Timerbaev
    Composite Railroad Ties Obtained by the Energy Efficient Recycle of Wooden Railroad Ties
    234M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
    Application of the Complete Material Balance Method to Estimate the Transition of Elements in Flux Cored Arc Welding
    244N. Lukonina, E. Nosova, F. Grechnikov
    The Effect of Annealing on Mechanical Properties, the Number of Fluidity and the Size of Coherent Scattering Regions in Amg1 Amg5 and Amg6 Alloys
    247V.G. Gusev, A.A. Fomin, A.R. Sadrtdinov
    Adaptation of the Methodology of Designing Cylindrical Milling Processes to the Profile Milling Processes
    248A.A. Fomin, V.G. Gusev, Z.G. Sattarova
    Geometrical Errors of Surfaces Milled with Convex and Concave Profile Tools
    249D.B. Prosvirnikov, R.G. Safin, S.R. Zakirov
    Microcrystalline Cellulose Based on Cellulose Containing Raw Material Modified by Steam Explosion Treatment
    250P.V. Shalamov, I.D. Cherepkov, V.L. Kulygin
    Strength of a Threaded Joint on Cut in Holes with Flanges Formed by a Rotating Punch in Thin-Sheet Work-pieces
    251S.N. Chebotarev, V.A. Irkha, Adnan A.A. Mohamed
    Low-Energy Ion Technique for Semiconductor Surface Preparation
    252A.I. Romantsov, M.A. Fedorov, M.A. Ivanov
    Thermal Cycles and Peculiar Properties of Austenite Decomposition when Laser-Hybrid Welding Steel of K60 Strength Class
    253M.A. Ivanov, P.A. Danilkin, V.D. Kvashnin
    Anticorrosion Protection of Welded Joints of Oil Pipelines
    255V.S. Antipenko, A.A. Stroyev, A.V. Lepeshkin
    The Influence of Deformation of Tungsten-Based Alloys of Electrodes on Their Thermoemission
    256V.G. Perederiy, B.G. Gasanov, A.A. Aganov
    Structurization and Properties of Magnetoplastics Made of Mechanically Activated Amorphous-Crystalline Powder Alloys Based on the Nd-Fe-B System
    257T.N. Storodubtseva, A.. Aksomitny, V.A. Saldaev
    The Study of Soundproofing Properties of Wood Polymer-Sand Composite
    258D.V. Tuntsev, D.B. Prosvirnikov, R.R. Kozlov
    Physical and Chemical Properties of Activated Lignocellulose and Its Areas of Application
    259D.A. Zakharyevich, Yu.N. Kuryleva
    Isolation of Strontium in Antimonates
    260O.S. Zueva, Y.K. Mongush, A.O. Makarova
    Carbon Nanotubes Microenvironment in Ionic Surfactant Water Solutions
    261E.E. Blokhin, Arustamyan D.A., L.M. Goncharova
    Functional Characteristics of QD-InAs/GaAs Heterostructures with Potential Barriers AlGaAs and GaAs
    262D.A. Vinnik, V.E. Zhivulin, S.A. Gudkova
    Lead Germanate Pb5Ge3O11 Crystal Growth
    263A. Kuznetsov, A. Bryukhova
    Video Control Application for Increasing of Materials Spectral Analysis Accuracy
    264D.N. Gurulev, L.V. Palatkina
    Relaxation Processes in Ti-Al Composite Material after Rolling
    265M. Nikhamkin, N. Sazhenkov, D. Samodurov
    Fatigue Testing Method of Test Coupon and Structurally Equivalent Samples of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer for Gas Turbine Engine Parts and Assemblies
    266A. Stolbovsky, E. Farafontova
    Statistical Analysis of Histograms of Grain Size Distribution in Nanostructured Materials Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
    267N.L. Zaytsev
    Improving Methods of Assessment of a Stress State of Structures According to the Results of Coercive Measurements
    268A.M. Osipov, Yu.V. Bezgans
    To the Question of Evaluation of the Anode Voltage Drop
    269O.N. Gruba, I.V. Shmidt, A.E. Gorodkova
    Influence of the Parameters of Galvanomechanical Chromium Plating on the Coating Quality and Process Productivity
    270A.V. Sulitsin, R.K. Mysik, S.V. Brusnitsyn
    Modification of Copper
    271L.S. Lunin, M.L. Lunina, A.E. Kazakova
    Growing of AlInGaAsP Solid Solutions on InP Substrates for Photovoltaic Converters
    273V.V. Berezovskaya, E.A. Merkushkin, Yu.A. Raskovalova
    Structure Formation in High-Nitrogen Steel during Heat Treatment
    276V. Krutsilo, A. Samboruk, N. Krotinov
    Investigation of the Influence of Various Kinds of Hardening on the Surface Structure EI893
