industrial engineering


    Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Part 1. Mechanical Engineering
    Section 1.1. Machinery and Mechanism Design
    1S. Shevchenko, A. Mukhovaty, O. Krol
    Gear transmission with conic axoid on parallel axes
    2E.I. Kromsky, S.V. Kondakov, M.A. Asfandiarov
    Mathematical model of mechanism for sealing hardly deformable materials
    3E.I. Kromsky, S.V. Kondakov, K.Z. Tilloev
    Promising machine for compacting road-building materials
    5V. Shkrabak, . Kalugin, Y. Averyanov
    Assessing effectiveness of technical measures for improving working conditions of wheeled vehicle operators
    6V. Kushnir, O. Benyukh, S. Kim
    Definition of rational modes of use of marginal dug-out wells
    7A.V. Fominykh, I.R. Chinyaev, A.. Ezdina
    se regulating device with swirling
    8A. Malozemov, V. Dooun, D. Kozminykh
    Theoretical and experimental evaluation of diesel engine derating effect on its life time
    9M.G. Slobodianskii, A.V. Antsupov, S.V. Lukinskih
    Failures model for gear couplings under the criterion of working surface endurance
    10A.V. Antsupov, M.G. Slobodianskii, V.P. Antsupov
    Analytical model of wear-out failures in spur gears of external gearing
    11Alexey V. Antsupov, Alexander V. Antsupov, V.P. Antsupov
    Development of analytical methodology for details durability test while arranging metallurgical machines
    12S.V. Konev, A.S. Fainshtein, I.E. Teftelev
    Application of Kantorovich-Vlasov method for shaped plate bending problem
    13P.V. Boslovyak, E.N. Tolkachev
    Metal construction optimization of drive suspension of special belt conveyor
    15K. Syzrantseva, V. Syzrantsev, D. Babichev
    Comparative analysis of stress-strain condition of cylindrical gears arc teeth and spurs
    17S.M. Sivachev, L.L. Myagkov
    Thermomechanical fatigue analysis of diesel engine piston: finite element simulation and lifetime prediction technique
    19B.M. Dmitriev
    Quantitative assessment of thermal properties of the metal-cutting machine design
    20I.V. Kudryavtsev, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Estimation method of slip ring mechanical strength in current collectors in static setting
    21I.V. Kudryavtsev, E.S. Novikov, V.G. Demin
    Ensuring operational life and relability of contact rings in plastic state
    22S.V. Makhnovich, D.A. Permyakov , Yu.M. Khishchenko
    Deformation and stability of cylindrical shells under irregular radial loading
    23A.V.Vasilyev, A.M.Lartsev, E.A.Fedyanov
    Evaluation of possible limits of forcing of high-capacity air-cooled engines
    24A.V. Korobko, Yu.E. Lygina, S.Yu. Savin
    Torsional rigidity of elastic rods of polygonal cross section
    29A.A. Polivanov, V.S. Galuschak
    Strength calculation of the frame of Tourist solar-powered vehicle in the conditions of static loading
    30V.A. Pukhly, S.T. Miroshnichenko
    Durability of centrifugal-pump impeller blades exposed to corrosive-erosive wear
    32Minikayev A.F., Pronin V.A., Zhignovskaya D.V.
    Theoretical calculation of compressed media leaks in working bodies of single-rotor screw compressor with circumferential tooth shape
    34V. Syzrantsev, A. Pazyak
    Contact strength calculation of straight bevel precessional gears with small shaft angle
    35S.A. Khoroshavin, V.S. Shestakov, V.I. Saitov
    Saitov Research of direction of rope-hydraulic quarry excavator creation
    37E.A. Ivakhnenko, L.M. Chervyakov, O.Yu. Erenkov
    Formation of quality indicators system at design of mechanical engineering products
    38S. Eronko, S. Gorbatyuk, M. Tkachev, E. Oshovskaya
    Mini-Converter For Processing of Poor-Quality Charge and Metal-Containing Waste
    39A.M. Busygin
    Cabled feeder for underground drilling machines
    40A.N. Grechukhin, V.V. Kuts, M.S. Razumov
    Solving problem of curved surface approximation by layers with constant and variable sections during forming by additive methods
    47.. , ..
    48S.O. Gaponenko, A.E. Kondratiev, I.R. Tazeev
    Assessment of natural oscillation frequencies of rotor for development of hard-bearing balancing machine
    49A.V. Lysyannikov, Y.N. Bezborodov, V.G. Shram
    Equipment with disk cutters for destruction and removal of strength snow and ice formations on road surface
    50V.G. Nekrutov, A.V. Irshin, B.A. Reshetnikov
    Improvement of equipment for knocking out castings from molds
    51A.V. Butovchenko, E.E. Petrov, A.A. Doroshenko
    Theoretical study of sifting heap on finger chaffer sieve
    52V.A. Pukhly, S.T. Miroshnichenko, V.V. Sokolov
    Modeling polymeric centrifugal-pump impeller blades
    53A. Zotov, A. Valeev
    Vibration isolating and impact protecting systems with quasi-zero stiffness providing wide operating area
    54A. Valeev, A. Tokarev
    Locating of oscillating defect in rotary equipment via remote strain gauge analysis
    55A.A. Melbert, A.V. Mashensky
    Results of studying cleaning of exhaust gases of preheater-equipped KamAZ-740 diesel engine
    58A. Bobkov
    Features of rotor friction losses balancing in centrifugal electric driven pumps for spacecrafts
    59E.V. Zenkov, D.A. Elovenko
    Deformation of prismatic samples of u-shaped grooves and their stress-strain state
    60M. Akopyan, S. Reznikov, O. Kuznetsova
    Analysis of gears engagement parameter in period of steady wear
    61A.A. Prikhodko
    Kinetostatics of rotationally reciprocating stirred tank planetary actuator
    63A.Yu. Gorelova, M. G. Kristal, V. A. Martynenko
    Automation of heat exchanger shell holes machining operation
    65A.A. Yakovlev, V.S. Sorokin, S.G. Postupaeva
    Arching design of device for cooling cutting zone of milling machine based on graph model of physical working principle
    66.. .., ..
    67R.G. Safin, D.B. Prosvirnikov, T.O. Stepanova
    Processing of renewable wood biomass into thermally modified pellets with increased combustion value
    68D.A. Akhmedzaynov, A.E. Kishalov, V.D. Lipatov
    Influence estimate of spectral model of combustion products radiation on results of DKVR-10/13 steam boiler furnace simulating
    69A.Yu. Barykin, M.M. Mukhametdinov, R.Kh. Takhaviev
    Automated control of truck drive axle performance characteristics
    70N.N. Merzlova, .V. Pashkovskiy, D.V. Boldyrev
    Simulation of transforming magnetic systems based on permanent magnets to control microparticles
    72S.A. Naumov, V.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Sadchikov
    Use in cycle of biogas plant boiler for waste disposal
    73A.B. Golovanchikov, V.N. Karev, N.A. Prokhorenko
    Simulation of rectification process taking into account longitudinal diffusion on equations of working lines
    74N. Lebed, N. Antonov, G. Rusakova
    Investigation of process of cutting fruit and vegetable raw materials into slices using rotary chopper
    75A.R. Avdeev, A.A. Shvets, I.S. Torubarov
    Investigation of kinematics of 3D printer print head moving systems
    76E. Petrakova, V. Sumatokhin
    Development of algorithm for creating parametric 3D models, controlled by Mathcad calculations, to study parameters of enclosed gears housing
    77V.A. Saninsky, V.V. Korzin, A.V. Petrukhin
    Automated method for modular selection of components for multi-bearing unit of internal combustion engine assembling
    78A.V. Kiryanov, V.P. Kiryanov
    Improving synthesis accuracy of topology elements in laser pattern generators with circular scanning mode
    Section 1.2. Dynamics of Machines and Working Processes
    2E.A. Lazarev, V.E. Lazarev, M.A. Matculevich
    Estimation of heat losses in fuel combustion by analysis of gas pressure in the cylinder of diesel
    3V.V. Shishkov, E.A. Lazarev
    Determination of parameters and characteristics of injection in fuel system of accumulating type at cold start of the diesel engine
    4B.A. Sharoglazov, V.V. Klementev
    Influence of main design parameters of motion conversion mechanism of crankless reciprocating machine (engine) on torque value on output shaft
    5G. Voronkova, N. Borisova, A. Borisov
    Research of dynamic characteristics of bearing structures at takeaway of ventilation equipment on the workshop roof
    6L.V. Plotnikov , Yu.M. Brodov , N.I. Grigorev
    Features of pulsating flows thermomechanics in exhaust system of piston engine with turbocharging
    7L.V. Plotnikov , S. Bernasconi, P. Jacoby
