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Раздел 1. Машиностроение
Секция 1.1. Конструирование машин и механизмов
1_1_2A.B. Golovanchikov, N.A. Prokhorenko, O.A. Zalipaeva
The effect of longitudinal diffusion on the operation parameters of the packed distillation column in emulsification mode
1_1_4Шевченко С.В., Муховатый А.А., Кроль О.С.
исследование модифицированной зубчато-ременной передачи обрабатывающего центра
1_1_5V.V. Mazur
Theoretical study of the force heterogeneity of airless tires made of elastic polyurethanes
1_1_6A.A. Bazarov, N.V. Bondareva, A.A. Navasardyan
Heating system for rigid wedge valves
1_1_7S. Shevchenko, A. Mukhovaty, O. Krol
Research of the modified tooth-belt drive for the machining center
1_1_8O. Krol
Modified belt transmission with enhanced technical characteristics
1_1_9F.V. Svoykin, V.A. Sokolova, A.A. Borozna
Improvement of the timber supply flow at Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LLC by upgrading KKS-10
1_1_12B.N. Akramov, I.A. Ismatov
On the issue of designing cantilever shafts with joint consideration of strength, endurance and rigidity
1_1_13V.M. Medunetskiy, S.Yu. Perepelkina, Yu.S. Andreev
Features of the use of structural polymer-composite materials for the manufacture of complex-shaped parts in small-scale production
1_1_14M.V. Abramchuk, V.M. Medunetskiy, V.A. Zinkov
Evaluation of the accuracy of gears made of polymer composite materials
1_1_15M. Slobodianskii
Lifetime prediction for the jaw crusher by the criterion of toggle fatigue strength based on the application of the kinetic concept of material destruction
1_1_16E.V.Balakina, I.V. Sergienko
Development of a necessity and sufficiency scheme for the use of different types of car tire radii in different car modeling tasks
1_1_17E.V. Balakina, M.S. Kochetov, D.S. Sarbaev
Assessment of the influence of inclined wheel installation on the vehicle lateral stability
1_1_19K. Syzrantseva, V. Syzrantsev
Improvement of computer methods of designing gears with high load capacity
1_1_21A. Bobkov, S. Chepurnykh
Evaluating the influence of perforated baffle on hydraulic resistance of impeller machine diffuser channels
1_1_22M.U. Musirov, N.Yu. Kholmanov
Investigation of string vibrations of a transporting device
1_1_24I.P. Nikitina, A.N. Polyakov
Experimental thermal performance double-sided face grinding machine
1_1_25S.V. Konev, A.S. Fainshtein, I.E. Teftelev
Calculating the flexure of circular plates with stiffening rings
1_1_26G.A. Bahadirov, M.I. Nosirov
Research and analysis of rational parameters for a conveying mechanism of a multi-operation roller machine
1_1_27T. Kruglova
Design of a fault-tolerant sliding formwork complex
1_1_28Зимов Р.В., Брысин А.Н., Микаева С.А.,
Модернизация кинематики рулевой системы гоночного спортпрототипа феникс
1_1_29A.A. Fedulov, V.P. Antsupov, A.V. Antsupov
The methodology of resource forecasting on working rolls of the final stands of the widestrip hot rolling mill
1_1_31A.V. Gritsenko V.D. Shepelev, F.N. Grakov
Monitoring the technical condition of the mass air flow sensors and the cylinder-piston group in test modes
1_1_32I.V. Kudryavtsev , O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
Normalization of the support coefficient values at vibration of a straight multi-span beam
1_1_33Yu.I. Brovkina, T.S. Rabicheva, E.A. Petrakova
Animation modeling as a method of structural and kinematic synthesis of mechanisms
1_1_34I.V. Kudryavtsev, A.V. Kolotov, A.E. Mityaev
Normalization of the effective length factor values at buckling of a straight multi-span beam
1_1_35G.A. Bahadirov, F.R. Rakhimov
Analysis of the relationship between the transfer of the mechanism of the multi-operating machine
1_1_36A.F. Denisenko, R.G. Grishin, L.Y. Podkruglyak
Formation of contact thermal resistance based on the analysis of the characteristics of the pseudo-medium
1_1_37A.N. Gots, V.S. Klevtsov
Method of calculating of the heat-stressed state of the cylinder head of a liquid-cooled diesel engine
1_1_38T. Kruglova
Design of a fault-tolerant sliding formwork complex
1_1_39T.A. Mitashova
Applying morphing wing for optimization of small-size unmanned aircraft wing
1_1_40A.A. Karelina, D.V. Chernik, A.Y. Karnauhov
Using a chipper without felling wood when improvement cutting middle-aged plantings
1_1_41E.G. Demyanenko, I.P. Ророv , A.S. Kuznetsov
Modeling of the heat setting process in order to eliminate defects in the obtained part
1_1_42G. Kornilov, O. Filatova, I. Abdulveleev
Study and improvement of operation of the planetary gear reducers of the cold rolling mill tension leveler
1_1_43I.M. Shandybina, A.M. Makarov, M.P. Kukhtik
The development and study of a general-service automatically controlled weighing batcher
1_1_44A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, V.N. Nikolaev
A Study of the technical condition of mass airflow sensors in test modes at varying ICE crankshaft speeds
1_1_46A.N. Polyakov, V.V. Pozevalkin, I.P. Nikitina
Feature of predicting the thermal characteristics of machine tools using feedforward neural networks
1_1_47E. Shirokikh, D. Sinitsyn, A. Popov
Experimental determination of the kinematic accuracy of a planetary oblique-toothed cycloidal gearbox
1_1_48Yu.M. Lyashenko, E.A. Revyakina, G.V. Lukyanova
Developing a Mathematical Model of Interaction of a Conveyor-Bottom Bucket Working Body with the Soil
1_1_52N.S. Chashchin, A.P. Koval, A.S. Gruzdev
A study of vacuum assisted resin injection for molding hard-to-reach locations in the manufacture of parts
1_1_53G.V. Voronov, I.V. Glukhov
Physicochemical Properties of Natural Gas and Oxygen Combustion Products at Diffusion and Kinetic Burning
1_1_54V.V. Boldyrev, M.A. Gorkavyy
Development of the solar collector orientation mechanism design
1_1_55M.N. Ubaydulloev, M.N. Serazutdinov
Simulation and calculation of stress-strain state of thin-walled structures strengthened under load
1_1_56A.V. Vladimirov, G.A. Orlov
Assessment of the quality of the coupling billet for tubing
1_1_57N. Buzalo, B. Chernykhovsky, A. Alekseeva
Numerical modeling of steel structures connections
1_1_59V. Syzrantsev, A. Pazyak
Methods for minimum clearances calculating in a multiple-teeth contact of straight bevel precessional gears
Секция 1.2. Динамика машин и рабочих процессов
1_2_2D.S. Shestakov, L.V. Plotnikov
Influence of the fuel injection advance angle on the technical and environmental performance of a diesel engine (21/21) with a turbocharger
1_2_3A. Startcev, S. Romanov, I. Storozhev
Evaluation of the effect of longitudinal forces on the Stability of straight-line movement of a Tractor unit
1_2_4A.N. Savoskin, A.P. Vasilev
Fluctuations of a simplified railway vehicle model as a system with one degree of freedom with a nonlinear restoring force
1_2_5L.V. Plotnikov, Yu.M. Brodov, L.E. Osipov
Evaluation of the main indicators of piston engine with an improved gas exchange system by modeling
1_2_6I.V. Dolotovskij
Energy-efficient vertical kiln for the firing of ceramic
1_2_9E.S. Evtukh, G.A. Neklyudova
Identification of parameters of a sub-rail base in the computer system “wheel-railway track”
1_2_10G.E. Evtukh, A.Yu. Androsov, V.V. Gorbachev
Aerodynamic and numerical studies of the flow in the relief surface seals
1_2_11V.A. Krutova, I. A. Yaitskov
A mathematical model for the asynchronous drive of the overhead travelling crane
1_2_12D.V. Furmanov, N.E. Lysakov, L.M. Shamahov
Study of asphalt milling workflow dynamics
1_2_13S. Plotnikov, Sh. Buzikov, A. Birukov
Environmental properties evaluation of spark-ignition engines running on water/fuel mix
1_2_14A. Malozemov, A. Naumov, A. Shavlov
Trinkler cycle analysis with maximum pressure limitation
1_2_15I.S. Tyuremnov, A.S. Morev
Simulation of different vibration modes of a drum in continuous compaction control systems of soil by vibratory rollers
1_2_16E.N. Kashirskaya, S.V. Antonov, I.A. Ganichev
The dynamic model of unbalanced grinding wheel
1_2_18A.M. Nabiev
Combined extraction of liquid from wet leather semi-finished products
1_2_19G.N. Tsoy
Experimental determination of the influence of fibrous material on the dehydration of wet semi-finished leather product
1_2_21A.V. Christoforova, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
Modeling nonlinear oscillations for the wall of a narrow channel interacting with viscous liquid
1_2_22Z.A. Rakhimova
Study of the base plate motion between the pairs of shafts
1_2_23Tint Naing Win, V.M. Alakin
Study of the influence of body roll on lateral stability when maneuvering and cornering
1_2_24R.I. Rakhmatov, V.E. Krutolapov, A.G. Vetoshnikov
Improvement of turbocharger aeroacoustic performance when opening wastegate
1_2_25R.I. Rakhmatov, V.E. Krutolapov, R.H. Kurmaev
Cooling system axial fan design calculation and optimization in terms of tonal noise
1_2_26R.I. Rakhmatov, V.E. Krutolapov, G.G. Nadareishvili
Research and improvement of muffler acoustic characteristics with regard to thermodynamic characteristics of exhaust gas flow with aeroacoustic sources
1_2_28A.V. Eliseev, N.K. Kuznetsov, A.S. Mironov
System views on the features of the dynamics of elements of oscillatory structures
1_2_30A.D. Bardovsky, I.I. Basyrov, L.M. Valeeva
Study of the vibration separation of mineral raw materials
1_2_32A. Terekhin, A. Martyanov, D. Ismagilov
Influence of the incoming flow velocity to the error of the orientation angle of a horizontal-axial wind turbine
1_2_33M.O. Sinitsa, E.V. Tumakova, A.S. Komshin
Some features of measurements of dynamic characteristics of heavy machinery objects during operation in the Far North
1_2_34E. Bazhenov, A. Zelenin, D. Chernyshev
Dynamic coupling between links of articulated transport systems
1_2_35A R Buranshin, D A Godovskiy, A P Tokarev
Comparative evaluation of the compressor-ejector unit’s designs for gas evacuation during repair of the main gas pipeline
1_2_37A.Yu. Abalyaev, A.A. Gavrilov, A.N. Gots
The algorithm of calculation of the four- stroke turbocharged diesel engine cycle using the compressor efficiency map
1_2_41A.V. Pozdeev, I.M. Ryabov, N.V. Timoshin
Analysis of the smooth running of wheeled suspensionless vehicles in various operating conditions
1_2_42I.M. Ryabov, A.V. Pozdeev, V.V. Erontaev
Improvement of the performance properties of the wheel with a pneumatic tire due to the internal elastic damping system
1_2_43A.Yu. Barykin, M.M. Mukhametdinov, R.Kh. Takhaviev
Drive axle of vehicle and environment impact
1_2_44O.V. Repetckii, V.V. Nguyen, Bernd Beirow
Numerical and experimental research of intentional mistuning of an academic bladed disk using sensitivity analysis
1_2_46I.N. Ryzhikov, O.V. Repetckii, V.V. Nguyen
Numerical analysis of dynamics and fatigue life of the turbomachine impeller with mistuning
1_2_47A.N. Savkin, A.A. Sedov, K.A. Badikov
Fatigue crack growth estimation in low-alloy steel under random loading in middle section of fatigue diagram
1_2_49M.Yu. Elagin, R.N. Khmelev
