industrial engineering


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Mechanical Engineering
    Section 1.1. Machinery and Mechanism Design
    1_1_1G.A. Kushner
    Shaft Movement in Plane Bearing with Clearance
    1_1_3V.I. Charykov, A.A. Evdokimov, I.I. Kopytin
    Nomogram-Parametric Design for the Electromagnetic Separator with Permanent Magnets
    1_1_4A. Ermakova
    AFEM As the Variant of FEM for Analysis of N-Nonlinear Systems at Limit States
    1_1_5E.V. Balakina, A.I. Kislov, V.A. Malkov, D.V. Bruev
    Calculation of the Wheel Rolling Radius at Design Modeling of a Wheeled Vehicle
    1_1_6O. Krol
    High-Efficiency Worm Drive for Machine Rotary Table
    1_1_7B.A. Sharoglazov, V.V. Klementev
    Analysis of Operating Cycle Processes for Axial Internal Combustion Engine Working under Full Load
    1_1_9A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
    Design Features of Switching Diesel Engines to the Gas-Diesel Operation Using Natural Gas as a Fuel
    1_1_10I.P. Nikitina, A.N. Polyakov
    Method of Simulation of the Thermal Deformation Behavior of Double-sided Face Grinding Machines
    1_1_12P.V. Boslovyak, V.V. Dvoretsky
    Optimal Design of Metal Structure of a Stand for Automated Resistance Welding
    1_1_13V.I. Tikhonovskiy, V.V. Gorbachev, A.V. Osipov
    Multifunctional Aerodynamic Plant for Experimental Static Studies of Turbomachine Annular Diffusers
    1_1_16A.A. Markina, E.Y. Kuznetsova, H. Ahmad
    Car Passive Safety Ensuring: FEA Analysis
    1_1_17A. Osipov, D. Egerev
    Investigation of the Loading of Fire Carriage Barrel Mounts
    1_1_19A.L. Balaban, P.A. Denisov, V.V. Grechikhin, Yu.V. Yufanova
    Application of Parallel Calculations and SIMD in Determining the Magnetization of Permanent Magnets
    1_1_20A.M. Busygin, A.A. Stelmakhov
    Mathematical Model for Determining Kinematic Parameters of a Bulldozer Ripper Mechanism
    1_1_21A.M. Busygin, A.A. Stelmakhov
    Strength Calculation of the Bulldozer Ripper Mechanism
    1_1_22A. Gushchin, V. Larshin, V. Marchuk
    CNC Machine Adaptive Control Mechatronic Module
    1_1_23Д.С. Писарев, И.А. Максимов, А.Н. Рогалев
    Разработка конструктивно-компоновочных схем для ТЭС с углекислотным теплоносителем
    1_1_24L.N. Shafigullin, N.V. Romanova, A.T. Gabdrakhmanov, G.R. Shafigullina, A.A. Treshchev
    Using Tire Reclaim for Production of Rubber Wheels of Waste Containers
    1_1_25V.A. Pronin, A.V. Kovanov, V.A. Tsvetkov, E.N. Mikhailova
    A Systematic Approach to Improve the Efficiency of a CO2 Booster Refrigerating Machine by Optimising the Performance of the Scroll Compressor
    1_1_28A.N. Gots, V.S. Klevtsov
    Non-Motor Stands for Accelerated Testing for Reliability of Piston Engine Cylinder Heads
    1_1_29M. Polyakova, D Konstantinov, A. Korchunov, M. Dabala
    The Use the Concept of Multiscale Simulation to Improve the Topology of TRIP-Steel Parts Operating under Extreme Loads
    1_1_31D.D. Korobko, S.A. Mikaeva
    Gradient Method Optimization of a Race Car Wing Airfoil at the Conceptual Design Phase
    1_1_32A.N. Gots, A.Yu. Abalyaev
    Calculations of Diesel Pistons with a Crack on the Edge of the Combustion Chamber
    1_1_34Yu.A. Lagunova, S.A. Khoroshavin, R.Sh. Nabiullin, A.E. Kalyanov
    Evaluation of Metal Structures of a Mining Excavator Boom by Non-Destructive Testing
    1_1_35A.Yu. Shabanov, Yu.V. Galyshev, A.A. Sidorov, A.B. Zaitsev
    Computational and Experimental Study of the Mechanisms of Influence of Multifunctional Additives to Diesel Fuel on the Combustion Process in the Cylinders of Internal Combustion Engines
    1_1_36V.F. Knelts, A.B. Matisen
    Design Principles and Specifics of Air Supply Systems Used in the Engines Produced by JSC Kolomensky Zavod
    1_1_37V.V. Miroshnikov, T.V. Petruchshenko, V.V. Dyadichev
    Multiunit Ferroprobe Converters as an Effective Method of the Nondestructing Magnetic Inspection
    1_1_38L.V. Radionova, E.V. Safonov, D.V. Gromov, S.R. Faizov
    Strength Analysis and Modeling of Direct Extrusion Tooling for Fusible Solder
    Section 1.2. Dynamics of Machines and Working Processes
    1_2_3O. Benyukh, V. Kushnir, S. Ibragimova
    Peculiarities of Work of a Belt-Type Water-Lifting Unit at High Speed
    1_2_7A.N. Savoskin, A.P. Vasilev
    Influence of Various Types of the Bogie-Wheelsets Longitudinal Connections on the Dynamic Properties of the Vehicle
    1_2_8A. Startsev, S. Romanov, I. Storozhev
    Motion Stability of Tractor Transport Unit in Uncontrolled Rotation Mode
    1_2_9Yu.A. Izvekov, E.M. Gugina, V.V. Shemetova, E.A. Puzankova, V.V. Tochilkin