    Improvement of environmental characteristics of diesel locomotive engine with turbocharging by changing valve timing (based on Miller cycle)
    8.. Popov, Z.V. Almetova, V.D. Shepelev
    Calculated analysis of efficiency of fresh charge heating in diesel engine under cold-start conditions
    9V.V. Mazur
    Theoretical Studies of Automobile Smooth Running on High-Safety Wheels
    10S. Ibrayev, Zh. Bidakhmet, Ay. Rakhmatulina
    Computer simulation of numerical description of closed curve using fourier coefficients
    11A. Malozemov, A. Savinovskikh, G. Malozemov
    Simulation of fuel ignition chemical kinetics in diesel engine at cold start with Modelica language
    12Yu. A. Izvekov, V. V. Dubrovsky, A. L. Anisimov
    Dynamic pattern of safe operation indicators for heavy-duty machines
    14V. Lapshin, V. Yashenko, A. Eliseev
    Influence of spherical body diameter on impact interaction dynamics
    15V.E. Lazarev, M.A. Matculevich, E.A. Lazarev
    Indicative and efficient parameters of the engine operating cycle when using fuels with various octane numbers
    16A. Startcev, S. Romanov, O. Vagina
    Interaction of elastic wheel with bumps of rectangular shape
    19V.S. Zhernakov, V.P. Pavlov, V.M. Kudoyarova
    Opportunities for using spline-method to calculate orthotropic plate under bending conditions
    20V.V. Mazur
    Experiments to find the rolling resistance of non-pneumatic tires car wheels
    21A.I. Artyunin, S.V. Barsukov, O.Yu. Sumenkov
    Peculiarities of motion of pendulum on mechanical system engine rotating shaft
    22N.K. Kuznetsov, I.A. Iov, E.S. Dolgih
    Reducing dynamic loads in hoisting mechanism of excavator based on feedbacks on elastic torque
    24D.Ya. Antipin, V.O. Korchagin, .. Maslov
    Determination of magnetization efficiency of wheel-rail contact zone
    25D.Ya. Antipin, V.V. Kobishanov, A.S. Mitrakov
    Forecasting of life service of hopper car body load-bearing structure on basis of mathematical modeling methods
    26G.V. Lomakin, V.M. Myslyaev
    Evaluation of heatmechanical loading of piston of gasoline engine 4CH8,2/7,56 when it is forced at average effective pressure
    27I.A. Krivosheev, N.B. Simonov, K.E. Rozhkov
    Losses analysis in gas turbine engines flow parts
    28V. Sokolov
    Transfer function for shearing stress in nonstationary fluid friction
    29S.V. Seregin
    On splitting of bending frequency spectrum of geometrically imperfect shells
    32E.S. Gasparov, L.B. Gasparova
    Mathematical model of spindle unit bearing assembly
    35E.S. Evtukh, G.A. Neklyudova
    Evaluation of contact stresses in railway wheel when rolling through rail joint
    37A.P. Levashov, O.Yu. Medvedev
    Determination of eigenforms and frequencies of transverse vibrations of a rod of variable cross section in the field of centrifugal forces
    38P.A. Kulakov, D.D. Galyautdinov, V.G. Afanasenko
    Problem of calculation of reliability of hierarchical complex technical systems
    39R.A. Peshkov, A.V. Erpalov
    Developing methods for calculating gas-dynamic parameters in launch canister during the missile launch
    40M. Kozochkin, A. Porvatov, D. Allenov
    The detection of electrode breakage in electric discharge process by methods of vibroacoustic diagnostics
    42E.Y. Kulikova, I.I. Shornikov
    Method of estimation of pressure forces from power plant in microtunneling
    44V.V. Shishkov
    Diesel work cycle at start
    45N.N. Panasenko, A.V. Sinelschikov
    Dynamic analysis of lifting cranes
    47K.V. Chernyshov, A.V. Pozdeev, I.M. Ryabov
    Vibration isolation properties of vehicle suspension at optimal instantaneous damping control in oscillation cycle
    48A.V. Gritsenko, Z.V. Almetova, V.V. Rudnev
    Monitoring engine toxicity parameters and selective control of its system operation
    51A. Ermakova
    Example of transformation of equilibrium equations of AFEM according to ideal failure model of structure
    52S.A. Partko, L.M. Groshev, A.N. Sirotenko
    Finding stable region of torsional vibrations of agro-industrial rotary cultivators
    53V.A. Markov, S.N. Devyanin, V.G. Kamaltdinov
    Improvement of fuel injection and atomization processes in transport diesel engine
    54T.A. Golubeva, E.V. Balakina
    Finding New Component in Displacement of Normal Supporting-Surface Reaction to Car Wheels
    55V.G. Kamaltdinov, V.A. Markov, K.S. Leonov
    Numerical research of combustible mixture inert components influence on compression ignition engines combustion process
    56V.V. Novikov, A.V. Pozdeev, D.A. Chumakov
    Results of bench tests of pneumatic suspension with air-hydraulic damping
    58Ju.A. Bondarenko, S.I. Khanin, O.V. Bestuzheva
    Investigation of stress-strain state of ball mill trunnion
    60Yu.A. Polyakov
    Influence of stiffness of rear leaf spring on van vibration loading
    62D.V. Kondratov, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
    Hydroelastic oscillations of three-layered channel wall resting on elastic foundation
    68A. Tokarev, A. Valeev, A. Zotov
    Use of vibration isolation systems with negative stiffness on the basis of special shaped guides to reduce pump piping vibration
    69Salam Ahmed Abed, Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Jassim Farij Thijel
    Effect of two cracks in a rotor on stiffness using the theory of fracture mechanics
    71S.V. Seregin
    How asymmetric initial imperfections in shape affect free oscillations of thin shells
    72A.V. Gorin, R.N. Poliakov, A.V. Sitin
    Test bench for analyzing adaptability of foil gas-dynamic bearings to external changes
    73M.Yu. Prakhova, A.N. Krasnov, E.A. Khoroshavina
    Automatic system of low-pressure gas recycling at liquid removal from wells and gas collectors
    74M. Lyutikova, S. Korobeynikov
    Improvement of procedure for determining antioxidant additive (ionol) in insulating oils
    75I.V. Dolotovskij, N.V. Dolotovskaya
    Resource-saving multifunctional apparatus for autonomous energy- and water-supply systems
    77Yu.I. Eremenko, D.A. Poleshchenko
    Slag cut off during steel casting
    78Baraa M.H. Albaghdadi, A.O. Cherniavsky
    Arresting longitudinal cracks in steel pipelines: computational analysis technique
    Section 1.3. Friction, Wear, and Lubrication in Machines
    1.. , ..
    2M.Yu. Karelina ,T.Yu. Cherepnina , N.Yu. Bugakova
    Improvement of operational characteristics of aggregates by nanostructuring surfaces of tribounits
    3Ye.V. Balakina, Ye.Y. Lipatov, D.S. Sarbayev
    Advantages of using wheel rolling radius for calculating friction characteristics in wheel-to-road contact patch
    4A.T. Kulakov, E.P. Barylnikova, I.P. Talipova
    Lubrication conditions and development of pre-failure state of crankshaft bearings
    5M.V. Boiko, A.P. Sychev, I.V. Kolesnikov
    Investigations of antifriction films formation in dioctyl sebacate medium with cholesterol esters
    7O.Yu. Kazakova, L.B. Gasparova
    Dependence of automatic installation of tool carrier process on orientation errors and their effect on performance characteristics of spindle-tool subsystem
    9V.A. Saninsky, V.V. Korzin, M.A. Kononovich
    Automated calculation and control of body wear in friction pair
    10A.S. Gorobtsov, E.G. Gromov, N.V. Chigirinskaya
    Method for modeling of circulation of lubricating fluid in models of machine-building products
    11S.A. Izotov, A.I. Izotov, A.A. Fominyh
    Influence of physicochemical processes on reliability of node of sliding current collector of electric machines
    12V.A. Butorin, I.B.Tsarev, R.T. Guseynov
    Bench-scale tests aimed at finding rate and acceleration of wear determining service life of thrust bearing in submersible electric motor
    13M.A. Skotnikova, G.V. Ivanova, A.A. Strelnikova
    Macromechanism destruction of structurally and crystallographically textured titanium billets
    14V. Belogusev, A. Egorov, I. Polyanin
    Study on factors having influence upon efficiency of AC motor chain drive using newly developed method and procedure for identification of its friction losses
    15A.V. Titenok, I.A. Titenok
    Discrete contact in toothed gearing
    16V. Feropontov, N. Perfileva, A. Maksimenko
    Contact movement in mating conical joints within resting friction
    17V.I. Kubich, E.A. Zadorozhnaya, O.G. Cherneta
    Forming laminar flow of engine oil under conditions of high-speed sliding friction
    18.. , ..
