industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.1. Конструирование машин и механизмов / Machinery and Mechanism Design

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.1.1S. Shevchenko, A. Mukhovaty, O. Krol
    Gear transmission with conic axoid on parallel axes
    1.1.2E.I. Kromsky, S.V. Kondakov, M.A. Asfandiarov
    Mathematical model of mechanism for sealing hardly deformable materials
    1.1.3E.I. Kromsky, S.V. Kondakov, K.Z. Tilloev
    Promising machine for compacting road-building materials
    1.1.5V. Shkrabak, А. Kalugin, Y. Averyanov
    Assessing effectiveness of technical measures for improving working conditions of wheeled vehicle operators
    1.1.6V. Kushnir, O. Benyukh, S. Kim
    Definition of rational modes of use of marginal dug-out wells
    1.1.7A.V. Fominykh, I.R. Chinyaev, A.А. Ezdina
    Ноse regulating device with swirling
    1.1.8A. Malozemov, V. Dooun, D. Kozminykh
    Theoretical and experimental evaluation of diesel engine derating effect on its life time
    1.1.9M.G. Slobodianskii, A.V. Antsupov, S.V. Lukinskih
    Failures model for gear couplings under the criterion of working surface endurance
    1.1.10A.V. Antsupov, M.G. Slobodianskii, V.P. Antsupov
    Analytical model of wear-out failures in spur gears of external gearing
    1.1.11Alexey V. Antsupov, Alexander V. Antsupov, V.P. Antsupov
    Development of analytical methodology for details durability test while arranging metallurgical machines
    1.1.13P.V. Boslovyak, E.N. Tolkachev
    Metal construction optimization of drive suspension of special belt conveyor
    1.1.15K. Syzrantseva, V. Syzrantsev, D. Babichev
    Comparative analysis of stress-strain condition of cylindrical gears arc teeth and spurs
    1.1.17S.M. Sivachev, L.L. Myagkov
    Thermomechanical fatigue analysis of diesel engine piston: finite element simulation and lifetime prediction technique
    1.1.19B.M. Dmitriev
    Quantitative assessment of thermal properties of the metal-cutting machine design
    1.1.20I.V. Kudryavtsev, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Estimation method of slip ring mechanical strength in current collectors in static setting
    1.1.21I.V. Kudryavtsev, E.S. Novikov, V.G. Demin
    Ensuring operational life and relability of contact rings in plastic state
    1.1.22S.V. Makhnovich, D.A. Permyakov , Yu.M. Khishchenko
    Deformation and stability of cylindrical shells under irregular radial loading
    1.1.23A.V.Vasilyev, A.M.Lartsev, E.A.Fedyanov
    Evaluation of possible limits of forcing of high-capacity air-cooled engines
    1.1.29A.A. Polivanov, V.S. Galuschak
    Strength calculation of the frame of Tourist solar-powered vehicle in the conditions of static loading
    1.1.30V.A. Pukhly, S.T. Miroshnichenko
    Durability of centrifugal-pump impeller blades exposed to corrosive-erosive wear
    1.1.32Minikayev A.F., Pronin V.A., Zhignovskaya D.V.