    Theory of Constraints in Machine Dynamics and Steelmaking Processes
    1_2_10K.V. Chernyshov, A.V. Pozdeev, V.V. Novikov, A.M. Kovalev, S.A. Shiryaev
    Methodology for Constructing Regulatory Boundaries for the Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics of Vehicles
    1_2_11E.T. Plaksina, A.B. Syritskii
    Internal Combustion Engine Diagnostics System Technical Implementation by Precision Chronometric Measurement Technology
    1_2_12S.D. Shepelev, А.М. Plaksin, I.P. Troyanovskaya, M.V. Pyataev, E.N. Kravchenko
    Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Tractive Resistance of the Sowing Complex for the NO-TILL Technology
    1_2_13A.V. Christoforova, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
    Modeling Hydroelastic Oscillations for the End Wall of an Annular Channel
    1_2_15E.S. Evtukh, G.A. Neklyudova
    Distributing Contact Pressures and Stresses in the Rail Joint Zone during the Railroad Track Assembly
    1_2_16S.I. Polyakov, V.I. Akimov, A.V.Polukazakov
    Mathematical Model of the Dynamics of the Balancing Mechanism of the Weighing System of the Batcher
    1_2_18O.V. Anikeeva, A.G. Ivakhnenko, O.Yu. Erenkov, K.V. Podmasteryev
    Regularities of Hidden Management at Purpose Activities in the Field of Quality
    1_2_20L. Kondratenko, L. Mironova
    Method for Studying Oscillations of Mechanical Lines with Variable Elasticity
    1_2_21J. Kokunko, S. Krasnova
    Dynamic Smoothing of the Path of a Wheeled Robot with Automatic Fulfillment of Design Restrictions
    1_2_23Tint Naing Win, V.M. Alakin, S.A. Plakhov
    Development of a Methodology and Study of the Center of Gravity of a Vehicle
    1_2_25A.A. Abyzov, Y.O. Pronina, K.J. Muhiddinzoda
    Experimental Study of the Dynamic Characteristics of the Anti-Vibration Industrial Tractor Operators Seat
    1_2_27R.A. Peshkov, A.A. Shabley, D.R. Ismagilov
    Using Mathematical Modeling to Analyze the Strength Properties of Different Designs of Liquid Hydrogen Transportation Tank
    1_2_29I.V. Kudryavtsev, M.V. Brungardt, M.P. Khomutov, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Analytical Calculation of Beam Supports Stiffness to Provide the First Eigenfrequency and Critical Load
    1_2_30S. Buzikov, O. Buzikova
    Development of a Methodology for Bench Testing of Internal Combustion Engines
    1_2_31S. Ivannikov, I. Manaenkov, M. Krutyakova
    Assessing the Thermal State of Metal-Working Machinery
    1_2_33A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, A. Burzev, F.N. Grakov, K.I. Lukomsky
    Monitoring of the Exhaust System of the Internal Combustion Engine by the Rundown Parameters
    1_2_34I.E. Agureev, M.Yu. Elagin, R.N. Khmelev
    Simulation of the Combustion Engine Intake Pipeline Length Regulator Operation
    1_2_40A.E. Kaplyukhin, Zh.M. Blednova
    Alternative Soil-Sparing Drive
    1_2_42A.A. Chernousov, R.D. Enikeev
    Friction and Heat Transfer Models Derivation, Validation and Calibration on Experimental Data for Unsteady Air Flow in Pipe
    1_2_43S.S. Voronin, V.R. Gasiyarov, A.A. Radionov
    Developing and Adopting Dynamic Load Restriction Algorithm for Plate-Mill Stand
    Section 1.3. Friction, Wear, and Lubrication in Machines
    1_3_1A.I. Izotov, A.A. Fominykh, V.N. Tymoshenko, S.А. Izotov, I.V. Gubin
    On the Question of the Method of Controlling the Tribological Situation in the Nodes of the Sliding Current Collector of Electric Machines
    1_3_2A. Bolotov, O. Novikova, V. Novikov
    Triboengineering Properties of Oxide Coatings with Anti-Friction Fillers
    1_3_3G.N. Kravchenko,Yu.I. Popov, A.I. Kolosov, A.V. Smolyaninov, I.V. Pocebneva
    Method of Design Calculation for Strength of Structures Made of Metal and Polymer Composite
    1_3_4S.V. Putintsev, S.P. Chirsky, S.S. Strelnikova
    Application and Comparison of Calorimetric and Dynamometer Methods to Experimental Evaluate Friction in a Piston Machine
    1_3_5A.V. Volchenkov, L.G. Nikitina
    The Problem of Choosing the Modes of Running-In Curved Parts
    1_3_6A.A. Asheichik, Mohammad Reza Bahrami
    Research of the Antifriction Properties of PTFE Composites
    1_3_8M.A. Mukutadze, Е.O. Lagunova
    Mathematical Model of Flow of Lubricant and Molten Coating with Micropolar Rheological Properties in Running Clearance of Journal Bearing with Non-Circular Bearing Surface Profile, Considering Pressure Dependence of Viscosity
    Section 1.4. Design and Manufacturing Engineering of Industrial Facilities
    1_4_1S.V. Kuznetsova, A.L. Simakov
    Device and Technique of Automated Assembly Equipment Productivity Improvement
    1_4_2V.V. Lyashenko, A.V. Muratov