Mathematical simulation of car dynamics with account of air conditioning system
1_2_51A. Tokarev, S. Spirin, A. Valeev
Determination of the hydrodynamic vibration frequencies in the main pump pipings
1_2_52K.V. Zhegera, N.A. Petuhova, E.A. Samigullina
Mathematical planning of the experiment in product design
1_2_53E. Ustinova
Modeling the laying material trajectory on the technological mandrel surface specified by an irregular spatial points set
1_2_54D.N. Demyanov, I.M. Hazipov
Estimation of the total road load coefficient for a road train
1_2_55N. Gabdrakhmanova
Artificial intelligence in the problems of organizational control and planning of electric power consumption in oil pipeline transportation
Predictive algorithm for tuyere areas parameters and control over the distribution of blast parameters around a blast furnace
Секция 1.3. Трение, смазка, износ машин (УРАЛТРИБО-2021)
1_3_1A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
Estimating the level of friction and wear in gas-powered diesel engines
1_3_2Y.I. Krykhtin, V.I. Karlov
The analysis of new manufacturing methods dry friction powder articles with fe-based materials
1_3_4A.Davydov, V. Broido
Welding technology in the manufacture, repair and restoration of large castings made of high-manganese steel
1_3_5A. Esbulatova, K. Voinov
Influence of the rate composition for the chemical elements in the steel parts on the serviceability of the pairs of friction
1_3_6R.V. Banin, V.A. Butorin, I.B. Tsarev
The influence of agricultural production factors on the rate of changing the radial clearance in the electric motor bearings when working with V-belt transmission
1_3_7A. Bolotov, O. Novikova, V. Novikov
The influence of structural components of diamond-bearing mineral ceramic abrasive material on its cutting ability and the treated surface quality
1_3_8M.A. Mukutadze, Е.O. Lagunova
Mathematical model of a lubricant in a bearing with a fusible coating on the pilot and irregular slider profile
1_3_9А.M. Mukutadze, A.N. Opatskikh, V.M. Prikhodko
Micropolar lubricants in a bearing with a low-melting base ring coating and a porous slider surface coating
1_3_10K. Gavrilov, A. Doikin, M. Izzatulloev
Experimental evaluation of the influence of microgeometry on the tribological characteristics of a radial plain bearing
1_3_11A. Fetisov, A. Kornaev, V. Tyurin1
Modeling the magnetorheological fluid flow between parallel plates under an external magnetic field
1_3_13I.A. Mayba
Technical requirements for lubricating flanges devices of locomotive wheel sets
Секция 1.4. Конструкторско-технологическое обеспечение машиностроительных производств
1_4_1N.V. Vulykh, Y.A. Alekseeva
Computer simulation of microprofile strain under orthogonal impact under constrained load. Part 2
1_4_2V.F. Bulavin, T.G. Bulavina, V.V. Yahrichev
Design of ultrasonic auxiliary equipment
1_4_3A.S. Kalashnikov, Yu. А. Morgunov, N.В. Khomyakova
Reduction of vibroacoustic characteristics of generating bevel and hypoid gears
1_4_4I.N. Khaimovich, K.S. Morozova
Development of an algorithm for the airfoil profile blank part formation for compressor blades in a computer-aided design system
1_4_5к.с. морозова, и.н. хаймович
Разработка алгоритма формирования гладкого профиля пера заготовки компрессорной лопатки в системе автоматизированного проектирования
1_4_6I. Yunakov
Implementing the Industry 4.0 concept in the information system at the preproduction stage
1_4_7S.R. Shekhtman, N.A. Sukhova
Study of the influence of ion bombardment on the quality of coatings obtained by the vacuum arc deposition
1_4_8L. Mironova, L. Kondratenko
Residual stress formation during Steel tubes expansion
1_4_10Y.P. Serdobintsev, M.P. Kukhtik, M.A. Lapikov
Theoretical evaluation of contact stiffness for flat rough surfaces of slide-ways with Greens function
1_4_11S.V. Sergeev, Yu.S. Sergeev, A.V. Kononistov
Subtract simulators to verify hole-making precision of control programs: an improvement in computer-aided process engineering systems
1_4_13A.A. Kulikov, M.V. Grechneva, A.E. Balanovskiy
On the influence of process parameters on the quality of the additively manufactured steel components
1_4_14A.S. Yamnikov, M.N.Bogomolov
Min axial interference measurement in elastic elements of vibration-damping mandrels for thin-wall shell
1_4_15O.Yu. Kazakova, L.B. Gasparova
Experimental determination of the operational characteristics of the automatic tool changer (ATC)
1_4_16M.A. Kossukhina, O.A. Shvetsova, N.I. Zaozerskaya
Smart factory in the era of fourth industrial revolution
1_4_17L.L. Safarova, A.A. Malikov, A.S. Yamnikov
Justification of rational design and process parameters of a diesel cylinder honing
1_4_18E.I. Shchurova
Radial force calculation at the start of drilling operation using the SPG method
1_4_19A.D. Almawash, P.P. Pereverzev
Model of machining error for the circular external plunge grinding taking into account the dynamic features of process
1_4_20V.A. Nosenko, A.V. Fetisov, V.G. Karpov
Silicon carbide crystal wear area at micro-scratching of zirconium, niobium and molybdenum at a speed of 60 m/s
1_4_21V.P. Larshin, N.V. Lishchenko, S.M. Uminsky
Complex-shaped parts grinding allowance tactile measurement
1_4_22E.I. Shchurova, P.G. Mazein
Design of a magnetic clamp for a high-rigid manipulating robot for machining of precise parts
1_4_23V.E. Lelyukhin, O.V. Kolesnikova, E.V. Ruzhitskaya
The Geometry of Non-ideal Objects in Process Engineering for Processing Parts on Machine Tools
1_4_25A. Loginov, I. Obabkov
Product structure transformation
1_4_26D.L. Okladnikov, V.A. Zeer, E.V. Grazhdantsev
Development of a mathematical model of electromechanical dampers with a regenerative effect in vehicle wheel suspensions
1_4_27A.F. Denisenko, M.V. Yakimov, K.R. Borisova
Anisotropy of the radial stiffness of the boring of the headstock body of a lathe
1_4_28D.S. Lavrinov, S.V. Pokazanev
The analysis of the measurement system accuracy based on 2D laser optical micrometer when measuring API pipe thread pitch and height
1_4_29I. Madyshev, V. Kharkov, I. Sannikov
Study of heat and mass transfer effectiveness during cooling of circulating water in evaporation section of three-flow cooling tower
1_4_30I.P. Balabanov, V.D. Ponomareva, O.N. Balabanova
Intelligent automated accessory tool selection system
1_4_31O.A. Shvetsova, V.M. Levina, A.D. Kuzmina
Perspectives of smart factory development and maturity model
1_4_32V.P. Antipin, M.Ya. Durmanov, O.A. Mikhailov
Energy consumption for the utilization of the tangential traction force in the transport mode of the agricultural machine-tractor aggregate
1_4_33M.Ya. Durmanov, B.G. Martynov, S.V. Spiridonov
Tangential traction components in an agricultural tractor-implement unit in transport mode
1_4_34Солохненко В.В., Бурцев Д.С., Пономарев А.А.
Методика определения целесообразности применения кокильного литья при мелкосерийном производстве
1_4_35Е.V. Krasnova, B.P. Saushkin, B.V. Shandrov
Pre-production engineering in additive manufacturing
1_4_36V.V. Solokhnenko, D.S. Burtsev, A.A. Ponomarev
A technique for determining the feasibility of chill casting in small-scale production
1_4_37A.N. Grechukhin, V.V. Kuts, P.S. Shcherbakov
Algorithm for dividing a volume model into curvilinear layers for 3D printing
1_4_38R.G. Safin, D.B. Prosvirnikov, G.R. Arslanova
Parametric multidimensional modeling of extraction processes in the wood chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries
1_4_42S. Zryachev, S. Larin
Creating of a decision support system for after-sales support of aircraft
1_4_43Tran Dinh Van, M.V. Vartanov, Nguyen Van Dung
Study robotic assembly conditions of profile shafts
Секция 1.5. Транспортно-технологические машины и оборудование
1_5_1S.V. Streltsov, V.A. Ryzhikov, D.Z. Machitadze
Dynamic damping of vibrations in the suspension of cars
1_5_2E.M. Zimin, V.V. Martishkin
Calculating the reliability of technical products based on General quality management methods
1_5_3А. Anishchenko, V. Kukhar, I. Oginskiy
Design and durability of roller assemblies in sintering machines
1_5_4A.M. Zabaturin, M.V. Vakulenko
Bladeless air cooler
1_5_6A.Ch. Khatagov, S.B. Adzhimanbetov, Z.A. Khatagov
Conceptual design methodology of electric vehicle traction drive
1_5_8L.V. Konchina, M.G. Kulikova, K.B. Tulegenova
Modeling of the stress-deformed state of working bodies of technological equipment
1_5_9Ya. Liberman, O. Lukashuk
On designs of trench rotary excavators
1_5_10A.F. Burkov, V.V. Mikhanoshin, Nguen Van Ha
Energy losses in electrical networks
1_5_12A.V. Lagerev, I.A. Lagerev, V.I. Tarichko
Kinematic and force analysis of the end tower positioning mechanism at mobile ropeway
1_5_14D. Kushaliyev, A. Tureshova, A. Begaliyeva
Innovative repair kit for vehicle units
1_5_15S. Staroletov
Modeling the anti-lock braking system in Scilab and its checking for compliance with uniform requirements
1_5_16Marek Maj, A. Rybak, Yu. Tyulyaeva
Technology and equipment increasing the efficiency of the mixture transportation and the quality of the created fill mass
1_5_17O. Lukashuk, K. Letnev, V. Makarova
Modeling the process of rock excavation with a front-shovel operational equipment of open-pit excavators
1_5_18K.K. Abishev, A.Zh. Kassenov, K.B. Assylova
Design justification of half-track propulsor of traction and transport vehicle
1_5_19M.M. Litvinova, D.V. Chernik , Ya. S. Goncharova
Analytical review of the engines of modern forest machines
1_5_21B.I. Kovalskiy, N.N. Lysyannikova, A.N. Sokolnikov
Method for determining the energy connection between products temperature resistance of motor oils
1_5_22N.N. Lysyannikova, E.G. Kravtsova, M.A. Kovaleva
Study of the influence of temperature and oxidation processes on the viscosity of motor oils
1_5_23A. Asanov, I. Myshkina
On the use of ontological approach to the advanced driver-assistance system design
1_5_24P.V. Sirotin, I.Yu. Lebedinsky, M.V. Perushkin
An analytical method for calculating the natural frequencies of the cab carrier systems vibrations of transport and technological machines
1_5_25A.A. Maslyakova, A.P. Amosov, T.V. Tetyueva
Recommendations for increasing the durability of oilfield pipes working in aggressive СО2 containing environment
1_5_26I.M. Kochnev, S.V. Kondakov, G. V. Lomakin
Comparison of the methodologies for calculating recuperative heat exchangers
1_5_28V.N. Moskvitin, E.V. Zenkov
Autonomous technological platform with a walking movement mechanism
Секция 1.6. Механическая обработка метериалов
1_6_1S.A. Zaides, V.A. Pham, N.M Bobrovskij
The flat surfaces local loading feed impact on the surface layer stress state
1_6_2T.A. Tolmacheva, V.V. Kuts, S.A. Mikhailova
Reducing the heat load on the workpiece when boring holes with a rotating tool block
1_6_4E.N. Baksheeva, A.S. Belomestnykh, R.V. Kononenko
Parametric analysis of operations of milling the edges of aircraft parts with a robotic complex
1_6_5Yu. Bagaiskov, N. Ushakov