    Theoretical calculation of compressed media leaks in working bodies of single-rotor screw compressor with circumferential tooth shape
    1.1.34V. Syzrantsev, A. Pazyak
    Contact strength calculation of straight bevel precessional gears with small shaft angle
    1.1.35S.A. Khoroshavin, V.S. Shestakov, V.I. Saitov
    Saitov Research of direction of rope-hydraulic quarry excavator creation
    1.1.37E.A. Ivakhnenko, L.M. Chervyakov, O.Yu. Erenkov
    Formation of quality indicators system at design of mechanical engineering products
    1.1.38S. Eronko, S. Gorbatyuk, M. Tkachev, E. Oshovskaya
    Mini-Converter For Processing of Poor-Quality Charge and Metal-Containing Waste
    1.1.39A.M. Busygin
    Cabled feeder for underground drilling machines
    1.1.40A.N. Grechukhin, V.V. Kuts, M.S. Razumov
    Solving problem of curved surface approximation by layers with constant and variable sections during forming by additive methods
    1.1.47А.Г. Сошинов, В.С. Галущак
    Направление техперевооружения сельхозпроизводства путём перевода тракторов и сельхозмашин на электротягу
    1.1.48S.O. Gaponenko, A.E. Kondratiev, I.R. Tazeev
    Assessment of natural oscillation frequencies of rotor for development of hard-bearing balancing machine
    1.1.49A.V. Lysyannikov, Y.N. Bezborodov, V.G. Shram
    Equipment with disk cutters for destruction and removal of strength snow and ice formations on road surface
    1.1.51A.V. Butovchenko, E.E. Petrov, A.A. Doroshenko
    Theoretical study of sifting heap on finger chaffer sieve
    1.1.52V.A. Pukhly, S.T. Miroshnichenko, V.V. Sokolov
    Modeling polymeric centrifugal-pump impeller blades
    1.1.53A. Zotov, A. Valeev
    Vibration isolating and impact protecting systems with quasi-zero stiffness providing wide operating area
    1.1.54A. Valeev, A. Tokarev
    Locating of oscillating defect in rotary equipment via remote strain gauge analysis
    1.1.55A.A. Melbert, A.V. Mashensky
    Results of studying cleaning of exhaust gases of preheater-equipped KamAZ-740 diesel engine
    1.1.58A. Bobkov
    Features of rotor friction losses balancing in centrifugal electric driven pumps for spacecrafts
    1.1.59E.V. Zenkov, D.A. Elovenko
    Deformation of prismatic samples of u-shaped grooves and their stress-strain state
    1.1.60M. Akopyan, S. Reznikov, O. Kuznetsova
    Analysis of gears engagement parameter in period of steady wear
    1.1.61A.A. Prikhodko
    Kinetostatics of rotationally reciprocating stirred tank planetary actuator
    1.1.63A.Yu. Gorelova, M. G. Kristal, V. A. Martynenko
    Automation of heat exchanger shell holes machining operation
    1.1.65A.A. Yakovlev, V.S. Sorokin, S.G. Postupaeva
    Arching design of device for cooling cutting zone of milling machine based on graph model of physical working principle
    1.1.66А.М. Фиронов А.М., В.П. Хортов
    К выбору концепции перспективных приводных установок транспортных средств
    1.1.67R.G. Safin, D.B. Prosvirnikov, T.O. Stepanova
    Processing of renewable wood biomass into thermally modified pellets with increased combustion value
    1.1.68D.A. Akhmedzaynov, A.E. Kishalov, V.D. Lipatov
    Influence estimate of spectral model of combustion products radiation on results of DKVR-10/13 steam boiler furnace simulating
    1.1.69A.Yu. Barykin, M.M. Mukhametdinov, R.Kh. Takhaviev
    Automated control of truck drive axle performance characteristics
    1.1.70N.N. Merzlova, А.V. Pashkovskiy, D.V. Boldyrev
    Simulation of transforming magnetic systems based on permanent magnets to control microparticles
    1.1.72S.A. Naumov, V.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Sadchikov
    Use in cycle of biogas plant boiler for waste disposal
    1.1.73A.B. Golovanchikov, V.N. Karev, N.A. Prokhorenko
    Simulation of rectification process taking into account longitudinal diffusion on equations of working lines
    1.1.74N. Lebed, N. Antonov, G. Rusakova
    Investigation of process of cutting fruit and vegetable raw materials into slices using rotary chopper
    1.1.75A.R. Avdeev, A.A. Shvets, I.S. Torubarov
    Investigation of kinematics of 3D printer print head moving systems
    1.1.76E. Petrakova, V. Sumatokhin
    Development of algorithm for creating parametric 3D models, controlled by Mathcad calculations, to study parameters of enclosed gears housing
    1.1.77V.A. Saninsky, V.V. Korzin, A.V. Petrukhin
    Automated method for modular selection of components for multi-bearing unit of internal combustion engine assembling