    Risk Management Model Related to Failure of Rolling Stock Repair and Maintenance in Service Locomotive Depots
    1_4_3A.S. Kalashnikov, Yu.А. Morgunov, N.В. Khomyakova
    Low-Waste Production of Conical and Hypoid Gears with Curved Teeth
    1_4_4N.V. Vulykh, A.N. Vulykh
    Numerical Modeling of Microprofile Strain under Orthogonal Impact under Constrained Load. Part 3
    1_4_6D.S. Ershov, T.A. Levina, S.N. Yudaev
    An Approach to Modeling Metrology Laboratory Operation under Various Modes
    1_4_8R. Khusainov, I. Mubarakshin
    Rigidity Changes due to Thermal Processes Occurring during Operation of Vertical Milling Machine
    1_4_11A.I. Malyarov, D.S. Burtsev, K.A. Lukashik
    Impact of Inductor-Charge System Design on High-Frequency Induction Crucible Furnace Efficiency
    1_4_12M.V. Vartanov, Nguyen Van Dung, Nguyen Van Linh
    Mathematical Model of the Coupling Process of the "Shaft-Sleeve" Connection Using an Active Adaptation Tool for Three-Point Contact
    1_4_13E.B. Votinova, M.P. Shalimov, A.V. Berezovskiy
    The Usage of Quality Control Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Product Manufacture
    1_4_14O.M. Sakhbiev, F.S. Khayrullin
    One of the Implementations of the Method of Calculating Three-Dimensional Structures of Complex Shape
    1_4_16M.V. Krutyakova, O.V. Mordenko
    Development and Research of Countersinking and Grinding Operations in the Processing of Extra Thin-Walled Pipes Made of VN-2AE Alloy in Order to Ensure the Quality of Internal Surfaces
    1_4_17E.I. Egorova
    The Matrix of Technological Capabilities for the Formation of the Optimal Route-and-Operational Technology Structure
    1_4_18A.I. Popov, A.S. Fumin, V.I. Novikov, V.G. Teplukhin, A.P. Veselovsky
    Peculiarities of Contact Interaction of an Electrolytic Plasma with a Surface in Jet Machining of Materials of Turbine Blades
    1_4_19O.O. Podoliak, V.A. Ovchinnikova, A.V. Smirnov
    Organizational and Technological Aspects of the Resource Monitoring Module Creation for the Metalworking Tools
    1_4_23S. Larin, R. Bildanov
    Ontological Model of Process Formation for Technological Production Preparation
    1_4_24A.S. Karandaev, M.A. Zinchenko, A.Yu. Semitko, S.A. Evdokimov, O.I. Petukhova
    Technological Causes of Vertical Workpiece Asymmetry in Plate Rolling Mills
    1_4_25L.V. Radionova, R.A. Lisovskiy, A.S. Svistun, D.V. Gromov, I.N. Erdakov
    FEM Simulation Analysis of Wire Drawing Process at Different Angles Dies on Straight-Line Drawing Machines
    Section 1.5. Transport and Technological Machines
    1_5_1A.O. Zhakov, I.P. Troyanovskaya, S.D. Shepelev
    Method for Calculating the Limiting Shear Force Deviating From a Given Direction of Movement Using the Example of the B12 Bulldozer
    1_5_2Yu.M. Lyashenko, E.Yu.Voronova, A.Yu. Lyashenko
    Methodical Basics for Calculation of Receiving and Segregation Hopper for Sand Rubble
    1_5_3K. Dauren, B. Maidan, N. Assylanbek
    Taper Spring Bar Applications in Slide Bearings
    1_5_4R.G. Safin, V.G. Sotnikov, D.F. Ziatdinova
    Installation for the Processing of Plant Waste into Activated Carbon
    1_5_5E.S. Kozin, D.M. Vokhmin
    Adaptive Camouflage for Special Purpose Vehicles
    1_5_6A.A. Gerasimova, M.V. Vasilyev, V.A. Nagovitsyn, C.I. Shaibel
    Upgrading the Gear Stand of Hot Rolling mill 2000
    1_5_7Ya. Liberman, O. Lukashuk, A. Shabaeva
    Bucket and Rotor Design Parameter Selection According to Digging Uniformity Condition
    1_5_8V. Novoselov, A. Lukashuk
    A Mill Stand Reducing the Energy Input of the Periodic Pipe Rolling Process
    1_5_9T. Alushkin, A. Zubritskii, A. Ratkin
    Test Results of Flushing Fluid "Diesel Purge"
    1_5_11Ya. Liberman, O. Lukashuk
    Power Consumption Reduction of Bucket Wheel Excavator Drives and Its Productivity Increase
    1_5_12A.A. Sholomitskii, S.N. Tsarenko, S.G. Mogilny, Z.M. Aukazhieva, N.T. Kemerbaev
    Evaluation of Stress-Strain State of Vertical Steel Tanks Using Laser Scanning Data
    1_5_13S. Gaponenko, A. Kondratiev
    Numerical Simulation of Oscillatory Processes in Defect-Free and Defective Pipelines
    Section 1.6. Mechanical Treatment of Materials
    1_6_1A.N. Shulgin, O.A. Chuprina, M.D. Ledovskyh, V.V. Pykhov
    Determination of Rational Cutting Conditions with Oblique Determination of Figures of Merit
    1_6_2T.L. Yevtushenko, A.Zh. Kassenov, Zh.K. Mussina, A.S. Yanyushkin, K.K. Abishev
    Peakless Rotary Cutter Design for Finish Turning
    1_6_3A. Serebrennikova, S. Timofeev
    An Experimental Study of Chip Shrinkage in Turning Wrought Aluminum Alloys
    1_6_4Акинцева А.В., Переверзев П.П.
