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"Пром-Инжиниринг' 2021"

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Раздел 1. Машиностроение
    Секция 1.1. Конструирование машин и механизмов
    1_1_1E.V. Balakina, M.S. Kochetov, D.S. Sarbaev
    Inclined wheel normal stiffness calculation procedure
    1_1_2E.V. Balakina, I.V. Sergienko, R.R. Sanzhapov
    Analysis of various types of elastic wheel radii and establishing necessity and sufficiency of their application for various problems
    1_1_3M.Yu. Karelina, A.V. Klimov, V.S. Ershov
    Design methodology for shock absorbers with regenerative effect for springing systems of wheeled vehicles
    1_1_4S. Shevchenko, A. Mukhovaty, O. Krol
    Modification of two-stage coaxial gearbox
    1_1_5O. Krol
    Modeling of worm gear design with non-clearance engagement
    1_1_8V.A. Pukhliy, E.A.Kogan, S.T. Miroshnichenko
    Hydrodynamics and strength of tornado superchargers
    1_1_9V.A. Pukhliy, E.A.Kogan, S.T. Miroshnichenko
    Application of differential geometry to calculations of stress-strain state of nuclear reactors covers of WWER type
    1_1_10M.A. Asfandiarov, E.I. Kromsky, K.Z. Tilloev
    Development of methods for the computer calculation of a new composite materials compaction mechanism
    1_1_11V.M. Davydov, D.D. Yakuba, A.V. Sarygin
    The exterior design of mechatronic modules for electric spark alloying
    1_1_12M.U. Karelina, T.A. Balabina, A.N. Mamaev
    Determination of point of application of tangent force in contact of wheel with drum and its arm relative to wheel axis
    1_1_13M.A. Asfandiarov, N.D. Orel, C.V. Ivchina
    Development of a program for computer-automated calculation of the conveyor
    1_1_14Alexey V. Antsupov, M.G. Slobodianskii, J.S. Lyasheva
    Multiparameter model of degradation failures in quarto roll systems
    1_1_15S.V. Lapshina, Ye.A. Perevalova
    On the Durability and Strength of Engineering Components
    1_1_16S.S. Kugaevskii, A.E. Gamberg, K.A. Kulpina
    Development of modular later cutter with the application of additive technologies
    1_1_17A.V. Borisov, L.V. Konchina, K.S. Maslova
    Synthesis of controlled multi-link models for musculoskeletal system of person with links of variable length to be used in exoskeleton making
    1_1_18V. Syzrantsev, K. Syzrantseva, D. Kolbasin
    Forming surfaces of a semi-rolled cylindrical gearing wheel and a gear arc teeth
    1_1_19I.P. Troyanovskaya, S.D. Shepelev
    Design of agricultural loader with articulated frame
    1_1_21S.D. Shepelev, M.V. Cheskidov, I.P. Troyanovskaya
    Justification of design and technological parameters for air-screw separator
    1_1_22S.A. Rusanovskiy, M.P. Khudyakov, K.K. Snegireva
    Study of shape-forming of welding bevel in openings of pressure hulls of underwater shipbuilding objects
    1_1_23А.С. Лукьянов , Л.А. Дмитриева , О.А. Чихачева
    Конструктивное преобразование корпуса двухступенчатого редуктора в трансформер
    1_1_24A. Osipov
    Research into geometry of direct-flow duct of hydraulic generator
    1_1_25E. I. Kromsky, K. Z. Tilloev, K.J. Muhiddinzoda
    New mechanism for composite materials compaction
    1_1_27P. Kulakov, A. Rubtsov, V. Afanasenko
    Research into a curvelinear heaving mound depending on the distance between the fixed supports
    1_1_28S.V. Konev, A.S. Fainshtein, I.E. Teftelev
    Calculating the flexure of circular plates with radial stiffening ribs
    1_1_30К.А. Джафаров
    Работа ротора при транспортировки торфяного сырья
    1_1_32I. Kochnev, S. Kondakov, G. Lomakin
    Recuperative heat exchanger calculation method
    1_1_34A.N. Gots
    Selection of the optimum damping coefficient for torsional vibration dampers for reciprocating internal combustion engines crankshafts
    1_1_38O.V. Konischeva, E.V. Bruhoveсkaya, I.V. Kudryavtsev
    Effect of design features of vortex jet grippers on their load capacity
    1_1_39A. Zotov, A. Valeev, A. Sviridov
    Exoskeleton based on elastic hinges with a given characteristic for passive gravitational compensation of heavy objects
    1_1_40A.S. Tokarev, D.V. Karetnikov, A.M. Fayrushin
    Determining optimal geometric dimensions of alternative design elements of rolled and welded tube-to-tube sheet joints
    1_1_41A. Stulov, A. Tikhonov, I. Snitko
    Generative design methodology for electrical machines design based on equivalent circuit and field models of physical processes
    1_1_42A.V. Antsupov, A.A. Fedulov, A.V. Antsupov
    Forecasting and analyzing the efficiency of the working broadband mill equipment
    1_1_43Victor P. Antsupov, Artem A. Fedulov, Aleksandr V. Antsupov
    The kinetic approach to the design evaluation of the reliability of machine parts
    1_1_44N.E. Proskuriakov, I.V. Lopa, A.I. Zhukaev
    Variable speed mechanisms of the pipeline valve drive
    1_1_45S.I. Troshin, A.E. Mityaev, V. KudryavtsevIlya
    Contact pressure in wood bushings of sleeve bearings
    1_1_46S.V. Podbolotov, A.D. Kolga, A.M. Filatov
    Possibilities of creation and application of motor design with independent control function by coxial rotors
    1_1_47A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, M.V. Nasarov
    Matching the transmission and electric motor characteristics of a formula student racecar
    1_1_49M.R. Bekmansurov, I.N. Boyarshinova
    Methods of designing and optimizing constructs to reduce weight
    1_1_50P.I. Ryzhenko, R.N. Polyakov
    Principles of designing a mobile wind turbine for the Arctic and the Far North
    1_1_51L.T. Fayzullina, E.Yu. Tumanova
    Technology for creating compacted bulk layer of catalysts or adsorbents
    1_1_52G.N. Kravchenko, K.G. Kravchenko, A.V. Smolyaninov
    Determining patterns of distribution of random loading load cycles in typical aircraft chassis elements
    1_1_54P.V. Gubarev, D.V. Glazunov, A.S. Shapshal
    Refined collector thermal design for electric locomotive traction engine
    1_1_55A.S. Martinez Leon, A.N. Rukavitsyn, S.F. Jatsun
    UAV airframe topology optimization
    1_1_56A. Bobkov, S. Chepurnykh, M. Krivenko
    Method of energy efficiency evaluation for airplane active fuel system pumping groups
    1_1_57M.M. Zakirnichnaya, I.M. Kulsharipov
    Evaluating conditions for reaching the limit vertical deviation value of the gate valve wedge axis during operation
    1_1_58A.V. Gritsenko, I.D. Alferova, N.V. Pakhomeev
    The development of a liquid forced cooling system in a racecar
    1_1_59A. Dolganov, K. Letnev
    Concept design of robot-mechanic for transport maintenance service
    1_1_60G.N. Kravchenko, I.V. Gerasimov, K.G. Kravchenko
    Restoration of the resource of aviation equipment parts by re-hardening
    1_1_62A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, A.V. Lopukhov
    Selection and calculation of the formula student racecar battery
    1_1_63L.A. Galiullin, R.A. Valiev
    Automation of internal combustion engine components production
    1_1_64B. Arav, D.V. Kozminykh
    Prospects of increase of small Micro Turbine – CHP Systems efficiency by perfection of the thermodynamically cycles
    1_1_65V.R. Roganov, O. A. Kuvshinova, D.M. Grintsov
    To issue of semiotic component visible for pilot of space model beyond cabin of aircraft simulator
    1_1_66G. Koval, Т. Karimova
    Automated Technology and Equipment for Pendulum Layout of Mineral Wool
    1_1_67Yu.Yu. Andreeva, B.A. Zhukov, Ya.V. Kalinin
    Application of numerical and symbolic system for evaluating stressed state of cylindrical shock absorber
    1_1_68A.V. Sytin, D.V. Shutin, R. N. Polyakov
    Applying active foil bearings with bimorph piezoelectric drives in microturbines for distributed energy systems
    1_1_69I.I. Sorokina, M.V. Astahov, E.V. Slavkina
    Statistical analysis of test results of metal - composite compounds under action of shear
    1_1_70A.B. Golovanchikov, N.A. Prokhorenko, O.A. Zalipaeva
    Modeling the structure of the flow with the unsteady movement of water in the pipe
    1_1_71K.A. Masalimov, R.A. Munasypov, S.I. Fecak
    Method of operational diagnostics of metal cutting machine modules
    1_1_72D. Alekseyeff, Yu. Galyshev, A. Zaytsev
    Method for modeling the heat-stressed state of a piston engine cylinder block with the hydrodynamic and heat exchange conjugate conditions
    1_1_73A.M. Kivo, О.A. Kravchenko, D.V. Bogdanov
    The algorithm development for finding of rational parameters of electric drives of exercise machines with compensation of astronauts weight
    1_1_74G.I. Koval, T.G. Karimova
    Calibration of step rolling round profiles rolls
    Секция 1.2. Динамика машин и рабочих процессов
    1_2_1A. Ermakova
    Example of transformation of equilibrium equations of AFEM according to ideal failure model of structure
    1_2_4A.V. Erpalov, R.A. Peshkov
    Probabilistic-based fatigue damage estimation of switching stationary Gaussian random time-histories
    1_2_5A. Sotnikov, A. Olshevsky, A. Sholomitskii
    Strength and durability study of ССM mold oscillation mechanism in different operating modes
    1_2_6L.V. Plotnikov
    Evaluation of gas-dynamic parameters of flows in the gas-air system of a turbocharged diesel engine during the implementation of the Miller’s cycle
    1_2_7V.A. Lebedev, G.V. Serga, M.M. Chaava
    Method of calculating the machines drive with screw working bodies mounted from tetrahedral hollows
    1_2_8Z.R. Mukhametzyanov, M.Z. Zaripov, E.G. Mukhametzyanova
    Improvement of vertical equipment installation technology using modern mechanisms
    1_2_10A. Malozemov, M. Solomonenko, G. Malozemov
    Diesel engine cold start simulation with an inlet air heater using Modelica language
    1_2_11O.V. Repetckii, Van Vinh Nguyen
    Dynamics of turbomachine impellers using sensitivity functions
    1_2_12A.I. Artyunin, O.Yu. Sumenkov
    Automatic balancing of statically unbalanced rotor, rigidly fixed in housing on elastic supports
    1_2_14L.V. Plotnikov, B.P. Zhilkin, L.E. Osipov
    Features of gas exchange processes in reciprocating engines with different hydraulic resistances of the inlet and final systems
    1_2_16A. Startcev, S. Romanov, O. Vagina
    Research into the course stability of a four-wheel drive wheeled machine-tractor unit
    1_2_17A.Yu. Barykin, M.M. Mukhametdinov, R.Kh. Takhaviev
    Drive axle of vehicle and environment impact
    1_2_18A.D. Bardovsky, A.A. Gerasimova, I.I. Basyrov
    The work of a separation screen with parametric sieve excitation
    1_2_19I.V. Dobrov
    To issue of dynamics of solid body in gravitational field of the Earth
    1_2_20I.A. Krivosheev, N.B. Simonov, K.E. Rozhkov
    A method of selecting the number of stages and the allocation of works to those in compressor design
    1_2_21A. Bogdanov, V. Ivanov, G. Astafeva
    Experimental studies in laboratory installation to determine parameters of device preventing driver from falling asleep while driving
    1_2_22N.K. Kuznetsov, I.A. Iov, E.S. Dolgih
    Structural-parametric synthesis of the electric drive control system of excavators digging mechanisms based on the inverse dynamic problems concept
    1_2_23Mohammad Reza Bahrami
    Modeling of movement of electrical transmission line robot inspector through bond-graph
    1_2_24D.V. Kondratov, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
    Modeling the end seal oscillations of the channel filled with pulsating viscous fluid
    1_2_25S.I. Hoodorozhkov
    Simulation of loading modes of drilling pump power drive
    1_2_26E.A. Lazarev, M.A. Matculevich, V.E. Lazarev
    Determining the optimal fuel combustion start point when synthesizing the diesel engine duty cycle
    1_2_27Н.В. Котенева
    исследование контактных напряжений в условиях динамического нагружения деталей машин
    1_2_30A.M. Antimonov, N.B. Pushkareva
    The destruction theory for the water supply systems locking equipment located on the upper floors of the high-rise buildings
    1_2_31A.N. Savoskin, A.P. Vasilev
    Mechano-mathematical models of railway rolling stock spring suspension elastic-friction elements
    1_2_32O.A. Volokhovskaya
    On one method reducing vibroactivity of electric centrifugal downhole pumps
    1_2_33A.E. Popov, Z.V. Almetova, V.D. Shepelev
    An experimental study of intake charge heating in diesel engine in starting conditions at low ambient temperatures
    1_2_34V.A. Serov, S.A. Ustinov, V.B. Titarenko
    Dynamics of hydraulic drive equipped with discrete return flow controller
    1_2_35A.A. Abyzov, I.I. Berezin
    FEM simulation of tracks with soil interaction in curvilinear motion of tracked vehicle
    1_2_36D.V. Chernik, A.A. Karelina, R.V. Kazancev
    Study of dynamic loads of loading machine for mechanized logging
    1_2_37D.V. Chernik, M.M. Litvinova, E.A. Khartanovich
    Transport and technological systems for extinguishing peat fires
    1_2_39N.A. Merentsov, N.S. Sokolov-Dobrev, А.V. Persidskiy
    Calculation of vibration resistance of a chemical reactor high-speed shaft undergoing torsional vibrations. Part I. Development of a block diagram and a dynamic transmission model
    1_2_40N.A. Merentsov, N.S. Sokolov-Dobrev, А.V. Persidskiy
    Calculation of vibration resistance of chemical reactor high-speed shaft undergoing torsional vibrations. Part II. Defining model elastic-inertial parameters
    1_2_41N.A. Merentsov, N.S. Sokolov-Dobrev, А.V. Persidskiy
    Calculation of vibration resistance of chemical reactor high-speed shaft undergoing torsional vibrations. Part III. Calculation of multi-mass system vibrations
    1_2_44A. N. Gots, V. F. Guskov
    Determining fuel consumption of automobile and tractor diesels when some of cylinders disconnected
    1_2_45O. Kobelev, S. Albul, N. Kirillova
    Particularities of calculating temperature fields of large forging billets
    1_2_47M.Yu. Elagin, D.V. Pavlov, R.N. Khmelev
