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Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства /
Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
Секция 2.4. Технологии покрытия и обработка поверхности / Surface Engineering and Coatings

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    2_4_1V.R. Baraz, E.A. Ishina
    The Influence of Friction Treatment on Peculiarities Microstructure and Properties of Spring Materials
    2_4_2E.E. Dzhafarov, O.A. Bytsenko, A.V. Ionov
    Surface Properties´ Changing Samples from Cobalt-Chromium Powders at Electron-Beam Processing
    2_4_3D.S. Solovjev
    Improving the Electroplating Coating Uniformity Based on Fuzzy Control of the Setting Value Using the Combined Defuzzification Method with the Presence of Stochastic Influences
    2_4_4V. Loganina, M. Zaytseva, Al Saedi Bassam Shareef Deneef
    Structure Formation of a Lime Stone in the Presence of a Polysilicate Solution
    2_4_5A.E. Balanovskiy, Van Trieu Nguyen, Van Vinh Nguyen
    Studying of the Structures and Phase Composition of Alloyed Layers of the Fe-Cr-C-Cu-Sn System during Plasma Melting of a Mixture of Tin Bronze and Chromium Carbide
    2_4_6S. Vinogradova, S. Razhabov, M. Shaekhov
    Features of Plasma Treatment of 12Х18Н9Т Stainless Steel
    2_4_7I.F. Uvarova
    Diffusion-Deformation Instability with Ordered Structure Generation on the Surface of Semiconductors and Metals under Laser Radiation
    2_4_8N. Vodolazskaya,O. Sharaya
    Features of Surface Structure Formation of Steel Pieces in the Process of Heat Hardening
    2_4_9И.В. Шкалей, Т.И. Муравьева, О.О. Щербакова, А.М. Мезрин
    Изучение трансформации поверхности образцов с DLC покрытиями в процессе трения
    2_4_10A.N. Zaytzev, A.N. Lukianova, D.A. Demoretsky
    Assessment of Shear Bond Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings by Applying Prismatic Samples
    2_4_11Van Trieu Nguyen, A.E. Balanovskiy, Van Vinh Nguyen
    Surface Alloying of Low-Carbon Steel with Chromium Carbide during Plasma Reflow
    2_4_12V.V. Ovchinnikov, N.V. Uchevatkina, A.G. Sbitnev
    Surface Alloying of VT6 Titanium Alloy with Aluminum by Ion Implantation
    2_4_13S.V. Vodopyanova, R.S. Sayfullin
    Formation Features of Nickel-Matrix Electrochemical Composite Coatings with the Dispersion Phase of Metal Sulfides
    2_4_14A.V. Gritsenko, A.V. Starunov, V.D. Shepelev
    Plasma Surface Hardening in Parts Recovering Process
    2_4_15A.N. Zayatzev, JI Shoucheng
    Finite Element Analysis of the Tensile Adhesion Testing of Thermally Sprayed Coating on a Cylindrical Sample
    2_4_17M.I. Silensky, R.A. Latypov, A.P. Razin
    Renovation of Combs of HPT Blades with a Concentrated Energy Flow