    Модель расчета текущих глубин резания в разных сечениях вала эллипсного профиля при шлифовании заготовки с переменной податливостью по длине обрабатываемой поверхности
    1_6_5B.Ya. Mokriskij, A.V. Morozova
    Controlling the Parameters of the Cutting Technological System by the Dissipative Structures State
    1_6_10J.A. Yvon Nkeoua, О.А. Kursin, А.А. Zhdanov, М.Yu. Polyanchikova, А.А. Solovyev
    Studying the Process of Honing With Preliminary Cryogenic Treatment of Products from Low-Carbon Steels
    1_6_12D.A. Goloburdin, A.M. Kozlov, T.N. Ivanova, A.A. Kozlov
    Research of Abrasive Tool Manufacturing in Single and Small-Scale Production
    1_6_16P.I. Kalandarov, Z.M. Mukimov
    Humidity Control During Hydrothermal Treatment of Grain and Their Processed Products
    1_6_17K.O. Doroshenko, Yu.V. Maximov, V.B. Avdeev
    Processing of Complex Profile Parts by Waterjet Cutting
    1_6_18S.N. Grigoriev, M.A. Volosova, M.Sh. Migranov, N.A. Sukhova, S.R. Shekhtman
    Investigation of Thermal Phenomena during Cutting with a Multi-Coated Tool
    1_6_19L.V. Shipulin, N.D. Yusubov, A.A. Frolov
    Study of the Microrelief Obtained during Single Abrasive Grain Cutting
    1_6_20Акинцева А.В. Переверзев П.П.
    Модель расчета фактической радиальной подачи на протяжении всего процесса плоского шлифования с осевой подачей
    Section 1.7. Industrial Hydraulic Systems
    1_7_1V. Sokolov
    Increasing Efficiency of Ventilation Systems with Vortex Regulation Devices
    1_7_2N.G. Sosnovsky, Nguyen Van Hoa
    Fan Rotating Speed Control with Volumetric Regulated Hydraulic Drive in a Hovercraft
    Part 2. Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
    Section 2.1. Polymers, Composites and Ceramics
    2_1_1A.A. Asheichik, M.R. Bahrami
    Research of the Radial Strength of a Composite Matrix of a Cable-Pusher for Oil Wells
    2_1_2V. Loganina, Al Saedi Bassam Shareef Deneef
    Structure Formation of Finishing Compositions Based on Modified Lump Silicate
    2_1_3O.V. Burlachenko, O.G. Chesnokova, T.F. Cherednichenko
    The Assessment of the Windproof Membranes Properties Influence on the Moisture Accumulation in the Building Envelope under Negative Temperatures Impact
    2_1_5A.V. Antsupov, A.A. Fedulov, V.P. Antsupov
    Studying Rheological Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene
    2_1_6O.V. Snezhkina, I.G. Ovchinnikov
    Modeling of Crack Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Beams in the Zone of Action of Transverse Forces
    2_1_7D.D. Fazullin
    Biodegradable Composite Membranes for Wastewater Ultrafiltration
    2_1_8T.N. Lugovitskaya
    Development of Nanostructured Materials Based on Waste from Pulp and Paper Mills and the Principles of Nanoprecipitation
    2_1_9V.A. Beregovoi, A.M. Beregovoi, I.Yu. Lavrov
    Adaptation of New Materials Science Technologies for the Restoration of Stone Elements
    2_1_10O.A. Baev, Yu.M. Kosichenko, A.Yu. Garbuz
    Evaluation of Damageability and Water Permeability of Impervious Polymer Screens in the Presence of Defects
    2_1_11N.А. Olivenko, O.A. Kudryavtsev, A.V. Ignatova
    Simplified Approach to Verification of Numerical Models for Deformation and Fracture Analysis of Structural Composite Subjected to High-Velocity Impact
    2_1_12R.F. Khazhiakhmetova, S.G. Vlasova, K.G. Zemlenoy
    The Sound and Heat Insulation Materials Based on Glass Containers for Chemical Reagents
    2_1_13A.A. Dmitrievskiy, G.V. Grigoriev, V.V. Rodaev