    Development and test of mathematical model of pre-start mode of diesel operation at low temperatures
    1_2_48A.V. Eliseev, N.K. Kuznetsov, S.V. Eliseev
    Features of vibration machines with the introduction of additional links in the form of lever mechanisms
    1_2_50V.I. Sobolev, I.V. Sobolev, T.Ya. Druzhinina
    Non-contact microdynamic tests and inverse dynamics problems in assessing the level of hidden building defects
    1_2_51G.A. Kushner
    Stiffness coefficients and elastic forces under interaction between shafts and plain bearings
    1_2_52Mohammad Reza Bahrami
    Modeling of motion of electrical transmission line robot inspector
    1_2_53R.S. Bolshakov, I.S. Sitov, S.V. Eliseev
    Unilateral constraints in interactions of system elements: estimation of dynamic constraint reactions
    1_2_54A.M. Belousov, D.L. Karelin, A.V. Boldyrev
    Dynamic analysis of hydrostatic transmission with an axial flow divider
    1_2_55A.N. Davydov, A.V. Smolyaninov
    Evaluation of influence of parameters of elastic side bearings on maximum values of horizontal cross forces applied to the way which appearing the movement on switch
    1_2_57A.A. Pasynkov, S.N. Larin, G.V. Panfilov
    Evaluation of power parameters of bar stock upsetting from nonferrous alloys in viscoplastic conditions
    1_2_58A. Tokarev, A. Valeev
    The influence of frequency regulation on the pump piping vibration
    1_2_59D.Ya. Antipin, V.I. Vorobiev, I.A. Kozhuhov
    Development of modernization options for the wheel-motor block of the main DC electric locomotive
    1_2_62A.K. Ivanov, O.V. Abyzov, Yu.V. Galyshev
    Method for assessing performance of catalytic converter of spark-ignition car engine in operating conditions
    1_2_63I. Leonov, N. Barbashov, E. Lobacheva
    Braking energy recuperation management system of device with flywheel storage
    1_2_64I. Sabanaev, A. Gaifutdinov, I. Madyshev
    The program for calculating the critical speed of shaft rotation
    1_2_65A.A. Prikhodko
    Dynamic analysis of irregular motion stirrer with elliptical gear
    1_2_66 A. Shapoval, R. Vakulenko, R. Kantemyrova
    Identifying the limiting height of vertical vibration conveyor with inertia vibration generator
    1_2_67K.V. Chernyshov, I.M. Ryabov, A.V. Pozdeev
    Improvement of the method of suspension vibration isolation properties evaluation under the vibration load norms
    1_2_68I.M. Ryabov, F.R. Al-Sumaidaee, I. M. Titov
    Car service braking efficiency increase due to the improvement of the characteristics of mechanical loss power
    1_2_69D.C. Nguyen, D.B. Yefremov
    Mathematical simulation for forecasting an uneven distribution of the stressed-strain state of metal when expanding large-diameter pipes
    1_2_70N.N. Efimov, V.I. Parshukov, E.E. Blokhin
    Analysis of structural schemes of the active stage of a centripetal wet-steam microturbine
    1_2_71E.E. Richter, A.V. Ignatova
    Methods to study viscoelastic characteristics of rubber-metal hinges
    1_2_72A. N. Kazimirov
    Methods for describing dynamics of agricultural machinery processes
    1_2_73V.V. Telegin
    Performance assessment in design of high-speed automatic machines based on analysis of their dynamics
    1_2_74O.A. Davydov, V.V. Voronin
    Technical condition dynamics in conceptual diagnostic model
    1_2_75A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina
    Modeling dynamics of industrial equipment technical condition
    1_2_76L. Prokudina, Ye. Salamatov
    Simulation of counter-current gas flow in falling-film equipment for moderate Reynolds numbers
    1_2_77R. Nigay
    On one approach to simulation of stiff dynamic systems
    1_2_78A. Terekhin, A. Kovalyov, V. Martemyanova
    Weathervane yawing differential error
    1_2_79D. Yakupov, V. Mokshin
    Comparison of spectral clustering methods for graph models
    1_2_80A.D. Valiev, D.N. Zemskii
    Research of kinetics of cracking of wastes of synthetic rubber by pyrolitic gas сhromatography
    1_2_81V.L. Litvinov
    Investigations of oscillations rope of capacity plants
    1_2_82A.N. Krasnov, M.U. Prakhova, A.S. Tarasenko
    Increase of unstable gas condensate accounting accuracy
    1_2_83A.V. Eremin
    Study on elastic rod oscillations considering material relaxation properties
    1_2_84I.V. Dolotovskij, N.V. Dolotovskaya
    Energy-efficient unit of continuous adsorption drying of natural gas
    1_2_85M.I. Filimonov, A.E. Novikov, M.I. Lamskova
    Identification of flow structure in centrifugal machines
    1_2_86S.S. Shalobanov
    Diagnosing continuous dynamic systems using parametric functions sensitivity
    1_2_87A. Terekhin, A. Kovalyov, V. Martemyanova
    Mathematical models of turbulence for the wake vortex parameters determination
    1_2_88Tint Naing Win, V.M. Alakin, Zar Ni Lin
    Research to determine the installation of additional stabilizer bars for the modernization of trucks
    Секция 1.3. Трение, смазка, износ машин (УРАЛТРИБО-2020)
    1_3_1 K. Gavrilov(?), N. Khozeniuk, M. Izzatulloev
    Theoretical investigations of journal bearings with micro-dimples
    1_3_2А. Аsheichik, D. Zorin
    Optimization of the form and size of the rubber coating for sheaves lifting equipment
    1_3_3S.V. Putintsev, S.P. Chirsky, S.S. Pilatskaya
    Universal technique of comparative testing materials meant for reducing friction and wear in machines
    1_3_4е.в. фоминов , к.г. шучев , м.м. алиев
    исследование процесса граничного трения в случае периодического роста/срыва заторможенной части смазочного слоя
    1_3_5с.а. поляков, е.м. кулешова, с.а. поляков, л.и. куксенова
    анализ влияния пленкообразующих смазочных материалов на несущую способность конструкционных материалов для опор скольжения
    1_3_7V.L. Zakovorotny, V.P. Lapshin, V.E. Gvindjilia
    Tool wear intensity in correlation with evolutionary properties of dynamic cutting system
    1_3_9K.S. Akhverdiev, M.A. Mukutadze, Е.O. Lagunova
    Mathematical model of wedge-shaped sliding support in presence of structure with adapted supporting profile and fusible metal coating of guide surface
    1_3_10A.N. Opatskikh, M.A. Mukutadze, O.B. Sukhorukova
    Simulation model of a journal bearing with a porous and low-melting metal alloy coating on different contact surfaces
    1_3_11К.С. Ахвердиев, М.А. Мукутадзе, Е.О. Лагунова
    Математическая модель клиновидной опоры скольжения при наличии конструкции с адаптированным опорным профилем и легкоплавким металлическим покрытием поверхности направляющей
    1_3_13D.V. Baykov, S.A. Nesterov
    Improvement of technical means for running-in and testing small-sized tractor engines
    1_3_14K.J. Relmasira, P.I. Malenko, A.Yu. Leonov
    Investigation of wear mechanisms in heat-resistant coated steels due to frictional heating in the course of sliding friction with resource lubrication
    1_3_15A.N. Zaytzev
    Plasma-sprayed oxide coatings with advanced tribological properties under dry sliding conditions in air
    1_3_16R.V. Banin, V.A. Butorin, I.B. Tsarev
    Studying rate of changing parameters of bearings technical condition in asynchronous motors for agricultural purpose when transmitting torque by mechanical clutch
    1_3_17B.A. Potekhin, A.S. Khristolyubov, A.Yu. Zhilyakov
    Tribological properties of composite bronzes reinforced with dendrites from maraging and stainless steels
    1_3_18А. Аsheichik, D. Zorin
    Research of mechanisms of destruction of seals at high temperatures
    1_3_19N.V. Vershinina, M.V. Boiko
    Tribological diagnostics of the Mi-26 helicopter tail transmission
    1_3_20Y.P. Serdobintsev, M.P. Kukhtik, D.K. Kuach
    A study of the influence of surface layer properties on the tribotechnical characteristics of plain machine-tool slideways
    1_3_21A N Bolotov, V V Novikov, O O Novikova
    The effect of nanodispersed magnetic oil and magnetic field on plastic and corrosion properties of metal surfaces
    1_3_22I.A. Maiba, V.V. Maiba, D.V. Glazunov
    Mathematical model of railway vehicle moving along track with nonlinear variable characteristic of friction ratio in zone of wheel frictional contact with rail
    1_3_23A. Fetisov, A. Babin, V. Tyurin
    Experimental stand for research of journal bearing lubricated by magnetoreological liquid
    1_3_24A.S. Fetisov, Yu.N. Kazakov, A.V. Kornaev
    Study of trajectories of rotors in journal bearings lubricated with aerated liquids
    Секция 1.4. Конструкторско-технологическое обеспечение машиностроительных производств
    1_4_2V.G. Gusev, A.V. Morozov, E.V. Sobolkovа
    Justification of textured wheels arrangement in combined tool and modeling the workpiece temperature during grinding
    1_4_3V. Gusev
    Hydrodynamic streams of coolant at internal grinding by textured wheel
    1_4_4A.S. Kalashnikov, Yu.A. Morgunov, P.A. Kalashnikov
    Peculiarities of Assembly of Bevel and Hypoid Gears with Curved Teeth
    1_4_5A.M. Umirzokov, K.T. Mambetalin, S.S. Saidullozoda
    On issue of evaluating the effectiveness of the driver-car-road-environment (DCRE) system
    1_4_6M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Computer-aided algorithm for non-linear optimization of finishing operations in machining using precision cutting tool
    1_4_7M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Calculation of technological dimensional chains by probability method
    1_4_9L.G. Nikitina, A.V. Volchenkov
    Study of influence of magnetic -pulse hardening on cutting tools strength and wear resistance
    1_4_10B. Lopatin, S. Plotnikova, V. Bruzhas
    Solid modeling of involute bevel gears
    1_4_11A.N. Polyakov, I.P. Nikitina
    Application of modal analysis to building simulation models of thermal processes in machine tools
    1_4_12D.S. Solovjev, I.A. Solovjeva, V.V. Konkina
    Software development for the optimal parts location in the bath space with the purpose to reduce the non-uniformity of the coating thickness
    1_4_13I.P. Nikitina, S.V. Kamenev, A.N. Polyakov
    Methodology of measuring cutters by using coordinate measuring machine in automatic mode
    1_4_14A. Markov, S. Babaev, I. Yunakov
    Adaptation of PLM information system in Industry 4.0 concept at stage of technological production preparation
    1_4_15A.A. Kulkov, A.Y. Popov, A.Y. Korytov
    Research of forming process of surface quality during machining with free abrasive
    1_4_16L.E. Shvartsburg, S.I. Gvozdkova
    Study of reactive power compensation efficiency for asynchronous motors of metal-cutting machines electric drives
    1_4_17A.S. Yamnikov, E.N. Rodionova, I.A. Matveev
    Influence of technological inheritance on accuracy of assembly of axisymmetric shells
    1_4_18E.V. Fominov, A.A. Ryzhkin, C.G. Shuchev
    The investigations of surface micro hardness of experimental hard alloy grades
    1_4_19L. Mironova, L. Kondratenko
    About one approach to the study of heat fluxes in the processes of drilling deep holes machining
    1_4_21B. Mokritskii, А. Morozova, E.J. Sitamov
    Simulation modeling of the choice of metal cutting tool coating
    1_4_22V. Lyubimov, V. Krasilnikov, V. Volgin
    Investigation of electrochemical machining using nanosecond voltage pulse packets
    1_4_23D. Nguyen, V. Volgin, V. Lyubimov
    Modeling electrical discharge machining of deep micro holes by rotating tool-electrode
    1_4_24V.G. Shalamov, S.D. Smetanin, I.S. Boldyrev
    FEM analysis of carbide insert strength for milling application
    1_4_25M.P. Kukhtik, A.M. Makarov, N.V. Fedorova
    Study and evaluation of stability of technical processes for machine-building products at stage of serial production
    1_4_27A.G. Karavanova, A.S. Kalashnikov
    Studying the impact the microrelief of teeth surface has on gear operational parameters
    1_4_28V.P. Antipin, M.Ya. Durmanov, O.A. Mikhailov
    How the parameters of an agricultural machine and tractor unit affect the wear of friction pairs in a diesel engine when used for transport
    1_4_29M.Ya. Durmanov, B.G. Martynov, S.V. Spiridonov
    Oil consumption through burning in Heavy-Duty operation of an agricultural machine and tractor unit
    1_4_30A.V. Shchurova
    Modeling of turbine rotor journal machining with location on bearing and with center pregrinding
    1_4_31E.I. Shchurova
    Industrial manipulating robot finite element mesh generation based on robot voxel model
    1_4_32I.A. Shchurov
    Axis determination based on regression for calculation of virtual pitch thread diameter using a point cloud from CMM
    1_4_33A.V. Shaparev, I.A. Savin
    Improving technology of manufacturing preparations for brackets of heavy truck cars
    1_4_34B. Prydalnyi, Y. Kuznetsov, V. Lyshuk
    Methodology and tools for computer-aided calculation of characteristics of electromechanical clamping drive actuated by induction motor
    1_4_35A.M. Umirzokov, K.T. Mambetalin, S.S. Saidullozoda
    Road fuel consumption by dump truck in mountain conditions
    1_4_36S.R. Shekhtman, N.A. Sukhova, M.Sh. Migranov
    Very hard titanium carbosilicide coatings to protect parts of energy machines
    1_4_37V.V. Glebov
    Marking metal products by anodic etching by means with semiconductor electrode tools
    1_4_39A.V. Akintseva, A.V. Prokhorov , S.V. Omelchenko
    Features of design and practical application of digital twin of internal grinding operation with CNC
    1_4_40A.V. Akintseva, A.V. Prokhorov, A.A. Kopyrkin
    Assessing cutting force: study of varying internal grinding wheels
    1_4_41I.E. Agureev, R.N. Khmelev, K.Yu. Platonov
    Analysis of influence of installation deformations of diesel cylinder on its operating indicators
    1_4_42A.V. Savilov, A.G. Serebrennikova
    Studies on the effect of output parameters on productivity when turning titanium alloys
    1_4_43D. Elovenko, V. Krausel
    The study of stress state uniformity along the thickness of the constructive element of housing high-pressure vessels deformed by conjugated elements of physical separation of heating elements embedded in the vessel housing