Physical and mechanical parameters of gear hones with modified epoxy-polymer bond
1_6_6T.A. Tolmacheva, V.V. Kuts, Yu.А. Malneva
Construction of a regression model of the height of residual scallops when boring internal holes with a rotating tool block based on the results of virtual modeling
1_6_7A.A. Volkovskiy, V.F. Makarov
The study of grinding polymer composite material
1_6_8T.V. Gavrilenko
Technological characteristics of thermoplastics machining process
1_6_9O.V. Malkov, A.S. Karelskiy
Cutting force analysis during thread milling
1_6_10E. Kashirskaya, V. Serebryankin, M. Klyagin
The waviness control algorithm surface grinding
1_6_11M.Yu. Polyanchikova, V.A. Nosenko
Black silicon carbide-based single-component abrasive tools (SCAT): features of manufacturing
1_6_12S. Isaev, O. Erenkov
Modeling of wood macrostructure in the technology of its cutting
1_6_13V.G. Gusev
Face milling productivity increase on the basis of the combined tool
1_6_14J. Drozdova, A. Syritsky
Processing of phase-chronometric measurement information for the purpose of monitoring the parameters of the turning process
1_6_15V.G. Gusev
Vibration and deviation from the roundness of parts at centerless grinding with a wide textured wheel
1_6_16V.A. Kuznetsov, E.E. Alenina, T.S. Mochalova
Optimization of technological processes of manufacturing and repairing of parts based on the power of the processes performed
1_6_17Le Tri Vinh, V.P. Koltsov, V.B. Rakitskaya
Improving the efficiency of grinding with cylindrical flap wheels of surfaces with double curvature
1_6_18A.S. Pyatykh, А.V. Savilov
A study of vibration measuring devices used in the edge cutting machining
1_6_19A.G. Serebrennikova, A.V. Savilov
A study of effects of the cutting tool geometry on the output parameters when turning VT22 titanium alloy
1_6_23Y.N. Ivanov, N.S. Chashchin, A.A. Pashkov
A study of cryogenic cooling when reaming holes in CFRP / Ti / Al stacks
1_6_24A.A. Bazarov, A.A. Navasardian, N.V. Bondareva
Processes modeling in a silicon induction crystallizer
1_6_27Nguyen Van Tho, A.N. Soloviev, M.A. Tamarkin
Modeling metal removal from workpiece surface during centrifugal rotation processing
1_6_28A.I. Dronov, S.V. Parshin
Modeling of a Kellies manufacturing process
1_6_29I.N. Sedinin V.F. Makarov, M.V. Pesin
Investigation of face milling of hardened steel with the determination of the optimal and productive cutting conditions using the analytical-graphic method, provided that the specified quality of the processed surface is ensured
Секция 1.7. Промышленные гидравлические и пневматические системы и оборудование
1_7_1V. Sokolov
Dynamics of positioning process for hydraulic drive output link by distributor with closed center
1_7_2V. Sokolov
Criteria analysis of diffusion processes in channels of industrial ventilation systems
1_7_4E.K. Naumov, D.M. Strelkova, O.A. Nasibullina
Modernization of the irrigation system of the filter cloth of the vacuum drum filter
1_7_5I.R. Chinyaev, A.V. Fominykh, A.V. Telminov
Gate valve with internal bypass
1_7_6I.R. Chinyaev, A.V. Fominykh, E.A. Ilinykh
Method for determining the closing time of the shut-off valve
1_7_8N.A. Merentsov, А.V. Persidskiy, A.B. Golovanchikov
Hydraulic control systems for packing blocks of mass exchange apparatus. Part I. Systems of smooth adaptive control for absorption, distillation, wet gas emissions cleaning
1_7_9N.A. Merentsov, А.V. Persidskiy, A.B. Golovanchikov
Hydraulic control systems for packing blocks of mass exchange apparatus. Part 2. Impulse control systems for pulse liquid extraction processes and liquid-phase catalytic reactors
Секция 1.8. "Зеленые технологии" в машиностроении
1_8_1A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko, D.S. Bardin
How Eco fuels affect the toxicity of exhaust gas from power plants in transports
1_8_3Iu. Savchenko, V. Kozechko, A. Shapoval
Method for accelerating diffusion processes when borating structural steels
1_8_4Yu. Shmelov, A. Bazyk, N. Kitsel
Research of parametric influence of light-emitting diodes on the multicomponent module near-field illuminated zone formation
1_8_5P.I. Kalandarov, Z.M. Mukimov, A.M. Nigmatov
Automatic devices for continuous moisture analysis of industrial automation systems
1_8_8V. Merzlikin, S. Parshina, V. Marynenko
Universal effect of subsurface thermal radiant overheating for semitransparent materials and natural media
1_8_10L.A. Ilina, A.А. Shagarova, I.A. Belyakov
Efficiency assessment for new designs of stirring devices to obtain stable emulsions
1_8_12M.Yu. Karelina, V.S. Ershov, A.S. Brzhezinsky
Synthesis of new corrosion inhibitors based on boron ethyl amines, fatty acids and benzotriazole for the agricultural machinery preservation
Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства
Секция 2.1. Полимеры, композиты и керамика
2_1_1V.I. Loganina
Assessment of the Mechanism of Adhesive Destruction Coatings
2_1_2V.I. Loganina, Bassam S.D. Al Saedi
Fastness of Protective and Decorative Coatings Construction Products and Structures to the Action of Wind
2_1_3A.N. Shulgin, O.A. Chuprina, V.V. Pykhov
Influence of Tool Blunting on the Value of the Axial Component of the Cutting Force and the Drilling Process
2_1_4G.D. Shakirova, N.V. Romanova, L.N. Shafigullin
Studies of the Influence of High Temperatures and Aggressive Media on the Performance Properties of O-Rings Used in the Automotive Industry
2_1_5L.N. Shafigullin, N.V. Romanova, G.R. Shafigullina
Studies if the Influence of Expandable Graphite on the Properties of Polyurethane Foams
2_1_6A.M. Kuzmin, N. Ayrilmis, V.N. Vodyakov
Mechanical Properties of Barley Straw/HDPE Composites Produced with Extrusion Process
2_1_7P.V. Matyukhin, D.I. Mirzoev
The Research of Iron Containing Wastes Modification Process of Leninabad Rare Metals Plant
2_1_8D.I. Artyukhov, N.V. Kiselev, D,I. Zheleznov
Preparation of Composite Based on Ethylene-co-vinyl Acetate Copolymers Filled with K2O-NiO-TiO2 Ceramics and Its Electrical Properties
2_1_9V.A. Beregovoi, A.M. Beregovoi
Hyper-Pressed Composites from Recycling Products of Aerated Concrete Waste
2_1_10O.V. Burlachenko, O.G. Chesnokova, T.F. Cherednichenko
The Usage of Modern Inorganic Composite Material in the Design of Insulation of Unheated Smoke-Free Stairwells
2_1_11V.È. Shvarczkopf, I.A. Pavlova, E.P. Farafontova
Utilization of Porcelain Tile Polishing Residue
2_1_12V.M. Razgulyaeva, I.A. Pavlova, E.P. Farafontova
Felsite in Ceramic Materials Production
2_1_13K.A. Timakova, Yu.T. Panov, E.A. Timakov
Influence of Fillers on the Viscosity Properties of One-Pack Polyurethane Sealants
2_1_14Z.G. Sakoshev, A.N. Blaznov, V.V. Firsov
A Study on Chemical Ageing of Composite Ribbed GFRP Bars under Load
2_1_15E.N. Gryadynova, A.V. Gorin, A.Yu. Rodichev
Research of the Mechanical Properties of the Filament from the Percentage of Filling when Prototyping Machine Parts
2_1_16V.N. Zyryanova, E.V. Lytkina, A.P. Ochur-ool
Improving Water Resistance of Magnesium Binding Substances by the Introduction of Mineral Fillers
2_1_17D.A. Nechaev, A.Yu. Omarov, N.V. Ivanov
Structure and Phase Composition of Ceramics Made of Powder Obtained by Chemical Dispersion of V95 Alloy
2_1_18D. Vinnik, S. Mahadevan, P. Sharma
Magnetic Study on Divalent Ion Substituted Barium Hexaferrites
2_1_19E.N. Eremin, E.A. Khorova, E.A. Strizhak
Functional Properties of Elastomers Based on Butadiene-Nitrile Rubbers
2_1_20O.A. Baev, Yu.M. Kosichenko, A.Yu. Garbuz
Composite Polymer Coatings for Repair of Concrete Linings of Channels
2_1_22V.I. Kuz’min, V.I. Lysak, E.V. Kuz’min
Investigation of Deformation Work in Layers of Explosion-Welded Composite Al-Cr-St3
2_1_23G.A. Sabirova, R.R. Safin, N.R. Galyavetdinov
Mathematical Model for Determining the Colorimetric Characteristics of Composite Materials Based on PLA and Wood Filler
2_1_24K.Sh. Aryngazin, A.V. Bogomolov, A.K. Tleulessov
Innovational Construction Materials of LLP “EcostroyNII-PV” Production
2_1_25N.А. Olivenko, O.A. Kudryavtsev, M.V. Zhikharev
Experimental Study of Tensile Preloading Influence on the Mechanical Behaviour of Pseudo-Ductile Hybrid Composite under High-Velocity Impact
2_1_26V.E. Eremyashev, G.G. Korinevskaya, D.A. Zherebtsov
Effect of Phosphorus on Crystallization of Alkaline Molybdenum-Containing Borosilicate Glasses
2_1_27E.V. Leshkov, S.B. Sapozhnikov, O.A. Kudryavtsev
Experimental and Computational Study of Ultra-Low-Cycle Fatigue of Fabric-Reinforced GFRP
2_1_28S.V. Lapshina
To Problem of Filler Failure in Processing of Fiber-Reinforced Materials
2_1_29Ch.B. Kongar-Syuryun, A.E. Adigamov, J. Rybak
Algorithm for Choice a Development System and Selection of the Optimal Fill Material
2_1_32V.S. Rudnov, E.S. Gerasimova, R.F. Fakhertdinova
Deformation and Strength Characteristics for the Calculation of Structures Based on Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Composites
2_1_33D.D. Fazullin
Composite Membranes with a Cellulose Acetate Working Layer on a Nylon Substrate
2_1_34E.Kh. Akhmedshin, D.D. Vlasov, N.A. Tatus´
The Effect of Hole Manufacturing Technology on the Strength of Orthogonally Reinforced Fibrous Composites
2_1_36R.R. Khasanshin, R.R. Safin, Sh.R. Mukhametzyanov
Experimental Studies of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Glued Building Materials Based on Modified Veneer
2_1_37V.A. Beregovoi, D.S. Sorokin, A.M. Beregovoi
Glass-Crystalline Materials of a Cellular Structure, Formed by Vibration Foaming Technology
2_1_38A.V. Тepikina, S.G. Vlasova
Inorganic Composites Luminophors in Lithium-Borate Glasses with Rare-Earth Elements For White-Emitting Diodes
2_1_39V.A. Perfilov
Modified Composite Fine-Grained Concrete
2_1_40I.A. Nasyrov, D.D. Fazullin, G.V. Mavrin
Influence of Particle Size Distribution of Wood Waste Pyrolysis Product on Productivity and Purification Efficiency
2_1_42V.V. Barakhtenko, T.H. Sahabutdinova, Yu.V. Novikov
Comparative Analysis of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Composites with Functional Fillers Based on Waste
2_1_43R.S. Masnyj, S.M. Vasilev, O.A. Baev
Polymer and Geocomposite Impervious Screen Reliability Assessment
2_1_44A.V. Sobachkin, A.A. Sitnikov, A.Yu. Myasnikov
Effect of Mechanical Activation and Gamma-Irradiation on Structural-Phase State of Ti-Al-C Powder Reagents
2_1_45P.B. Severov
Mechanical Behavior of Active and Passive Strain Sections in CFRP Laminate under Uniaxial Tension
2_1_46E.S. Bochkarev, D.S. Vostrikov, O.O. Tuzhikov
Ozone Resistance of Vulcanizates Based on XNB Rubber
2_1_47A.V. Sobachkin, M.V. Loginova, V.Yu. Filimonov
Features of High-Temperature Synthesis in Clad Mechanocomposites of Ti-Al System
2_1_48E.S. Dergunova, G.S. Dedyaev, M.A. Goncharova
Effective Polymer Protective Coatings
2_1_49E.Kh. Akhmedshin, D.D. Vlasov, N.A. Tatus´
The Effect of Hole Manufacturing Technology on the Strength of Orthogonally Reinforced Fibrous Composites
2_1_51A.M. Kokurov
Composite and Metal Structural Elements Joint Strength
2_1_52Гольцман Б.М., Яценко Л.А., Гольцман Н.С.