    The Influence of Zirconia-Based Ceramic Composition on the Mechanical Properties of Its Volumetric and Near-Surface Layers
    2_1_14S.I. Dudkina, K.P. Andryushin, L.A. Reznichenko
    Intellectual Ceramics with Special Electrical Properties for Applications in Electronic Engineering
    2_1_16D. Volkov, E. Glazunova, I. Verbenko
    Structure, Dielectric and Magnetic Properties in Solid Solution Systems Based on BiMnO3 and BiFeO3
    2_1_19В.В. Боброва, Н.Р. Прокопчук, С.А. Ефремов, С.В. Нечипуренко
    Химический состав и структура углерод-кремнистого композита
    2_1_21I.V. Ushakov, A.D. Oshorov, I.A. Dyakov
    Features of the Experimental Detection and Calculation of Microfracture Viscosity of Multilayer Composite
    2_1_22T.I. Shishelova, N.P. Konovalov, M.A. Khramovskikh
    Pre-Baikal Talc as an Advantageous Source Material for Composite Electro-Ceramic Products
    2_1_23B.M. Goltsman, N.S. Goltsman, V.M. Kurdashov
    Distribution of Liquid Foaming Agent Films on Glass Powder Particles in the Preparation of Foam Glass Batch
    2_1_26М.В. Корнюшин, А.В. Смирнов, С.В. Аюдинян
    Процесс холодного спекания высокоэнтропийной керамики (MnFeCoNiCu)3O4
    2_1_27А.В. Касперович, В.В. Боброва, С.Н. Лежнев
    Модификация эластомерных композитов ионизирующим излучением
    2_1_28A.Yu. Omarov, D.A. Nechaev, L.K. Khalilova
    On the Possibility of Reducing Sintering Temperature and Maintaining the Level of Service Properties of Dense-Sintered Alumina Materials
    2_1_29D.M. Bragin, A.I. Popov, A.V. Eremin
    Effective Thermal Conductivity of Porous Material Based on TPMS
    2_1_31A.A. Chumakov, D.A. Golovko, A.V. Ryabova
    Synthesis of Aluminosilicate Proppants Based on Drilling Cuttings from the Vostochno-Chumakovskoye Field
    2_1_32A.M. Kuzmin, Sachin S. Raj, D.K. Chalganov
    Technological Modifier Effect on the Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Thermoplastic Composites with Barley Straw
    2_1_34E.A. Yatsenko, S.V. Trofimov, Yu.V. Novikov
    Study of the Possibility of Increasing the Strength of Cellular Geopolymer Materials by Introducing Zirconium Dioxide Additives
    2_1_35A.N. Blaznov, Z.G. Sakoshev, V.V. Firsov
    A Study into Hot-, Cold- and Warm-Cured Epoxy Binders
    2_1_36E.E. Mastalygina, Z.R. Abushakhmanova, A.Yu. Anpilova
    Functionalization of Microcrystalline Cellulose with Carboxylic Acids
    2_1_37M.I. Dvornik, N.M. Vlasova, A.A. Burkov
    Influence of Mechanical and Electrical Parameters on the Efficiency of Powder Production by Electro-Discharge Erosion of WC-Co and WC-TiC-Co Scrap
    2_1_39V.V. Rybin, A.A. Solovyev, A.D. Zuev
    Microhardness and Thermal Conductivity of Al/Nd2O3 Composite Made by Powder Metallurgy
    2_1_40D.G. Solomonov, M.Sh. Nikhamkin, A.V. Toropicina
    Use of Structurally Similar Samples to Fatigue Tests of Polymer Composite Structures
    2_1_42V.I. Kolesnikov, O.A. Belyak, T.V. Suvorova
    Stress-Strain State of Heterogeneous Fluid-Saturated Composites under Dynamic Impacts
    2_1_43 M.N. Mullahmetov, D.S. Lobanov, A.S. Yankin
    Numerical Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Composite Plates with Stress Concentration under Static Loading
    2_1_44Н.И. Чередниченко, П.А. Петров
    Определение зависимости параметров трехмерной печати от композиции фотополимерного материала
    2_1_47Д.В. Чащилов
    Исследование зависимости коэффициента теплопроводности костры льна от насыпной плотности
    2_1_48Мезенцев М.А., Мыктыбеков Б., Синицын А.В., Ежов А.Ю., Цветков И.В.