    1_4_44P.P. Pereverzev, A. D. Almawash, M.K. Alsigar
    Modeling metal removal in automatic cylindrical grinding cycles taking into account process dynamics
    1_4_45D.S. Lavrinov
    Development of a method for verification of API thread measurement results by comparing them with measurement results of reference measuring instruments
    1_4_47N. Pokintelitsa, E. Levchenko
    Calculation of contact tensions in the process of thermofrictional treatment
    1_4_48N. Dubkova, V. Kharkov, B. Ziganshin
    Effect of mode amplitude on power consumption in vibrating mixer
    1_4_49M.K. Alsigar, P.P. Pereverzev, A.D. Almawash
    Multi-stages to ensure quality control of designing and production at external cylindrical grinding machines
    1_4_50V. Zinurov, A. Dmitriev, V. Kharkov
    Design of high-efficiency device for gas cleaning from fine solid particles
    1_4_51V.E. Lelyukhin, O.V. Kolesnikova, E.V. Ruzhitskaya
    Geometry of six-dimensional space for engineering
    1_4_52O.Yu. Kazakova, L.B. Gasparova
    Providing the working accuracy of CNC metal-cutting machine
    1_4_53S. Vlasov, V. Vlasova, A. Zentsov
    Performance study of mills with amorphous silicon-carbon coatings
    1_4_54N. Kondratyeva, S. Valeev
    Fatigue test optimization for the aircraft engine based on the life cycle information support and modeling
    1_4_55R.M. Khusainov, A.R. Sabirov, V.V. Lozinsky
    Reduction of static elastic displacements during processing on vertical milling machines
    1_4_56A.A. Kulikov, A.E. Balanovskii, M.V. Grechneva
    Effect of wire arc additive manufacturing process parameters on deposition behavior of steel
    1_4_57А.V. Nikitenko, А.V. Savilov, А.S. Pyatykh
    Study of the axial contact points method applied when end-milling titanium alloys
    1_4_58I.V. Telegin
    Investigation of the effect on the efficiency of hot die forging operations cutting off and heating blanks from rolled round bar
    1_4_61A.V. Karpov
    The express-method for determining the workability of structural steels using the indicator of specific cutting work
    1_4_62V.F. Bulavin, T.G. Bulavina, A.S. Stepanov
    Digital space of small enterprises in engineering
    1_4_64A.V. Belov, A.A. Polivanov, N.G. Neumoina
    Some features of the Pisarenko – Lebedev generalized strength criterion application for long-term strength calculations
    1_4_65A.V. Plyasov, N.N. Trushin
    Evaluation of the impact of the actual geometry of the planetary gearing on its capabilities in the KISSSYS program
    1_4_66S. Lukina, S. Ivannikov, M. Krutyakova
    Predictive simulation tool for control over precision of geometrically complex mould making at preproduction engineering stage
    1_4_67E. Krylov, N. Kozlovtseva, V. Barabanov
    A tool management system design using object-oriented and functional modeling
    1_4_68V.E. Lelyukhin, O.V. Kolesnikova
    Classification of technologies for obtaining geometric configuration of parts
    1_4_69D. Rodionov, A. Lyukhter, V. Prokoshev
    Methods of designing technological trajectories of single layer of laser powder cladding on flat surfaces of part model in CAM
    1_4_70V.Yu. Vinogradov, O.G. Morozov, R.Z. Gibadullin
    Aeroacoustic cartography as method of non-destructive testing of turbine blades based on fiber- optic sensor systems
    1_4_71A.A. Yakovlev, S.G. Postupaeva, N.V. Fedorova
    Exploratory design of technical systems with fluid and gas working body based on heuristic modeling of physical operating principles
    1_4_72A.V. Bogoyavlensky, A.V. Shatilo
    Computer-aided design of precast end mills based on parametric model
    1_4_73A.V. Akintseva, P.P. Pereverzev
    Modeling cutting force during internal grinding with different wheel characteristics
    1_4_74G. Pipiay, L. Chernenkaya, V. Mager
    Fuzzy formalization of individual quality criteria for quality level evaluation by using two-level optimization model
    1_4_75A.A. Kulikov, A.V. Sidorova, A.E. Balanovski
    Programming industrial robots for wire arc additive manufacturing
    1_4_76Hristo Radev, Dimitar Diakov, Hristiana Nikolova
    Metrology assurance of assembling DESY’s XFEL free-electron laser accelerator of elementary particles
    1_4_77A. Bozhko
    Modeling geometric obstacles in assembly of complex products
    1_4_78V. Nosenko, A. Silaev, B. Grednikov
    Information model of the automated system of assembling plant identification and traceability
    1_4_79V. Salnikov, Yu. Frantsuzova
    Modeling of production processes energy characteristics in mechanical engineering
    1_4_80V. Zhoga,V. Dyashkin-Titov, N. Vorob’eva
    Control algorithm for compensated tripod-based manipulators
    1_4_81R. Fatkieva, E. Evnevich, A. Vasiliev
    Modeling and assessment of production cycle information entropy under joint activities
    Секция 1.5. Конструирование машин и механизмов
    1_5_1I.N. Starunova, A.V. Starunov, S.Yu. Popova
    Ensuring stability of wheeled vehicles when driving on slopes
    1_5_3A.Ch. Khatagov, S.B. Adzhimanbetov, Z.A. Khatagov
    Conceptual design methodics of hybrid car traction drive
    1_5_4V.I. Posmetev, V.O. Nikonov, V.V. Posmetev
    Results of computer simulation of a braking vehicle energy recovery system
    1_5_5Y.V. Bazhenov, V.P. Kalyonov, M.Y. Bazhenov
    Investigation into operational reliability of vehicle electronic systems
    1_5_6L.B. Tsvik, E.V. Zenkov
    Numerical modeling of a railway wheel profile in a fillet radius space using the uniform search method
    1_5_7V. Kushnir, N. Gavrilov, I. Koshkin
    Features of development of structures of extruders
    1_5_8M. Lyashenko, P. Potapov, A. Iskaliev
    Research of dynamics of seat air suspension with possibility of vibration energy recuperation under action of typical harmonic disturbances
    1_5_9D. Kushaliyev, L.T. Shulanbayeva, B.A. Ermanova
    Functional Tuning of Car Suspension
    1_5_11M. Grigoriev, V. Zenchenko
    Approaches to formation of car service modes in case of complete or insufficient information on operational reliability of car elements
    1_5_12L. Abdullina, N. Barbashov
    Development of mechanized rotary car parks with flywheel energy storage device
    1_5_13A.N. Novikov, M.D. Tebekin, S.V. Kolpakova
    Vibration diagnostics of swivel suspension elements of automotive vehicles
    1_5_14A.V. Kurapin, E.A. Salykin, K.E. Tshiband
    Indicator analysis of injection process of different composition mixtures of diesel fuel and palm oil at changing of speed mode of diesel engine
    1_5_17D.N. Ilushin, A.M. Lartsev, E.A. Fedyanov
    Selection of air cooled diesel engine boosting level considering process deviations of parameters
    1_5_19V. Dygalo, M. Lyashenko, O. Kosov
    Analysis of constructive reliability and maintainability of the contemporary electronic control units of the active safety systems
    1_5_23A.V. Lagerev, V.I. Tarichko, I.A. Lagerev
    Simulation of change in reliability of rope system motion mechanism in mobile ropeway complex
    1_5_24A.V. Vasilenko, S.A. Ivanov, V.I. Gilmutdinov
    Interaction of a large tire with the soil
    1_5_25A.A. Gorbunov, A.M. Burgonutdinov
    Improving technical readiness of wheeled and tracked vehicles in severe climatic conditions
    1_5_26L.V. Konchina, M.G. Kulikova, A.V. Borisov
    Modeling the equipment for mechanical bulk products sorting
    1_5_27A.N. Gotz, V.S. Klevtsov
    Method of calculating the stress-strain state of the cylinder head of a liquid-cooled transport diesel engine
    1_5_28O. Lukashuk, K. Letnev, A. Komissarov
    Specifics of rock excavation process using open-pit excavator
    1_5_29М.G. Boyarshinov, N.I. Kuznetsov
    Temperature condition of car exhaust system at low ambient temperatures
    1_5_30S.I. Malafeev, S.S. Malafeev
    Analysis of a quarry mobile diesel generator station during the moving of an excavator
    1_5_31V Dygalo, I Zhukov
    Experimental and theoretical approach for evaluation of thermal loading of car brake discs
    1_5_37I. Savin, R. Polyakov, Fu Sheng-ping
    Opportunities for increasing the operability of heavy vehicle transmissions by using thermodynamically stable power semiconductor devices
    1_5_39N.N. Trushin
    Development of Operational Opportunities for Two-Stage Torque Converters
    1_5_40G.G. Kozhushko, M.D. Lukashuk, O.A. Lukashuk
    Conveyor belt vibrations
    1_5_41A.A. Shigina, A.O. Shigin, A.A. Stupina
    Properties-based identification and separation of rocks in the drilling process and shipment
    1_5_42Y. Liberman, N. Shonokhova, O. Lukashuk
    Development of control systems for screw propellers
    1_5_43A. Asanov, I. Myshkina
    Management of transport and logistics system based on predictive cognitive and fuzzy models
    1_5_44A. Dmitriev, I. Madyshev, A. Khafizova
    The study of influence of hole diameter within the inclined-corrugated contact elements on the hydraulic and heat-mass transfer characteristics of cooling toweraper
    1_5_45V.A. Smoliy, E.A. Yatsenko, A.A. Chumakov
    Foamed heat-insulating materials
    1_5_47R.R Sharapov
    Improving the design of the air separator
    Секция 1.6. Механическая обработка метериалов
    1_6_1N.V. Vulykh, A.N. Vulykh
    Computer simulation of microprofile strain under orthogonal impact at constrained load. Part 1
    1_6_2N.I. Oleynik, E.V. Malkova, S.Yu. Popova
    The algorithm for calculating the milling error by mathematical modeling method when machining the parts
    1_6_3O.A. Kursin, X.B. Pham, А.A. Zhdanov
    Improving surface quality in honing low-carbon steels pre-treated by hydrogen absorption
    1_6_4V.A. Stelmakov, M.R. Gimadeev, D.D. Iakuba
    Research on the process of forming cylindrical surfaces of holes during milling finish with end mills using a circular interpolation strategy
    1_6_5M.R. Gimadeev, V.A. Stelmakov, V.V. Gusliakov
    Cutting forces and roughness during ball end milling of inclined surfaces
    1_6_6Yu. Bagaiskov
    Optimization criteria for modeling gear hone tooth engagement and processed gear in terms of specific sliding and contact pattern size
    1_6_7I.S. Boldyrev, D.Y. Topolov
    Twist drilling FEM simulation for thrust force and torque prediction
    1_6_9A.M. Kozlov, S.K. Ambrosimov, A.A. Kozlov
    Modeling abrasive grain interaction with machined surface
    1_6_10А.А. Dyakonov, S.V. Sergeev, A.V. Baev
    On the formation of groove geometry defects due to transverse vibrations of end mills
    1_6_11I.Yu. Orlov, S.A. Krukov, N.V. Baydakova
    Peculiarities of process conditions and rail grinding modes
    1_6_12N. Papsheva, O. Akushskaya
    Thermal processes in surface plastic deformation of difficult-to-cut materials
    1_6_13S.K. Ambrosimov, A.M. Kozlov
    Nonlinear matching between forming motions as the basis for machining composite surfaces with simple shape tools
    1_6_14M. Ociepa, M. Jenek, O.V. Yagolnitser
    Chip formation analysis in finish turning of alloy and PM hardened tool steels using coated and uncoated PBCN tools
    1_6_15О.А. Nikitina, Т.М. Slobodyanik
    Numerical modelling of metal thin layer upset forging with extrusion into in forging cavity under stiffening rib
    1_6_17O. Erenkov, I. Lopushanskii, D. Yavorskii
    Calculation of the stress-strain state of the polymer material in the cutting zone
    1_6_18T.N. Ivanova, Witold Bialy
    Research on formation of microgeometry of work surface of grinding wheel
    1_6_19С.В. Грубый, П.А. Чаевский
    Оптимизация конструкции пластины для канавочного резца
    1_6_20T.N. Ivanova
    Possibilities of technology grinding steel parts
    1_6_21V.P. Koltsov, V. B. Rakitskaya, E.V.Tardybaeva
    Calculation of allowance value for grinding with flap wheels of shot-treated surface to ensure required roughness
    1_6_22D.D. Boldasov, A.S. Komshin, A.B. Syritskii
    Phasechronometric turning monitoring system testing in industrial conditions
    1_6_23S.V. Grubyi, P.A. Chaevskiy
    Optimizing the design of a grooving tool plate
    1_6_24A.R. Ingemansson
    Mathematical modeling of cutting process output parameters for production technological preparation and adaptive control of turning and milling in digital production systems
    1_6_25O. Erenkov, I. Lopushanskii, D. Yavorskii
    Study of caprolon turning using cutting fluid
    1_6_26A.A. Troshin, A.V. Kochetkov, O.V. Zakharov
    Modeling and Optimization of Tools for Machining Helical Grooves
    1_6_27A.A. Fomin, R.G. Safin, N.M. Terekhin
    Increase in accuracy of calculation of cut thickness parameters at profile milling
    1_6_28A.A. Fomin, R.V. Yudin, D.G. Riabushkin
    Mathematical modeling of energy characteristics at profile milling of sub-standard workpieces
    1_6_29Yu.L. Tchigirinsky, N.V. Chigirinskaya, Z.S. Tikhonova
    Regression modeling of machining processes
    1_6_30M. Dvornik, E. Mikhailenko
    Research into the influence of the planetary ball mill rotation frequency on the limiting value of the specific surface area of the WC and Co nanopowders caused by the coalescence or hardening of particles
    1_6_31P. Pereverzev, S.Yudin
    Analytical simulation of relations between cutting force and elastic distortion of process system during plane grinding
    1_6_32S.A. Kurguzov, M.V.Nalimova, A.A. Kalchenko
    Study of “Burr” defect cases in the bolt production
    1_6_33L.F. Sitdikova, I.K. Gimaltdinov
    Reflection and refraction features of sound waves at oblique incidence on the interface "porous medium – gas"
    1_6_34N.V. Lishchenko, V.P. Larshin, I.V. Marchuk
    Forced cooling modeling in grinding
    1_6_35L.V. Radionova, R.A. Lisovsky, V.D. Lezin
    Theory of energy conservation as the basis for the design of wire drawing
    Секция 1.7. Промышленные гидравлические и пневматические системы и оборудование
    1_7_1A. Markov