исследование процессов вспенивания силикатного сырья при использовании смеси порообразователей
2_1_53A.A. Sitnikov, V.I. Yakovlev, A.A. Popova
Surfacing of Ti-Al System Mechanocomposites by Magnetron Deposition
Секция 2.2. Стали и сплавы, металлургические и металлообрабатывающие технологии
2_2_1A. Volokitin, I. Volokitina, E. Panin
New Die Design for High-Pressure Torsion
2_2_2L.A. Makrovets, O.V. Samoilova, I.V. Bakin
Thermodynamic Assessment of Phase Equilibria in the Sro–Al2O3 System
2_2_5V.N. Pustovoit, Yu.V. Dolgachev
The Formation Energy of Martensite Nuclei and the Phase Transition Kinetics Under the Action of an External Magnetic Field
2_2_6N.V. Vodolazskaya, O.A. Sharaya
Research of Alternative Options for Strengthening Surface Treatment of Cast Iron Products
2_2_7Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
Predicting Strength of Titanium Alloys Using Aluminum and Molybdenum Equivalents at Operating Temperatures
2_2_8Логинов Ю.Н., Замараева Ю.В., Комкова Д.А.
Деформации при угловом прессовании полосы из цилиндрической заготовки
2_2_9A.A. Malanov, G.A. Orlov
Development of Calibration Knives for Hot Cutting Shears
2_2_11A.A. Gruzdev, Yu.A. Morgunov, B.P. Saushkin
Mechanism of EDM Intensification at Ultrasound Application
2_2_12S.A. Tipalin, V.B. Belousov, N.F. Shpunkin
Investigation of Uneven Properties of Stainless Steel 12Kh18N10T Depending on the Thickness of the Sheet
2_2_15N.A. Astafeva, A.A. Balanovskiy, A.A. Pershina
A Study of the Influence of Local Heat Treatment on the Structure of Welded Titanium Pipelines
2_2_16S. Lezhnev, A. Naizabekov, E. Panin
Radial-Shear Rolling as a New Technological Solution for Recycling Bar Scrap of Ferrous Metals
2_2_17D.L. Pankratov, A.V. Shaparev
Truck Synchronizer Rings Recovery by Plastic Deformation Technology
2_2_18Y.G. Kalpin, S.A. Tipalin, V.A. Ryabov
Aspects of Superplasticity of Metals
2_2_19A.S. Lileev
Analysis of Remagnetization Processes of High-Anisotropic Alloy after Heat Treatment
2_2_20T.H. Nguyen, Yu.V. Konyukhov, V.M. Nguyen
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Various Sintered Pellets with Nano-additives
2_2_23V.N. Shinkin
On Question of Metals’ Plasticity
2_2_24R.V. Gavariev, E.N. Soldatkina, K.N. Gavarieva
Effect of Coatings on the Performance of Injection Molds
2_2_25A.А. Baron, L.V. Palatkina, S.V. Palatkin
Application of the Hydraulic Diameter of Interdendritic Space for Calculating the Ultimate Tensile Strength of Gray Cast Iron
2_2_26 Y.N. Loginov, Y.V. Zamaraeva, D.A. Komkova
Strains Under Angular Pressing of a Strip from a Cylindrical Billet
2_2_27V.N. Malikov, A.V. Ishkov
Using Ultra-Miniature Eddy Current Transducer for Searching for Corrosion Defects in Steel Pipes
2_2_28O.N. Petrova , S.V. Belikov, Yu.V. Slukin
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of the Carburized Layer of the Legs of Three-ball Drill Bits
2_2_29A.V. Stolbovsky, P.Y. Shirshova
Application of Thermodynamic Modeling for Optimization of the Composition of Nanostructured Low-Alloyed Hafnium Bronzes by High-Pressure Torsion
2_2_30O.V. Klukvin, A.K. Savchenko, A.O. Alibagandov
Study of the Main Reasons for the Consumption of Graphite Electrodes in Electric Arc Steel Furnaces
2_2_31S.M. Belskiy, I.I. Shopin, A.A. Safronov
Improving Efficiency of Rolling Production by Predicting Negative Technological Events
2_2_32N.V. Nemchinova, A.V. Tuzov
Issues of Operating Induction Furnaces in the Context of Mounting Prebaked Anodes in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
2_2_33V.S. Tsepelev, Yu.N. Starodubtsev, Ye.A. Kochetkova
Relationship Between Kinematic Viscosity and Cluster Size in Multicomponent Metal Melts
2_2_34D.A. Baranov, A.A. Parkin, S.S. Zhatkin
Analysis of Defects at Laser Welding of Heat-Resistant Alloy KhN45VMTYuBR
2_2_35V.V. Devyatiarova, E.E. Balakhnina, L.M. Valeeva
Development of a Mathematical Model for a Workpiece Heating and Cooling in a Protective Medium while Treatment under Pressure
2_2_36V.S. Muratov, N.S. Yakimov
The Surface Hardening of Parts of Liquid Dampers Made of High-Strength Steels
2_2_37N.N. Klochkova, A.V. Obuchova, A.N. Protsenko
Specially Designed Induction Heating System for Ball Hardening
2_2_38T.T. Kondratenko, S.M. Gorbatuyk, A.N. Pashkov
Development of a Non-Planar Semiconductor Diode Design
2_2_39A.B. Naizabekov, D.V. Kuis, A.V. Kasperovich
Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Nickelide During Pressing in Equal-Channel Angular Matrix with Quasi-Small Angle of Channels Intersection
2_2_40M.V. Konstantinova, E.A. Guseva, N.A. Astafeva
The Use of Silicon Production Waste as an Effective Additive in the Manufacture and Machining of Various Materials
2_2_41O.S. Anishchenko, V.V. Kukhar, E.S. Klimov
Nickel-Based Slag-Remelted Superalloy for Ti-Alloys Isothermal Forging Die-Tool
2_2_42S.S. Belskii, M.V. Chantsev
Industrial Production Technology for Aluminium Paste
2_2_43M.D. Kazyaev, E.V. Kiselev, A.M. Vokhmyakov
Continuous Uncooled Walking Beam Furnace for Copper Alloy Cast Blank Heating
2_2_44V.V. Dragobetskii, M.E. Taranenko, V.D. Kulynych
Explosive Stamping Goals and Objectives Historical Transformation (to the 70th Anniversary of KhAI Scientific School)
2_2_45I.V. Artamonova, I.G. Gorichev, E.B. Godunov
Determining the Metal Corrosion Rate by Various Techniques and Comparison of the Results
2_2_46 D.N. Gurulev, L.V. Palatkina
The Study of the Metal`s Flow Distribution during Rolling in Cutout Strikers for Different Schemes of the Stress State
2_2_47Iu.V. Savchenko, A.A. Shapoval, Ya.S. Paleshko
Simulation of New Multilayer Waveguides by Explosion Welding
2_2_48S.O. Nepryakhin , O.V. Vodopyanova
Research the Effect of Speed Mismatch during Continuous Rolling on the Plasticity Margin
2_2_49Плешивцев К.Н., Шешуков О.Ю., Метелкин А.А.
исследование движения металла в системе циркуляционный вакууматор – сталеразливочный ковш с целью стабилизации теплового режима разливки на машинах непрерывного литья заготовок
2_2_50 I.N. Egorov, N.Ya. Egorov, S.I. Egorova
Milling Duration Influence on Strontium Hexaferrite Technological Characteristics
2_2_51V.V. Berezovskaya, E.A. Merkushkin, K.A. Mamchits
Structure and Phase Transformations in High Nitrogen and High Interstitial Steels of Different Alloying Systems. Short Review
2_2_52A.V. Sulitsin, R.K. Mysik, V.V. Morgunov
Technology of the Contact Wire Manufacture for High-speed Railways
2_2_53S.V. Brusnitsyn, I.A. Gruzdeva, V.V. Morgunov
To the Issue of Low-alloyed Copper Alloys for Contact Wires
2_2_54A.V. Stolbovsky, S.A. Murzinova
Specific Features of Statistical Analysis of Relative Grain Boundary Energies Obtained by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
2_2_55P.O. Bykov, A.B. Kuandykov, A.K. Zhunusov
Refining of Primary Aluminum from Vanadium
2_2_57D.Sh. Nukhov, A.O. Tolkushkin
Development of Advanced Technologies for the Production of Innovative Materials with a Submicrocrystalline Structure by Methods of Severe Plastic Deformation
2_2_58P.P. Poleckov, O.A. Nikitenko, A.S. Kuznetsova
Effects of Heat Treatment on Microstructure Parameters, Mechanical Properties and Cold Resistance of Sparingly Alloyed High-Strength Steel
2_2_59I.S. Loginova, N.A. Popov, A.N. Solonin
Liquation and Crystallization Cracks in Aluminum Alloy AA2024 During Selective Laser Melting
2_2_60A.V. Berezovskiy, M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
The Repair of Defects in High-Manganese Steel Castings by Welding Technology
2_2_61M.V. Maisuradze, M.A. Ryzhkov, A.Yu. Zhilyakov
Phase Transformations and Microstructure of the Alloyed Steels for Mining Application
2_2_62M.V. Maisuradze, M.A. Ryzhkov, D.I. Lebedev
Mechanical Properties of a Mild-Alloy Steel for Aerospace Engineering
2_2_63A.R. Khalikov, S.V. Dmitriev
Simulation of Thermal Cooling Curves in the Process to Ordering Alloys by the Monte Carlo Method
2_2_64B.P. Yur´ev, V.A. Dudko
Thermodynamic Analysis of Siderite Ore Carbonate Decomposition Process at Roasting
2_2_65B.P. Yur`ev, V.I. Matyukhin, V.A. Dudko
Use of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Works Overburden Chalkstone for Iron-Ore Pellet Fluxing
2_2_67A.I. Cherepanov, V.A. Kukartsev, V.S. Tynchenko
Thermal Analysis of Al-5Ti1-1B Ligature
2_2_68A.I. Cherepanov, V.A. Kukartsev, V.V. Kukartsev
Study of the Boron Effect on the Physicochemical Properties of Ligatures
2_2_69V.M. Shumyacher, S.A. Kryukov, N.V. Baidakova
Methodology for Evaluation of Treated Steels and Alloys in Abrasive Processing
2_2_70A.A. Tyutrin, A.E. Burdonov, K.S. Bushuev
Expanding the Application Scope of Fine Dust from Petroleum Coke Calcining Furnaces in Aluminum Production
2_2_73E.A. Smirnova, I.A. Eliseeva, A.N. Shapovalov
The Degassing Laws for Railway Wheel Steel in a Vacuum Tank Degasser
2_2_74M.V. Koryachko, D.E. Pshonkin, A.A. Skvortsov
Features of melt droplet formation during electrical destruction aluminum films on the semiconductor surface
2_2_75L.A. Ayvazyan, N.K. Nikoli, A.N. Shapovalov
Improvement the Round Bloom Continuous Casting Technology at JSC “Ural Steel”