    19V.G. Shram, Yu.N. Bezborodov, A.V. Lysyannikov
    Study of dependence of kinematic viscosity and thermal-oxidative stability of motor oils
    20G.I. Shulga, A.O. Kolesnichenko, I.Y. Lebedinsky
    omplex method for evaluating lubricating properties of technological tools and stresses when drawing products from sheet steel
    23A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, A.Yu. Burcev
    Monitoring technical status of engine bearings by pressure parameters in central oil line
    24E. Zadorozhnaya, V. Hudyakov, I. Dolgushin
    Evaluation of thermal condition of turbocharger rotor bearing
    25P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov, V. Kushnarev
    Ensuring tightness of sealing joints at the design stage
    26P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov, V. Kushnarev
    Modeling introduction of rigid sphere into layered elastic body
    28B.I. Kovalski , N.N. Lysyannikova, E.G. Kravcova
    Influence of oxidation products on anti-wear properties of lubricants
    29A. Doikin, K. Gavrilov
    Experimental modeling of wearing the friction surfaces of piston-cylinder tribounit
    31E.G. Kravtsova, B.I. Kowalsky, N.N. Lysyannikova
    Investigation of influence of steel SH 15 on oxidation and anti-wear properties of mineral oil
    32Y.P. Serdobintsev, M.P. Kukhtik, A.M. Makarov
    Theoretical research of kinematic pair shaft-sleeve of friction bearing of gas-compressor unit at variable speeds of shaft rotation
    33R.V. Yudin, D.A. Parinov, I.N. Medvedev
    Design engineering and manufacturing of technology of bearings for heavy-duty friction units
    34A.V. Sidashov, M.V. Boiko
    Surface films formation on steel during friction of polymer composites containing microcapsules with lubricant
    35A.N. Bolotov, V.V. Novikov, O.O. Novikova
    Fabrication and triboengineering properties of aluminum composite ceramic coatings
    36I.N. Shcherbakov, A.A. Korotkiy, E.V. Egelskaya
    Formation and properties of multilayer composite solid lubricant coating
    37S.A. Kurguzov, M.V. Nalimova
    Modeling wear of tools front surface during turning
    38S.G. Dokshanin, V.S. Tynchenko, V.V. Bukhtoyarov
    Evaluation of lubricants use with ultrafine copper-containing additives in sliding bearings with reversible friction
    39A. Babin, A. Fetisov, V. Tyurin
    Numerical modelling of fluid-film bearing lubricated with magnetorheological fluid
    Section 1.4. Design and Manufacturing Engineering of Industrial Facilities
    3N.N. Ogarkov, S.I. Platov, E.U. Zvyagina
    Modelling of roll roughness transfer process to strip during skin-pass rolling
    4E.A. Poluektov, B.A. Lopatin, S.V. Plotnikova
    Working surface calculation of teeth bevel gear helical-bevel gearing at milling with hob
    5V.A. Lebedev, A.V. Kirichek, L.V. Chunakhova
    Effectiveness of application of additional strengthening processing of surface plastic deformation on increase in fatigue life of parts
    6A.V. Vyboishchik
    Surface accuracy improvement in process of milling freeform parts
    7E.V. Khaliulin, A.V. Bobylev, A.V. Kozlov
    Determination of rational technological parameters of cold bending with rolling of pipes from corrosion-resistant steels
    9P.A. Ogin, D.G. Levashkin
    Recomposition procedure of automatic replacement laser modules for CNC machines
    10E.I. Yatsun, N.P. Anikeyeva, I.S. Karnaukhov
    Tooling backup of utting and deforming processing of non-rigid shafts
    11S.. Lyuminarsky, I.. Lyuminarsky, E.S. Lyuminarskaya
    Theoretical study of harmonic drive flexible bearing durability
    16P.V. Shalamov, I.A. Kulygina, A.N. Yasnitsky
    Determination of flanging parameters and length of screwing in producing holes by the method of thermal drilling in thin-sheet metal
    17M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Practice of dimensional modeling in the implementation of the methodology of group interchangeability
    21I.N. Madyshev, O.S. Dmitrieva, A.V. Dmitriev
    Determination of settling efficiency of solid finely dispersed particles within devices with rectangular separators
    22A.N. Polyakov, A.N. Goncharov, I.V. Parfenov
    Method for predicting thermal characteristics of machine tools based on experimental modal analysis
    23I.N. Madyshev, O.S. Dmitrieva, A.V. Dmitriev
    Development of new types of contact devices for heat-mass transfer apparatuses used at petrochemical enterprises
    24R.M. Khusainov, A.R. Sabirov
    Stiffness maximization on the basis of layout characteristics of the elastic machine system and milling process
    25V.E. Lelyukhin,O.V. Kolesnikova
    Formation automation of geometric configuration of real machine parts
    26A. Loginov
    Information model for machines electronic structure storage
    27V.. Svinin, .V. Savilov, .V. Shutenkov
    Software spindle speed variation as method for chatter suppression in drilling
    28S.I. Gvozdkova, L.E. Shvartsburg
    Experimental studies of steady-state sources of vibrations of machinery production process equipment to substantiate choice of vibration protection methods
    30L. Mironova, L. Kondratenko, V. Terekhov
    On issue of verifying new method for studying dynamics of deep hole machining
    31I.I. Voyachek, D.V. Kochetkov, S.G. Mityasov
    Rational provision of robustness properties of bolted joints of assembly with implementation of anaerobic materials
    32E.I. Shchurova, P.G. Mazein
    Machining accuracy improving with the use of mobile mechatronic systems as industrial robots end effectors
    33E.I. Shchurova
    Voxel and finite element modeling of twist drill
    34A.V. Shchurova
    3D modeling of turbine rotor journal machining with location on a bearing bottom half
    35I.A. Shchurov
    Geometric modeling of macro defects of parts surfaces based on discrete solid-state modeling
    36A.V. Belov, A.A. Polivanov, N.G. Neumoina
    Selecting criterion of long-term strength in assessing durability of constructions operating under non-isothermal loading processes
    37P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Virtual prediction of accuracy of processing on example of external circular grinding
    38P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Designing of optimal grinding cycles, sustainable to unstable mechanical processing on the basis of synthesis of digital double technology and dynamic programming method
    39S.M. Beloborodov, V.F. Makarov, M.L. Tselmer
    Controlled assembly of rotors
    40V.V. Kuts, M.S. Razumov, V.S. Kochergin
    Study of energy intensity of shaped holes broaching process
    41D.T. Safarov, A.G. Kondrashov
    Methods of quality control manufacturing gears of the differential satellites
    43I. Agureev, K. Platonov, R. Khmelev
    Computational and experimental studies of deformations of air-cooled diesel cylinders at its assembling
    45I.I. Voyachek, E.S. Slashchev, D.M. Malikova
    Feasibility study of applying group interchangeability method for assembly components of machines
    46L.E. Shvartsburg, O.V. Yagolnitser, E.V. Butrimova
    Development of integrated criterion to select environmentally sound cutting fluids and relevant application systems in shape-forming processes
    47N.V. Lishchenko, V.P. Larshin
    Gear grinding temperature modeling and simulation
    48M.Ya. Durmanov, B.G. Martynov, S.V. Spiridonov
    How parameters of agricultural machine and tractor unit affects effectively used mean indicated power
    49V.P. Antipin, M.Ya. Durmanov, O.A. Mikhailov
    Method to reduce oil burning in diesel engine of agricultural machine and tractor unit
    51S.I. Kozhevnikov, V.F. Makarov
    Mill conditions effect on roughness of injection molds forming surfaces
    52A.N. Hotz, V.V. Zelinskiy, E.A. Borisova
    Effect of magnetic processing on mass transfer in a frictional pair alloyed steel - carbon steel
    53A.A. Udalov, A.V. Udalov, S.L. Vasilevykh
    Strength parameters of hardening cylindrical workpiecs by tapered roller
    55O.V. Kolesnikova, V.E. Lelyukhin, F.Yu. Ignatev
    Formation of schemes generating geometric structure of machine parts
    56R.M. Khusainov, P.N. Krestyaninov, D.D. Safin
    Optimization of cutting parameters in milling by means of system nyquist plot
    57A. Sychugov, Yu. Frantsuzova, V. Salnikov
    Comprehensive evaluation of shaft manufacturability: mathematical and information models
    59T.D. Nguyen, V.M. Volgin, V.V. Lyubimov
    Simulation of electrical discharge machining of microholes
    60V.V. Lyubimov, V.M. Volgin, V.P. Krasilnikov
    Investigation of kinematic-geometric characteristics of electrochemical machining
    61S. Ivanov, E. Valdaytseva, I. Udin
    Model for numerical simulation of temperature field and bead profile in hybrid laser-arc welding of T-joint
    62A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko, S.A. Petukhov
    QMS as tool for improving maintenance and repair processes of traction rolling stock
    66M.Yu. Polyanchikova
    Heat treatment effect on the structural and elastic characteristics of a single-component abrasive tool
    67E.V. Orlova
    Approach for modeling and situational management of industrial product efficiency
    68V.M. Trukhanov, M.P. Kukhtik, A.M. Makarov
    Modeling of trying out and reliability estimation of technological processes of machine-building products
    69.. , ..