    Accuracy assessment of setting pressure change speed in aircraft control systems of air-speed flight parameters
    1_7_2V. Sokolov
    Hydrodynamics of flow in flat slot with boundary change of viscosity
    1_7_3V. Sokolov
    Increase measurement accuracy of average velocity for turbulent flows in channels of ventilation systems
    1_7_5N.A. Fomenko, S.V. Aleksikov, S.G. Artemova
    Actuation control system of hydraulic machine drive locking device
    1_7_6A.V. Nefedov, V.V. Svichkar, O.N. Chicheneva
    Re-engineering of equipment to feed melting furnace with aluminum charge
    1_7_7S.N. Rednikov, E.N. Akhmedyanova, D.M. Zakirov
    Comprehensive diagnostics of state of metallurgical equipment
    1_7_8A.N. Sirotenko, S.A. Partko
    Research of mathematical model of pneumatic actuator with energy recovery
    1_7_9K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Adaptive vibration protection systems for pipelines
    1_7_10K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Hybrid hydraulic systems in technological processes
    1_7_11L.A. Ilina, M.S. Krasnodubrovsky, N.A. Dukov
    Determination of the main structural parameters of the device for creating a two-layer annular flow
    1_7_12V.S. Sidorenko, D.A. Korotych, S.P. Prikhodko
    Positional hydraulic drive of rotary dividing gears with increased speed and exactitude
    1_7_13D.D. Dymochkin, D.A. Korotych, A.N. Kharchenko
    The calculation of pneumatic actuator pipelines
    1_7_14V.I. Grishchenko, M.S. Kilina, G.A. Dolgov
    Mathematical model of hydraulic shock absorber with feedback
    1_7_15I.A. Sysoev
    Making up model for forced cathode cooling of casing powerful aluminum electrolyzer with prebaked anodes
    1_7_16A.A. Bazarov, N.V. Bondareva, A.A. Navasardyan
    Heat system for rigid wedge valves
    1_7_18K. Syzrantseva, V. Rumyantsev, M. Alfyorova
    Mathematical modeling of gas transportation system using graph theory
    1_7_19E.S. Tugova, D.D. Salov , O.Yu. Bushuev
    Diagnostics of a pressure transmitter based on output signal noise characteristics
    1_7_20A.V. Kustov, V.M. Kornev, P.S. Shastovsky
    Vortex rectification stages with low hydraulic resistance
    Секция 1.8. "Зеленые технологии" в машиностроении
    1_8_1A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
    Environmental issues of the railway transport and solutions thereto
    1_8_2D.D. Fazullin, G.V. Mavrin, L.I. Fazullina
    Disposal of spent coolant by dynamic membrane
    1_8_3S.V. Anakhov, A.V. Matushkin, Yu.A. Pyckin
    Effectiveness of the plasma neutralization technology for supertoxicants
    1_8_5A.P. Mitrofanov, A.A. Isaeva, V.A. Nosenko
    State of the nickel alloy surface layer after grinding with a minimum quantity lubrication
    1_8_7L.A. Ilina, A.А. Shagarova, I.О. Goncharov
    Comparative analysis of the performance of oscillating and propeller stirrers
    1_8_9A.G. Vozmilov, R. Yu. Ilimbetov, D.V. Astafev
    Environmental aspects of trucks transition to alternative type of fuel
    1_8_10A.S. Rychkova, V.Y. Sokolov, S.A. Naumov
    Analysis of experience of actual operation of gas turbine units Capstone C1000. Issues of concern and methods for problem solving
    1_8_11A. Miroshnichenko, A. Kulganatov, E. Sirotkin
    Folding wind turbines with vertical axis of rotation as way to ensure safe operation in emergency situations
    1_8_12B.H. Gaitov, A.V. Samorodov, V.A. Kim
    New type of energy-saving oil treatment plant
    1_8_13V. Kushnir, I. Koshkin, S. Ibragimova
    Electric heating of non-conductive dispersed raw materials in activated carbon production
    1_8_14Yu.Ya. Simkin, S. A. Voinash
    Biofuel produced from larch dry debarking waste
    1_8_15S. Isaev, О. Erenkov, I. Galanina
    Improving the technology of wood glued materials production
    1_8_17R.Y. Zakharov, N.E. Volkova
    Hydropower potential as a resource for improving the water management situation in Crimea
    Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства
    Секция 2.1. Полимеры, композиты и керамика
    2_1_2Sergey M. Vasilyev, Yuri M. Kosichenko, Oleg A. Baev
    New types of Geo-Composite Materials for Anti-Filtration Systems
    2_1_3A.A. Shabashov
    Features of the Titanium Alloy Nanofibers Production for Neurosurgery and Ophthalmology
    2_1_4O. A. Ignatova, A. A. Dyatchina
    Influence of High-Calcium Ash Composition on the Composite Binders’ Properties
    2_1_6Liliia V. Ilina, Irina N. Mukhina, Mariya M. Semenova
    Hardening Cement Conglomerates by Mining Industries Waste
    2_1_7Yuri M. Kosichenko, Oleg A. Baev, Sergey M. Vasilyev
    Geo-composite Drainage Material for Hydro-technical and Civil Engineering
    2_1_9Alfred М. Suleymanov, Ekaterina B. Tuisina, Lenar N. Shafigullin
    Development of Accelerated Weather Testing Procedure for Materials of Polypropylene Tanks
    2_1_10Lenar N. Shafigullin, Natalya V. Romanova, Alfred М. Suleymanov
    Study of Causes of Plastic Pipe Failures
    2_1_12Artem E. Buntin
    Influence of Nano-modification on Structural, Mechanical and Physico-chemical Characteristics of Bentonite
    2_1_14L.G. Kolyada, A.V. Smirnova, Е.V.Tarasyuk
    Development of New Composite Materials from Tetra Pak Packaging Waste
    2_1_15N.Y. Efremov, O.A. Oreshina, V.D. Mushenko
    Research of Hardness of Polymer Composite Materials Based on Silicone and Aluminium Hydroxide with Various Mechanical-Chemical Processing
    2_1_18L.B. Aksenov, I.Y. Kononov, N.G. Kolbasnikov
    Stress State of 3D-Printed Plastic Dies at Thin-Sheet Aluminum Bending
    2_1_19Maksim A. Orlov, Irina A. Polikarpova, Aleksander N. Kalinnikov
    Development and Testing of Polyurethane Coating for Protection of Gas Turbine Engine Blades
    2_1_20Olga Buslaeva, Sergei Sapozhnikov
    Composite Materials with the Coating to Detect Barely Visible Impact Based on the Retroreflective Film
    2_1_21V.N. Zyryanova, E.V. Lytkina, A.P. Ochur-ool
    Serpentinite Magnesium Binders, based on Technogenic Raw Materials
    2_1_22Oksana V. Lebedeva, Yury N. Pozhidaev, Tatyana V. Raskulova
    Organic-Inorganic Composite for Extraction of Platinum(IV)
    2_1_24Aksaule A. Mamayeva, Akerke T. Imbarova, Marzhan T. Chukmanova
    Investigation of Temperature Deformations and Burning of Models From Polymers
    2_1_25V.A. Beregovoi, A.M. Beregovoi, I.Yu. Lavrov
    Technology of 3DPrinting of Light Ceramics for Construction Products
    2_1_30V.S. Kuzevanov, S.S. Zakozhurnikov, G.S. Zakozhurnikova
    Model and Results of a Study of the Synthesis of Finely Dispersed Silicon Carbide in an Electro-Thermal Reactor
    2_1_31Boris M. Goltsman, Lyubov A. Yatsenko , Natalia S. Goltsman
    Study of the Water-Glass Role in the Foam Glass Synthesis using Glycerol Foaming Agent
    2_1_32Tamara I. Shishelova, Vadim V. Fedchishin, Mikhail A. Khramovskih
    Heat-Resistant Composite Materials on the Base of Mica and Glass
    2_1_33Tamara I. Shishelova, Vadim V. Fedchishin, Mikhail A. Khramovskih
    Study of Whiskers to be Used in Composite Materials
    2_1_34N.P. Shabelskaya, M.A. Egorova, E.V. Vasilieva
    Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of CoFe2O4/Fe2O3 Nanosized Composite Material
    2_1_35V.I. Kuzmin, V.I. Lysak, E.V.Kuzmin
    Investigation of the Influence of Kinematic and Energy Parameters on the Structure and Strength of Explosion-Welded Steel-Aluminum Composite
    2_1_36Sergey A. Koksharov, Nadezhda L. Kornilova, Elena N. Nikiforova
    Increasing the Uniformity of Nano-Dispersed SiO2 Distribution in Polymeric Binder of Composite Material
    2_1_37Oleg Kh. Karimov, Galina Yu. Kolchina, Eldar M. Movsumzade
    A Study of Reactivity of Model Compounds of Lignin Biopolymer
    2_1_39Konstantin S. Makarevich, Oleg I. Kaminsky, Aleksey V. Zaitsev
    An Investigation of Photocatalytic Activity of Coatings Based on Strontium Bismuthate Deposited on a Ceramic Carrier
    2_1_40Konstantin S. Makarevich, Oleg I. Kaminsky, Aleksey V. Zaitsev
    Synthesis and Study of the Properties of Photocatalytic Compositions Based on SrO / Bi2O3 and (BiO)2CO3 Solid Solutions with Modifying Additives of Transition Metals Cu, Mn, Fe
    2_1_42Mikhail V. Zhikharev, Oleg A. Kudryavtsev, Anastasia V. Ignatova
    Experimental and Numerical Study of the Hybridisation Effect on the High-Velocity Impact Resistance of Thermoplastic Composites Based on Aramid Fabrics
    2_1_45Artem E. Buntin
    Ceramics Based on Nano-Modified Alumino-Silicates
    2_1_49Aleksey N. Blaznov, Vyacheslav V. Firsov, Maxim E. Zhurkovsky
    A Study on Chemical Durability of Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic in NaOH Environment
    2_1_50Irina Pavlova, Maria Sapozhnikova, Elena Farafontova
    The Use of Overburden Clay in Ceramic Production
    2_1_51Irina Pavlova, Anna Getman, Elena Farafontova
    The Way of Utilization of Fused Corundum Dust Waste for the High-Alumina Chamotte Production
    2_1_52Svetlana N. Yatsenko, Nikita A.Penkov, Andrey A. Krasnov
    About Using Composite Materials when Restoring High-Resource Details with Application of Additive Technologies are Given
    2_1_55Evgeny A. Kirichenko, Pavel G. Chigrin, Anton A. Gnidenko
    Synthesis of YFeO3-? and LaFeO3-? Perovskites with high Catalytic Activity in Carbon Oxidation Reactions
    2_1_57R.R. Khasanshin, R.R. Safin, S.R. Mukhametzyanov
    Studying the Performance of Composites Based on Thermally Modified and UV-Treated Wood
    2_1_58Sergey A. Koksharov, Olga V. Lepilova, Svetlana V. Aleeva
    Technology for Preparation of Hybrid Sorbents Based on Plant Raw Materials and Montmorillonite
    2_1_60Vyacheslav Barakhtenko
    Method of Metallurgical Production Waste Processing
    2_1_61Yuriy Velyaev, Ilona Kometiani, Olga Miroshnichenko
    Synthesis of Amorphous Zirconium Dioxide from Zirconyl Nitrate in Presence of Oxalic Acid
    2_1_62M.Sh. Nikhamkin, D.G. Solomonov
    Change of the Elastic Characteristics of a Fiber-Reinforced Laminate as a Result of Progressive Fatigue Damage
    2_1_64Z.T. Valishina, A.V. Kostochka, A.A. Saetshin
    Modeling of Grinding Technology Fibrous Materials in the Production Process
    2_1_65P.G. Shelenkov, P.V. Pantyukhov, A.A. Popov
    Mechanical Properties of Bio-composites Based on Polymer Blends of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer and Polyethylene with Natural Fillers
    Секция 2.2. Стали и сплавы, металлургические и металлообрабатывающие технологии
    2_2_2Sergey O. Nepryakhin, Olga V. Vodopyanova
    Research into the Effect of Speed Mismatch during Continuous Rolling on the Process Parameters
    2_2_3Yu.A. Morgunov, S.L. Petukhov, B.P. Saushkin
    Micro-ECM of the Aerodynamic Surface Understating
    2_2_4V.I. Astashchenko, G.F. Mukhametzyanova , I.R. Mukhametzyanov
    Structural Heredity of Cast Iron in Bimetallic Products
    2_2_5Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
    Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Ti-6AI-4V Titanium Alloy Bars Depending on Aluminum and Molybdenum Strength Equivalents
    2_2_6V.N. Pustovoit, Yu.V. Dolgachev, Yu.M. Dombrovskii
    The Technology of Distortion-Free Quenching in a Magnetic Field of Thin-Walled Details of the Ring Form
    2_2_7и.в. мишенина, м.в. худоян, н.г. барвинюк
    коррозионная стойкость быстрозакаленных сплавов алюминия с переходными металлами
    2_2_8Oleg Kobelev, Lilya Valeeva, Alla Gerasimova
    Forging Process Flow Development for Plate Production
    2_2_9A.B. Naizabekov, S.N. Lezhnev, E.A. Panin
    Formation of a Gradient Structure in Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 321 by Radial-Shear Rolling
    2_2_11Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Maxim A. Ryzhkov, Dmitriy I. Lebedev
    Microstructure of the Heat Treated Advanced Low Carbon Steel
    2_2_12L.P. Arefeva, A.G. Sukijazov, Yu.V. Dolgachev
    Contact Potential Difference as a Non-Destructive Testing of Steel
    2_2_13Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Aleksandra A. Kuklina, Dmitriy I. Lebedev
    Isothermal Heat Treatment of the Low-Carbon Martensitic Steel
    2_2_14Sergey Platov, Konstantin Maslennikov, Nicolay Urtsev
    Forecasting the Microstructure of a Microalloyed Steel Plate Strip
    2_2_16Yu.N. Loginov, N.А. Babailov
    The Improvement of the Briquetting Press Rolls
    2_2_17О.С. Лехов, Д.Х. Билалов, А.В. Михалев
    Напряжения в бойках с буртами при получении стальных сортовых заготовок на установке совмещенного процесса непрерывного литья и деформации
    2_2_18Sergey A. Tipalin, Vladislav B. Belousov, Svetlana I. Lyubetskaya
    Testing the Cross-Sectional Microhardness in Sheets with A 0.08% Carbon Concentration
    2_2_19Boris Yurev, Vladimir Goltsev , Vyacheslav Dudko
    High Performance Process Development for Iron Ore Concentration
    2_2_20Boris Yurev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Determination of Key Parameters Required to Optimize Calcination Process in Ferrous Metallurgy Heating Plants
    2_2_21Sergey Koloskov, Sergey Sidelnikov, Denis Voroshilov
    Modeling Process of Semi-Continuous Extrusion of Hollow 6063 Aluminum Alloy Profiles Using QForm Extrusion
    2_2_22Nikolai N.Nikulchenkov, Andrey A. Redikul’tsev , Mikhail L. Lobanov
    Mechanism of Solid-State Amorphization in the Fe-Si-Cu-Mg-O System
    2_2_23Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Bending Steel Billet on Presses of Tube Electrical Welding Aggregation
    2_2_25Vladimir Pastukhov, Sergey Averin, Mikhail Lobanov
    The Effect of Microstructure and Temperature Gradient on Radiation-Induced Swelling of Austenitic Steel
    2_2_26Volodymyr Kukhar, Eduard Klimov, Serhii Chernenko
    Analysis of Galvanized Steel Sheets Fabrication in Cold Rolling Shop and Identification of Local Impacts Contributing to Corrosion of Metal-Products
    2_2_27Assemgul Uderbayeva, Ayaulym Rakhmatulina, Gulzira Nurakhmetova
    Selection of Rational Deformation Pressing Modes in a Special Device