2_2_76N. Kosdauletova, V.E. Roshchin
Solid-Phase Reduction and Separation of Iron and Phosphorus from Manganese Oxides in Ferromanganese Ore
2_2_77A.A. Zvereva, V.A. Shunin, R.S. Voinkov, K.L. Timofeev
Fine Silver Powders Production
2_2_78N.E. Agarova, L.M. Yakovleva, R.S. Voinkov, K.L. Timofeev
Fine Copper Powders Production
2_2_79O.V. Nechvoglod, S.V. Sergeeva, I.S. Abaturov
Granulometric Characteristics Study for the Particles of the Cu2-xS – Fex+1S System
2_2_80D.R. Ganin, D.A. Dolganov, E.A. Fuks
Technology and Equipment for Sintering of Iron-Ore Materials by Adding Brown Iron Ores as Pulp during Sinter Mix Pelletizing at Ural Steel, JSC
2_2_81A.A. Babenko, L.A. Smirnov, A.G. Upolovnikova
Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Sulfur and Boron Distribution between the Slag of the CaO-SiO2-B2O3-MgO-Al2O3 System and the Metal
2_2_82A.A. Babenko, R.R. Shartdinov, A.G.Upolovnikova
Effect of Basicity and Boron Oxide in Slags of the AOD Process on the Equilibrium Interphase Distribution of Sulfur and Boron
2_2_83A.S. Atamashkin, E.Y. Priymak, E.A. Kuzmina
Influence of Rotary Friction Welding Parameters on Tensile Strength and Length of TMAZ of Dissimilar Welded Joints from 32G2 and 40KhN Steels
2_2_84O.V. Slautin, D.V. Pronichev, E.V. Kuzmin
Investigation of the Influence of Ultrasound Action on Diffusion Processes in an Explosion-Welded Bimetal System Cu-Al during Heat Treatment
2_2_85L.B. Tolymbekova, K.S. Yersain, A.A. Kamenov
Technologies for the Production of Non-Annealed Pellets
2_2_86A.G. Illarionov, O.A. Koemets, S.V. Grib
Aging of the OT4-VT23, VT6-VT23, VT19-VT23 Titanium Welded Pairs
2_2_87F.V. Vodolazskiy, A.G. Illarionov, N.A. Shirinkina
Microstructure, Phase Composition, Physical and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloy VT23 Hot-Extruded Tube
2_2_88P.O. Bykov, M.Zh. Tussupbekova, D.R. Absolyamova
Research of the Process of Production of Steel Square Continuous Billets for Rolling Balls of Large Diameter
2_2_89A.A. Solovyev, V.V. Rybin
Influence of Laser Radiation on Movement of Dislocations in Silicon Single Crystals
2_2_90E.A. Merkushkin, V.V. Berezovskaya, M.A. Serzhanin
Regularities of the Influence of Substitutional and Interstitial Alloying Elements on the Corrosion Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steels
2_2_91S.Yu. Maksimov, O.M. Berdnikova, E.A. Prilipko
Analytical Evaluation of Strengthening, Local Internal Stresses and Microderformations in Welded Joint Metal During Wet Underwater Welding
2_2_93A.K. Zhunussova, A.E. Kenzhebekova, A.K. Zhunusov
Recycling of Metallurgical Wastes
2_2_100Sergei Faizov, Aleksandr Sarafanov, Ivan Erdakov, Dmitry Gromov, Alexandra Svistun, Lev Glebov, Vitaly Bykov, Anastasia Bryk and Liudmila Radionova
On the Direct Extrusion of Solder Wire from 52In-48Sn Alloy
Секция 2.3. Химические и гидрометаллургические технологии
2_3_1М.V. Shubina, E.S. Makhotkina
Analysis of the Leaching Stage Effect on the Vanadium Extraction from Technogenic Raw Materials
2_3_2G.M. Kurunina, O.M. Ivankina, G.M. Butov
Hydrogenation of Para-Nitrotoluene on Catalytic Systems Containing Oxides of Rare Earth Elements
2_3_3N.V. Nemchinova, A.A. Tyutrin, M.N. Dolgikh
Study of the Properties of Dust from the Production of Prebaked Anodes for its Use as a Reducing Agent in Silicon Smelting
2_3_5A.V. Nikanorov
Improvement of the Technology of Fluorine Recovery from Solid Waste of Primary Aluminum Production
2_3_7I.V. Pchelnikov, A.I. Vergunov, A.Y. Cherkesov
Production Tests of the Don Water Purification and Disinfection Technology
2_3_9J.A. Napol´skikh, A.A. Shoppert, I.V. Loginova
The Optimization of Sc Recovery from Red Mud Obtained by Water-Leaching and Bauxite-Sintering Product
2_3_10V.I. Bobkov, M.V. Chernovalova, A.M. Sokolov
Mathematical Models for an Energy Intensive Multistage Roasting Process of Pelletized Industrial Waste from Apatite-Nepheline Ores
2_3_11O.Yu. Makovskaya, N.I. Bryantseva
Nickel Sorption from Sulphate Solutions of Oxidized Nickel Ores Leaching
2_3_12V.I. Salamatov, O.V. Salamatov, D.Yu. Zabolotnyaya
To the Issue of Mathematical Modeling of the Red Mud Thickening Process
Секция 2.4. Технологии покрытия и обработка поверхности
2_4_1 I.A. Kurnoskin, S.E. Krylova, A.Yu. Plesovskikh
Development of Hardening Technology for Oil and Gas Pumping and Compressor Equipment using Laser Hardening
2_4_3V.R. Baraz, S.Kh. Estemirova, E.A. Ishina
The Influence of Friction Deformation on the Microstructure and Hardening of Beryllium Bronze
2_4_4V.P. Smolentsev, N.N. Nenakhov, N.S. Potashnikova
Technology of Electrochemical and Mechanical Processing of Machine Parts
2_4_5O.V. Kudryakov, V.N. Varavka, D.S. Manturov
Effective Wear Resistance Parameters of Ion-Plasma Tribological Coatings
2_4_7I.A. Savin
Laser Hardening of Stamps in the Conditions of a Large Engineering Company
2_4_9V.G. Gusev, V.V. Morozov, D.I. Gavrilov
Hardness of The Powder Coating PG-CP4 Applied to Steel 40H13 and Subjected Laser Treatment
2_4_10A.V. Shaparev
Contact Surfaces Preparation in Manufacturing of Bimetallic Strips CuZn10 Brass - C22E Steel - CuZn10 Brass
2_4_11I.S. Safronov, A.I. Ushakov
Targeted Alternation in Properties of Solid Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Material in Exposing to Nanosecond Laser Radiation
2_4_12A.M. Kadyrmetov, D.A. Popov, Ye.V. Snyatkov
Multiple Reflow Influence over the FeCoCrAlTiCuNiMo Coating Obtained by Plasma Metallization on its Wear Resistance under Dry Friction
2_4_13E. A. Chekalova, A.V. Zhuravlev
Increased Wear Resistance of High-Speed Tools Due to Diffusion Discrete Oxidation
2_4_14V. V. Morozov, V. G. Gusev, A. V. Morozov
Friction Coefficient of the Coating PG-CP4 Sprayed to 40H13 Steel by Plasma and Processed by Laser
2_4_16I.S. Safronov, A.A. Neplueva, I.V. Ushakov
Mechanical Properties of Laser Treated Thin Sample of an Amorphous-Nanocrystalline Metallic Alloy Depending on the Initial Annealing Temperature
2_4_17R.V. Gavariev, K.N. Gavarieva
The Principle of Choosing the Composition of the Protective Coating for Die Casting Molds
2_4_18E.N. Eremin, S.A. Guchenko, V.M. Yurov
Application of Multi-Element Targets for the Formation of High Entropy Coatings
2_4_19E.N. Eremin, A.S. Losev, S.A. Borodikhin
Heat Resistance of Steel N8G6M3FTB Obtained by Surfacing Cored Wire
2_4_20A.D. Legky, V.N. Zlobin, A.S. Kudashev
Modification of Titanium Surface by Ion Implantation
2_4_21V.G. Shmorgun, A.I. Bogdanov, V.P. Kulevich
Structure and Phase Composition of the Al-Ti System Composites after Heat Treatment
2_4_22V.P. Kulevich, O.V. Slautin, V.O. Kharlamov
Evaluation Of The Heat Resistance Of The Fe-Cr-Al System Coatings
2_4_23R.V. Chkalov, D.G. Chkalova
Collection of Laser Ablation Products by Means of an Electrostatic Field
2_4_24R.V. Chkalov, D.G. Chkalova
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin-Film Coatings in an Electrostatic Field
2_4_25V.G. Shmorgun, A.I. Bogdanov, D.V. Shcherbin
Formation Of The Diffusion Zone In Explosion Welded Composite Cr20Ni80 - AD1 At Liquid-Phase Interaction
2_4_26R.F. Gallyamova, R.L. Safiullin, F.F. Musin
Formation of TiO2 Coating by the Sol-Gel on Carbon Fibers
2_4_27кучумова и.д., кучумова и.д., батраев и.с.
Трибологические свойства детонационных покрытий из сплава Fe62Cr10Nb12B16
2_4_29V.S. Shikalov, V.F. Kosarev, D.M. Lemekhov
Neutron-Shielding Al-B4C Coatings Cold Sprayed from Mechanical Powder Mixtures
Секция 2.5. Методы контроля и анализа материалов
2_5_1N.I.Volgina, A.V. Shulgin, S.S. Khlamkova
Confirmation of Hydrogen Embrittlement Mechanism for Stress Corrosion Cracking of Gas Main Lines
2_5_2S.A. Bogomolova, I.V. Muravyeva
Methods for the Determination of Chloride-Ion in Soils from the Territory of Nearby Metallurgical Enterprises: Guidelines for Selection
2_5_3S.S. Vinogradova, R.F. Tazieva, A.N. Akhmetova
Sacrificial Protection Efficiency Calculations Based on the Results of Stochastically Simulating the Parameters
2_5_4A.V. Kochetkov, A.A. Troshin, O.V. Zakharov
Surface Texture Measurement with Profile Method using Six-Axis Coordinate Measuring Machine
2_5_6A.A. Redikultsev, S.I. Stepanov, M.L. Lobanov
The Spectrum of Crystallographic Misorientations of Intercrystalline Boundaries for BCC-HCP Phase Transformation in Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
2_5_7V.I. Kolesnikov, T.V. Suvorova, O.A. Belyak
Modeling Mechanical Properties of Multilayer Coatings TiAlN
2_5_8A.Yu. Yaroslavkin, E.A. Tyurin, D.A. Melnikova
Research of the Wood’s Alloy Crystallization Process Using the Acoustic Method
2_5_10E.V. Terent´ev, A.Yu. Marchenkov, K.T. Borodavkina
Influence of Residual Stresses on the Weld Metal Hardness of 5V Titanium Alloy
2_5_11I.P. Balabanov, V.D. Mogilevets, A.I. Savina
Influence of Natural Vibration Frequencies in the Analysis on Vibration Resistance of Steel Supporting Parts of a Car
2_5_12L.G. Kolyada, A.P. Ponomarev, E.V. Tarasyuk
On the Issue of Safety of Multilayer Protective Angle Pieces for Metal Products Packaging
2_5_14Овсянников Б.Л.
