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Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
Automation Engineering
Секция 4.3. Микропроцессорные системы управления / Real Time Embedded Control

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    4_3_1M. Khachumov, A. Talalaev, A. Pankratov
    Onboard Computer Function Implementation Based on Cordic Algorithm
    4_3_2V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov, M. Smirnov
    Practical Aspects of Dynamic Controller Realization
    4_3_3D.V. Efanov, D.V. Pivovarov, V.V. Khóroshev
    The Fully Self-Checking Structures Synthesis Features of Concurrent Checking Systems Implemented on the Boolean Complement Method Basis to the Constant-Weight “2-out-of-4” Code
    4_3_4N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, A.D. Gornaev
    System for Updating the Program Code of STM32 Microcontrollers Based on a Composite USB Device
    4_3_5E. Rzaev, A. Ryzhov, A. Romanov
    The New Promising Network-on-Chip Topologies Development Using Hierarchical Method
    4_3_6V.A. Kokovin, A.N. Sytin, V.V. Skvortsov
    Methods for Increasing the Сybersecurity of FNC Devices on the FPGA-Based Platform in Network Communications