    70A.F. Tavaeva, A.A. Petunin, E.G. Polishchuk
    Methods of cutting cost minimizing in problem of tool route optimization for CNC laser machines
    72L.A. Galiullin, R.A. Valiev
    Development of hardware-algorithmic system for ICE diagnostics
    73A. Zagitova, N. Kondratyeva, S. Valeev
    Information support of gas-turbine engine life cycle based on agent-oriented technology
    74I.A. Gushchin, I.V. Martynovich, I.S. Torubarov
    Automatic print job scheduling and management over multiple 3D printers
    75E. Krylov, N. Kozlovtseva, A. Kapitanov
    CNC processing equipments technical operability evaluation by developing mathematical models based on continuous logic of antonyms
    76S.V. Makartichyan, L.V. Khoperskova, V.E. Avvakumov
    Digital in-line moisture meter of thin sheet materials
    77A.A. Yakovlev, V.S. Sorokin, S.G. Postupaeva
    Modeling physical operating principles during search design of cooling and refrigerating systems
    78D.S. Lavrinov
    Analysis of measurement system accuracy based on 2D laser triangulation scanner when measuring soiled pipe thread pitch and height
    Section 1.5. Transport and Technological Machines
    1M.Yu. Karelina, T.A. Balabina, A.N. Mamaev
    Mechanics of elastic wheel rolling on rigid drum
    2S.G. Mogilny, A.A. Sholomitskii, A.L. Sotnikov
    Technical audit of rotary aggregates
    4Yu.N. Kamishov, N.A. Makarova, A.A. Sitnikov
    Hydroblow as mechanism of additional intensification of liquid forages preparation in centrifugal-rotor dismembrators
    5E.K. Chabutkin
    Change of structure of dispersion material under dynamic loads
    6Ju.G. Popov, E.K. Chabutkin
    Increasing efficiency of vibratory rollers through adjusting magnitude of disturbing force
    7Yu.A. Lagunova, V.S. Bochkov
    Energy component of properties of material crushability layer
    8I.S. Tyuremnov, A.S. Morev
    New criterion for continuous compaction control systems by soil vibratory rollers
    9P. Popikov, M. Drapalyuk, D. Druchinin
    Reducing amplitude of load swinging during operation of hydraulic manipulators of forest transport machines
    10N.A. Fomenko, S.V. Aleksikov, S.G. Artemova
    Increase in operational reliability of locking device of hydraulic actuator of vehicle
    11Y.V. Levin, K.V. Prikhodkov, E.A. Fedyanov
    Influence of hydrogen additives on cycle-to-cycle variability of working process of rotary engine
    12G.V. Redreev, G.A. Okunev , S.A. Voinash
    Efficiency of usage of transport and technological machines
    13S.V. Streltsov, V.A. Ryzhikov
    Differential system of crane braking
    14V. Dygalo, I. Zhukov
    Thermal loading estimation of the friction pairs of a vehicle automated brake system
    18A. Keropyan, S. Albul, A. Zarapin
    Problem of increasing tractive effort of railway locomotives in conditions of Arctic and continental shelf regions
    20A. Egorov, N. Syutov, V. Belogusev
    New approach for experimental identification of internal combustion engine power and performance characteristics
    21S.V. Lyakhov, S.V. Budalin
    Development of hardware and software complex for increase of technical readiness transport-technological machines in forestry
    24A. Vozmilov, D. Vlasov, K. Glemba
    Study of characteristics of engine operation in stress-testing mode of electric gasoline pump
    27H.N. Sultonov, K.Z. Tilloev
    Technical level analysis of structures of quarried excavators
    28A.N. Savkin, K.A. Badikov, A.A. Sedov
    Reliability analysis of bus steering system
    30A.M. Keropyan, D.A. Kuziev, A.E. Krivenko
    Process research of wheel-rail mining machines traction
    32I. Voiku, I. Komissarov
    Development of double-sided summer-winter pneumatic tires
    33D.V. Furmanov, V.A. Nikolayev, N.N. Klochko
    Asphalt concrete as object of destruction by operating units of milling machines
    34N.N. Trushin, V.Y. Antsev, A.A. Obozov
    Improving automotive torque converter quality
    35Yu. Stroganov, A. Popova, D. Zhelev
    Stabilization of biaxial trailer motion
    36O. Lukashuk, A. Komissarov, K. Letnev
    Development of optimization algorithm to control open-pit excavator operation
    37V.Yu. Antsev, P.V. Vitchuk, K.Yu. Krylov
    Complex for inspection of crane rails design
    38I.S. Tyuremnov, D.V. Fyodorova, A.S. Morev
    Study of impact of amount of shock absorbers on parameters of vibrations of drum and frame of vibrating roller
    39G.G. Kozhushko, O.A. Lukashuk, T.A. Roscheva
    Optimization of high-power belt conveyor parameters
    40A.V. Gritsenko, I.V. Makarova, G.N. Salimonenko
    Intelligent control, correction and adaptability of output parameters of vehicles intake system
    41V. F. Guskov, A.N. Gots
    Duration of ignition delay of fuel-air mixture in diesel engines
    42A.N. Gots, V.S. Klevtsov
    Modeling of maximum cycle pressure based on engine external speed performance
    44A.V. Kulikov, S.Y. Firsova
    Effectiveness of road transport technology in modern housing systems
    45V.I. Chizhikov, E.V. Kurnasov, A.B. Petrov
    Robot manipulator control with efforts stabilization in capture of object with fuzzy geometrical characteristic
    46V.V. Chernyshev, V.V. Arykantsev, I.P. Vershinina
    Minimization of energy costs for movement resistance of ground for walking device by the control of support points motion
    Section 1.6. Mechanical Treatment of Materials
    1D.Yu. Dubrov
    How different autonomous cutter cooling methods affect machining performance
    2V.A. Spirin, V.F. Makarov, O.A. Khalturin
    Calculation of thermodynamic parameters of geometrically-complex parts at abrasive globoid gear machining
    3A.A. Fomin, V.G. Gusev, N.F. Timerbaev
    Providing of surfaces geometry at the design stage of profile milling operation of off-grade workpiece
    4A.V. Morozov, V.G. Gusev
    The method of the combined flat peripheral grinding
    5Min Ko Hlaing, Phone Htet Kyaw, B.N.Maryn
    Defect analysis of operating hydro-gasified piping system
    7Y.N. Oteniy, O.V. Martynenko, N.I. Nikiforov
    ontact zone effect analysis onto the deforming rollers geometrics during the surface plastic deformation treatment
    9N. Papsheva, O. Akushskaya
    Increasing resistance of cutting tool with diamond burnishing
    10V.A. Nosenko, M.V. Danilenko
    Determining coordinates of cutting force application point in grinding zone
    11S.V. Grubyi, P.A. Chaevskiy
    Improving efficiency of machining of grooves on shafts of increased hardness structural steel
    12S.V. Usov, D.S. Sviridenko, P.A. Davydenko
    General patterns in formation of surface layer of machine parts treated by combined electro-technical methods
    14A.V. Antsev, N.I. Pasko, A.V. Khandozhko
    Evaluation of tool life equation of single-point cutting tool by accumulation model
    15S.V. Grubiy, M.A. Shavva, V.V. Lapshin
    Ultra-precision machining of optical materials elements devices surfaces
    16T.N. Ivanova
    Identification of deformations and errors in flat thin workparts during grinding
    17N.N. Zubkov
    Novel method of single-pass threading by cutter
    18V.M. Shumyacher, O.G. Kulik, S.A. Kryukov
    Chip forming processes at high speed grinding
    19V.M. Shumyacher, S.A. Kryukov, O.G. Kulik
    Express control of abrasive tool operational characteristics
    20I.Yu. Orlov, T.N. Orlova, I.V. Bashkirtseva
    Study of physical and chemical processes occurring during polycondensation of bakelite binder in order to adjust technological process of abrasive tool production
    21I.Yu. Orlov, N.V. Baidakova, P.Yu. Bochkarev
    Optimal sequencing at selection of abrasive tools characteristics for their improvement
    22I.V. Bashkirtseva, T.N. Orlova
    Change in microhardness of metal depending on wetting ability of lubricating coolant
    23.V. Savilov, V.. Svinin, S.. Timofeev
    Studies on titanium alloy turning rate improvement
    24V. Golovkin, O. Batishcheva, V. Papshev
    Ultrasonic impact study on strain hardening of thread profile surface layer
    25V.A. Kim, B.Ya. Mokritsky, A.V. Morozova
    Dissipative structure of contact interaction when cutting metals
    26D.B. Podashev, Yu.V. Dimov
    Cutting temperature by polymer-abrasive end brushes for machining planes
    27Y.A. Bondarenko, N.A. Maslennikov, A.A. Mamchenkova
    Research of influence of location tool in treatment of large shafts on surface shaping
    28.. Nikitina, .. Slobodyanik
    Numerical modelling of the material layer upset forging with extrusion under the stiffening rib into forging cavity
    29N.V. Vulykh
    Centrifugal rolling of flexible shafts for achieving best possible roughness of the surface
    31O.V. Malkov, I.A. Pavlyuchenkov
    Thread milling cutter flute production possibility research by using typical profiles grinding wheels
    32Z. Tikhonova, D. Kraynev, E.Frolov
    Thermo-emf as method for testing properties of replaceable contact pairs
    33D. Kraynev, A. Bondarev, Z. Tikhonova
    Mathematical apparatus for predicting cutting tool life in turning process after prior plastic deformation
    34A.V. Shcherbakov, D.A. Gaponova, R.V. Rodyakina
    Numerical modeling of heat transfer and material flow during wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing
    35A.V. Shcherbakov, D.A. Gaponova, R.V. Rodyakina
    Control of weld bead position in additive manufacturing process with using backscattered electrons collector signal
    37S.I. Agapov, Yu.I. Sidyakin, A.F. Tolstyakov
    Operating efficiency of worm gears under ultrasonic vibration imposition in the cutting region
    38I.V. Firsov, Ju.L. Tchigirinskiy, N.V. Chigirinskaya
    Features of formation of surface layer properties in multistage processing of Cr-Ni steel
    39A.P. Gontar, S.V. Mednikov, N.V. Chigirinskaya
    Contactless monitoring of processed surface microrelief at manufacturing environment
    40A.R. Ingemansson
    Characteristics, composition, mechanisms of function and modern aspects of implementation of digital production systems in mechanical engineering industry
    41O.A. Kursin, S.B. Fam, N.A. Fedotov
    Abrasive machining of low carbon steels: ways to improve the surface quality
    42.. Lipatov, J.L. Tchigirinsky, Hoang Trung Pham
    Features of contact interaction in cutting high alloyed steels with carbide tool
    43P.S. Nesterenko, J.L. Tchigirinsky, E.N. Nesterenko
    Analysis of influence of strains of technological system elements on machining accuracy under turning of non-rigid shafts based between centers
    44P.A. Norchenko, V.A. Solodkov, S.I. Kormilitsyn
    Peculiarities of application of th20 hard alloy for turning processing of various steels with advanced plastic deformation
    45Y.I. Sidyakin, S.N. Olshtynsky, S.Y. Abakumova
    Application of smoothing rollers in processes finishing-strengthening treatment of shafts SPD
    46O.V. Skrygin, V.P. Smolentsev, E.A. Saltanaeva
    Preparing automated of software complex for technological processes with imposition of electric field
    47V.P. Smolentsev, V.V. Ivanov, E.V. Panichev
    Technology of combined chemical mechanical processing
    48V.P. Smolensev, A.V. Shchednov, J.S. Smolenseva
    Technology of combined treatment of engine cooling elements
    49V.A. Solodkov, S.I. Kormilitsin, P.A. Norchenko
    Temperature in intermittent cutting
    50D.B. Prosvirnikov, A.R. Sadrtdinov, Z.G. Sattarova
    Cogeneration power plant for processing of biomass and municipal solid waste based on plasma heat source
    51N.N. Ovchinnikova, G.S. Kochetkova, .. Tolmacheva
    Application of statistical modeling methods to assess decontamination effect of electromagnetic field on raw materials for food industry
    52V. Salnikov, Y. Frantsuzova
    Energy consumption modeling of machining processes
    Section 1.7. Industrial Hydraulic Systems
    1K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Design and calculation method of composite housings for new generation magnetorheological devices
    2K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Methodology and constructive implementation of active vibration protection of large scale structures
    3A.V. Gorin, N.V. Tokmakov, I.S. Kyznetsov
    Substantiation of parameters of machine with volumetric hydraulic drive for formation of wells in ground
    4A.N. Sirotenko, S.A. Partko, S.A. Voinash
    Research of pneumodrive with energy recovery into additional volume
    5A. Markov
    Model of airflow process through throttling sections of automated deadweight absolute pressure measurement system
    6I.V. Vishtak, V.A. Fedotov, A.N. Solomon
    Investigation of radial gas bearings with longitudinal micro-grooves of various transverse profiles
    7.. , ..