Особенности тепловых процессов на электродах при электроэрозионной микрообработке
2_5_15I.N. Odintsev, T.P. Plugatar, A.A. Apalkov
Determining Residual Stresses in Weld Joints of DN 850 Pipes by Spot Drilling Combined with Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
2_5_18O.B. Bavykin, R.N. Loginov
Comparison of Non-Destructive Testing Techniques
2_5_20Г.С. Морокина
Радиационный контроль объектов малой толщины
2_5_21A.A. Yuzhakova, D.D. Salimgareev, L.V. Zhukova
Methods for Properties Analysis of Crystalline Materials Based on Solid Solutions of Silver and Thallium (I) Halides
2_5_23L. Ryabicheva, V. Dyadichev, D. Reshetnyak
Modeling a Free Burnishing of a Powder Hollow Cylinder
Раздел 3. Энергетика и электротехника
Секция 3.1. Интеллектуальные системы электроснабжения
3_1_1Olga A. Filina, Anna V. Yashagina, Olga V. Salnikova
Determination of the Characteristic Points of Approximation for Traction Electric Machines of Electric Rolling Stock
3_1_2P. V. Dikarev, A. A. Shilin, O. O. Ahmedova
Circuit Breaker Control of Intelligent Relay Protection System
3_1_3V. Ya. Lyubchenko, A. F. Iskhakov, D. A. Pavlyuchenko
Reclosers Optimal Allocation for Improving the Distribution Network Reliability
3_1_6M. I. Danilov, I. G. Romanenko, R. E. Berezhnoy
On the Possibility of Calculating of the Wires Complex Impedances and the Repeat Grounding Connections Resistances in the Distribution Network 380 V According to the Accounting System Data
3_1_7O. Yu. Maryasin, A. I. Lukashov
Analyzing and Forecasting Peak Load Hours
3_1_8A. I. Nefedev, V. I. Vikulov, G. I. Sharonov
Method and Device for Remote Determination of the Distance to the Place of Damage to the Insulation of Cables of Power Lines
3_1_10Ilya Bonchuk, Alexander Shaposhnikov, Denis Petrushin, Maxim Popov
Operational Prediction of Power Consumption in Isolated Power Systems With a Predominance of Utility and Household Loads
3_1_11Dmitry Zolin, Elena Ryzhkova
Synchronized Phasor Measurements for Power System Digital Control Applications
3_1_12A. G. Soshinov, O. S. Atrashenko, T. V. Kopeikina
The Feasibility Assessment for the Introduction of 20 kV Voltage Class to Power Distribution Networks
3_1_13I. Kolosok, E. Korkina, A. Tikhonov
PMU Placement at a HVDC-Link in State Estimation of Electric Power System
3_1_14Igor Maslov, Adelya Khaliyeva, Alexander Baranov
Development of Automated Information-Measuring Systems for Electric Power Measurement
3_1_17S. Vöth, A. Nikolaev, A. Kychkin
Demand Response Service Architecture for Power System of Russian Mining Enterprise
3_1_18A. Fedorov, V. Petrov, V. Naumov, V. Hristoforov
Theory of Single-end Traveling Wave Fault Location
3_1_19A. Rakhaev
Development of a Model for Accounting and Assessment of Reducing Electricity Losses in High-Voltage Electrical Networks
3_1_20I. Nadtoka, I. Zvoznikova
Estimation of Electric Load Graphs Correlation by the Principal Components of the Orthogonal Decomposition
3_1_21Vasiliy T. Cheremisin, Andrey A. Kuznetsov, Maria A. Volchanina
Measurement of Acoustic Signals on Power Transformer Defects Simulator
Секция 3.2. Малая распределенная энергетика
3_2_1Y. N. Bulatov, A. V. Kryukov, K. V. Suslov
Simulation of Gas Turbine Plant Modes with Prognostic Controllers in an Isolated Power Supply System with Asynchronous Load
3_2_2A. G. Vaskov, N. Y. Mozder, A. F. Narynbaev
Modelling of Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant
3_2_3V. T. Sidorova
Determining Mains Connection Points Charging Stations on RES for Electric Vehicles
3_2_4Sergey V. Oskin, Nikolai S. Barakin , Andrey A. Kumeyko
Asynchronous Generator with a Switchable Stator Winding for Powering the Electrical Equipment of Sprinkling Machines: Research Results
3_2_6N. V. Danilov, S. A. Tsyruk, Ye. N. Ryzhkova
Studying the Power Supply Critical Interruption Time as a High-Speed Bus Transfer Success Criterion
3_2_7Madina Plieva, Roman Klyuev, Tamerlan Gudiev
On the Issue of Organizing Digital Control Systems in Power Grid Companies
3_2_8Янучок А.?. Добрыднев Д.В., Папин В.В.
Солнечный кондиционер и его эффективность среди существующих решений в сфере кондиционирования
3_2_9Папин В.В., Дьяконов Е.М., Шмаков А.С.
Теплогенератор повышенной эффективности и его экономическая целесообразность
3_2_10Безуглов Р.В., Ведмичев Н. А., Дьяконов Е. М.
Эффективное применение фазового перехода второго рода для преобразования теплоты в электроэнергию на КЭС
Секция 3.3. Возобновляемая энергетика
3_3_1P. V. Ilyushin, A. V. Simonov, S. P. Filippov
On Electrical Parameters and Configuring the Relay Protections in Windfarm-Carrying Grids
3_3_2Yusong Yang, Evgeny Solomin, Guang Yang
Theoretical and Experimental Verification of Wind Powered Hydrogen Storage Energy System
3_3_5Nikolay Mestnikov, Fouad Alhajj Hassan, Ahmad Alzakkar
Study of Operation of Combined Power Supply System Based on Renewable Energy in Territory of Far East of Russia
3_3_8Andrey Martyanov, Alexandr Gritsenko, Oksana Kostyuchenkovа
Model for Analyzing Battery Parameters as a Function of Ambient Temperature
3_3_9Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov, Sergey V. Shavlovskiy
On the Effectiveness of Using Energy Storage in Internal Grids
3_3_10A. F. Narynbaev, A. G. Vaskov
Day-Ahead Solar Irradiance Forecasting Model
3_3_12Логанчук С.М., Гаврус ?.В., Мирошниченко Л.Г.
Повышение проводимости пленки PEDOT: PSS путем ультрадиспергации и сольватацией органическими сорастворителями
3_3_13Roman Klyuev, Anu Madaeva, Anna Dzhamalueva
Increasing the Reliability of Hydro Power Plants Due to the Application of Microprocessor Relay Protection Devices
3_3_14Karam Charafeddine , Sergey Tsyruk, Youlia Matiunina
Stability of Synchronous Generator for Wind Energy
3_3_15B. T. Pogorelov, E. V. Solomin, G. N. Ryavkin
Errors of Inductance and Ohmic Resistance of the Cylindrical Inductors
3_3_16K. K. Kim A. Y. Panychev L. S. Blazhko
Improving the Efficiency of Thin-Film Silicon Solar Panels
3_3_17Karam Charafeddine, Yelena Ryzhkova, Youlia Matiunina
Rotor Angle Stability of Synchronous Generator for Power Grid with Wind Energy
3_3_18Ефимов Н.Н., Папин В.В., Безуглов Р.В.
Утилизация отходов в шлаке котлов тепловых электростанций
3_3_19A. A. Sysoev, N. V. Lazareva, A. A. Proskurina
Modeling Complex Hydropower Systems for Research and Training
Секция 3.4. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость
3_4_1L. V. Bykovskaya, V. V. Bykovskiyi
Evaluation of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Overhead and Cable Power Lines
3_4_2A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina, V. Tuvaeva
Method for Assessing the Impact of Electric Energy Quality Indicators on the Technical Condition of Asynchronous Electric Motors
3_4_3V. V. Rozhkov, K. K. Krutikov, S. R. Trofimenko
Analysis of Operation Features for the Auxiliary Transformers at Power Plants in Non-Symmetric Modes
3_4_4A. A. Kuvshinov, V. V. Vakhnina, A. N. Chernenko
Estimating the Amplitude of Power Transformer Magnetizing Inrush Currents Caused by Geomagnetic Disturbances
3_4_5Natalia Bakshaeva, Andrey Ozhegov
Joint Operation of a Voltage Source and the Investigated Object Equipment
3_4_6N. Grachev
Ensuring Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radio Electronic Equipment in Conditions of Formation of Unintentional Contact Radio Interference
3_4_7V. G. Basmanov, A. V. Votinsev
Developing a Methodology for Calculating Asymmetric Modes of Power Supply Systems at Enterprises if Source Information Is Incomplete
3_4_8Ahmad Alzakkar, Fouad Alhajj Hassan, Nikolay Mestnikov, Ilgiz Valeev
Study of Impact of the Main Parameters of Synchronous Generators on the Dynamic Stability in the Syrian Power System
3_4_9A. F. Burkov, V. V. Mikhanoshin, V. K. Nguyen
The Impact of Nonlinear Converters on the Quality of Electrical Energy
3_4_10Mikhail A. Ivanchenko, Dmitry V. Dvorkin
Laplace Transform to Assess Harmonic Distortions at Resonance
3_4_11G. P. Kornilov, I. R. Abdulveleev, R. R. Khramshin, O. V. Gazizova
The System for Stabilizing Voltage for Essential Consumers in Industrial Grids
3_4_12I. R. Abdulveleev, T. R. Khramshin, G. P. Kornilov, R. R. Abdulveleeva
Experimental Study of the Impact of a DC Electric Arc Furnace on a Power Grid
3_4_13G. P. Kornilov, I. R. Abdulveleev, Y. N. Kondrashova
Problems of Electricity Quality at Modern Mining and Processing Plants
3_4_15M. S. Demin, T. F. Morozova
Software Implementation of an Algorithm on Graphs to Determine the Structural Reliability of Electrical Power Systems
3_4_16Valeriy Pupin, Dmitrii Safonov, Oleg Fedorov
Modernization of the FATS Device for Substation “84” with Two Inputs per Section and with its Own Generation from the Power Unit 32 MVA
3_4_18Natalya V. Buyakova, Andrey V. Kryukov,Tu Nguyen
Considering Nonuniformity of the Soils Electric Parameters when Determining Mutual Electromagnetic Influences of Adjacent Power Lines
3_4_20Evgeniya A. Panova
Introduction of Lightning Protection Cable when Determining the Transverse Capacitance of a Single-Circuit Overhead Power Line Using the Phase Coordinates Method
3_4_21V. I. Biryulin, D. V. Kudelina, A. N. Gorlov
Simulation of the Higher Harmonics Source Determination in Power Supply Systems
3_4_22S. V. Petrovski
Fault Classification by Intelligent Systems to Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility of Vehicles
3_4_23A. Akhmetshin, G. Marin, S. Gaponenko
Methods for Improving the Quality of Electrical Energy in Distribution Networks
Секция 3.5. Силовая электроника, электрические машины и электроприводы
3_5_1G. K. Gamisonia, B. A. Solovev, R. T. Khazieva
Mathematical and Physical Modeling of Inductive-Capacitive Converters Based on Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
3_5_2V. V. Tyutikov, E. V. Krasilnikyants, A. A. Alekseev
Software Tool for Auto-Tuning of the Electric Drive Control System for Metal-Cutting Machines
3_5_6Alexander V Shestakov
A Model of Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Motor Performance Data and its Software Implementation
3_5_7A. A. Nikolaev, D.A. Revyako
Improvement of Calculating Methods for the Equivalent Circuit Parameters of Induction Machine of Various Powers Using Additional Experimental Data
3_5_8I. A. Khudonogov, Е. Yu. Puzina, A. G. Tuigunova
Analysis of Methods of Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Drying Insulation by Thermal Radiation