    Исследования и применение конструкционных керамических и композиционных материалов в авиационном двигателестроении
    Section 2.2. Steels and Alloys, Metallurgical and Metalworking Technologies
    2_2_1Yu.V. Dolgachev, V.N. Pustovoit
    Conditions for the Implementation of the Twin Nucleation Mechanism as Applied to Martensite
    2_2_2G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
    Physical Nature and Structural Organization of Steel Surface Layers under Thermal Deformation Effect of Pulsed Laser Radiation
    2_2_3O.A. Bytsenko, A.V. Ionov, K.M. Erikov
    Influence of High-Current Pulsed Laser on the CL20ES Steel Surface
    2_2_4Y.N. Loginov, Y.V. Zamaraeva
    Optimization of the Shell Shape for the Forging Upsetting of Magnesium
    2_2_5M.G. Potapov, P.A. Molochkov, D.A. Kuts
    New Composition Development of Wear-Resistant Cast Irons to Improve the Service Life of Special Purpose Castings
    2_2_6M.B. Savonkin, S.M. Kriskovich
    Investigation of Strain Forces during Electrically Welded Pipes Forming Based on Analytical Determination of Curved Boundaries of Workpiece/Tool Contact
    2_2_7E.V. Krasnova, Yu.A. Morgunov, B.P. Saushkin
    Impact of Hatch Parameters on Surface Micro-Geometry in Selective Electron Beam Melting
    2_2_8Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
    Influence of Chemical Composition and Globular Structure Parameters on Mechanical Properties of VT6 Alloy Rolled Bars
    2_2_9V.N. Shinkin
    On Issue of Shaping Pipe Billet on Four-Roll Mills
    2_2_10S.M. Belskiy, A.N. Shkarin
    Comparing Cross-Section Profiles of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Strips
    2_2_11D. Pavlov
    Investigation of the Effect of Pipe Temperature on the Wall Thickness Variation in the Pipes during Plug Rolling on a Stub Mandrel
    2_2_13V.P. Romanenko, S.M. Kriskovich, M.B. Savonkin
    Advanced Methods of Hollow Railway Car Axles Production
    2_2_17I.N. Egorov, N.Ya. Egorov, S.I. Egorova
    The Influence of the Particle Size on Rheological Properties of Magneto Fluidized Bed of Strontium Hexaferrite
    2_2_18S.S. Silchonok-Zadykyan, O.G. Zotov, G.G. Zadykyan
    Investigation of Recrystallization Processes of Steel 06Cr15Ni4CuMo Obtained by Direct Laser Deposition (DLD)
    2_2_19A.S. Budnikov, B.A. Romancev, I.S. Demetrashvili
    Investigation of Short-Radius Elbows Drawing Using Computer Simulation
    2_2_20M.A. Sheksheev, S.V. Mikhailitsyn, E.N. Shiriaeva
    Investigation of the Effect of Ultrafine Particles of Titanium Monocarbide on the Structure of the Deposited Metal of Low-Carbon Steel
    2_2_21С.Н. Лежнев, А.Б. Найзабеков, И.Е. Волокитина, Е.А. Панин
    Влияние ковки в бойках новой конструкции, реализующих знакопеременные деформации, на структуру и механические свойства стали 5ХВ2С
    2_2_23G.I. Brover, E.E. Shcherbakova
    Texture Effects as a Factor in Improving the Performance of a Metalworking Tool after Laser Irradiation
    2_2_24A.V. Shaparev, I.A. Savin, S.N. Ptichkin
    Punches and Matrices Recovery for Hot Punching by Electric Arc Hardfacing
    2_2_25D.L. Pankratov, A.V. Shaparev, D.D. Pankratov
    Use of Hot Stamping to Restore Trucks Tie Rod Ball Pins Efficiency
    2_2_26O.V. Slautin, D. V. Pronichev, S.A. Kuznetsov
    Study of the Influence of Electrophysical Impacts during Thermal Treatment on the Kinetic of Diffusion in a Bimetal of the Ti – Cu System
    2_2_27Yu. Loginov, G. Shimov, N. Bushueva
    Processing of Non-Dimensional Pipe Shorts without Remelting
    2_2_30A.V. Berezovskiy, M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
    Arc Welding Technology of Dissimilar Steels ASTM A128 and J03502 Grade 1
    2_2_31A.V. Sulitsin, S.V. Brusnitcyn, I.A. Gruzdeva
    Continuous Casting of Cast Rod Made of Cu-Mg Alloys to Contact Wire Produce
    2_2_32D.N. Gurulev, L.V. Palatkina, Y.V. Levin
    Investigation of Stresses and Deformation Forces in Energy-Intensive Pressing Processes with Backflow of Metal
    2_2_33D.L. Pankratov, A.M. Valiev, D.D. Pankratov
    Research of the Effect of Cooling Modes of Forgings Made of 38MnVS6 Steel on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
    2_2_34B.P. Yur´ev, V.A. Dudko
    Study of Hematite Dissociation Process at Iron-Ore Pellet Heating
    2_2_37V.S. Muratov, M.S. Kazakov
    Influence of Friction Stir Welding Modes on the Structure of the Weld Seam of Aluminum Alloy of the Al-Mg-ScSystem
    2_2_39B.P.Yur´ev, V.A. Dudko
    Study of Oxidation Process at Iron-Ore Pellet Heat Treatment
    2_2_40P. Poletskov, D. Alekseev, A. Kuznetsova
    Investigation of Technological Regimes for the Production of Rolled Steel with Special Properties
    2_2_41D. Alekseev, D. Emaleeva, A. Gulin
    Selection of an Accelerated Cooling Scheme for Low-Alloy Steel Coils Based on Finite Element Modeling