    8D.V. Kasharin, S.A. Kalmikov, O.A. Surzhko
    Flexible composite diversion water conduits of small hpps for recreational facilities in the republic of north Ossetia
    9L. Ilina, N. Goncharov, A. Shagarova
    Experimental research on reducing hydraulic resistance when transporting high-viscosity fluids by pipeline
    10Yu.S. Sergeev, S.V. Sergeev, G.E. Karpov
    Modeling three-dimensional liquid flows in computer controlled vibrojet mixer using flowvision
    11K.V. Osintsev, M.M. Dudkin, Iu.S. Prikhodko
    Improving efficiency of boiler in case of coal hydrotransport
    12L. Ilina, P. Vasilyev, M. Krasnodubrovsky
    Finding flow of non-Newtonian fluids in circular pipe with wall-adjacent gas layer
    13V.V. Korzin, D.B. Melekhov
    Mathematical model of gas-dynamic temperature transducer
    14V. Khokhlov, T. Shestopalova, J. Titova
    Emergency flooding protection system based on self-regulating jet pumps for hydroelectric power stations
    Section 1.8. Green Manufacturing
    2D.V. Varnakov, V.V. Varnakov, S.A. Simachkov
    Results of determining optimal correlation between components of biodiesel fuel on basis of rape
    3I.K. Andronchev, D.Ya. Nosyrev, A.A. Mishkin
    Decrease in destructive environmental impact and fuel consumption in internal combustion engine of vehicles as result of using aluminium and hydrogen technologies
    6N.R. Bukeikhanov, S.I. Gvozdkova, E.V. Butrimova
    Automated resource-saving system for the use and regeneration of epilam-based lubricating-cooling technological liquid
    7N.A. Merentsov, .V. Persidskiy, V.N. Lebedev
    Use of wastes from metal working machining for packings in contact heat-and-mass exchange devices
    8A.A. Fomin, R.V. Yudin, A.R. Sadrtdinov
    Natural and energy resource saving based on the development of technology for profile milling of wood waste
    10A. Blinov, N. Malastowski, A. Bykov
    Performance evaluation of static mixers in the urea injection pipe for SCR systems
    12A. Kulganatov, Ahmed Ibrahim, A. Miroshnichenko
    Comparison of lifting mechanisms for raising wind wheel in mobile power complex based on renewable energy sources
    13D.A. Akhmedzaynov, A.E. Kishalov, V.D. Lipatov
    Study of steam injection effect on course of combustion processes in combustion chamber of gas turbine unit
    14D. Donchenko, N. Sadovnikova, D. Parygin
    Prediction of road accidents severity on Russian roads using machine learning techniques
    15E. Krushel, A. Panfilov, I. Stepanchenko
    Computer aided ecological & profitable scheduling of the oil depot reservoirs filling process
    Part 2. Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
    Section 2.1. Polymers, Composites and Ceramics
    1Valentina I. Loganina, Yerkebulan B. Mazhitov, Yuri P. Skachkov
    Assessment of Fire Safety of Coatings Based on Silicate Paint Sol
    2I.S. Pyshkina, K.V. Zhegera
    The Economic Efficiency of the Development of Dry Mixes with the Supplement Based on Calcium Hydrosilicates
    3 , ..
    4Valery Dyadichev, Andrey Kolesnikov, Aleksandr Dyadichev
    Determination of Rational Technological Parameters of Co-extrusion Processing of Secondary Polymeric Materials by the Method of Physical Modeling
    5E.S. Gerasimova, N.Yu.Kamalova
    Quartzitic Waste, as the Possible Component of the Cement Flooring Composite Material
    7O.A. Fomina, A.Yu. Stoboushkin
    Modeling of the Transition Layer in Ceramic Matrix Composites from Coal Wastes and Clay
    9Victoria A. Gurieva, Anastasia A. Ilyina
    Prospects for the Development of Building Ceramics, Based on Stale Slags from the Non-Ferrous Metallurgy of Orenburg
    10L.B. Aksenov, I.Y. Kononov
    Thin Sheet Forming with 3D Printed Plastic Tool
    11Zh.A. Sapronova, S.V. Sverguzova, A.V. Svyatchenko
    About the Possibility of Recycling Water Treatment Sludge in the WoodCement Composites Production
    13A.O. Tolkushkin, S.N. Lezhnev, A.B. Naizabekov
    Computer Simulation and Study of the New Forging Technology of Billets in a Step-Wedge Dies
    14Yu. A. Bozhko, K.A. Lapunova, L.V. Postoi
    Face Ceramic Brick of soft Molding based on Opoka-like raw Materials
    15Gulnara I. Amerkhanova, Aleksey I. Khatsrinov, Lyubov A. Zenitova
    Composite Materials Based on Plasma Treated Basalt Fibers for Heavy-Duty Concrete Products
    16Anton A. Valeev, Elena V. Morozova
    Simple Universal Kelvin Equation Valid in Critical Point Vicinity, External-Internal State Correction, and their Application in Understanding of Oxygen Capillary Evaporation and Condensation in Mesoporous Silica MCM-41
    17Boris A. Semenikhin, Lyubov P. Kuznetsova, Vladimir I. Kozlikin
    The Use of Hard Alloy Waste in Composite Galvanic Coatings for the Restoration of Car Parts
    18Alsu A. Yusupova, Aleksey I. Khatsrinov, Lenar N. Shafigullin
    Activating Effect of Aluminum Chloride in the Technology of Poly-sulfides and Materials Based on Them
    19 . ., .
    - -
    21F.L.Kapustin, A.F.Kapustin
    Compositions and Properties of Polymeric Concrete with Granulight Additive
    22N.P. Shabelskay, V.V. Semchenko, A.S. Deeva
    Activity of Zinc Oxide Based Spinels Catalytic
    23Margarita A. Goncharova, Vladimir V. Krokhotin, Alexander N. Ivashkin
    The Influence of Fiber Reinforcement on the Properties of the Self-Compacting Concrete Mix and Concrete
    25Olga A. Belyak, Tatiana V. Suvorova
    Modeling the Effect of Porosity Oil-Bearing Composite at Tribological Contact
    26V.I. Kuzmin, V.I. Lysak, E.V. Kuzmin
    A Study of the Influence of Thickness of Anti-Diffusion Layer on the Structure and Thermal Resistance of Composite 5-Cr-St3
    27Vasily Ovchinnikov, Elena Mastalygina, Petr Pantyukhov
    Investigation of Novel Polymer Composites Based on Recycled Multilayer Combined Packaging Materials
    28Mikhail V. Astahov, Irina I. Sorokina, Ekaterina V. Slavkina
    To the Question of an Experimental Assessment of the Fatigue Characteristics of a Transversal Metal-composite Compound
    29V.D. Tukhareli, E.E. Gnedash, A.V. Tukhareli
    Heat-Resistant Composite Materials Based on Secondary Material Resources
    30Tatiana Lonzinger, Vadim Skotnikov and Alexey Sukharev
    Study of the Influence of Refractories Structure on the Thermomechanical Properties of Tunnel Kiln Equipment Lining
    31Valentina A. Poluektova
    Fine-Grained Polymer-Cement Basalt Fibrous Concrete for 3D Printing
    32.. , .. , ..
