industrial engineering
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Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
Automation Engineering
Секция 4.6. Моделирование и компьютерные технологии в промышленности /
Modeling and Computer Technologies for Industrial Applications

    Samigulina, Z Samigulina, D. Porubov
    Creation of Intelligent Technology Based on a Unified Artificial Immune System and the Principles of Homeostasis for the Control and Automation of Complex Oil and Gas Industry Objects
    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    4_6_2A. Poltavsky, G. Akhobadze
    Optimizing the Models of the Data Measurement System of an Unmanned Aircraft
    4_6_4S.N. Cherny, R.F. Gibadullin
    The Recognition of Handwritten Digits Using Neural Network Technology
    4_6_9G. Sanaeva, I. Moiseeva, A. Lukina
    Acetylene Production Process Control Based on Safety Criterion
    4_6_10A.G. Lopatin, B.A. Brykov, A.A. Lukina
    Development of a Neuro-fuzzy Model of a Polymerizer Reactor
    4_6_12A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina
    Selection of Basic Parameters for the Diagnosis of Industrial Electrical Equipment Using Computer Technology
    4_6_13P. Shonazarov, S. Darovskikh
    Modeling the Spectral Characteristics of Audio Signals Using the Fourier Transform
    4_6_14A.S. Semenov, A.N. Egorov, O.V. Fedorov
    Evaluation of the Efficiency of Electric Drives of a Mining Enterprise Based on Mathematical Models
    4_6_15A. Ragozin, V. Telezhkin, B. Saidov
    Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Data
    4_6_16L. Andreev, A. Lisov, S. Panishev
    Development of an Algorithm for the Program to Recognize Defects on the Surface of Hot-Rolled Metal
    4_6_17P. Zhukov, A. Glushchenko, A. Fomin
    On Adaptation of Third Kind Boundary Conditions for Grid Models of Nonstationary Heat Exchange
    4_6_18A.S. Khismatullin
    Development of Measures to Optimize the Transformers Loading
    4_6_21A. Zatonskiy, R. Bazhenov, O. Chuyko
    Lighting Sensitivity of The Flare Recognition of Potassium Flotation Machine Foam Patterns
    4_6_22I. Lvovich, Ya. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy
    Modeling the Processes of Increasing the Efficiency of the Internet of Things System
    4_6_23I. Lvovich, Ya. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy
    Modeling the Classification of Internet of Things Objects by Failures
    4_6_24N.M. Zaytseva
    Fuzzy Model for Predicting the Energy Consumption of Alumina Production
    4_6_25A. Kychkin, O. Gorshkov, M. Kukarkin
    IoT-Platform for ML-based Industrial Air Emissions Data Processing
    4_6_27M. Gafarov, K. Okishev, A. Makovetskiy
    Predicting the Hardness of Pipe Steels Using Machine Learning Methods
    4_6_28A.B. Konovalov, R.F. Mukhamadiyev, A.N. Kiselev
    Monte Carlo Based Estimation of Weight Functions for Few-View Computed Tomography of Strongly Absorbing Objects
    4_6_29V.V. Vlasov, A.B. Konovalov
    Minimizing the Number of Views in Few-View Computed Tomography: A Deep Learning Approach
    4_6_30E.S. Abramova, A.A. Orlov, K.V. Makarov
    Research of the Extreme Learning Machine as Incremental Learning
    4_6_31V.A. Dovgal
    A Scheme of Data Analysis by Sensors of a Swarm of Drones Performing a Search Mission Based on a Fog Architecture Using the Internet of Things
    4_6_37A.V. Isaev, A.I. Nefed’ev, I. A. Isaev
    Digital Twin Technologies for Diesel Generator Sets in Backup and Emergency Power Supply Systems
    4_6_41S. Vorobyev, S. Shirobokova, V. Evsin
    Distributed Ledger Data Exchange Model Based on a Multilayer Approach
    4_6_42A. Mikhailov, S. Tretyakov, Yu. Andreev
    A New Approach to Build Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Systems Based on Digital Twin’s Technologies
    4_6_43A. Baklanov, A. Lankin, M. Lankin
    Development of a Method of Resonant Series-Parallel Impedance Spectroscopy for Quality Control of Trans-former Oil
    4_6_44V. Korol, M. Lankin, M. Korol
    Regression Model of Approximation Errors of Voltage Curves for Measuring Magnetic Characteristics
    4_6_46A.Ya. Krasinskiy
    On Some General Methods for Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics of Manipulators with Parallel Kinematics
    4_6_48Abas Wisam Mahdi Abas, P.B. Danilova, S.Ya. Egorov
    Computational Methods for Optimal Placement of Equally Sized Elements of Electrical and Electronic Circuits
    4_6_52P. Shonazarov, B. Saidov, Sh. Safarov
    Simulation of a Vibroacoustic Sensor with the Application of a Kalman Filter
    4_6_53С.З. Лыгденов
    исследование характеристик функционирования облачной системы с неоднородной нагрузкой
    4_6_55D. Lusenko
    Intelligent System For Adapting Typical Laws Of Automatic Control Based On Neural Networks
    4_6_63Yu.N. Slesarev, A.A. Vorontsov
    Paper on the Issue of Mathematical Modeling of Magnetic Fields of Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers Containing a Permanent Magnet in the Form of a Rectangular Parallelepiped
    4_6_64A. Prasolov, S. Andreev
    Development of a Simulation Model of the Heat Transfer Process in the Hot-Blast Stove Checkerwork