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Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства /
Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
Секция 2.2. Стали и сплавы, металлургические и металлообрабатывающие технологии / Steels and Alloys, Metallurgical and Metalworking Technologies

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    2_2_1Yu.V. Dolgachev, V.N. Pustovoit
    Conditions for the Implementation of the Twin Nucleation Mechanism as Applied to Martensite
    2_2_2G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
    Physical Nature and Structural Organization of Steel Surface Layers under Thermal Deformation Effect of Pulsed Laser Radiation
    2_2_3O.A. Bytsenko, A.V. Ionov, K.M. Erikov
    Influence of High-Current Pulsed Laser on the CL20ES Steel Surface
    2_2_4Y.N. Loginov, Y.V. Zamaraeva
    Optimization of the Shell Shape for the Forging Upsetting of Magnesium
    2_2_5M.G. Potapov, P.A. Molochkov, D.A. Kuts
    New Composition Development of Wear-Resistant Cast Irons to Improve the Service Life of Special Purpose Castings
    2_2_6M.B. Savonkin, S.M. Kriskovich
    Investigation of Strain Forces during Electrically Welded Pipes Forming Based on Analytical Determination of Curved Boundaries of Workpiece/Tool Contact
    2_2_7E.V. Krasnova, Yu.A. Morgunov, B.P. Saushkin
    Impact of Hatch Parameters on Surface Micro-Geometry in Selective Electron Beam Melting
    2_2_8Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
    Influence of Chemical Composition and Globular Structure Parameters on Mechanical Properties of VT6 Alloy Rolled Bars
    2_2_9V.N. Shinkin
    On Issue of Shaping Pipe Billet on Four-Roll Mills
    2_2_10S.M. Belskiy, A.N. Shkarin
    Comparing Cross-Section Profiles of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Strips
    2_2_11D. Pavlov
    Investigation of the Effect of Pipe Temperature on the Wall Thickness Variation in the Pipes during Plug Rolling on a Stub Mandrel
    2_2_12S. Akhonin, V. Berezos, O. Pikulin
    Production of Pseudo-b Titanium Alloy Ingots by Electron Beam Melting Method
    2_2_13V.P. Romanenko, S.M. Kriskovich, M.B. Savonkin
    Advanced Methods of Hollow Railway Car Axles Production
    2_2_14M.S. Egorov, R.V. Egorova
    Influence of Alloying Elements on the Kinetics of Austenite Transformation of Iron-Based Alloys
    2_2_17I.N. Egorov, N.Ya. Egorov, S.I. Egorova
    The Influence of the Particle Size on Rheological Properties of Magneto Fluidized Bed of Strontium Hexaferrite
    2_2_18S.S. Silchonok-Zadykyan, O.G. Zotov, G.G. Zadykyan
    Investigation of Recrystallization Processes of Steel 06Cr15Ni4CuMo Obtained by Direct Laser Deposition (DLD)
    2_2_19A.S. Budnikov, B.A. Romancev, I.S. Demetrashvili
    Investigation of Short-Radius Elbows Drawing Using Computer Simulation
    2_2_20M.A. Sheksheev, S.V. Mikhailitsyn, E.N. Shiriaeva
    Investigation of the Effect of Ultrafine Particles of Titanium Monocarbide on the Structure of the Deposited Metal of Low-Carbon Steel
    2_2_21С.Н. Лежнев, А.Б. Найзабеков, И.Е. Волокитина, Е.А. Панин
    Влияние ковки в бойках новой конструкции, реализующих знакопеременные деформации, на структуру и механические свойства стали 5ХВ2С
    2_2_23G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
    Texture Effects as a Factor in Improving the Performance of a Metalworking Tool after Laser Irradiation
    2_2_24A.V. Shaparev, I.A. Savin, S.N. Ptichkin
    Punches and Matrices Recovery for Hot Punching by Electric Arc Hardfacing
    2_2_25D.L. Pankratov, A.V. Shaparev, D.D. Pankratov
    Use of Hot Stamping to Restore Trucks Tie Rod Ball Pins Efficiency
    2_2_26O.V. Slautin, D. V. Pronichev, S.A. Kuznetsov
    Study of the Influence of Electrophysical Impacts during Thermal Treatment on the Kinetic of Diffusion in a Bimetal of the Ti – Cu System
    2_2_27Yu. Loginov, G. Shimov, N. Bushueva
    Processing of Non-Dimensional Pipe Shorts without Remelting
    2_2_29D. Nukhov, A. Tolkushkin
    Development of Technical Solution to Improve the Technology of Obtaining a Coupling Billet with the Use of Press Piercing
    2_2_30A.V. Berezovskiy, M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
    Arc Welding Technology of Dissimilar Steels ASTM A128 and J03502 Grade 1
    2_2_31A.V. Sulitsin, S.V. Brusnitcyn, I.A. Gruzdeva
    Continuous Casting of Cast Rod Made of Cu-Mg Alloys to Contact Wire Produce