3_5_9Yury P. Filushov, Boris V. Palagushkin, Vladislav YU. Filushov
Efficient AC Machine Control
3_5_10V. V. Vakhnina, A. N. Chernenko, R. N. Pudovinnikov
Computer-Assisted Modeling of Magnetic Fluxes of Power Transformer Affected By Quasi Direct Currents
3_5_11V. L. Kodkin, A. S. Anikin, A. A. Baldenkov
The Parametric Control in the Electric Hoist Drive of the Tower Crane
3_5_13Alexander V. Starikov Viktor I. Domanov Abbas A. Karim Altakher
Mathematical Model of Electrical Complex Single Drum Belt Conveyor with Asynchronous Executive Motor
3_5_14Alexander Zarifyan (Jr), Mikhail Obukhov
Electric Locomotives Energy Saving by the Discrete-Adaptive Traction Drive Control: Experimental Confirmation
3_5_18Vladimir Sarbaev, Yury Garmash
The Pulse Energy Converters in the Systems of Ignition, Electrical Supply and Electric Car Accessories
3_5_19A. Davydov, B. Bochenkov, V. Anosov
Compact Inverter for Single-Phase Induction Motor
3_5_20M. Yu. Petushkov, S. S. Kholodilov, A. V. Valyaev
Signature Analysis of the Line Current of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
3_5_21Sergei Kurilin, Yaroslav Fedulov, Andrei Sokolov
Scientific Substantiation of Topological Diagnostics Methods of Electrical Equipment
3_5_23A. N. Shkolin, A. Y. Drakin
Determination of Approximating Dependence of a Semiconductor Device Transient Thermal Impedance
3_5_24Yaroslava K. Starostina
The Application of Volt-Booster Transformer as a Part of Asynchronous Motors Control Devices
3_5_25S. I. Malafeev, A. A. Malafeeva
Investigation of Control Processes in the Electric Network with Static VAr Compensator
3_5_26Aleksandr Bobkov, Ivetta Varyan
Modeling the Characteristics of Ferrite Beads of EMI Filters Used to Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility
3_5_27Mark Kletsel, Alexandr Barukin
Comprehensive Protection of Furnace Transformers on Magnetically Sensitive Elements
3_5_28Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Rizagul Mashrapova
Interference Free Measuring Devices for Current Protection on Reed Switches without Current Transformers
3_5_29Mark Kletsel, Dinara Amirbek
General Short-Circuit Protection of Connections in Open Quadrangle Switchgears
3_5_30Valeriy V. Shokhin, Gennadiy P. Kornilov, Olga V. Permyakova, Vasiliy N. Faryma, Konstantin A. Shestalyuk
Investigation of Braking Modes in the Electric Drive with Direct Torque Control System
3_5_31Albert R. Khalikov, Ilgiz F. Yangirov, Ruzil A. Safiullin
Electric Drive for Anti-Icing Overhead Power Lines
3_5_32Albert R. Khalikov, Ruzil A. Safiullin, Ilgiz F. Yangirov
Mathematical Modeling of the Stable Rotation State of the Rotor of an Electric Machine with Sliding Bearings
3_5_34Ksenia Postoyankova, Vladimir Polishchuk, Alena Shuvalova
Research of a Genetic Algorithm for Identification of Induction Motor Parameters
3_5_35Yakov M. Kashin, Lev E. Kopelevich, Alexandr V. Samorodov
Generator Set for Hybrid Power Systems
3_5_36Regina T. Khazieva, Andrey V. Mukhametshin
Development and Research of the Current Measurement Scheme for Insulation Tests with High Voltage Industrial Frequency
3_5_37Vladimir Polyakov, Iurii Plotnikov
The Estimation of Electromechanical and Energy Resources under Modes Optimization of Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive with Energy Storage System
3_5_39V. I. Laletin, E. N. Malyshev
Vector Analysis of a Step Electric Drive in the Minimum Loss Mode
3_5_40Sergey V. Oskin, Alexei V. Miroshnikov, Dmitry S.Tsokur
Studying the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Electric Motors in COMSOL Multiphysics
3_5_41D. Sychev, Su Jingya, Huang Sai, Huang Yiling
Fault-Tolerance of Electric Drive with Field Regulated Reluctance Machine
3_5_42I. Artyukhov, A. Zemtsov, E. Pylskaya
Power Supply System for Multi-Generator Conveyor Microwave Installation
3_5_43A. I. Andriyanov
Dynamics of a Buck Converter with PI Controller
3_5_44S. Mitrofanov, A. Veremeev
Simulation of Transient Processes in an Asynchronous Motor with a Phase Rotor
3_5_46Alexander Krasovsky, Sergey Vasyukov , Elena Vostorgina
Obtaining the MTPA Mode in the Three-Phase Traction SRM with a Flat Topped Shape of Phase Current
3_5_47Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Koptjaev
Dynamic Modes of a Brushless Doubly-Fed Generator for Wind Turbines
3_5_48Мещеряков В.Н., Пикалов В.В., Бойков А.и.
Система электронного поджига дуги для электродугового плазматрона
3_5_49Konstantin Oleinikov
Synthesis of Synergetic Controllers for Power Converters of the Energy System in Electric Vehicles
3_5_50Vera Veber, Valery Dilman
Improved Metrological Characteristics of Eddy Current Testing
3_5_51Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Rifkhat R. Khramshin, Aida R. Sandybaeva
Thermal Protection of Biopower Plant Electric Drives
Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
Секция 4.1. Системы и технологии управления
4_1_2R. F. Gibadullin, M. Yu. Perukhin, A. V. Ilin
Speech Recognition and Machine Translation Using Neural Networks
4_1_3R. F. Gibadullin, N. S. Marushkai
Development of Predictive CNN Based Model for Vital Signs Alerts
4_1_4V. N. Shashikhin, L. G. Potapova, S. V. Budnik
Chaotic Modes Suppression in Nonlinear Systems
4_1_6S. V. Tararykin, V. V. Tyutikov, E. R. Panteleev
Method of Synthesizing a System for Controlling the Material Deformation Zone of a Continuous Production Line
4_1_7A. G. Lopatin, B. A. Brykov, D. P. Vent
An Adaptive Control System of a Polymerizer Based on Fuzzy Supervisor
4_1_8A. A. Gribanov, H . A .A. Mohammed
Automated Method Recognizing Defects in Wood
4_1_10Y. G. Kokunko, S. A. Krasnova, S. V. Pivneva
Synthesis of the Differentiator of Given Actions in the Control System of a Wheeled Robot
4_1_11B. R. Sharipov, M. Yu. Perukhin, B. I. Mullayanov
Statistical Analysis of Pseudorandom Sequences and Stegocontainers
4_1_12Elena Jharko
Life Cycle and Quality Assurance of Software for Systems of Critical Information Infrastructure Facilities
4_1_13A. V. Drobotov, S. S. Shemelyunas
Device for Automatic Removal and Extraction of Printed Parts from the 3D Printer Camera
4_1_14Aleksey Krivonogov
Non-Invasive Flow Measurement Technology Based on Taylor’s Frozen Turbulence Hypothesis
4_1_16Фархадов З.?., Амирасланов Б.К.,Юсифов С.?.
Система автоматической настройки вибрационно-частотного плотномера на основе нечеткой логики
4_1_19N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, D. A. Gashigullin
Querying Big Graphs in Data Flow Language
4_1_20Victor I. Shlaev, Maria V. Bilchuk , Sergey A. Tyasto
Development of a Switching Circuit for the Operation of a Multichannel System in Reception and Emission Modes
4_1_21V. V. Karagodin, V. A. Gorin, S. V. Smirnov
Performance-Optimized Control of Special Nonlinear Dynamic Objects: a Numerical Solution
4_1_22N. A. Tseligorov, A. V. Tchubukin, A. I. Ozersky
Investigation of the Robust System of the Tunnel Furnace Temperature Control
4_1_23N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, D. A. Gashigullin
Event Correlation with Undefined Data
4_1_25Kirill R. Chernyshov, Elena Ph. Jharko
Nuclear Reactor Reactivity Estimation within NPP Diagnostics Problems
4_1_26I. A. Tikhomirova, S. V. Tararykin, L. G. Kopylova
Developing and Studying Selective-Invariant Systems of Controlling Electric Drives with Elastic Kinematic Linkage
4_1_27Ямпольский Д.А.
Алгоритмы и реализация программы управления групповым режимом работы лифтов
4_1_29Nelly Sedova, Viktor Sedov, Ruslan Bazhenov
Collision Risk Level Analysis Based on the Computed Distance and Closing Time of an Autonomous Surface Vessel and Other Objects
4_1_30Anrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko, Igor Pugachev
Synthesis of Phase-Locked Loop Systems Under Conditions of a Disturbance Based on the Model of the Combined Maximum Principle and the Discrete Invariant Immersion Method
4_1_31V. V. Zunin, I. I. Romanova
Development and Implementation of Synchronous Control of Stepper Motors with Acceleration
4_1_32Zinnur Gizatullin, Maksim Shkinderov
Increasing the Noise Immunity of the Access Monitoring and Control System under the Influence of Electrostatic Discharge
4_1_33Zinnur Gizatullin, Maksim Shkinderov
Research of Electromagnetic Interference in the Power Supply Network of the Access Monitoring and Control System
4_1_39E. Merzlikina, Hoang Van Va, G. Farafonov
Automatic Control System with an Autotuning Module and a Predictive PID-Algorithm for Thermal Processes
4_1_45K. A. Palaguta, B. V. Kirilichev, N. V. Grunenkov
Simulation of the Operation of the Vibration Amplitude Stabilization Subsystem
4_1_46Dmitry Lusenko, Ivan Danilushkin
Adaptation Algorithm for the Parameters of the Heat Carrier Temperature Controller of the Waste Heat Boiler Based on Neural Network
4_1_48S. Staroletov
Developing Automata-Based Control Software for Water Purification and Normalization
4_1_49Andrey Dоlgаnоv, Victoriya Davydova
Structural Identification of Humanoid-Robot Control System
4_1_50M. A. Urakseev, K. V. Vazhdaev, A. R. Sagadeev
Acousto-Optic Displacement Sensor for Mechanical Systems
4_1_51K.V. Litsin, A.V. Tsukanov, A. I. Zhenenko
Development of an Automatic System for Regulating Sinter Burden Moisture at JSC «Ural Steel»
4_1_53Konstantin Yurenko, Pavel Kharchenko, Ivan Yurenko
Algorithm of Random Search in the Optimal-Terminal Control of a Multi-Mode Moving Object
4_1_54Брысин А.Н., Микаева С.А., Лебеденко ?.Б.
Определение параметров гидропневматической системы горизонтального позиционирования мобильной платформы.
4_1_55M. A. Vernezi, D. V. Nazarenko, E. H. Abderrazzak
Vibration Suppression of Stepper Motors by the Electric Method
4_1_56Andrey M. Trunin, Andrey N. Ragozin, Stanislav N. Darovskih
An Investigation of the Application of an Artificial Neural Network and Machine Learning to Improve the Efficiency of Gas Analyzer Systems in Assessing the State of the Environment
4_1_58Andrey B. Semenov, Evgeny V. Kandziouba, Nadezhda A. Shishova
Methods of Calculating the Maximum Length of a Twisted Pair Channel at the Physical Level of an Industrial Ethernet-Based Distributed Control System
4_1_59P. I. Tutubalin
Method of Increasing Information Security of Petrochemical Industry Enterprises Using NFC Technology
4_1_60A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov.