    Section 2.2. Innovation and cost-effective use of resources of metallurgy industry
    1S.V. Gladkovskii, A.I. Potapov, D.R. Salikhyanov
    Rheological Properties And Substantiation Of Hot Rolling Regimes Of Low- And Medium Carbon Structural Steels
    3N.. Shaburova
    Studying The Peculiarities Of Steel Grinding Balls Structuring
    5A. Gerasimova, S. Gorbatyuk, V. Devyatiarova
    Application of Gas-Thermal Coatings on Low-Alloyed Steel Surfaces
    6G. Shimov, V. Shimov, A. Zavalin
    A Study of the Influence of the Manufacturing Process Parameters on the Distribution of Residual Stresses in Pipe Walls during Sink Drawing
    7L.S. Zimin, A.G. Sorokin, A.S. Egiazaryan
    Advantages in System Approach to Optimal Design of Induction Heating Installations for Aluminum Extrusion Process
    8L.R. Kharisov, N.N. Safronov, G.N. Safronov
    Strength of SHS Aluminium Cast Iron from Dispersed Mechanical Engineering Waste
    12D. Pavlov, A. Bogatov, E. Pavlova
    The Investigation of Pipe Ends Formation under Reduction Mill Rolling
    14A.H. Prysiazhnyi, V.V. Kukhar, E.Yu. Balalayeva
    Method for Determining the Optimum Counter-Flexing Force of Working Rolls during Sheet Rolling
    21G.L. Baranov
    The influence of the hardening curve profile on the drawing force of a bar
    23Ye.S. Abdrakhmanov, P.O. Bykov, A.V. Bogomolov
    Thermal Capacity of Enriched Fuel Briquets Produced from the Fine of Ekibastuz Coal
    24I.I. Barankova, U.V. Mikhailova, O.B. Kalugina
    Induction Heating Technology for Steel Wire Processing
    25Yu.N. Loginov, N.. Babailov
    The Improvement of the Briquetting Press Rolls
    26A.S. Bilgenov, Yu. Kapelyushin, P.A. Gamov
    Statistical Analysis of Metal Particles Forming during Reduction of Oxides with Low Iron Content
    27A.A. Shoppert, L.M. Karimova, D.V. Zakharyan
    Novel Method for Comprehensive Processing of Low-Grade Copper Concentrate
    29K.A. Mirkhaydarova, .S. Tyusenkov, R.G. Rizvanov
    Gas Corrosion of Pyrolysis Furnace Coils
    30V.G. Nekrutov, A.V. Irshin, B.A. Reshetnikov
    Improvement of Equipment for Knocking out Castings from Molds
    31L.G. Kolyada, .V. Tarasyuk, N.L. Medyanik
    Accelerated Tests of Protective Properties of Packaging Materials for Cold-Rolled Steel
    32M.V. Boshnyak, A.R.Galimianov, O.B. Kolmachikhina
    Evaluation of the Processing Opportunity of Galvanic Production Sludges with Nickel Recovery
    33T.D. Polshina, O.Yu. Makovskaya, V.V. Egorov
    Synthesis of Fe(III)-Based Inorganic Sorbent and its Application for Arsenic Sorption
    34M.V. Erpalov, E.A. Kungurov
    Examination of Hardening Curves Definition Methods in Torsion Test
    35A.R. Barashev, O.V. Bazhenov, Yu.O. Tarasova
    Alternative Technology of Nickel-Cadmium Batteries Recycling
    36G.V. Pachurin, S.M. Shevchenko, M.V. Mukhina
    Rolled Metal Structure Resource Saving Preparation for Long-Length Hardened Bolt Upsetting
    37S. Kuptsov, V. Shimov, R. Magomedova
    Laser-spark Modification of the Surfaces of Structural Materials by the Example of St3
    38A.N. Sobolev, A.A. Mirzoev, D.A. Mirzaev
    Structure and Stability of Intermediate (Fe, Cr)7C3 Carbides
    39A.V. Verkhovykh, A.A. Mirzoev, D.A. Mirzaev
    Interaction of Phosphorus with Impurity Atoms in Bcc Iron
    40Yu.E. Tokach, Yu.K. Rubanov, O.V. Doroganova
    Extraction of Metals from Wastes of Metallurgical Production
    41M.A. Mikheenkov, O.Yu. Sheshukov, D.A. Lobanov
    Slag Technogenic Formations as a Material for the Production of Silicate Products and Pig Iron
    44A.A. Yusupova, A.A. Bobryshev, A.A. Treschev
    Development of Sulfur and Silicon Dioxide Activation Method in the Sulfur Concrete Technology
    45D.A. Zherebtsov, O.N. Gruba, K.R. Smolyakova
    Effect of Abrasive Tools in Galvanomechanical Treatment on the Roughness of the Deposited Chromium Layer
    48O.A. Nasibullina, A.G. Gareev, R.G. Rizvanov
    Investigation of the Hydrogen Stratification of the Metal of the Active Gas Pipeline
    50Jicai Kuai, D.V. Ardashev, Huali Zhang
    Research on Generation and Polishing Mechanisms of Nano Grain ?-Fe2O3 in Precision Electrolytic in Process Dressing (ELID) Grinding