    2_2_31V.S. Muratov, N.S. Yakimov
    Formation of Structure and Properties of 30HGSN2A Steel at Technological Stages of Manufacture of Heavy-Loaded Parts
    2_2_32Valery Kostin, Tetjana Taranova, Vladimir Zvorykin
    Fracture of Electron Beam Welding Joints of Titan Alloys
    2_2_33A.M. Rekov
    The Density of Deformations Distribution on the Side Edges During Strip Rolling
    2_2_34Alexander Burdonov
    On the Use of Photometric Separation for the Processing of Techno-Genic Raw Materials
    2_2_35Nina V. Nemchinova, Sergei S. Belskii, Alexander A. Vlasov
    Studying Aluminum Alloy Defects
    2_2_36Ainagul Toleuova, Gulnaz Musina, Saule Kaldybayeva
    Modifying and Micro-Alloying Effect on Carbon Steels Microstructure
    2_2_39S.I. Platov, V.A. Nekit, N.V. Urtsev
    Investigation of Temperature-Time Modes of Rolling of Thick-Sheet Steel and Mechanical Properties of Finished Products
    2_2_40Dmitry G. Shaysultanov, Kazimzhon Sh. Raimov, Nikita D. Stepanov
    Friction Stir Welding of the Carbon-Doped Dual-Phase High-Entropy Alloy
    2_2_41Aleksey N. Shapovalov, Roman R. Dema, Sergey P. Nefedev
    Experience of Using Complex Modifiers to Increase Corrosion Resistance of Pipe Steels
    2_2_42Vladimir Toporov, Alexander Khalezov, Danis Nukhov
    Evaluation of the Effect of Holding the Mandrel in the Extreme Position of the FQM Mill on the Formation of Surface Defects
    2_2_45Elena Shiriaeva, Marina Polyakova
    Design of Pipe Steel Hot Rolling Technological Process Based on System Analysis
    2_2_46V.M. Gavrish, T.V. Chayka, G.A. Baranov
    Investigation of the Effect of Tungsten Carbide (WC) Nanopowder on Iron-based Powder Structural Materials
    2_2_47Vladimir K. Afanasyev, Marina M. Sagalakova, Evgeny V. Tankov
    Influence of the Melt Treatment Method on the Properties of Cast Iron
    2_2_48Raisa K. Mysik, Andrey V. Sulitsin, Vadim V. Morgunov
    To the Question of the Manufacturing Ability a Contact Wire by Continuous Casting Rod
    2_2_49Sergey V. Brusnitsyn, Irina A. Gruzdev, Ivan A. Sokolov
    The Study of the Copper Alloy Structure and Properties
    2_2_50Yevgen Smyrnov, Vitalii Skliar, Doston Parpiev
    Evaluating Plasticity of Alloy AD31 on Ingot Height
    2_2_51A.M. Stolyarov,Ye.A. Buneyeva, M.V. Potapova
    Influence of External Action on the Internal Structure of Continuously Cast Slab Produced from Tube Steel
    2_2_52A.G. Illarionov, S.V. Grib, A.A. Popov
    Phase Transformations in the Quenched Alloy Based on Orthorhombic Titanium Aluminide during Heating
    2_2_53M. Stolyarov, Ye.A. Buneyeva, M.V. Potapova
    Interrelation of CCM (Steel Billet Continuous Casting Machine) Tube Steel Casting Parameters and Hot-Rolled Plate Quality
    2_2_54Vladimir I.Mironov, Igor G. Emelyanov, Olga A. Lukashuk
    Criteria of Material Failure in Relation to Hydrogen Saturation
    2_2_56Mikhail P. Kuzmin, Marina Yu. Kuzmina, Petr B. Kuzmin
    Production of Primary Silumins Ingots Modified with Strontium
    2_2_57Anatoly N. Makarov, Victoria V. Okuneva
    Analysis of the Development and Working of a Method for Increasing the Efficiency of Arcs in Small-Capacity Arc Steel Furnaces
    2_2_58K.I. Smirnov, P.A. Gamov
    Pyro-metallurgical Processing of Ilmenite Concentrate with Production of Iron and Titanium Oxides
    2_2_59A. Bilgenov, A.R. Tabylbaeva, P.A. Gamov
    Influence of Temperature and Holding Time on Number and Size of Metal Particles During Solid-Phase Reduction of Iron By Carbon
    2_2_60Evgenii A. Usoltcev, Evgenii L. Furman, Igor E. Furman
    Development of Cast Cobalt Alloy for SRP Valve Pairs
    2_2_61Sergey Sidelnikov, Ivan Dovzhenko, Irina Belokonova
    Simulation of Process Rolling Plates from Alloy of Al-Mg System Economically Doped with Scandium
    2_2_62Vladimir A. Nosenko, Alexander V. Fetisov, Nikita D. Serdyukov
    Study of Metal, Silicon Carbide Crystals and Ceramic Bond Transfer to the Surface of Titanium Alloy during Grinding
    2_2_63Vladimir A. Nosenko, Alexander V. Fetisov, Semen P. Kuznetsov
    Transfer of Abrasive Material at Grinding a Titanium Alloy with a Wheel of Cubic Boron Nitride
    2_2_65Artemii Bernatskyi, Volodymyr Sydorets, O. Berdnikova
    Laser Spot Welding in Different Spatial Positions
    2_2_66Badrudin G. Gasanov, Abakar B. Gasanov, Artem A. Aganov
    Modeling the Production Technology of Fully-Pressed Bi-Metal Powder Materials and Products
    2_2_67S.A. Layhan, A.A. Veselovsky
    The Concept of Dumping Nickel Slag Processing with Preliminary Extraction of Metals
    2_2_68V.S. Sidoruk, S.Yu. Maksimov, D.N. Krazhanovskyi
    Development of Arc Welding Technology with Support of Stability of Electrode Melting Process
    2_2_69Alexey Stolbovsky
    Specific Features of Statistical Analysis for Grain Nanostructures Formed by Solid-State Diffusion at Annealing
    2_2_71Pavel L. Reznik, Boris V. Ovsyannikov
    Microstructural Features and Properties of Al-Cu-Mg Alloy Containing Silver and Cerium
    2_2_72B. Suleimen, S.P. Salikhov
    Metallization of Oolitic Iron Ore after Oxidation Firing
    2_2_73A.B. Ivanchenko, I.P. Tochilin, A.V. Zhdanov
    Thermal State Simulation of Welded Steel Plates under Laser Welding Conditions
    2_2_75Alexander S. Savinov, Sergey M. Andreev, Nikolay A. Feoktistov
    Estimating the Stress-Strain State of Roll by Temperature Gradient in the Course of Its Heat Treatment
    2_2_77Alexander V. Goncharuk, Viktor A. Fadeev, Maxim V. Kadach
    Seamless Pipes Manufacturing Process Improvement Using Mandreling
    2_2_78Anatoly A. Babenko, Leonid A. Smirnov, Alena G. Upolovnikova
    The Effect of Boron, Manganese and Sulfur on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Pipe Steel 17G1SU
    2_2_79G.Z. Mukanov, S.I. Stepanov, Yu.N. Loginov
    Additively Manufactured Ti-6-4 ELI Customized Subperiosteal Dental Exo-Implant
    2_2_80D.A. Boldyrev, O.R. Latypov, R.N. Amirov
    The Evaluation Model Efficiency of Ladle Graphitizing Inoculation of Cast Iron
    2_2_81A.G. Ryazanov, А.V. Senin, V.D. Nasonov
    The Study of the Melting of Waelz Oxide with an Increase in the Temperature of the Calcination Process
    2_2_82Marina N. Samodurova, Leonid A. Barkov, Yuliya S. Latfulina
    Technology and Equipment for Rolling of Bimetallic Bars with Multilateral Reduction
    2_2_83Roman R. Dema, Aleksey N. Shapovalov, Aleksandr A. Kalchenko
    Influence of Type and Consumption of Pellets on Indicators of Blast-furnace Smelting in the JSC Ural Steel
    2_2_84German S. Batalov, Alexander A. Lunev, Lyudmila V. Radionova, Viacheslav D. Lezin
    Development of New Methods for the Production of Large-Diameter Double-Seam Pipes
    2_2_85V.V. Dyadichev, Yu. A. Svinoroev, A.V. Dyadichev
    Dry Mixes for Casting Manufacturing in Single and Small-Scale Production
    2_2_86R.M. Baitimerov, V.A. Bykov
    Processing of Alumina Reinforced Copper Metal Matrix Composite by Selective Laser Melting Technology
    2_2_87R.M. Baitimerov, A.V. Bryk
    Selective Laser Melting AlSi12 Alloy by Utilizing of Non-Spherical Air-Atomized Powder
    2_2_88P.A. Lykov, L.V. Radionova
    Alumina Reinforced EP648 Metal Matrix Composite Produced by Selective Laser Melting Powder Bed Fusion Additive Technology
    2_2_89P.A. Lykov, L.A. Glebov
    Characteristics of Powders from Different Aluminum Alloys for Additive Technologies Obtained by Gas Atomization
    Секция 2.3. Химические и гидрометаллургические технологии
    2_3_1I.V. Ponurko, S.A. Krylova, A.S. Limarev, I.Y. Mezin
    The Use of Phosphate Compositions for Chemical Treatment of Make-Up Water in Centralized Heat Supply Systems
    2_3_4V.I. Bobkov, M.I. Dli , А.S. Fedulov
    Mathematical Model for the Kinetics of Heterogeneous Reaction of Carbonates Dissociation in the Process of Roasting in the Presence of Temperatures Gradients in Phosphate Raw Material
    2_3_6L.I. Chaikin, A.E. Kireev, I.V. Loginova
    Studying the Possibility of Obtaining Titanium Powder of Various Sizes by Alumino-thermic Reduction
    2_3_8Nina V. Nemchinova
    Hydrometallurgical Processing of Spent Carbon Lining to Extract Valuable Components for Cryolite Production
    2_3_9G.M. Kurunina, O.M. Ivankina, G.M. Butov
    Hydrogenation of Nitro Compounds over Catalytic Systems Containing Rare-Earth Oxides
    2_3_16Irina V. Loginova, Aleksei V. Kyrchikov
    The Study of the Magnetic Properties of Red Mud from Alumina Production after Alkaline Treatment
    2_3_17Oleg A. Dizer, Denis A. Rogozhnikov, Stanislav S. Naboichenko
    Thermodynamics of Copper Arsenious raw Materials Dissolution in Nitric Acid
    2_3_18K.D. Naumov, V.G. Lobanov
    Physical Properties Variability of Zinc Powders Obtained by Electrochemical Method
    2_3_19O.B. Kolmachikhina, S.E. Polygalov, K.A. Vakula
    The Study of Physicochemical Features of Laterite Ores of the Buruktalsky Deposit
    2_3_22Nadezhda L. Medyanik, Anton P. Ponomarev, Olga V.Yershova
    The Chemical Technology for Producing Precious Metals from Enrichment Rejects of Copper-Pyrite Ores
    2_3_23L.Ya. Agapova, S.K. Kilibayeva, A.N. Zagorodnyaya
    Electrochemical Processing of Metal Wastes of Rhenium-Containing Heat-Resistant Nickel Alloys
    2_3_24Olga V. Belousova, Ksenia V.Kostina
    The Study of Destructible Annealed Anode Paste in the Current CO2
    2_3_25Yelena G. Bochevskaya, Zaure B. Karshigina, Aynash S. Sharipova
    Processing Technogenic Raw Materials-Phosphorus Slags with the Production of Precipitated Nanosilica and Simultaneous Recovery of Valuable Components
    2_3_27Zaure B. Karshigina, Zinesh S. Abisheva, Yelena G. Bochevskaya
    Processing of Hydro-mineral Lithium Raw Material of Kazakhstan Using Inorganic Sorbents
    2_3_28Andrey A.Tyutrin, Andrey S. Vologin
    Analysis of the Composition and Properties of the Silicon Production Wet Cleaning Sludge to Identify Sustainable Techniques for Its Processing
    2_3_29Y.V. Anikin, O.Yu. Makovskaya, V.I. Shilkov
    The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrazine Sulfate for Removal of Chromium from Electroplating Effluents
    2_3_30Nataliya V. Mokrova
    Methods of Mathematical Modeling of the Leaching Process of Cobalt-containing Solutions
    Секция 2.4. Технологии покрытия и обработка поверхности
    2_4_1Vladimir V. Karzhavin, lev V. Maltsev, Viktoriya V. Bakina
    Development and Research of Copper Covering for Intensification of Cold Stamping of Products from Stainless Steels
    2_4_3O.V. Burlachenko, O.G. Chesnokova, T.F. Cherednichenko
    The Possibility of Using the Ultra-Thin Liquid Thermal Insulation to Insulate the Ceiling above the Basement in Residential Buildings
    2_4_4Pavel G. Ivanochkin, Dmitriy S. Manturov, Sergey A. Danilchenko, Ksenija I. Karpenko, Tatiana A. Ivanochkina
    Study on the Effect of the Sealers on the Steel Surface Layer Modified by Electrical Discharge Machining
    2_4_5Ruslan V. Chkalov, Dmitry A. Kochuev, Darya G. Vasilchenkova
    Synthesis of Highly Dispersed Spherical Metal Granules by Laser Ablation Method
    2_4_6Valentina I. Loganina
    Super-Hydrophobic Coating based on Acrylic Resin A01
    2_4_7Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Roman N. Polyarov, Andrei V. Gorin
    Investigation of the Influence of Inertia Forces on the Adhesion of the Coating to the Outer Surface of Bodies of Revolution During Thermal Spraying
    2_4_8R.V. Gavariev, I.A. Savin, K.N. Gavarieva
    Determination of Properties of Wear-Resistant Coatings of Metal Forms
    2_4_9Gennady A. Sukhochev, Vasiliy N. Sokolnikov, Andrey M.Nekrylov
    Influence of Contact Efforts on the Surface Quality of Difficult Profile under Finishing Hardening Machining
    2_4_10S.V. Nikolenko, P.V. Igumnov, P.S. Gordienko
    Alumo Matrix Composite Materials for Electro Spark Deposition on Carbon Steel
    2_4_12Elena G. Filatova, Yury N. Pozhidaev
    Kinetics and Adsorption Ions of Heavy Metal by Modified Alumino-Silicates
    2_4_13А.V. Ryabova, L.V. Klimova, D.A. Golovro
    Investigation of the Influence of Technological Regimes of High-Temperature Firing on the Structure and Properties of Silicate-Enamel Coatings for Carbon Steels
    2_4_14M.Yu. Karelina, S.M. Gaidar, D.I. Petrovskiy
    Increasing of Corrosion Resistance for Metal Products of Livestock Premises
    2_4_15M.A. Tarasova, A.V. Ivashchenko, V.G. Prokoshev
    Laser Treatment of Titanium in Hexane at Various Pressures and the Formation of Periodic Structures
    2_4_16Valery Alisin, Mikhail Roshchin
    Thermal Plasma Spray to Protect Large-Size Parts of Friction Joints against Wear
    2_4_17E.A. Chekalova, A.V. Zhuravlev
    Discrete oxidation of a Hard Carbide Tool
    2_4_18Anton S. Chernikov, Ruslan V. Chkalov
    Features of Femtosecond Micromachining of Solid Transparent Materials
    2_4_19Sergey N. Khimukhin, Kseniia P. Eremina
    Microstructure Peculiarities of Intermetallic and Composite Coatings
    2_4_20R.V. Gavariev, E.N. Soldatkina, K.N. Gavarieva
    Coatings and Lubricant to Forming Surfaces of Molds for Casting under Pressure
    2_4_22Andrey E. Balanovsky, Nguyen Van Trieu
    Increasing Hardness of Surface Layer of Low-Carbon Steel by Account of Plasma Treatment of Coating Modification
    2_4_23Rashit Galin, Nataliya Shaburova, Dmitry Zakharyevich
    Features of Technological Processes of Nanogalvanizing
    2_4_24Alexander A. Burkov, Pavel G. Chigrin, Mariya A. Kulik
    The influence of the Working Conditions of the Electrospark Granules Deposition on the Formation of Cracks in Ti-Al intermetallic Coatings
    2_4_25Alexey B. Bulkov, Vladimir V. Peshkov, Vladimir F. Selivanov
    Kinetics of Growth of Gas-Saturated (Embrittled) Layers on Titanium during Vacuum Annealing
    2_4_26D.V. Ardashev, L.V. Shipulin, А.S. Degtyareva-Kashutina
    Aspects of Applying Hard Chromium Coatings on the Inner Surfaces of Components for Hydraulic Drives with Hydrostatic Guideways