Electric Arc Furnace Control System with Smelting Stage Diagnostic Function and Adaptive Non-Linear Impedance Controller
4_1_63E. Krushel, A. Panfilov, O. Stepanchenko
Distributed Proportional-Integral Control Law Capabilities for the Temperature Maintaining System within the Vertical Greenhouse
4_1_64Georgi Martinov, Nikolay Kozak, Svetlana Evstafieva
Implementation of Dynamic Changes in Machine Kinematics in the Electroautomatic Subsystem of the CNC System
4_1_67E. Abdulova
Some Issues of Assessing the Risk Potential of Technological Process at Nuclear Power Plants
4_1_68S. Jatsun, A. Malchikov, A. Yatsun
Investigation of the Oscillatory Effect in a Copy Control System
4_1_69A. R. Deniskina, I. V. Pocebneva, A. V. Smolyaninov
Multidimensional Object Management
4_1_70Igor Shardyko, Maria Samorodova, Victor Titov
Series Elastic Actuator Control Based on Active Damping Injection with Positive Torque Feedback
4_1_71E. Merzlikina, Hoang Van Va, G. Farafonov
Automatic Control System with an Autotuning Module and a Predictive PID-Algorithm for Thermal Processes
4_1_72Ivan Kalienko, Andrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko
Algorithm for Compensating Systematic Errors of Radar Measurements Based on Solving Cubic Equation
4_1_73S. N. Baskov, K. V. Litsin, D. M. Utyamishev
Search for More Efficient Automatic Feed of the Mold Flux to the Continuous Casting Machine Crystallizer
4_1_75Vladimir Nosenko, Alexey Silaev, Stepan Efremkin
Control System for the Assembling Rubber Products Technological Process Using Radio Frequency Identification
4_1_76E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
Combined Nonlinear Control Algorithm for Structural Undefined Non-Affine Input Delayed Plant
4_1_77E. L. Eremin, L.V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
Discrete-Continuous Combined Output Control System for Non-Affine Plant with Unknown State Delay
Секция 4.2. Промышленные мехатронные системы и робототехника
4_2_1Maksim V. Arkhipov, Lyudmila B. Kocherevskaya, Vladlena V. Matrosova
Conrol of Manipulation Robot Interacting with Elastic Objects Using Simmechanics
4_2_2A. Borisov, K. Filippenkov, I. Kaspirovich
Electromechanical Model of Variable-Length Link
4_2_3Aruquipa A. Grover, Rojas S. Gabriel
Design and Implementation of a Delta Robot Based on FPGA for the Automation of the Collection of Solid Products
4_2_6K. I. Boldareva, A. D. Lukyanov, M. A. Vernezi
Development of a Mechatronic Systems Module Control System Based on MEMS Orientation Sensors
4_2_7S. F. Jatsun, E. V. Saveleva, A. S. Yatsun, A. A. Postolny
Upper Limb Exoskeleton Control System
Секция 4.3. Микропроцессорные системы управления
4_3_1M. Maslakov, V. Khmara, A. Kabyshev
Development of a Pneumatic Transport System for the Container Delivery of Process Materials
4_3_2V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov, M. Smirnov
The Dynamic Regulator that is Robust to the Object of Control Varying
4_3_3Evgeny A. Titenko
Parallel Sorting Algorithm for the Operation of Industrial Intelligent Systems
4_3_4Aleksey V. Zinkevich
ESP8266 Microcontroller Application in Wireless Synchronization Tasks
4_3_5M. S. Razumov, A. N. Shevtsov
The Concept of Determining the Energy Balance of Radio Links; "Artificial Earth Satellite Aircraft" and "Artificial Earth Satellite - Ground Control Point"
4_3_6K. I. Kostromitin, B. N. Dokuchaev, D. A. Kozlov
Development of a Methodology for Providing Hardware Protection of a Computational Algorithm Based on a Local Distributed Network
4_3_8A. I. Martyshkin
Development of Methods and Recommendations for Energy-Efficient Programming of Microprocessor Controllers
Секция 4.4. Датчики и системы технического зрения
4_4_1R. G. Vildanov, A. S. Khismatullin
Automation of the Processing of Diagnostic Information from the Magnetization Loss Sensor
4_4_3M. Lyasheva, S. Lyasheva, M. Shleymovich
Image Compression Method Based on Analysis of Energy Features
4_4_4Htet Aung, Alexander V. Bobkov, Nyan Lin Tun
Face Detection in Real Time Live Video Using YOLO Algorithm Based on VGG16 Convolutional Neural Network
4_4_5Behruz Saidov, Vladimir Telezhkin
Simulation of Ultrasonic Sensor at Lower Ultrasonic Range in Data Transmission
4_4_6A. L. Surkaev, S. I. Blaginin, V. I. Usachev
Impulse Pressure Sensor of Shock Wave of Electric Explosion Wire in Air
4_4_7Aliia Khasanova, Alisa Makhmutova, Igor Anikin
Image Denoising for Video Surveillance Cameras Based on Deep Learning Techniques
4_4_8Edward Rzaev, Anton Khanaev. Aleksandr Amerikanov
Neural Network for Real-Time Object Detection on FPGA
4_4_9Oksana Bogatireva, Igor Bogachkov, Nikolai Gorlov
Monitoring of Branched Faber-Optic Cables
4_4_10A. S. Miroshnikov, I. A. Berko, A. A. Berko
Optimization Method for Parallel Algorithm for Face Recognition in Graphic Images
4_4_11A. S. Miroshnikov, I. A. Berko, A. A. Berko
Optimization Method for the Parallel Algorithm for Finding Faces in Graphic Images
4_4_12I. Burnashev
Calculation of Risk Parameters of Threats for Protected Information System
4_4_13S. N. Tereshchenko, E. D. Moiseeva
Computer Vision for Determining the Fraction of Proppant for Hydraulic Fracturing
Секция 4.5. Теория и практика динамических измерений
4_5_1N. I. Yumagulov, A. L. Galiev, D. V. Topolsky
Feedback in the Power Stabilization System of a Reference Generator with an Oscillatory Circuit
4_5_2Andrey Sedov
The Spectral-Trajectory Identification of Complex Objects by the Realizations of Measured Signals at Operation Monitoring, Control and Diagnostics
4_5_3A. Valeev, R. Tashbulatov, A. Tokarev
Development of Condition Monitoring of Industrial Machines using Strain Gauge Analysis and Locating Defects via Pulse Control
4_5_5A. N. Krasnov, I. N. Мymrin, M. Yu. Prakhova
Improving the Noise Immunity of the Vortex Flowmeter Measurement Signal
4_5_6Sergey Gerasimov, Vladimir Glushnev, Igor Zhelbakov
Subsample Time Delay Estimation by Quadratic Interpolation of Correlation Function of Digitized Ultrasonic Probing Signals
4_5_9Кузора С.С.
Динамика изменения качества деятельности организаций инновационной инфраструктуры
4_5_11S. N. Fedorov, A. N. Krasnov, M. Yu. Prakhova
Separate Measuring the Liquid and Gas Delivery of Oil Wells with a Single Flowmeter
4_5_12Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Vadim R. Khramshin, Ekaterina A. Khramshina
A New Method of Detecting Subsurface Metallic Objects
Секция 4.6. Моделирование и компьютерные технологии в промышленности
4_6_3K. Smirnov, A. Nazarov, A. Ulyahin
Automation of Interface Boards Design Based on VLSI Functional Control Tests
4_6_4A. Poltavsky, G. Akhobadze
Development of Computer Simulation Algorithm for Trajectory Analysis of Objective Function of Dynamic Object Models of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
4_6_5A. Bozhko
Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Structures and Assembly Processes of Complex Technical Systems
4_6_6A. V. Skatkov, A. A. Bryukhovetskiy, D. V. Moiseev
Cluster Dynamic Model for Detecting Anomalous States of Natural and Technical Systems
4_6_8Ахмедов М.А., Ахмедова С.М., Магоммедли Х.М.
Внедрение результатов имитационного моделирования ГПС в реальных производственных системах
4_6_10J. V. Doronina, A. V. Skatkov
Analysis of Resource Availability of Production Systems Based on the Principle of Permanent Evaluation Functional Taking Into Account the Type of Multi-Modeling Topology
4_6_11E. B. Doronina, A. V. Skatkov, Yu. V. Doronina
Modeling Maintenance and Repair Intensity of Production System Based on Variable Structure Process
4_6_13Alexander N. Tkachev, Ivan V. Shkuropadsky, Dmitry N. Chernoivan
Modeling the Spatial Distribution of the Magnetic Field in Magnetic Systems of Electrical Devices Using Block Elements and Fundamental Solutions
4_6_15A. Zatonskiy, R. Bazhenov, S. Beknazarova
Advantages of Freeware-based Simulation Tools for Technical and Technological Modeling
4_6_17Vladimir Telezhkin, Andrey Ragozin, Behruz Saidov
Prediction of Signals in Control Systems Based on Fuzzy Time Series
4_6_18Sergey Gushanskiy, Viktor Potapov
Investigation of Quantum Algorithms for Face Detection and Recognition Using a Quantum Neural Network
4_6_21Халилов Э.О.
Применение двуручных роботов-манипуляторов в гибких технологических процессах
4_6_22E. S. Abramova, K. V. Makarov, A. A. Orlov
Method for Undefined Complex Human Activity Recognition
4_6_25Svetlana Vyalkova, Ivan Nadtoka
Analysis of Hybrid Model Error of Short-Term Forecast of Energy Consumption in Moscow
4_6_27G. Samigulina, Z. Samigulina
Development of a Knowledge Base for a Unified Artificial Immune System for Complex Objects Control
4_6_30Sergey P. Orlov, Roman A. Uchaikin
Colored Petri Net Models for Computer Equipment Maintenance Management at an Enterprise
4_6_31Vitaly Promyslov, Kirill Semenkov
The Estimation of Control System Parameters in “Network Calculus” from Experimental Data
4_6_32Vladimir Evsin, Svetlana Shirobokova, Sergei Vorobyev
Mathematical Model of an Industrial Distributed Ledger as a Queueing System with Multiple Tickets of Unlimited Depth
4_6_34V. A. Dovgal
Making Decisions about the Placement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on the Implementation of an Artificial Immune System in Relation to Information Processing
4_6_36D. A. Gaponova, R. V. Rodyakina, A. V. Shcherbakov
Investigation of the Closed-Loop Control System Operation for the Additive Manufacturing Process Using a Nonlinear Heat Transfer Model
4_6_37M. M. Gavrikov, R. M. Sinetsky, A. M. Narmatova
Algorithm for Dynamic Scale Adaptation of Reference Functions Based on Image Implementations
4_6_40A. Y. Kubarev, A. E. Usachov, E. V. Mikhaylova
Modeling of Partial Discharge Waveforms in the Generalized Model of Power Transformer Insulation
4_6_41Sergey Vasyukov, Alexander Maсovey, Alexander Tronnikov
Algorithms for Direct Digital Transmission of Control Signals Through the Vehicles On-Board DC Network
4_6_43Anna Kolodenkova, Sergey Novokschenov, Leonid Lopatin
Representation and Storage of Knowledge Using Computer Technology in Industrial Equipment Diagnosing
4_6_45Valeriy Korol, Mikhail Lankin, Igor Lankin
Method for Determining the Magnetic Characteristics of High-Coercive Permanent Magnets
4_6_48E. R. Zakharov, V. O. Zakharova, A. I. Vlasov
Methods and Algorithms for Generating a Storage Key Based on Biometric Parameters
4_6_50I. Y. Lvovich, A. P. Preobrazhenskiy, O. N. Choporov
The Simulation of Indoor Object Positioning Processes
4_6_51Vladimir Salnikov, Yulia Frantsuzova
Monitoring the Consumption of Energy Resources in Cyberphysical Production Systems
4_6_52A. Baklanov, G. Tkachenko, I. Lankin
Development of a Method for a Comprehensive Assessment of the Functional State of Power Oil Transformers
4_6_53Stanislav Gladkikh, Anton Lankin, Oleg Naugolnov
Complementary Assembly Method for Reducing Energy and Resource Consumption in the Production of Electromagnetic Drives
4_6_54A. Lankin, S. Gladkikh, N. Narakidze
Construction of Mathematical Models for Predictive Diagnostics of Electromagnetic Drives
4_6_59A. N. Kazimirov
Monitoring the State of Technological Equipment in the Application to the Educational Process
4_6_60Зрячев С.А., Ларин С.Н.
Создание системы поддержки принятия решений для послепродажного обслуживания авиационной техники
4_6_64E. Merzlikina, V. Nesterenko, A. Repin
Multiparametric Multiextremal Optimization Algorithm Software Simplex Evolution for MATLAB and Simintech Libraries
4_6_67Yu. N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov
Analysis of Models of Solenoids Used to Simulate the Reproduction Signal of Magnetostrictive Tiltmeters
4_6_68A. I. Martyshkin
Research and Development of an Intelligent Agent for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
4_6_69M. Yu. Mikheev, Yu. S. Gusynina, T. A. Shornikova
Data Classification for Neural Network Training
4_6_70Denis Chernov
Definition of Protective Measures of Information Security of Automated Process Control Systems
4_6_71Nikolay Grebennikov, Pavel Kharchenko
Development of a Computer Model of a Passenger Train Using Data from Devices for Train Operation Parameters Registration
4_6_250вялкова с.а., надтока и. и.
Анализ погрешности гибридной модели краткосрочного прогнозирования электропотребления г. Москвы.