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Раздел 3. Энергетика / Power Engineering
Секция 3.3. Возобновляемая энергетика / Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    3_3_1G. Deriugina, E. Ignatev, N. Sychev
    Research of the Initial Data Reliability Influence on the Design Indicators of the Grid-Connected Wind Farm in the Republic of Tatarstan
    3_3_2Yu.N. Kondrashova, A.M. Tretyakov, A.V. Shalimov
    Calculation and Evaluation of the Efficiency of Installations for the Utilization of Secondary Energy Resources on the Basis of Turbo Expander Units
    3_3_3E. Solomin, G. Ryavkin, E. Sirotkin
    Determination of Maximum Deflection Angles of a HAWT Yawing System Weather Vane Based on the Solution of the Equations of Moments
    3_3_4R. Tsgoev, T. Isaev
    Energy Efficiency of Wind Electical Plant Models Localized in the Russian Federation on the Repeatability Fucntion of Wind Speed
    3_3_5Yu.M. Lyashenko, A.V. Prudiy, A.A. Nasonov
    Simulating key Characteristics of Transition Process at start of Road Energy Harvesting System
    3_3_6K. Selivanov, V. Klimachev, A. Vlasov
    Researching the ZigBee Technology for the Organization of Networks of Electricity Generation Complexes Based on Renewable Energy Sources
    3_3_7B. Maksatov, G. Derugina, R. Pugachev
    A Method for Calculating Diffuse Solar Radiation Using Data From Various Information Sources
    3_3_8L.E. Kopelevich, V.A. Kim, I.A. Gorbunov
    Two-Input Generator Set. Mathematical Model And Characteristics
    3_3_9I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.V. Shestakova
    Electrical Properties of Dust and their Influence on the Operation of Solar Modules
    3_3_10I. Kirpichnikova, D. Chirov
    Investigation of the Influence of Elevated Ambient Temperatures on the Operation of Photovoltaic Modules
    3_3_11N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, V. Maksimov
    The Influence of Snow Cover on the Power Generation from PV Panel in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
    3_3_12N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, P. Vasiliev
    Investigation of Functioning of a Photoelectric Installation under Forest Fires in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
    3_3_13V. Ashanin, D. Elinov, O. Birjukova
    Prospects for Using Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines in the Context of Current Urban Development
    3_3_14А.А. Сысоев, М.Г. Тягунов, Н.В. Лазарева
    Комплекс для определения энергетического эффекта от строительства новых гидростанций
    3_3_17B. Kosimov, A. Amonulloev, A. Fedorov
    Research and Development of a Thermal Model of Siphon Solar Collector
    3_3_18A.A. Sysoev, M.G. Tyagunov, N.V. Lazareva
    Complex for Determining the Energy Effect from the Construction of New Hydropower Plants
    3_3_19I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.A. Zavarukhin
    Simulation of the Solar Module Considering the Influence of Internal and External Parameters in MATLAB/Simulink
    3_3_20E. Gordievsky, E. Solomin, A. Miroshnichenko
    Development of a Simulation Model for an Electric Energy Storage Unit for a Simulation of Power Plant
    3_3_22S.V. Mitrofanov, D.K. Baykasenov
    Wind Load Calculation Acting on PV Plant with Solar Tracking System
    3_3_23A.F. Narynbaev, A.G. Vaskov, N.Yu. Mozder
    Optimal Dispatch of a Standalone PV-Diesel-Battery Microgrid using Non-Commercial MINLP Solvers