    2_2_42V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.M. Potapov
    Research of Processing of Suroyamsky Titanomagnetite Ores
    2_2_43V.A. Bigeev, M.V. Potapova, I.M. Potapov
    Determination of Hydrogen Consumption for Solid-Phase Selective Reduction of Complex Iron-Ore Raw in Laboratory Studies
    2_2_44Yu. Kapelyushin, А.V. Senin, A.G. Ryazanov
    Recovery of Iron from Electric Arc Furnace Dust by Carbothermal Reduction
    2_2_45S.A. Tipalin, V.B. Belousov, D.A. Gnevashev
    Change in Properties of 30KhGSA Steel Sheets with Various Thicknesses
    2_2_46A.S. Kharchenko, V.I. Sysoev, M.I. Sibagatullina
    Increasing the Quality of Sinter by Introducing the Sulfur Removal Unit Waste to the Charge to Reduce the Carbon Footprint by Increasing the Natural Gas Consumption during Cast Iron Smelting in a Blast Furnace
    2_2_47М.А. Петров, П.Н. Уржумов
    Компьютерное Моделирование Процесса Горячей Объёмной Штамповки Поковки «Заглушка» и Топологическая Оптимизация Штампа
    2_2_49N.N. Safronov, L.R. Kharisov, M.R. Fazliyev
    The Search for the Dependence of the AL-TI-B Addition Alloy Structure on the Composition of the Charge of the Electroslag Process
    2_2_50A.S. Savinov, S.M. Andreev, I.V. Mikhalkina
    Identifying Thermal Stresses in a Steel Cylindrical Rod
    2_2_51A.V. Obukhova, N.N. Klochkova, A.N. Protsenko
    Investigation of a Screw Inductor Design for Quenching Balls
    2_2_52R. Gavariev, K. Gavarieva, Z. Fairuzova
    Investigation of the Temperature Field of the Casting-Mold System during Casting into Metal Molds
    2_2_54I.S. Belashova, T.V. Tarasova, A.V. Rusakova
    Investigation of the Processes of Laser Shock Hardening of Metal Materials
    2_2_55D. Pavlov, M. Erpalov
    The Study of Rheological Properties of Steel 09G2S Using Reverse Modeling to Estimate the Accuracy the Results Obtained
    2_2_56А.В. Владимиров, Г.А. Орлов
    Исследование влияния коэффициента трения на усилия, действующие на короткую оправку, при продольной прокатке
    2_2_57G.K. Akizhanova, S.P. Kharchenko, A.V. Bogomolov
    Improving the Energy Efficiency of Heating Pipe Billets in a Rotary Hearth Furnace
    2_2_58I.A. Durnova, O.V. Aleksashina, T.A. Lartseva
    Determination of Standard Sample Composition When Developing Standard Samples of Establishment
    2_2_59E.A. Morozova, V.S. Muratov, N.S. Yakimov
    Investigation of the Carburizing Process of Chromium Structural Steels
    2_2_60S.A. Barannikova, P.V. Iskhakova
    Temperature Effect on Deformation Response in Austenitic Stainless Steel
    2_2_62D. Zhao, N. Vdonin, I. Ilin
    Role of Welding Current on Microstructural Properties and Welding Characteristics of Spot-Welded Joints for the Dual-Phase Steel
    2_2_65L.V. Radionova, E.V. Safonov, S.R. Faizov, V.A. Bykov
    Causes and solutions of bubbles appearing on the surface of direct extrusion solder rod
    2_2_66Ю.Н. Логинов, Г.В. Шимов, Н.И. Бушуева
    Переработка немерных отрезков труб без применения переплава
    Section 2.3. Chemical and Hydrometallurgical Technologies
    2_3_1E.B. Godunov, I.V. Artamonova, I.G. Gorichev
    Study of Acidic and Basic Properties of Manganese Oxides in Sulfuric Acid Solutions
    2_3_3A.V. Vyboishchik, M.Yu. Popov
    Contemporary Methods of Production of Titania-Containing Pigments from Titanium Tetrachloride
    2_3_4J.A. Bessonova, O.V. Ershova, M.A. Ziablitseva
    Results of Quantum Chemical Evaluation of Interaction between Collecting Agents and Coal Surface
    2_3_5L.V. Sokolov, V.G. Lobanov, O.B. Kolmachikhina
    Methodological Specificities for Researching Electrophysical Activation of Zinc Cake Leaching
    2_3_6E.B. Kolmachikhina, K.D. Naumov, D.I. Bludova
    Selective Copper Extraction from Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries
    2_3_7О.И. Нохрина, И.Д. Рожихина, М.А. Голодова
    Получение высококачественных концентратов методом гидрометаллургического обогащения марганцевых руд
    2_3_8O.Yu. Makovskaya, I.A. Petkin
    Investigation of Ultrasound Assist Co(II) and Ni(II) Sorption by Lewatit TP 220 Ion Exchange Resin
    2_3_9O.Yu. Makovskaya, S.E. Polygalov, E.D. Maklashova
    Sorption Concentration of Palladium from Nitric Acid Solutions on Anionites
    Section 2.4. Surface Engineering and Coatings
    2_4_1V.R. Baraz, E.A. Ishina
    The Influence of Friction Treatment on Peculiarities Microstructure and Properties of Spring Materials
    2_4_2E.E. Dzhafarov, O.A. Bytsenko, A.V. Ionov
    Surface Properties´ Changing Samples from Cobalt-Chromium Powders at Electron-Beam Processing
    2_4_3D.S. Solovjev
    Improving the Electroplating Coating Uniformity Based on Fuzzy Control of the Setting Value Using the Combined Defuzzification Method with the Presence of Stochastic Influences
    2_4_4V. Loganina, M. Zaytseva, Al Saedi Bassam Shareef Deneef