    2_4_27Viktor G. Shmorgun, Vitaliy P. Kulevich, Valentin O. Kharlamov
    Transformation of Chemical and Phase Composition in Al/FeAl3(Cr,Ni)/Fe2Al5(Cr,Ni) Laminated Coating at high Temperature Heating
    2_4_28Leon Oviedo Tamara, Mikhail S. Lipkin , Mikhail V. Lukovkin
    Effect of Current Density Distribution in the Zinc Plating Process
    2_4_29Aleksey M. Makarov, Yuriy P. Serdobintsev, Oleg V. Mushkin
    Ensuring the Operability and Reliability of Packaging Equipment at Life Cycle Stages
    2_4_30Aleksandr G. Sokolov, Eduard E. Bobylev, Ivan D. Storozhenko
    Formation of Diffusion Coatings Based on Nickel and Chromium in the Medium of Fusible Liquid Metal Solutions on Austenitic Steels
    2_4_31Eduard E. Blokhin, Vladimir A. Irkha, Alexandr S. Pashchenko
    Influence of Three-Component Barrier Layers on Optical Properties of Photodetectors with Quantum Dots
    2_4_32Leonid M. Gurevich, Oleg V. Slautin, Dmitriy V. Pronichev
    Research of Heat Resistance and Thermophysical Properties of the Diffusion Zone Formed by Annealing by Contact Melting Mode of the Layered Metal-Intermetallic Composite of the Cu-Al System
    Секция 2.5. Методы контроля и анализа материалов
    2_5_1I.N. Egorov, S.I. Egorova, G.F. Lemeshko
    Diagnostic of Structural Changes in Ferromagnetic Powders during Milling in Beater Mill
    2_5_2V.A. Lebedev, Y.M. Vernigorov, L.V. Chunakhova
    Resonance Method of Determination of Interacting Force of Particles in the Cluster of Ferromagnetic Material
    2_5_3В.П. Сидоров
    О получении проб наплавляемого металла дугой косвенного действия
    2_5_5Rostislav O. Sirotkin, Oleg S. Sirotkin
    System of Chemical Bonds and Compounds as a Modern Scientific Foundation for Unification of Methods for Controlling the Structure and Properties of Various Substances and Materials
    2_5_9Vitalii E. Inozemtcev, Mikhail Yu. Kulikov, Dmitry G. Evseev
    Researching of the Efficiency on the Application for Complex Processing in Obtaining the Different Types of Surfaces
    2_5_11Natalya Gabelchenko, Artem Belov, Artem Kravchenko, Oleg Kryuchkov
    Analysis of Wear-Resistant Materials of Mixer-Pneumosuperchargers Blades Operating under Conditions of Abrasive Wear
    2_5_12G.V. Pachurin, M.V. Mukhina, А.N. Kuzmin
    Fatigue Resistance of Welded Titanium Joints
    2_5_13Mikhail Erpalov, Dmitry Pavlov
    Analytical Description of Neck Profile During Tensile Testing of Cylindrical Specimens
    2_5_14V.I. Astashchenko, T.V. Shveyova, A.I. Shveyov
    About Some Reasons of Destruction of Gear Details of the Car
    2_5_16Irina Volokitina, Evgeniy Panin, Kanat Tolubaev
    Method for the Determining Metal Mechanical Characteristics Using FEM
    2_5_17А.S. Tyusenkov, O.A. Nasibullina
    Recearch of Mechanochemical Corrosion of Steels С1020 and А516-55
    2_5_18Alexander A. Solovyev, Vladislav V. Rybin, Artem V. Kulagin
    Influence of DC Current on Movement of Dislocations in p-Silicon Single Crystals in Field of Internal Stresses
    2_5_19Alexander Demidov, Myrzamamat Karimbekov, Regina Rodyakina
    Study of RIN-insulation Mechanical Properties for High Voltage Inputs
    2_5_20A.A. Balakirev, N.A. Sazhenkov, S.V. Semenov
    Damage Assessment of Specimens Made of Layered Composite Polymeric Material Based on Carbon Plastic in Fatigue Tests
    2_5_22Natalya Ya. Golovina
    Modeling the Stress-Strain Curve of Elastic-Plastic Materials
    2_5_23Yulia Bakhracheva
    The Use of Fractal Formalism for the Description of Microstructures Engineering Materials
    2_5_24Alexander Shapoval, Iurii Savchenko, Oleg Markov
    Determination Coefficient of Stress Concentration Using a Conformed Display on a Circle of a Single Radius
    2_5_27А.S. Tyusenkov, O.A. Nasibullina
    Mechanism of Protective Action of Inhibitors Based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
    2_5_30Natalia V. Kirpichenkova, Oleg I. Lozin, Anastasia A. Kosach
    Numerical Modeling of the Anomalous Low-Temperature Dependence of the Tunneling Conductance of a "Dirty" N-I-N Junction
    Раздел 3. Энергетика
    Секция 3.1. Интеллектуальные системы электроснабжения
    3_1_1Aleksey Malafeev, Yuliana Kashkarova
    Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Voltage in 3 to 10-kV Factory Grids
    3_1_6D.A. Yaroslavsky, D.A. Ivanov, Vu Nguyen
    Wire Torsion Measurement for the Tasks of Monitoring of the Mechanical State of Overhead Power Transmission Line
    3_1_8Aleksandra O. Varygina, Natalia V. Savina
    Specification of the Method for Calculating the Long-Term Permissible Current of Overhead Line Conductors
    3_1_9Larisa S. Grigoreva Vladimir A. Grigoryev
    Intelligent Experimental Control System
    3_1_10I. M. Kirpichnikova, A. YU. Uskov, A. I. Tsimbol
    Improved Method of Electrical Loads Switching
    3_1_11Alexander I. Orlov, Vera T. Sidorova, Kirill A. Samoilov
    Energy Storage Control Algorithms to Reduce the Cost of Electric Energy to Consumers
    3_1_12V.T. Sidorova, E.G. Rokina, A.I. Orlov
    Reserch of the Voltage Unbalanced Coefficient at Compensation of Reactive Power on 0,4 Kv Overhead Networks
    3_1_13Vera Vakhnina, Aleksey Chernenko, Dmitry Kretov
    Integrating Monitoring Systems and Power Transformer Protections to Curb Destructive Effects of Quasi-Direct Current
    3_1_16Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov
    Improving Power Supply Reliability in Case of Sectionalization
    3_1_18Mahmoud Aref, Vladislav Oboskalov
    A Proposed Approach to Fault Current Calculation for Microgrid Considering the Uncertainties of Fault and Distribution Generations Locations
    3_1_21Renat G. Minullin, Vasil A. Kasimov, Pavel V. Kononcev
    Locational Sensing Equipment for Detecting Ice and Damage on Transmission Lines
    3_1_22Renat G. Minullin, Yuriy V. Piskovatskiy, Vasil A Kasimov
    Model-Experimental Detection of Faults on Overhead Power Transmission Lines by the Location Method
    3_1_23Aleksandr M. Ershov, Anna V. Khlopova, Aleksandr I. Sidorov
    Technological Violations on Overhead Lines with Voltage of 10 kV
    3_1_30Valeriy Alekseev, Vladimir Petrov, Vladimir Naumov
    Invariance of Modal Transformations of Electrical Values in Traveling Wave Fault Locator
    3_1_53Bryakin I.V., Bochkarev I.V., Khramshin V.R.
    A New Method of Detecting Subsurface Metallic Objects
    3_1_54Verzunov S.N., Bochkarev I.V., Khramshin V.R.
    Development of Line Locator Software Component for Mobile Operating Systems
    3_1_64Lin Jiayu, Xie Zongchou, Yang Jiahao, E. Gartlib
    Analysis of an Automatic Control System based on Linear Controllers and MPC Controller
    Секция 3.2. Малая распределенная энергетика
    3_2_3Pavel V. Ilyushin Sergey P. Filippov
    Maneuverability Requirements to Gas-Turbine and Gas-Piston Generator Sets
    3_2_6Dmitriy M. Filippov, Alexandr A. Shuyskyy, Anatoliy N. Kazak
    Numerical and Experimental Analysis of an Axial Flux Electric Machine
    3_2_7Alexey Zhidkov
    Using Electromagnetic Continuously Variable Transmission in Gas Reciprocating Power Plant to Ensure Dynamic Stability
    3_2_9Iuliia V. Chernenko
    Switch Failure Cutset Classification
    3_2_10Evgeniy Andreenkov, Sergey Shunaev
    Modeling of a Current Sensor with Extended Dynamic Range
    3_2_11Vladislav Novobritsky, Denis Fedosov
    Determination of the Primary Time Constant of the DC Component of the Short Circuit Current Using the AC Component Parameters
    3_2_17Amir Abdel Menaem, Vladislav Oboskalov
    Comparing Three Methods for Solving Probabilistic Multi-Area Load Shedding Distribution
    Секция 3.3. Возобновляемая энергетика
    3_3_1Pyotr G. Ochnev, Yulia B. Shchemeleva
    Renewable Energy: Hybrid Inverter
    3_3_2A.K. Tishchenko, E.M. Vasiljev, A.O. Tishchenko
    Simulating the Dynamic Characteristics of Spacecraft Solar Panels
    3_3_4Evgeny Gordievsky, Alexey Miroshnichenko, Evgeny Solomin
    Wind Turbine Matlab Simulation Model
    3_3_13Горячев С.В., Харченко П.А.
    использование безлопастного генератора в системе теплоснабжения
    3_3_15I.M. Kirpichnikova, V.V. Shestakova
    Problems of Using Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Ways to Increase their Efficiency
    3_3_18Pavel Yu. Buchatskiy, Semen V. Teploukhov, Stefan V. Onishchenko
    Software and Hardware Complex for Evaluating the Potential of Wind and Solar Energy
    3_3_19Irina M. Kirpichnikov, Ilkhom B. Makhsumov
    The Influence of Ambient Temperature on the Energy Characteristics of Solar Modules
    3_3_23Zainab Sh. Abdulridha, Andrey S. Martyanov, Nikita A. Martyanov
    Simulation Model of Hybrid Renewable Energy System
    3_3_24Yang Yusong, Evgeny Solomin, Wang Lei
    Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine MPPT Control Research
    3_3_25S.V. Mitrofanov, D.K. Baykasenov
    To the Issue of Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Photovoltaic Installations
    3_3_27Daria A. Stepanova, Alexander Yu. Fedotov, Vladislav I. Antonov
    Features of Precedents Space of Artificial Neural Networks for the Solar PV Station Control
    3_3_28Juliia Daus, Danil Desyatnichenko, Gennadiy Stepanchuk
    Analysis of Approaches to Determining Solar Radiation Intensity at Preset Geographical Point
    Секция 3.4. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость
    3_4_1V.I. Biryulin, D.V. Kudelina, O.M. Larin
    Electricity Quality Problems in the 0.4 kV City Electric Networks
    3_4_3N.Yu. Shevyreva, Yu.V. Shevyrev, A.V.Pichuyev
    Electricity Quality Assurance in Open-Pit Mining: Considerations of Today
    3_4_4T.F. Morozova, M.S. Demin, S.A.Filippov
    Power Cables with Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulation and Their Screens Grounding Features
    3_4_5Dmitriy Ivanovskiy, Aleksandr Pirozhnik
    Advancement of the Methods that Insure Power Plant Generation Uninterruptedness
    3_4_6Eugene V. Titov, Alexander A. Soshnikov, Oleg N. Drobyazko
    Experimental Research of Electromagnetic Environment in Domestic Environment with Computer Visualization of Electromagnetic Pollution
    3_4_7Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Nguyen Van Huan
    Transient States Modeling in Power Supply Systems with Lower Electrical Energy Quality and with Distributed Generation Plants
    3_4_8Ivan M. Bedritskiy, Kamila K. Jurayeva
    Estimation of Errors in Calculations of Coils with Ferromagnetic Core
    3_4_9Тумаева Е.В., Хамзин А.А.
    Минимизация потерь активной мощности в кабельных линиях 6 кВ с помощью установки активного фильтрокомпенсирующего устройства на предприятиях нефтехимии и нефтепереработки
    3_4_11N.V. Ryzhiy, V.V. Karagodin, S.V. Smirnov
    Application of a Mathematical Model of Thermal Processes of a Three-Core Power Cable for Calculating Active Power Losses in its Current-Carrying Cores
    3_4_12A.Pichuev, Y. Schevyrev, E. Zaugolnikova
    Ensuring Quality of Electricity in Gold Mines and Mills
    3_4_13I.S. Antyasov, G.D. Asyaev, M.S. Ufimtcev
    VGA Shielding Efficiency Study
    3_4_14Nikolay Grachev
    Development and Analysis of a Linear Model of Contact Interference in Radio Reception
    3_4_15Yuriy Soluyanov, Alexander Fedotov, Kamil Bakhteev
    Electrical Loads of Human Settlement and the Choice of Power Facilities for their Power Supply
    3_4_17Vladimir A. Sergeev, Aleksey V. Polukazakov , Dmitry A. Mamontov
    Physical Modeling of Distributed Electrical Supply Systems in Non-Phase Modes
    3_4_18Ahmad Alzakkar, Nikolay Mestnikov, Ilgiz Valeev
    Harmonics and Their Impact in Determining the Method of Reactive Power Compensation in Electrical Grids
    3_4_19Ahmad Alzakkar, Nikolay Mestnikov, Ilgiz Valeev
    Study of Power System Stability: Matlab Program Processing Data From Deir Ali Power Plant (Damascus-Syria)
    3_4_20Yuriy V. Bebikhov, Ayaal N. Egorov, Alexander S. Semenov
    How Higher Harmonics Affect the Electrical Facilities in Mining Power Systems
    3_4_21Roman S. Kuzmin, Artem A. Zavalov, Sergey V. Kuzmin
    Influence of Reactive Power Compensation on Power Quality in Grids Up to 1000V
    3_4_22Evgeniia Bulycheva, Sergey Yanchenko
    Online Determination of Varying Harmonic Load Contribution to Grid Voltage Distortion
    Секция 3.5. Силовая электроника, электрические машины и электроприводы
    3_5_1A. S. Zheltov , N. V. Kuzmin, S. D. Omelchenko
    Searching and Diagnosing Failures of Electric Machines as Part of Electric Drives by Using Neural Networks
    3_5_2A.E. Bychkov, E.A. Kuznetsova, A.V. Alexandrov
    Analysis and Development of Electric Drives Automatic Adjustment Algorithms
    3_5_3Igor Shafikov, Marat Khakimyanov
    Assessment of Reliability of the Eletric Submersible Pump Variable Frequency Drive
    3_5_4Sergey Vasilchenko, Sergey Cherny, Vladimir Khrulkov
    Improving Dynamic and Energy Characteristics of Electromechanical Systems with Single-Phase Rectifiers
    3_5_7Flyur R. Ismagilov, Viacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Valentina V. Ayguzina
    Design Aspects of a High-Speed Electric Machine Series
    3_5_8Derick Mathew, Rani Chinnapa Naidu
    One Cycle Controlled Single-Stage Transformerless Buck-Boost Inverter
    3_5_9Alexander V Shestakov
    Application of Complete Factorial Experiment to Optimize Parameters of Frequency-Controlled Asynchronous Motor in Order To Improve Its Energy Indicators
    3_5_10Igor Polyuschenkov
    Method of Sensorless Control for Switched Reluctance Electric Drive
    3_5_12Nikolay Neustroev, Anton Kotov, I.A. Chuyduk,
    Starter Generator Design Development for Modern Micro Gas Turbine Plant
    3_5_13A.V. Yamshchikov, V.A. Poplavskaya
    Energy-Saving Control Algorithm for Speed Switched Reluctance Servo-drives
    3_5_14Aleksandr A. Ershov, Anna A. Ershova
    Contact Resistance of Symmetrical Contacts of Anisotropic Semiconductor Sample Cut at an Angle to Crystallographic Planes
    3_5_16М.В. Пешков, Карпов В.Н., Алексеев Н.А.