    33Margarita A. Goncharova, Konstantin A. Korneev, German S. Dedyaev
    Improving Construction Engineering Properties of Soils Stabilized by a Cement Binder with Techno-Genic Products
    34Elina R. Salmanova, Alexey M. Nazarov, Iren O. Tuktarova
    Receiving Composite Sorbents for Sewage Treatment on the Basis of Waste of Production and Processing of Micaceous Quartzite
    35Valeria Strokova, Mariana Sivalneva and Vadim Kobzev
    The Effect of Polyvinyl Alcohol on the System of Cement-Free Binding Alumino-Silicate Composition
    36E.A. Yatsenko, V.A. Smoliy, A.A. Chumakov
    Physical-Chemical Studies and Evaluation of the Suitability of Chernoyarskoe Deposits Diatomite for the Synthesis of Foam Glass
    37F.L. Kapustin, A.F. Kapustin
    Influence of Plasticizers on the Properties of Fine-grained Polymer Concrete
    38Boris M. Goltsman, Lyubov A. Yatsenko and Natalia S. Goltsman
    Production of Foam Glass Materials from Silicate Raw Materials by Hydrate Mechanism
    39O.V. Zaitseva, V.E. Zhivulin and A.S. Chernukha
    Preparation of Poly-substituted Crystals with M-type Hexa-ferrite Structure Using Melts of the BaOPbOSrOCaOZnOFe2O3Mn2O3Al2O3 System
    40V.A. Beregovoi, A.M. Beregovoi, E.V. Snadin
    Improvement of Strength Parameters of Foam Ceramics for Energy-Efficient Enclosing Structures
    42S.V. Sverguzova, Zh.A. Sapronova, R.R. Valiev
    The Use of Water Treatment Petroleum Sludge in the Manufacture of Ceramic Products
    43Lilia V. Ilina, Lubov V. Zavadskaya, Anastasia I. Ilina
    Investigation of Composition and Technological Parameters of Highly Porous Gypsum Products Obtaining
    44Pavel V. Matyukhin
    Reaction of Spot Radioactive Source with the Energy of 661.7 KeV on The Modification in the Structure of Surface Layer of Metal Composite Material
    45A.V. Svyatchenko, N.Yu. Kiryushina, O.N. Sharapov
    Techno-genic Fillers in the Composition of Modern Polymer Paints
    46N.Yu. Kiryushina, A.Yu. Semeykin
    Properties of Epoxy-Diane Composites Modified by Techno-genic Fillers
    48K.V. Tikhomirova, A.Yu. Semeykin
    Regulation of Electrical, Thermal and Physical Properties of Composites Based on Carbon-Modified Portland Cement Materials
    49 .., .., ..
    50A.I. Pogoreltsev, V.L. Matukhin, J.D. Plotnikova
    Analysis of Electron Density Distribution in the CuAlO2 System
    52Alena Ivashchenko, Andrei Kireev and Anna Voznesenskaya
    Synthesis of Ultra-Dispersed Spherical Composite Materials
    54Vyacheslav S. Kuzevanov, Galina S. Zakozhurnikova, Sergey S. Zakozhurnikov
    Peculiarities of Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Moistened Mediums at High Thermal Loads
    56Mikhail M. Kosukhin, Andrei M. Kosukhin, Irina V. Starostina
    Improving the Bio-resistance of Cement Concretes by Means of Fungicidal Poly-functional Modifiers
    58N.P. Lukuttsova, R.. Efremochkin, S.N. Golovin
    Study of the Suspension Stability of Titanium Dioxide of Anatase Modification for Self-Purifying Fine Concrete
    59D.N. Gurulev, L.V. Palatkina
    Study f the Diffusion Interaction between Titanium and Aluminum in the Composition AMg6-AD1-VT1-0 after Rolling with Different Compression
    60D.I. Tishkevich, A.I. Vorobjova and D.A. Vinnik
    Formation and Corrosion Behavior of Nickel/Alumina Nanocomposites
    61D.I. Tishkevich, A.I. Vorobjova and Trukhanov A.V.
    Thermal Stability of Nano-crystalline Nickel Electrodeposited into Porous Alumina
    62Anna V. Yastrebinskaya, Larisa Yu. Matveeva, Alyona S. Edamenko
    Improving the Fungus Resistance of Polymer Composites
    63Denis Vinnik, Evgeny Trofimov and Vladimir Zhivulin
    The Conditions and Results of Ferrite Based on Multicomponent Crystal Formation in High Entropic Oxide Systems
    64M.A. Sapozhnikova and I.A. Pavlova
    Kurgan Clays in the Production of Ceramic Materials
    66R.N. Yastrebinskii, A.A. Karnauhov
    Composition Material for Radiation Protection Based on Modified Disperse Titanium Hydride and Silicate Connecting
    67V.A. Guryeva, A.V. Doroshin, V.V. Dubineckij
    Ceramic Bricks of Semi-Dry Pressing with The Use of Fusible Loams and Non-Traditional Mineral Raw Materials
    69A.O. Makarova, L.R. Bogdanova, O.S. Zueva
    Use of Natural Biopolymers to Create Nanocomposite Materials
    72Dmitri Pronichev, Leonid Gurevich, Oleg Slautin, Aleksey Serov
    Study of the Influence of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of Aluminum-Copper Multilayer Systems
    74Marina N. Samodurova, Nikolai N. Ogarkov, and Sergei I. Platov
    Mathematical Modeling of High-Energy Pressing Process of Graphite-Plastic Composition
    Section 2.2. Steels and Alloys, Metallurgical and Metalworking Technologies
    1I.N. Khaimovich, A.I. Khaimovich, E.A. Kovalkova
    Automatisation of Calculation Method of Technological Parameters of Wiredrawing with Account of Speed Factor and Material Properties
    2V.I. Astashchenko, A.I. Shveyov, T.V. Shveyova
    Technologies and Materials for Boriding of Steelworks
    3S.I. Feoktistov, Kyaw Zayar Soe
    Identification for Technological Capabilities of Titanium and Aluminum Alloys in Deep Drawing Process
    4K.K. Kim, A.Y. Panychev, L.S. Blazhko
    The Use of a Magnetic Suspension for the Crucibleless Metal Melting
    6E.V. Ageev, A.Y. Altukhov, M.S. Korolyov
    The Phase Composition of Products from Electro-erosive Cobalto-chrome Powders, Obtained by Additive Technologies
    7E.V. Ageev, A.Yu. Altukhov, D.I. Valguzov
    Microanalysis of Additive Products from Electro-erosion Cobalt-Chrome Powders
    8Vladimir A. Kim, Aung Ngwe Thein
    Quantitative Assessment of Dissipative Properties of Superficial Structure of the Steel 25XM Strengthened by Pulse Laser Influence
    9Alla Gerasimova, Sergey Gorbatyuk, Dmitry Efremovc
    Modeling of Tool for Cold Extrusion of Steel and Tooling with Proportional Bandaging
    10Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov, Alexander Bannikov
    Simulation of High-Speed Cutting Using Deform 3D Software
    11Dmitry Frunkin, Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov
    A Simulation of the Post-Bending Process of the Pipe Billets for Welded Pipe Manufacturing
    12N.Zh. Mukashev, N.Y. Kosdauletov, B.T. Suleimen
    Comparison of Iron and Chromium Reduction from Chrome Ore Concentrates by Solid Carbon and Carbon Monoxide
    14Georgy L. Baranov
    Improvement of Methods of Calculation of Forces in Hot Strip Rolling
    15S.E. Krylova, S.V. Gladkovskiy, E.V. Romashkov
    Conceptual Approach to Development, Structure Formation and Hardening Micro-alloyed by Steels for the Metallurgical Tool
    16I.N. Egorov, N.Ya. Egorov
    Study of Electromagnetic Effect Parameters Influence on Fluidity of Fine Nd-Fe-B Powder
    17Sergey I. Fominykh, Andrey Yu. Konyaev
    Improving the Quality of Secondary Aluminum Alloys when Recycling Automotive Scrap
    18Vladimir Toporov, Aleksandr Bogatov , Danis Nukhov
    Computer-Simulation of the Billet Shape Change during Helical Piercing
    20Tatyana V. Maltseva, Anna V. Levina, Ekaterina K. Skobelina
    The Study of Structure Formation Evolution at high Pressure with a Shear in a Corrosion-resistant Austenitic-ferritic Steel 03Kh14N10K5M2YuT with Different Initial States
    21Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
    Influence of Chemical Composition and Heat Treatment Modes on Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloy VT22 Bars
    22G.A. Orlov, A.G. Orlov
    The Calculating Method of Thinning Pipes Ends Before Rolling in the Reduction Mill
    23Maksim G. Allenov, Oleg A. Belokurov
    Evaluation of the Friction Factor Influence on the Results of Cross-wedge Rolling Simulation in Qform Software
    24S.I. Platov, V.A. Nekit, M.L. Krasnov
    The Mechanical Properties of the Pipe Steel after Rolling at the Plate Mill
    25Mikhail Erpalov, Dmitry Pavlov
    The Method of Testing Cylindrical Specimen for Torsion in order to Determine the Rheological Properties of Materials Sensitive to the Strain Rate
    26A.V. Shaparev
    Investigation of the Effect of Oxygen Content in the Auxiliary Process Gas on the Quality and Speed of Laser Cutting of Steel Sheets
    27T.M. Makhneva, V.B. Dementiev, S.S. Makarov
    About Impact Strength and Thermal Properties of Steel Melts
    28V.A. Kim, B.Ya. Mokritsry, A.V. Morozova
    Multifractal Analysis of Microstructures after Laser Treatment of Steels
    32Y.A. Svinoroev, V.V. Dyadichev, O.A. Ternovskiy
    The Research of the Possibilities of Using Purge Methods for the Manufacture of Casting Cores from Mixtures Based on Secondary Polymers and Technical Lignosulphonates
    33V.I. Dudorov, A.D. Drozin, V.P. Chernobrovin
    Thermodynamic Regularities of Nuclei Growth during Crystallization of Metastable Alloys
    34M.V. Dudorov, A.D. Drozin, B.G. Plastinin
    Features of the Use of Equilibrium State Diagrams for Description of Crystal Growth from Metastable Melts
    36Danil L. Shvarts, Sergey O. Nepryakhin
    Determination of Contact Pressure during Double-T Section Rolling in Universal Beam Groove
    37.. , ..