    Structure Formation of a Lime Stone in the Presence of a Polysilicate Solution
    2_4_5A.E. Balanovskiy, Van Trieu Nguyen, Van Vinh Nguyen
    Studying of the Structures and Phase Composition of Alloyed Layers of the Fe-Cr-C-Cu-Sn System during Plasma Melting of a Mixture of Tin Bronze and Chromium Carbide
    2_4_7I.F. Uvarova
    Diffusion-Deformation Instability with Ordered Structure Generation on the Surface of Semiconductors and Metals under Laser Radiation
    2_4_8N. Vodolazskaya,O. Sharaya
    Features of Surface Structure Formation of Steel Pieces in the Process of Heat Hardening
    2_4_9И.В. Шкалей, Т.И. Муравьева, О.О. Щербакова, А.М. Мезрин
    Изучение трансформации поверхности образцов с DLC покрытиями в процессе трения
    2_4_10A.N. Zaytzev, A.N. Lukianova, D.A. Demoretsky
    Assessment of Shear Bond Strength of Thermal Spray Coatings by Applying Prismatic Samples
    2_4_11Van Trieu Nguyen, A.E. Balanovskiy, Van Vinh Nguyen
    Surface Alloying of Low-Carbon Steel with Chromium Carbide during Plasma Reflow
    2_4_13S.V. Vodopyanova, R.S. Sayfullin
    Formation Features of Nickel-Matrix Electrochemical Composite Coatings with the Dispersion Phase of Metal Sulfides
    2_4_14A.V. Gritsenko, A.V. Starunov, V.D. Shepelev
    Plasma Surface Hardening in Parts Recovering Process
    2_4_15A.N. Zayatzev, JI Shoucheng
    Finite Element Analysis of the Tensile Adhesion Testing of Thermally Sprayed Coating on a Cylindrical Sample
    2_4_17M.I. Silensky, R.A. Latypov, A.P. Razin
    Renovation of Combs of HPT Blades with a Concentrated Energy Flow
    Section 2.5. Processing and Controlling Technologies
    2_5_1A.А. Baron, L.V. Palatkina, S.V. Palatkin
    On Using Computer Simulation to Study Casting and Solidification Processes of Standard Cast Iron Sample
    2_5_2N.I.Volgina, A.V.Shulgin, S.S.Khlamkova
    Residual Stresses and Stress Corrosion Resistance of Pipeline Metal
    2_5_3R.G. Vildanov, A.S. Khismatullin, A.S. Kuznetsov
    Shell Structures Stress-Strain State Monitoring System
    2_5_4О.О. Щербакова, Т.И. Муравьева, И.В. Шкалей
    Эволюция структуры и свойств рельсовых сталей в процессе эксплуатации
    2_5_5K.A. Lukashyk, D.S. Burtsev, A.A. Ponomarev
    Dependence of Acoustic Properties of Bell-Shaped Casting on its Cooling Rate Conditions
    2_5_6E.V. Tarasyuk, L.G. Kolyada, A.P. Ponomarev
    The Research of Corrosion Inhibitors Content in Packaging Materials
    2_5_7A.I. Popov, D.M. Bragin, A.V. Eremin
    Effective Thermal Conductivity of Structured Porous Medium: Numerical Study
    2_5_8M.G. Vakhitov, V.V. Razevig, E.V. Leshkov
    Detection of Defects in Composite Elements Using a Microwave Scanning Method
    2_5_11A.M. Pesin, D.O. Pustovoytov, K.G. Pivovarova
    Thermal Analysis of Al-Cu-Mg Aluminum Alloys
    2_5_12M. Mustafaev, D. Mustafaeva, G. Mustafaev
    Material Science and Technological Aspects of the Synthesis of Initial Copper and Silver Chalcogenides and Thin Films with Reproducible Properties Based on Them for Film Thermoelectric Energy Converters
    2_5_13O.V. Boldyreva, V.A. Komarov
    Method of Digital Image Processing in Determining Cracks in Reinforced Concrete Beams
    2_5_16R.O. Sirotkin, O.S. Sirotkin
    The Location of Homo- and Heteronuclear Chemical Bonds and Compounds of Elements (Substances) within the "Chemical Triangle"
    2_5_17M.V. Nadezhkin, S.A. Barannikova
    Study of the Kinetics of Plastic Flow in Titanium Alloys
    2_5_18A. Stolbovsky, S. Murzinova, N. Chikunova
    Study of Chemical Etching Surface of Ultrafine-Grained Copper Obtained by High-Pressure Torsion with Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    2_5_19A. Stolbovsky, S. Murzinova, N. Chikunova
    Quantification of the Ultrafine-Grained Structure of Copper Subjected to High-Pressure Torsion Based on Processing of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of the Chemical Etching Surface
    2_5_20L.B. Zuev, S.A. Barannikova, S.V. Kolosov
    Macroscale Plasticity Parameter of Metals and Alloys
    2_5_22R.O. Sirotkin, A.M. Pavlova, O.S. Sirotkin
    Dependence of Hardness of Substances and Materials on Metallic Character of Chemical Bond of Elements
    2_5_23E.B. Votinova, Al-Saiymari Nardeen
    Experimental and Numerical Study of Fatigue Failure for Carburized Carbon Steel
    2_5_25A.V. Smolyaninov, V.A. Tereshonkov, V.I. Bekhmetiev
    Effect of Impact Load on the Structure of Polymer Composite Materials
    2_5_30E. Zenkov
    Testing Elastomer Specimens to Calculate their Hyperelasticity Properties
    2_5_31A. Suslov, E. Yaroslavkina
    Acoustic Methods for Measuring the Thickness of Deposits on the Inner Wall of Pipelines
    2_5_32L.V. Radionova, A.E. Sarafanov, L.A. Glebov, I. N. Erdakov
    Analysis of Deformation Behavior for Titanium Alloys at Elevated Temperature