    Разработка и изготовление блока вентилей с автономной системой охлаждения для ПС 400 кВ Выборгская
    3_5_19G.S Mytsyk, Tin Aung Zaw
    Method for Improving Mass and Dimension Indicators of Two-Channel Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
    3_5_20S. Kurilin, V. Denisov, M. Dli
    Electromechanical Device for Braking Torque Impulses Generation
    3_5_22Sergey Voronin, Azamdzhon Davlatov, Bakhtiyor Kosimov
    Comparative Evaluation of Connection Schemes of Synchronous Generator Windings as Part of DC Sources
    3_5_24Konstantin K. Kim, Sergey N. Ivanov, Alexander V. Gorbunov
    Synthesis of the Control Device of the Electromechanical Drive of the Main Valve
    3_5_25I.A. Khudonogov, Е.Yu. Puzina, A.G. Tuigunova
    Modeling Turn Insulation Thermal Aging Process for Traction Substation Transformer
    3_5_26Mansur Shakirov, Anton Tkachuk
    Alternative Transformer Theory Based on Poynting Theorem
    3_5_27L.V. Bykovskaya, V.V. Bykovskiyi
    Simulation of a Voltage Transformer with a Magnetic Core Made of Amorphous Steels
    3_5_29Yakov M. Kashin, Lev E. Kopelevich, Vladislav A. Kim
    Determination of the Parameters of the Electromagnetic System of the Installation for Oil Treatment
    3_5_30Flyur R.Ismagilov Viacheslav Y.Vavilov Ruslan D. Karimov
    The Six-Phase Fault Tolerant Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnets for Aircraft Application
    3_5_31Igor Vasilev, Azat Hismatullin
    The Theory of Fuzzy Sets as a Means of Assessing the Periods of Service of Asynchronous Electric Motors
    3_5_32Anton Kotov, Nikolay Neustroev, Ivan Chyidyk
    Mathematical Modeling Asynchronized Synchronous wind Turbine Generator on the Basis of Generalized Variables with the Purpose of Main Machine Geometrical Parameters Optimization
    3_5_33Valery E. Drejzin, Al Kadhimi Ali Noori Mohammed
    Modeling Electric and Magnetic Fields in Working Area of Inversed Magnetron Vacuum Gauge Converter to Study Density and Composition of Apper Atmospheric Layers
    3_5_34Vladimir Vorzhev, Nikolay Rudenko
    Calculation Method for Electric Circuits with Saturated Magnetic Core Induction Coil
    3_5_35Eduard L. Grekov, Alexei S. Bezgin, Victor A. Sorokin,
    Peculiarities of Vector Control Structure of Thyristor Direct Frequency Сonverter
    3_5_36Denis Kotin, Ilya Ivanov
    New Type Single-Phase Generator for Autonomous Consumer
    3_5_39Boris M. Seredin, Nikita V. Bykovsky, Alexander N. Zaichenko
    Effects of P+-Layer Emitter Profile of Power Diode Structure on Forward Voltage
    3_5_40Denis Kotin, Stepan Sukhinin, Maya Stalnaya
    Modeling a Frequency Converter with Vector-Algorithmic Control
    3_5_41M.V. Tchavychalov,N.V. Grebennikov, D .V. Trinz
    SRM Simulation with Reduced Amount of Initial Information
    3_5_42Andrey V. Puzakov
    Operational Monitoring Concept of the Vehicle Power Supply System
    3_5_43Gennady P. Kornilov, Ildar R. Abdulveleev, Timur R. Khramshin, Alexander A. Nikolaev
    Study of the Compensating Ability of Synchronous Motors in the Power Supply System of a Metallurgical Enterprise
    3_5_44Evgeny Solomin, O.J.Abdalgbar, Sarmed Nozad Mahmood
    Power Flow Meter Based Excess Energy Supervision Strategy
    3_5_45Alexandr Barukin, Abdulla Kaltayev, Yuri Lenkov
    Majority Voting Schemes of Differential Protections without Current Transformers with Functional Diagnostics for Converting Units and Electric Motors
    3_5_46Mark Kletsel, Rizagul Mashrapova, Bauyrzhan Mashrapov
    Methods for the Construction of Protection with Magnetosensitive Elements for the Parallel Circuits with Single end Supply
    3_5_47Abdulla Kaltayev, Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Olzhas Talipov
    Designs for Mounting Reed Switches in Closed Complete Current Conductors and on Cable Lines
    3_5_48S.V. Oskin, A.V. Miroshnikov
    Defining Acceptable Motor Reduction in Variable-Speed Drives of Agricultural Machinery
    3_5_50Leo Saro, Clemente Zanettin
    Stand Alone UPS System Reliability Analysis and Design Rules for its Improvement
    3_5_51Ildar R. Abdulveleev, Gennady P. Kornilov, Timur R. Khramshin
    Research of DC Electric Arc Furnace with Commutated Power Circuit
    3_5_52Anatoly Izotov Vyacheslav Timoshenko Sergey Izotov
    Study of Feasibility of Controlling Tribological Situation in Sliding Current Collection Assembly of Electric Machines
    3_5_53A.V. Isaev, A.I. Nefedev, L.A. Isaeva
    Mathematical Modeling of Electric Drive System Operation Modes Based on Asynchronous Rectifier Cascade with Consistent Motor Excitation
    3_5_54Evgeniy B. Agapitov, Margarita S. Sokolova, Artem E. Agapitov
    Investigation of the Conditions for the Occurrence of an Arc Discharge During Current Supply Through a Fuel-Plasma Jet
    3_5_57Alexander Sokolov, Timofey Shadrikov
    Methodology for Calculating Steady-State Modes of Non-Sinusoidal AC Increased Frequency Networks
    3_5_59V. F. Syvokobylenko, S. N. Tkachenko
    Bar Diagnostics of Double Cage or Deep Bar Rotor of an Induction Motor
    3_5_60Gennady P. Kornilov, Ildar R. Abdulveleev, Timur R. Khramshin, Valery V. Shokhin
    Advanced Electric Drive Control System of Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line
    3_5_61M. A Kolobov, A. V. Okunev, D. V. Bushmanov
    Research of Planar Transformer Properties Using Ansys Software
    3_5_62Vyacheslav S. Tomilov, Tatyana V. Volchek, Igor A. Barinov
    Proposals for Introduction of Modern Power Semiconductor Devices Into Converter-Fed Commutator Motor Locomotives of Russian Railways
    3_5_63A. N. Shkolin, V. I. Averchenkov, M. Yu. Rytov
    Research of Frequency Characteristics of DC-DC Switching Converters ICs
    3_5_65Dmitry Sychev, Wang YuTong, Xu Cong, Guo QiHui
    Motor Lifetime Prediction for Uneven Load Chart
    3_5_66Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Popkov, Evgenij Koptjaev
    Design of a Wind Turbines Synchronous Generator, with Longitudinal Excitation from Permanent Magnets
    3_5_68N.V. Nikolaizin, E V Vstavskaya, V.I. Konstantinov
    Highly Efficient Three Phase Power Factor Corrector
    3_5_69Dmitry Antipin, Denis Bondarenko, Vladimir Vorobiev
    Study of Frequency Controlled Drive of Locomotive Power Plant Cooling Fan
    3_5_70Dmitry Sychev, Lu Tong, Li KunPeng, Wang WenJie
    Flywheel Energy Storage System for Rolling Applications
    3_5_71V.Cosmatov, M.Petushkov, A.Sarvarov
    Analysis of Existing Methods of Diagnosis of Electric Motors and their Development Prospects
    3_5_72Vladimir L. Kodkin, Natalia A. Loginova, Alexander A. Baldenkov
    Interpretation of Quality of Dynamic Modes of Asynchronous Transportation Electric Drives on Automated Painting Lines
    3_5_73A.A. Nikolaev, M .V.Bulanov, K.A. Shakhbieva
    Development of Improved PWM Algorithm of Active Rectifier with Function of Resonant Phenomena Adaptation in Electrical Networks of Medium Voltage
    3_5_75Alexander Nikolaev, Platon Tulupov, Evgeniy Agapitov
    Method of Switching Point Determination for Control System of Electric Arc Furnace Based on Data about Harmonics of Arc Currents and Voltages
    3_5_76Sergey Gandzha, Dilshod Aminov, Andrey Sogrin
    Development of Water Submersible Gyro Generator of Combined Excitation for Energy Development of Small and Medium Rivers
    3_5_123Timur R. Khramshin, Gennady P. Kornilov, Ildar R. Abdulveleev, Alexander S. Maklakov
    A Novel Fundamental Frequency Modulation Strategy for Cascaded Multilevel STATCOM with Non-sinusoidal Load Currents
    Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
    Секция 4.1. Системы и технологии управления
    4_1_4V.N. Mitroshin
    Automation of Applying Foamed Polymer Insulation in Manufacture of High-Regularity Wired Radio-Frequency Cables
    4_1_7Fozil T. Kholov, Parviz M. Shonazarov
    New Watermark Algorithm for Improving Objects Based on Clusters and Level of Perceptions
    4_1_11D.M. Shprekher, E.B. Kolesnikov, A.V. Zelenkov
    Investigation of Possibility to Stabilize Load Current of Shearer’s Cutting Electric Drive
    4_1_12L.Vaytelenok, V. Kovzhenkin
    Modeling of a Small-Sized Distance Current Transducer
    4_1_15А.Melnichuk E.A Kuzina. N.K.Yurkov
    Methods and Means for Countering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    4_1_18S.I. Malafeev , A.A. Malafeeva, A.V. Bakhirev
    Neural Network Analyzer of Processes in Automatic Control System
    4_1_19Igor Shardyko, Maria Samorodova, Victor Titov
    Development of Control System for a SEA-joint based on Active Damping Injection
    4_1_22Aleksander I. Danilushkin, Marina A. Maksimova, Denis A. Zhivotyagin
    Synthesis of the Automatic Control System the Temperature of Liquid Flow with Incomplete Measurement the Object State with Distribution Parameters
    4_1_24A.M. Abakumov, D.G. Randin, V.N. Ovsyannikov
    Structural and Parametric Synthesis of Active Vibration Isolation System
    4_1_29S.V. Stelmashchuk
    Identification of Static Moment and Inertia Moment of Electric Drive with the Method of Least Squares
    4_1_31N.A. Tseligorov, A.V. Tchubukin, A.I. Ozersky
    Improving the Efficiency of Dynamic Modes of Electro-Hydraulic Drive Operation
    4_1_37A.A. Berestinov A.S. Nesterov A.Z. Kulganatov
    Development of a Laboratory Stand to Study of Industrial Protocols
    4_1_38V.I. Laletin, E.N.Malyshev N.I.Prismotrov
    Stepper Electric Drive with the Function of Suppressing Resonance Phenomena
    4_1_39Aleksander Danilushkin, Aleksander Bazarov, Denis Zhivotyagin
    Synthesis of Algorithms and Optimal Control System of Start-Up Modes of Continuous Induction Installation
    4_1_42Обухова Е.Н
    Синтез адаптивного закона управления пневматической системой подавляющего кусочно-постаянное возмущение
    4_1_43Larisa G. Kopylova, Sergey V. Tararykin, Vladimir V. Apolonsky
    Developing and Studying Adaptive Electromechanical Systems with Properties of Selective Invariance to Load Torque Oscillations within a Wide Speed Range
    4_1_44A.I. Nefedev, A.A. Konovalenko
    Flame Ionization Detector for Boiler Control System
    4_1_45А.А. Kuzmenko
    Estimation of Tire Traction of an Electric Vehicle: Synergetic Observer
    4_1_46Yury Tverskoy, Igor Muravev
    Control Processes of CCGT Power Units Gas Turbines Under the Changing Operational and External Climatic Conditions
    4_1_47Sergey An. Gayvoronskiy, Tatiana Ezangina, Ivan Khozhaev
    Parametric Synthesis of a Water Level Controller for a Boiler Unit on a Base of D-partition in Vertices of a Parametric Polytope
    4_1_49Boris N. Parsunkin, Sergey M. Andreev, Oxana S. Logunova
    High-Performance Automated Optimal Extremal Control of a Material Crushing Process
    4_1_50E.L. Eremin, L.V.Nikiforova, Z. D.Pikul
    Combined Control Law Action for Structurally and Parametrically Uncertain Object with Control Delay
    4_1_51Andrey Dоlgаnоv, Konstantin Letnev
    Securing Interaction between Human and Robot using Expert Control System
    4_1_52Волкова А.А., Трофименко В.В., Харченко Л.Н.