    51R.N. Hasanov, A.S. Valiev, I.R. Kuzeev
    Development of the Algorithm for Determination of Mechanical Properties of Steel 20 with Different Levels of Cumulative Fatigue Damage with the Application of Compact Samples
    52I.R. Kuzeev, E.A. Naumkin, S.A. Pankratiev, R.R. Tlyasheva
    Impact of High-Frequency Vibrations on Metal Items Resistance to Cyclic and Axial Loads
    53T.V. Kozlova, T.V. Lipkina, S.M. Lipkin
    Modeling Calculation of the Corrosion Rate of Low Carbon Steel in Heat and Power Systems
    54D.M. Galimov, D.V. Ardashev, A.A. Dyakonov
    Methods for Determining the Quality of Galvanic Chromium Coating
    56V. Deev, E. Prusov, K. Ponomareva
    Effect of Superheat Melt Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys Produced by Lost Foam Casting
    57O.V. Samoilova, L.A. Makrovets
    Constructing Isotherms of Oxygen Solubility in the Liquid Metal of the CuNaKO System
    59D.A. Baranov, A.A. Parkin, S.S. Zhatkin
    XN45BMTUBR Alloy Impact of Laser Beam Welding Modes on Micro-structure and Distribution of Alloying Elements in the Seam
    60D. Pavlov, A. Bogatov, E. Pavlova
    The Investigation of the Influence of Friction and Roll Calibration on the Pipe Formation during Plug Rolling
    61A.N. Maznichevsky, Yu.N. Goikhenberg, R.V. Sprikut
    Influence of Nitrogen and Nitride-Forming Elements on Properties of Boron-Treated Steel
    62R.E. Rusalev, D.A. Rogozhnikov, S.S. Naboichenko
    Investigation of Complex Treatment of the Gold-Bearing Antimony Flotation Concentrate
    63L.G. Znamenskii, O.V. Ivochkina, A.S. Varlamov
    Accelerated Forming on the Sol-Silicate Binder in Precision Casting
    64A.N. Dildin, V.Yu. Gerasimov, E.A. Trofimov
    The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Size of the Carbide Inclusions and Hardness of Multilayer Composite Material ZD-0803
    66V.L. Steblyanko, A.P. Ponomarev
    Features of Steel Tape Deformation-Strength Properties Formation by Plasma-Cavitating Treatment
    67G. Shimov, A. Bogatov, D. Kovin
    FEM Simulation of Copper Busbar Pressing on the Continuous Extrusion Line CONFORM
    68M.P. Kuzmin, V.V. Kondratiev, L.M. Larionov
    Production of AlSi Alloys by the Direct Silicon Reduction from the Amorphous Microsilica
    69V.M. Kolokoltsev , A.S. Savinov , A.S. Tuboltseva
    Prediction of Temperature Fields in the System Casting and a Damp Sandy-Argillaceous Mold
    70V.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Smirnov, D.A. Buvakin
    The Study of the Characteristics of Metallic Powders after Electroerosion Dispersion
    71K.D. Naumov, V.G. Lobanov
    Gold Electroextraction Fundamentals Using Zinc Three-Dimensional Cathode
    72V.A. Lebedev, A.A. Shoppert
    Efficient Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties of the Cryolite Melts for Research on the Improvement of Low-Temperature Aluminum Electrolysis
    73A.A. Baron, L.V. Palatkina, I.L. Gonik
    The Investigation of Microhardness of Grey Cast Iron Dendritic Structure
    76B. Yur'ev, V. Gol'tsev, V. Dudko
    Development of the Metallurgical Waste Recovery Process
    77A. Tribunskiy, E. Nosova, M. Tepterev
    Effect of Manganese and Magnesium Content and Conditions of Annealing on Mechanical Properties and Cracking Formation during Bending of Aluminum Alloy AA3005
    78S.E. Polygalov, S.A. Mastugin, E.A. Shadrina
    To the Problem of Reducing the Amount of Harmful Emissions when Refining Silver
    79A.V. Volkov, A.S. Malenkov, A.Ia. Shelginsky
    Resource-Saving System of Heat and Cold Supply in Power Complex of the Metallurgical Plant
    85B. Yur'ev, V. Dudko, M. Biakova
    Application of Ecologically Clean Technology to Drying of Iron-Ore Pellets
    86S.V. Danilov, P.L. Reznik
    Hot-Rolled Texture of FCC and BCC Metals
    87V. Deev, E. Prusov, K. Ponomareva
    Effect of Superheat Melt Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys Produced by Lost Foam Casting
    89Y.V. Yavorovsky, D.O. Romanov , V.G. Khromchenkov
    Experimental Research of Thermo-Hydraulic Separators and Dispatchers in Heat Supply Systems