    38Mikhail Erpalov
    The Influence of Cylindrical Specimen Size and Material Properties on the Distribution of Deformation during Torsion Test
    39Dmitry Pavlov, Veniamin Chernyh
    Verification of a New Torsion Test Method to Study the Rheological Properties of Materials in a Cold State
    41M.A. Mikheenkov, O.Yu. Sheshukov, D.A. Lobanov
    Slag Technogenic Formations as a Material for the Production of Silicate Products and Pig Iron
    42Danis Nukhov, Andrey Tolkushkin
    Theoretical Justification of the Longitudinal Rolling Method of the Thick Sheets by the Severe Shear Deformation
    43Lev S. Zimin, Aleksey G. Sorokin
    Advantages in a System Approach to Optimal Design of Induction Heating Installations for Aluminum Extrusion Process
    44Natalya Gabelchenko, Artem Belov and Alena Savchenko
    The Role of the Primary Structure in the Formation of the Mechanical Properties of Steel Castings
    45O.Yu. Sheshukov, M.A. Mikheenkov, D.A. Lobanov
    Zinc Techno-genic Formations: Physico-Chemical Features of its Extraction
    46Inna I. Barankova , Uliana V. Mikhailova, Lyudmila I. Antropova
    Development of Energy Saving Technologies for Steel Wire Heat Treatment
    48G.G. Zadykyan, R.S. Korsmik, R.V. Mendagaliev, G.A. Turichin
    Formation of Bead Shape, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Resistant High-Strength Steel Produced by Direct Laser Deposition Method
    49Egor V. Terentyev, Artem Yu. Marchenkov and Andrey P. Sliva
    Increase of Weld Joint Efficiency of the Combined Band of a High-Speed Rotor of an Electric Machine by Local Strengthening
    50Aleksey A. Darin, Nail M. Telyakov
    Investigation of Sulfatization Mechanism of Iron-Manganese Concretions in Fluidized Bed
    51Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    The Peculiarities of Smelting of Wear-Resistant Cast Iron IChH28N2 in the Induction Crucible Furnace IChT10
    52Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    Cast Iron and Steel Smelting in Induction Crucible Furnaces of Industrial Frequency
    53L.M. Gurevich, D.V. Pronichev and A.G. Serov
    Study of the Influence of Technological Factors on the Surface Structure of Aluminum 6000 Series Alloys Ingots
    55Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Young Modulus at High Temperatures
    56Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Plastic Twisting of Erect Metal Roller
    57Igor Polozov, Vadim Sufiiarov and Anatoliy Popovich
    Investigation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy in-situ Manufactured Using Selective Laser Melting from Elemental Powder Mixture
    58Mikhail V. Maisuradze and Maxim A. Ryzhkov
    Investigation of the Austenite Grain Growth in HY-TUF Steel
    61Raisa K. Mysik, Sergey V. Brusnitsyn and Andrey V. Sulitsin
    Determination of Thermo-physical and Physical Properties of Complex Alloyed Brass
    62G.A. Orlov, E.A. Kungurov
    Method of Speed Mode Correction of Rolling Pipes in the Reduction Mill
    64Nataliia Vodolazskaya, Olga Sharaya
    Modifying of the Surface of Products from Cast Iron as the Element of Production Modernization
    66Boris Yurev, Vladimir Goltsev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Efficiency Upgrading for Blast Furnace Smelting through Use of Iron Ore Raw Materials with Various Fluxing Degree
    67Boris Yurev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Process Development for Solid Fuel Use at Siderite Ore Roasting in Shaft Furnace
    68Nikolay Spirin, Oleg Onorin, Alexander Istomin
    Prediction of Blast Furnace Thermal State in Real-Time Operation
    69A.I Scvortsov, M.A. Melchakov, A.A. Scvortsov
    Influence of Thermomagnetic Treatment on the Damping Properties and Structure of Iron-Based Alloys
    70Vadim A. Motorin, Ludmila V. Kostyleva, Dmitry S. Gapich
    Increasing Wear Resistance of Chizel Tools Working Bodies Based on Improving the Metallographic Structure of Grey Cast Iron
    71Y. N. Loginov, A. I. Golodnov, S. I. Stepanov
    Effect of Friction on Compression Test of Ti-6Al-4V with Open-Cellular Structure
    72Alexey Stolbovsky, Vladimir Popov, Ruslan Falahutdinov
    Effect of Hf Doping of Commercially Pure Copper on Evolution of Its Microstructure under High Pressure Torsion
    74Alexey Stolbovsky
    Advanced Statistical Analysis of Grain Structure in Single-Phase Materials Nanostructured by High-Pressure Torsion
    75M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
    Appication of the Complete Material Balance Method to Estimate the Transition of Elements in Flux Cored Arc Welding
    76Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Victor V. Gorozhankin, Marina V. Nalimova
    Hardenability and Wear Resistance of Carburized to Hypereutectic Concentrations Steels
    77M.L. Lobanov, S.V. Danilov and V.I. Pastukhov
    Crystallographic Peculiarities of ?-? Transformation in Brass Induced by Hot Extrusion
    78Abdrakhman B. Naizabekov, Sergey N. Lezhnev, Alexandr S. Arbuz
    The Effect of Radial-Shear Rolling on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Technical Titanium
    79V.G. Gusev, A.V. Sobolkov and A.V. Aborkin
    Increasing of Energy-Power Indicators of Mechanical Processing in a Planetary Mill by the Use of a Working Chamber with a Square Shape of the Internal Cavity
    80A.G. Illarionov, S.V. Grib, A.S. Yurovskikh
    Scientific Approaches to the Development of Titanium-based Alloys for Medical Implants
    81F.V. Vodolazskiy, E.A. Gornostaeva and S.M. Illarionova
    Calculation of Phase Composition of ?- and near-?- Titanium Alloys
    83S.A. Laiha, A.A. Veselovsky
    Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from Nickel Slag Wastes by the Thermo-Diffusion Method
    84A.A. Sukhikh
    On the Role of Gamma-Alpha Transformation in the Increase of the Fracture Toughness of Maraging Steel
    87R. Mendagaliyev, R.S. Korsmik, O.G. Klimova-Korsmik, S.A. Shalnova
    Effect of Powder Fraction 09CrNi2MoCu on the Structure and Properties of the Obtained Samples Using the Direct Laser Deposition
    88Sergey A. Tipalin, Mikhail A. Petrov and Yuriy A. Morgunov
    Theoretical Investigation of the Bending Process of the Pre-Strained Metal Sheet
    89G.G. Mikhailov, L.A. Makrovets and O.V. Samoilova
    Phase Equilibria in a Liquid Metal of FeLaCeO System at 1600
    90A.V. Ryabov
    Comparative Characteristics of Free-Machining Steels of Cr-Mo Type
    92P.A. Lykov, L.V. Radionova and A.O. Shult
    Influence of Powder Layer Thickness on Microstructure of Selective Laser Melted TiAl6V4
    Section 2.3. Chemical and Hydrometallurgical Technologies
    1Aleksei Kritskii, Kirill Karimov and Stanislav Naboichenko
    Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate: Ultra-Fine Milling as Process Acceleration Method
    2V.V. Demiyan, E.A. Zelenskaya, N.P. Shabelskaya
    Electrolytic Behavior of Nickel in Polarization by Variable Asymmetric Rectangular Current in Alkaline Solutions
    5E.S. Makhotkina, .V. Shubina, I.G. Shubin
    Investigation of Hydrometallurgical Processing of Titanomagnetite Ore Enrichment Waste
    6Y.I. Toporkova, D.A. Prodanova, O.S. Anisimova
    An Influence of EAF Dust Calcining Conditions on Zinc Leaching Efficiency in Ammonium-chloride Media
    7G.M. Kurunina, O.M. Ivankina, G.M. Butov
    Novel Catalytic Systems Based on Platinum Catalysts
    8Dmitry Kruchinin, Liana Garayshina, Elena Farafontova
    The Influence of Temperature Testing on the Technical Data of Cementing Technology
    9Dmitry Kruchinin, Yulia Aleshina , Elena Farafontova
    An Effect of the Epoxy Cementing Technology on the Deformation of the Optical External Surfaces Made of Quartz Glass
    10E.B. Kolmachikhina, E.A. Ryzhkova, D.V. Dmitrieva
    Sodium Lingo-sulfonate and Sodium Dodecyl-sulfate Mixtures Influence on Zinc Concentrate Pressure Leaching and Zinc Electro-winning
    11V.A. Matyushina, O.B. Kolmachikhina, K.A. Vakula