    Комбинированный алгоритм управления угловыми скоростями осесимметричного летательного аппарата
    4_1_56D. N. Demyanov
    Analytical Synthesis of Low-Order State Observers for Discrete-Time Systems
    4_1_57Vitaly Promyslov, Kirill Semenkov
    Method of Estimating Information Threat for Autonomous Vehicles in Smart City
    4_1_58Olga V.Kolesnikova, Anastasia D.Tsypkaikin, Tamara A.Shiriaeva
    Method for Evaluating the Steam Turbines Operating Efficiency
    4_1_61K. Palaguta, V. Bebenin, N. Grunenkov
    Simulation of Subsystem for Providing Resonant Mode of Operation of Automated Installation for Conducting Fatigue Vibration Tests
    4_1_64Anna Gorbenko, Vladimir Popov
    Abnormal Behavioral Pattern Detection in Closed-Loop Robotic Systems for Zero-Day Deceptive Threats
    4_1_71V. Promyslov, K. Simenkov
    Security Threats for Autonomous and Remotely Controlled Vehicles in Smart City
    4_1_78A.M. Gataullin
    Development of Method for High-Voltage Electrical Equipment Insulators Monitoring in UHF Range of Electromagnetic Radiation
    4_1_79Vladimir V. Tyutikov, Evgenij R. Panteleev, Yuliya F. Zhilnikova
    Analysing Impact of Transfer Function Zeros in Controlled Object on Parametric Sensitivity of Systems Synthesized by Method of Aggregated Controller Analytical Design (ACAD)
    4_1_83Kamil R. Valiullin
    Detection of Faults on Power Line with Artificial Neural Networks
    4_1_87Darya Klepach, Vladimir Shiryaev
    Guaranteed Estimation when Integrating Sensor Information into Robot System
    4_1_90Andrey Iskhakov, Elena Jharko
    Approach to Security Provision of Machine Vision for Unmanned Vehicles of “Smart City”
    4_1_91Dmitry Yukhimets, Andrey Sakhnenko, Alexander Sych
    Designing Method of Information-Control Systems Realization for Visual Programming Robotic Manipulators
    4_1_96Goerun Ayazyan, Elena Tausheva
    Parametric Synthesis of Fractional-Order PID Controller for Given Oscillability Degree
    4_1_98Sergey Novokshonov, Tatiana Ezangina, Ivan Khozhaev
    Adaptive Stabilization of Certain Dominant Poles of Control System with Interval Parametric Uncertainty for Providing Constant Indices of Control Quality
    4_1_99Gennady Kalach, Diane Sekou, Anton Sotnikov , George Volosnykh
    Technologies for Tuning Neural Networks in Problems of Inertial Data Correction in Navigation Systems for Low-Speed Autonomous Objects
    4_1_102Vladislav Kurenkov, Hany Hamed, Sergei Savin
    Learning Stabilizing Control Policies for Tensegrity Hopper with Augmented Random Search
    4_1_104A.A. Kolesnikov, A.A. Kuzmenko
    Use of ADAR Method and Theory of Optimal Control for Engineering Systems Optimal Control
    4_1_106Natalia Gorokhova, Svetlana Perepelkina, Pavel Kovalenko
    Control System for Forearm Prosthesis with Three Degrees of Freedom in Wrist Module
    4_1_110Konstantin Oleinikov
    Synthesis of Regulators for Adaptive Control of Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicle
    Секция 4.2. Промышленные мехатронные системы и робототехника
    4_2_1A.G. Pochezhertsev, V.M. Kopylov
    Universal Docking Assembly Design for Automatic Assembly of Large Untight Structures in Near-Earth Space
    4_2_3Lyudmila Vorochaeva, Sergei Savin, Andrey Yatsun
    Solving the Problem of Overcoming a Staircase Flight by a Multi-Link Crawling Robot
    4_2_4 л.ю. ворочаева, а.в. мальчиков, с.и. савин
    перемещение ползающего робота по узким протяженным пространствам («коридорам»)
    4_2_6Alexander Sukhovey, Anton Gubankov
    Collision Avoidance Method for End Effectors of Industrial Robots with Overlapping Workspaces
    4_2_7Anatoly A. Anisimov, Sergey V. Tararykin, George N. Roschin
    Development and Practical Implementation of Automatic Tuning Methods for Mechatronic System Digital Controllers
    4_2_10Kirill V. Arzhanov, Vladimir V. Arzhanov, Alla V. Arzhanova
    Highly Efficient Control of Electric Drives with Synchronous Motors With Permanent Magnets for Uninhabited Underwater Vehicles
    4_2_12Alexey Efimov, Michael Gorkavyy, Alexander Gorkavyy
    Predicting Power Consumption of Robotic Complex Based on Neuro-Fuzzy System
    4_2_13Sergey Jatsun, Andrei Malchikov, Andrey Yatsun
    Adaptive Control System for DC Electric Drive under Uncertainty
    4_2_14Vladimir V. Ovcharenko, Marina A. Rudenko, Natalia V. Larina, Alexandra S. Sivtseva
    Analysis and Assessment of Dynamics of Neurocomputer Performance Measures
    Секция 4.3. Микропроцессорные системы управления
    4_3_2A. I. Vlasov, S. P. Prisyazhnuk, V. P. Jalnin
    Analysis of Memristor Modules as an Element Base of Microprocessor Control Systems: Contradictions and Prospects
    4_3_3Vasiliy Olonichev, Boris Staroverov, Maxim Smirnov
    The Necessity to Convert Transfer Function of the Object of Control in Adaptive Regulator and the Program to Realize It
    4_3_5Dmitry G. Milovzorov,Vasikh K Yasoveev
    On Inclinometric Systems Hardware Complexing
    4_3_6Valentin Litvintsev
    Microflex Platform and Experience of its Application for Development of Various Control and Measuring Devices and Systems
    4_3_7Konstantin I. Kostromitin, Roman S.Khaliullin, Alexei V.Skorobogatov
    Using Destructive Testing Methods, X-Ray Diffraction and Logic Analysis to Control Operation of Integral Circuits
    4_3_8K. I. Kostromitin, B. N. Dokuchaev, A. V. Skorobogatov
    Using Methods of Reconstruction of Pins, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computer Tomography to Analyze Integrated Circuits in Microprocessor Systems
    Секция 4.4. Датчики и системы технического зрения
    4_4_1Ansam A. Abdulhussein, Hasanien Kariem Kuba, Alaa Neamah Azeez Alanssari
    Computer Vision to Improve Security Surveillance through the Identification of Digital Patterns
    4_4_4Abdul Qayyum, Chun Kit Ang, S.Sridevi, M.K.A.Ahamed Khan, Lim Wei Hong, Moona Mazher, Tran Duc Chung
    Hybrid 3D-ResNet Deep Learning Model for Automatic Segmentation of Thoracic Organs At Risk in CT Images
    4_4_5Sulton F. Amirov, Khurshid A. Sattarov
    Inductive Sensors of Angular Acceleration
    4_4_6Aleksandr N. Shilin, Dmitriy G. Snitsaruk, Irina A. Kotelova
    Metrological Analysis of a Control Robot to Defining the Geometric Parameters of Shells of Rotation
    4_4_8Andrey В. Semenov
    Approach to Implementation of Transport and Physical Levels of Distributed Computer Vision System
    4_4_9 S.P. Orlov, S.V. Susarev, A.S. Morev
    Machine Vision System for Autonomous Agricultural Vehicle
    4_4_10Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Abramenkov
    Research of Visual Positioning System for Mobile Robots Remote Automatic Control
    4_4_11 Milenin Evgenii, Mikhail Baldin, Vitaly Kilin
    Load Distribution Cluster in Distributed IOT Monitoring System for Hydrographic Network
    4_4_12Ivan Fomin, Ivan Nenahov, Aleksandr Bakhshiev
    Hierarchical System for Car Make and Model Recognition on Image Using Neural Networks
    4_4_13Nikolay Shtabel, Liudmila Samotik, Enis Mizrakh
    Low Magnitude Direct Current Sensor Characteristics Improvement
    4_4_14Sergey A. Mantserov, Lyudmila O. Fedosova, Maxim A. Grishin
    Software Development for Automated System of Recording the Range of Motion of the Shoulder Joint During Rehabilitation
    4_4_15Evgenii Homutov, Alina Kozhevnikova, Vasilii Podlesny
    Device for Pain Syndrome Study
    4_4_16Naing Min Tun, Alexander I. Gavrilov, Nyan Linn Tun
    Facial Image Denoising using Convolutional Autoencoder Network
    4_4_17Dmitry Rodionov, Alexander Lyukhter, Valery Prokoshev
    Methods of Automatic Correction of Technological Trajectory of Laser Welding Complex by Means of Computer Vision
    4_4_18Ivan Fomin, Vladislav Burin, Aleksandr Bakhshiev
    Research on Neural Networks Integration for Object Classification in Video Analysis Systems
    4_4_19Naing Linn Aung, Evgeni M. Portnov, Kirill O. Epishin
    Developed Algorithm for Making Up Convex Hull Based on Binary Tree
    4_4_22Nyan Linn Tun, Alexander Gavrilov, Naing Min Tun
    Multi-Classification of Satellite Imagery Using Fully Convolutional Neural Network
    4_4_23Mark Mamchenko, Maria Romanova, Petr Trefilov
    Algorithm for Sensor Data Merging Using Analytical Module for Priority Sensor Selection
    4_4_24Sergey V. Sai, Ilya S. Sai
    Artificial Object Images Synthesis in Underwater Robot Vision System
    Секция 4.5. Теория и практика динамических измерений
    4_5_1Alexey Kochengin, Vladimir Shikhin, Galina Pavliuk
    Improving Performance of Wilcoxon Criterion under Solving Problems with Typical Singularities in Measurements
    4_5_2Vladimir N. Bobrov, Alexander V. Dushkin, Anton O. Bryushinin
    Modeling the Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Atmospheric Refractive Index in Optical Measurements
    4_5_3S. V. Emets, I.N. Polischouk, V. N. Kudayarov
    Graduation of the Instrument Transducers with Integrated Pick-Ups
    4_5_4N.I.Yumagulov, A.L.Galiev, D.V.Topolsky
    Reference Generator of Given Power with Feedback
    4_5_5Shakhnoza R. Ubaydulayeva, Aziz M. Nigmatov,
    Development Of A Graph Model And Algorithm To Analyze The Dynamics Of A Linear System With Delay
    4_5_6Anvar Valeev, Artem Tokarev, Alexey Zotov
    Diagnostics of Bearings of Industrial Machines Using Real-Time Strain Gauge Analysis
    4_5_7Madina Plieva, Atsamaz Kabisov, Tamerlan Gudiev
    Analysis of Ambient Temperature Influence on Operation of Overhead Power Lines
    4_5_8Zh. A. Sukhinets, A.I. Gulin, A. N. Krasnov
    Smart Dynamic Weighing System
    4_5_9Elena Podivilova, Vladimir Shiryaev
    Set-Valued Approach to Problem of Temperature Dynamic Measurements
    4_5_11Maria V. Pankratova, Petr K. Makarychev, Andrey N. Serov
    Ways of Reducing RMS Measurement Error for Method of Averaging Square of Samples
    Секция 4.6. Моделирование и компьютерные технологии в промышленности
    4_6_2Maxim Markov, Lyubov Shebalkova, Anton Purtov
    The Subsurface Radar Application in the Hidden Underground Objects Detection
    4_6_5Natalya Buyakova, Andrey Kryukov, Dmitry Seredkin
    Modeling of Electromagnetic Fields Occurring at Intersection of Traction Networks and Overhead Power Supply Lines
    4_6_12Alexey Stulov, Andrey Tikhonov, Dmitriy Dryazgov
    The Combined Model for Design Single-Phase Transformer with Amorphous Steel Wound Core
    4_6_13Мауэргауз Ю. Е., Прохода В.В., Мухамедзянов М.Х.
    Отраслевая APS-система для оперативного группового производственного планирования
    4_6_15A.G. Vozmilov, T.A. Shirobokova, D.V. Astafev
    Algorithm аnd Software for Calculating Design Parameters of LED Lighting Device
    4_6_18Aleksey Kychkin, Aleksadr Nikolaev
    IoT-based Mine Ventilation Control System Architecture with Digital Twin
    4_6_27Vladislav. D. Bloshchinskiy, Sergey V. Shalobanov
    Finding Parametric Defects in Continuous Dynamic Objects Using Isomorphic Models on IIR Filters and Laguerre Filters
    4_6_32Valentina S. Ratushnyak, Alexander V. Livshits, Natalya O. Epihina
    The Numerical Studies of the Reaction of the Overhead Transmission Lines to a Transverse Impact by Shaking Off Water Droplets
    4_6_40Konstantin Smirnov, Aleksandr Nazarov, Vasily Blinov
    Methods of Automated Test Solutions Design for VLSI Testing
    4_6_41Aleksey Krivonogov, Alexander Kartashev, Marina Kartasheva
    System for Computer Simulation And Optimization Of Vortex Flows
    4_6_42Roman Oganyan, Michael Lankin, Nikolay Gorbatenko
    Research of the Effect of Displacement Primary Winding of a Measuring Current Transformer Based on the Rogowski Coil on the EMF of Secondary Winding
    4_6_43Карташев А.Л., Карташева М.А., Бондарев Ю.Л.
    Вычислительные эксперименты с применением имитационной модели теплоэнергетических процессов в системах тепло- и водоснабжения
    4_6_44Roman Oganyan, Nikolay Gorbatenko, Michael Lankin
    Research of the Influence of Multiphysical Processes on the Operation Mode of a Complex Electrotechnical Object Using the Example of a Power Transformer
    4_6_46A.V. Pashkovskiy, N.N.Merzlova, A.N.Tkachev
    Electromagnetic Microparticle Control Systems Modeling Based on the Standard Element Metho
    4_6_49Luu Quang Hung
    Microstrip Directional Coupler, the Area of which Is Miniaturized with Original Cells for Marine MATV Systems
    4_6_50Luu Quang Hung
    Pros and Cons of Microstrip Directional Couplers Miniaturization
    4_6_54A.G. Vozmilov, T.R. Gallyamova, V. G. Baltachev
    Mathematical Model of Diffuse Reflection Light of Materials Used In Agriculture
    4_6_55Mikhail A. Petrov, Ibrahim S.A. El-Deeb
    Applying 3D-Scan Systems RangeVision for Precision Preparing of Polygonal 3D-Models
    4_6_56Alexey Yakovlev, Vladimir Grebennikov, Victor Barabanov
    Development of Design Solution for Photoelectrocolorimeter Electron-Optical Unit by Heuristic Modifying the Model of the Physical Principle of Operation
    4_6_58Alexander Krasovsky, Sergey Vasyukov, Olga Miseyuk
    Electrical Model for Transmitting Control Signals over Car Power Wiring
    4_6_67A.V. Vasiliev
    Modelling and Experimental Verification of High-Speed Small-Sized Transport (Locomotion) System for Mobile Robot
    4_6_68Alexander Ivannikov
    Test Set Generation for Computer Simulation Design Debugging of Control Digital Systems with Finite Alphabet of Functions
    4_6_71Герман-Галкин С.Г., Сергеев Б.С.
    Многовариантное исследование электропривода с бесконтактным двигателем постоянного тока в среде SimInTech.
    4_6_73Natalya M. Zaytseva
    Artificial Intelligence System to Determine Electrical Safety Level of Power Generation Facilities
    4_6_77Yuri Burtsev
    High Precision Methods Based on Pade Approximation of Matrix Exponent for Numerical Analysis of Stiff-Oscillatory Electrical Circuits
    4_6_82I.Y.Lvovich, A.P. Preobrazhenskiy, O.N.Choporov
    Modeling of Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Diffraction Structures of Complex Shape
    4_6_98V.V. Lugovkin, V.A. Goltsev, S.Ya. Zhuravlev
    Element and Control System Simulation in CoDeSys and Unreal Engine 4 Development Environment
    4_6_103Vitaly A. Dovgal
    Decision-Making for Placing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Implementation of Analyzing Cloud Computing Cooperation Applied to Information Processing
    4_6_104Tamara B. Chistyakova, Inna V. Novozhilova, Nikolay V. Laktionov
    Computer Simulation System for Safe and Rational Control of Arc Furnace Electric Mode
    4_6_105A. A.Vorontsov, Yu.N. Slesarev
    Mathematical Modeling of Output Signal From Acoustic Path of Magnetostrictive Linear or Angular Displacement Transducers
    4_6_106Yuriy V. Myshkin, Andrey V. Pryakhin, Viktor A. Strizhak
    Design and Numerical Simulation of Biasing System for Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducer of Bulk Longitudinal Wavesg System for Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducer of Bulk Longitudinal Waves
    4_6_115Galina Samigulina, Zarina Samigulina
    Development of Industrial Equipment Diagnostics System Based on Modified Algorithms of Artificial Immune Systems and AMDEC Approach Using Schneider Electric Equipment
    4_6_124Yu.N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov
    Investigation of Influence of Ring Magnet Location on Reproduction Signal of Magnetostrictive Transducer of Linear or Angular Displacements
    4_6_128A.N. Kazimirov
    Nonlinear Filtering of Chaotic Signal Based on Stochastic Resonance Effect