    2_2_32D.N. Gurulev, L.V. Palatkina, Y.V. Levin
    Investigation of Stresses and Deformation Forces in Energy-Intensive Pressing Processes with Backflow of Metal
    2_2_33D.L. Pankratov, A.M. Valiev, D.D. Pankratov
    Research of the Effect of Cooling Modes of Forgings Made of 38MnVS6 Steel on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
    2_2_34B.P. Yur´ev, V.A. Dudko
    Study of Hematite Dissociation Process at Iron-Ore Pellet Heating
    2_2_35А.S. Tyusenkov, O.R. Latypov
    Selection of Welding Electrode to Prevent Contact Corrosion
    2_2_36O.R. Latypov, А.S. Tyusenkov
    Influence of Oil Field Medium Components on Corrosion Resistance of Pipe Steels
    2_2_37V.S. Muratov, M.S. Kazakov
    Influence of Friction Stir Welding Modes on the Structure of the Weld Seam of Aluminum Alloy of the Al-Mg-ScSystem
    2_2_39B.P.Yur´ev, V.A. Dudko
    Study of Oxidation Process at Iron-Ore Pellet Heat Treatment
    2_2_40P. Poletskov, D. Alekseev, A. Kuznetsova
    Investigation of Technological Regimes for the Production of Rolled Steel with Special Properties
    2_2_41D. Alekseev, D. Emaleeva, A. Gulin
    Selection of an Accelerated Cooling Scheme for Low-Alloy Steel Coils Based on Finite Element Modeling
    2_2_42V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.M. Potapov
    Research of Processing of Suroyamsky Titanomagnetite Ores
    2_2_43V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.M. Potapov
    Determination of Hydrogen Consumption for Solid-Phase Selective Reduction of Complex Iron-Ore Raw in Laboratory Studies
    2_2_44Yu. Kapelyushin, А.V. Senin, A.G. Ryazanov
    Recovery of Iron from Electric Arc Furnace Dust by Carbothermal Reduction
    2_2_45S.A. Tipalin, V.B. Belousov, D.A. Gnevashev
    Change in Properties of 30KhGSA Steel Sheets with Various Thicknesses
    2_2_46A.S. Kharchenko, V.I. Sysoev, M.I. Sibagatullina
    Increasing the Quality of Sinter by Introducing the Sulfur Removal Unit Waste to the Charge to Reduce the Carbon Footprint by Increasing the Natural Gas Consumption during Cast Iron Smelting in a Blast Furnace
    2_2_47М.А. Петров, П.Н. Уржумов
    Компьютерное Моделирование Процесса Горячей Объёмной Штамповки Поковки «Заглушка» и Топологическая Оптимизация Штампа
    2_2_49N.N. Safronov, L.R. Kharisov, M.R. Fazliyev
    The Search for the Dependence of the AL-TI-B Addition Alloy Structure on the Composition of the Charge of the Electroslag Process
    2_2_50A.S. Savinov, S.M. Andreev, I.V. Mikhalkina
    Identifying Thermal Stresses in a Steel Cylindrical Rod
    2_2_51A.V. Obukhova, N.N. Klochkova, A.N. Protsenko
    Investigation of a Screw Inductor Design for Quenching Balls
    2_2_52R. Gavariev, K. Gavarieva, Z. Fairuzova
    Investigation of the Temperature Field of the Casting-Mold System during Casting into Metal Molds
    2_2_54I.S. Belashova, T.V. Tarasova, A.V. Rusakova
    Investigation of the Processes of Laser Shock Hardening of Metal Materials
    2_2_55D. Pavlov, M. Erpalov
    The Study of Rheological Properties of Steel 09G2S Using Reverse Modeling to Estimate the Accuracy the Results Obtained
    2_2_56А.В. Владимиров, Г.А. Орлов
    Исследование влияния коэффициента трения на усилия, действующие на короткую оправку, при продольной прокатке
    2_2_57G.K. Akizhanova, S.P. Kharchenko, A.V. Bogomolov
    Improving the Energy Efficiency of Heating Pipe Billets in a Rotary Hearth Furnace
    2_2_58I.A. Durnova, O.V. Aleksashina, T.A. Lartseva
    Determination of Standard Sample Composition When Developing Standard Samples of Establishment
    2_2_59E.A. Morozova, V.S. Muratov, N.S. Yakimov
    Investigation of the Carburizing Process of Chromium Structural Steels
    2_2_60S.A. Barannikova, P.V. Iskhakova
    Temperature Effect on Deformation Response in Austenitic Stainless Steel
    2_2_62D. Zhao, N. Vdonin, I. Ilin
    Role of Welding Current on Microstructural Properties and Welding Characteristics of Spot-Welded Joints for the Dual-Phase Steel
    2_2_63F.V. Vodolazskiy, S.M. Illarionova, A.G. Illarionov
    Influence of Structure and Phase Composition on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Hot-Extruded Tubes of Ti-3Al-2.5V Alloy
    2_2_64I.S. Loginova, N.A. Popov, A.N. Solonin
    Simulation of the Grain Growth in Aluminum Alloys during Selective Laser Melting
    2_2_270Ю.Н. Логинов, Г.В. Шимов, Н.И. Бушуева
    Переработка немерных отрезков труб без применения переплава