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Раздел 3. Энергетика / Power Engineering
Секция 3.4. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость / Power Quality

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    3_4_1V.I. Biryulin, D.V. Kudelina, O.M. Larin
    Computer Simulation Of the Searh For Flicker Sources In Electrical Networks
    3_4_2V.I. Biryulin, D.V. Kudelina, O.M. Larin
    Computer Simulation Of Voltage Unbalance Reduction In Power Supply Systems
    3_4_3D. Kretov, A. Bychkov, O. Fedyai
    Power Transmission Line Model For Transient Analysis In Power Systems Due The High Geomagnetic Activity
    3_4_4L.V. Bykovskaya, V.V. Bykovskiyi
    Consideration of Phase Splitting into Two Conductors when Calculating the electromagnetic field of a Power Transmission Line
    3_4_6V.V. Martyshkin, O.S. Gribkova, A.V. Pichuev
    Studying the Quality of Electric Power at a Tunneling Machine during the Construction of the Underground System
    3_4_7A. Alzakkar, N. Mestnikov, Yu. Samofalov
    The Impact of Using Supercapacitors to Provide Reliable Power Supply to Consumers
    3_4_9E.I. Gracheva, T.V. Tabachnikova, A.N. Gorlov
    Estimating How the Start-Up of High-Voltage Ground Electric Drive of Oil Transfer Pump Impacts the Oil Well Electric Motor Operation
    3_4_10B. Utkin, N. Grachev, V. Matveev
    Review and Analysis of Methods for Constructing Mathematical Models of Electrical Contacts for Predicting of Contact Radio Interference on Mobile Objects
    3_4_11A. Toropov, G. Chistyakov, E. Platonova
    Electric Power Quality Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm
    3_4_13Z. Gizatullin, M. Nuriev
    Modeling the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electronic Means under the Influence of Interference Through the Power Supply Network
    3_4_15V.G. Basmanov, A.V. Votinsev, V.M. Kholmanskikh
    Developing a Methodology for Determining the Culprit in the Deterioration of Power Quality Indicators
    3_4_16A. Babushkin, A. Malykov, Hau Phuc Nguyen
    Study of the Condensing Unit Operating Modes of the Power Unit of a 300 MW Thermal Power Plant