    Centrifugation of Interphase Suspension with the Use of Surfactants
    13Yu. M. Berezhnoy, D.I. Monastyrsky, O.N. Romanova
    Influence of Polyelectrolytes on the Processes of Structure Formation of Copper Powders
    16E.Yu. Titov, I.V. Bodrikov and A.M. Kutin
    Plasma-Chemical Simulation Fragmentation of Chloroform in the Liquid Phase by Direct Electrical Discharges
    17R.R. Safin, G.F. Ilalova, R.R. Khasanshin
    Study of Pyrolysis of Annual Crop Refuse under Reduced Pressure
    18Denis Tuntsev, Rushan Safin and Milausha Khayrullina
    Processing of Used Wooden Slippers by Thermal Method
    19Rushan Safin, Dmitry Prosvirnikov and Denis Tuntsev
    New Chemical Fibers Obtained from Wood, Activated by Steam Explosion Treatment
    20Dmitry Prosvirnikov, Nail Timerbaev and Zulfiya Sattarova
    Strength Properties of Composite Board Materials Based on Ligno-Cellulose Fiber, Modified by Steam Explosion Treatment
    21Alfiya M. Kapizova, Tamara V. Alikova and Luisa V. Omarieva
    Creating and Studying of Enterosorbent with Harsh-Fixed Antioxidants Which Have Enzymatic Properties
    23Aleksandr Bulaev, Vitaliy Melamud and Anna Boduen
    Bioleaching of Non-Ferrous Metals from Arsenic-Bearing Sulfide Concentrate
    25Mikhail M. Kosukhin and Andrei M. Kosukhin
    The Role of Surface Phenomena in Modified Cement Dispersions at Studying Poly-functional Modifiers Mechanism of Action
    26Yury V. Andreev
    Arsenic Precipitation from Solutions in Autoclave-Hydrometallurgical Technology of Processing Sulphide Concentrates
    27O.Yu. Makovskaya, A. Shevchuk, S.P Sorokin
    Copper Recovery from Rinse Waters after Ammoniac Etching of Printed Circuit Boards
    28Denis Nazarov, Ilya Mitrofanov, Maxim Maximov
    Atomic Layer Deposition of Lithium-Silicon-Tin Oxide Nanofilms for High Performance Thin Film Batteries Anodes
    29A.A. Shoppert, D.A. Rogozhnikov, Y.E. Agapitov
    Obtaining of High Quality Iron Oxide from Nitric Acid Leaching Solution
    30D.A. Rogozhnikov, A.A. Shoppert, L.M. Karimova
    Investigating of Nitric Acid Leaching of High-Sulfur Copper Concentrate
    31E.A. Kuzas, V.N. Voinov and P.S. Potapov
    Oxygen Passivation of Rhodium and Platinum with Direct Current Polarization in 12 M Hydrochloric Acid Solution
    32Alyona S. Edamenko, Larisa Yu. Matveeva Anna V. Yastrebinskaya
    Influence of Gypsum Binder Phase Composition on Operational and Mechanical Properties of the Hydration Product
    33Ashimkhan Kanayev, Khussain Valiyev, Aleksandr Bulaev
    The Effect of Different Oxidants on Extraction of Uranium from Low Grade Ore
    34Almaz Kozhonov, Anvar Samsaliev and Yulia Toporkova
    Studies on Microwave-Plasma Treatment of Froth Flotation Tailings
    35Maksim I. Filimonov, Andrey E. Novikov and Mariya I. Lamskova
    Investigation of Stagnant Zones in Centrifuges
    36Aleksei Kritskii, Kirill Karimov and Stanislav Naboichenko
    Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate: Iron Removal from Leaching Residues
    37S.S. Vinogradova, Ye.V. Pleshkova
    Staged Local Dissolution of Stainless Steel in Chloride Solutions
    Section 2.4. Surface Engineering and Coatings
    1E.N. Eremin, A.S. Losev, S.A. Borodikhin
    Wear Resistance and Characteristics of the Friction Surface of Metal Coatings with Nitride-Boride Alloying
    3Dmitry A. Barchukov, Ekaterina F. Romanenko
    Procedure for Research of Process Strength of Deposited High-Speed Steel Used in Cutting Tools
    5S.R. Shekhtman, N.A. Sukhov, M.Sh. Migranov
    Formation of Wear-Resistant Nanostructured Coatings on the Surface of the Cutting Tool
    6N.Yu. Dudarevaa, R.F. Gallyamova
    The Effect of Silicon in Al-Si Alloys and Electrical Treatment Modes on Structure and Properties of MAO-Coatings
    7N.Y. Dudareva, E.I. Ustimova, R.F. Gallyamova
    Corrosion Resistance of MAO Coatings on Al-Si Alloys
    9Aleksey Antimonov , Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Theory and Practice of Long Products with a Metal Coating Production
    10S.V. Zotov
    Analysis of Galvanized Coatings Applied on General Purpose Wire
    11R.V. Gavariev, I.A. Savin
    Choice of Protective Coating of Metal Molds for Casting Non-Ferrous Alloys
    12I.A. Savin, M. Akhmadeev
    Connection of the Steel Pipes Having a Polymeric Covering on Internal and External Surfaces
    13Alexander V. Shchegolev, Alexey V. Ishkov, Victor V. Ivanayskiy
    Comparative Study of High-Chromium Cast Iron Coatings Modified with W-W2C/Co+B4+Ni/Al Complexes and Cr3C2/PG-US25 Ceramet
    15Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Andrei V. Gorin, Maria A. Tokmakova
    Study of the Micro-hardness of Anti-Friction Coating after Plastic Deformation in Bimetallic Sliding Bearings
    17Yury V. Shcheglov, Natalia V. Fedorova, Dmitry A. Shaforost
    The Abrasive Properties of Coal Power Plants Ash and Slag Materials
    18E.E. Bobylyov
    Formation of Diffusion Titanium Coatings from Liquid Metal Media Solutions on Hard Alloys WC-Co and TIC-WC-Co
    20A.V. Sobachkin, A.A. Sitnikov
    Features of the Formation of Various Functional Coatings of SHS Mechanical Composites Using Gas Detonation Spraying Technology
    21Viktor G. Shmorgun, Artem I. Bogdanov , Vitaliy P. Kulevich
    Formation of Intermetallic Coating on 20880 Steel in the Liquid-Phase Inter-reaction with Aluminum
    22Svetlana G. Nitskaya, Ksenia R. Smolyakova, Irina V. Shmidt
    Optimizing the Performance of Electroplating Gas-Cleaning Equipment
    23Oksana N. Gruba, Dmitrii V. Ardashev, Victor P. Chernobrovin
    Main Directions of the Electrochemical Chrome Plating Process Intensification
    24V.N. Zlobin, A.M. Sorokin, A.S. Kudashev
    The Application of Catalytic Coatings Ion Implantation Method
    25Vitaliy N. Gilman, Ayrat I. Faskhutdinov, Igor P. Balabanov
    Increase Effectiveness of Shaving by Using Wear-Resistant Coatings and Preliminary Modeling Cutting
    26Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Elena N. Gryadynova, Andrei V. Gorin
    Investigation of the Influence of Kinematic and Geometric Parameters of the Thermo- Sprayer Location on the Adhesion Strength of Anti-Friction Coating
    27Y.I. Krykhtin, V.I. Karlov, A.V. Leonard
    Development of Technological Bases for Manufacturing Blanks of Friction Disks with Molybdenum Gas-Thermal Coating for Working in Oil in Units of Transport Machines
    28.. , .. , ..
    30Alena Ivashchenko, Dmitry Kochuev and Nikolay Davydov
    Formation of Coatings under the Action of Laser Radiation in Liquid Media
    31.. Tchufistov
    Formation of Coatings on Details from Valve Metals Alloys by Micro-Arc Oxidation in Internal Cavities of Counter Electrodes
    32Damir M. Galimov, Dmitrii V. Ardashev, Aleksandr A. Dyakonov
    Morphology and Properties of Solid Chrome Plating, Obtained by the Galvano-mechanical Method
    33H.L. Alwan, Yu. S. Korobov, N.N. Soboleva, N.V. Lezhnin, A.V. Makarov, M.S. Deviatiarov
    Study of avitation ErosionCorrosion Resistance of Thermally Sprayed NiBased Coatings Prepared by HVAF Process
    34H.L. Alwan, Yu.S. Korobov, N.N. Soboleva, N.V. Lezhnin, A.V. Makarov, E.P. Nikolaeva, M.S. Deviatiarov
    Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion Resistance of Deposited Austenitic Stainless Steel/E308L-17 Electrode
    35Olga Chikova, Irina Brodova, Vladimir Tsepelev, Kseniya Shmakova
    Wetting of Low Carbon Steel by High-Entropy Melts CuSnBiPbGa, CuSnBiPbIn and CuSnBiInCd and Formed Structure of Diffusion Layers
    36V.G. Shmorgun, A.I. Bogdanov, D.V. Shcherbin
    Kinetics of Diffusion Interaction in Cr15Ni60-AD1 Layered Composite
    37A.V. Khramenkova, D.N. Ariskina, K.R. Yuzhakova
    Production of Hybrid Polymer-Oxide Materials Based on Molybdenum Oxide Compounds Using Transient Electrolysis Method
    39nna V. Ryabova, Elena A. Yatsenko and Lyudmila V. Klimova
    Researching of Steel Grade Influence on Structure and Properties of Silicate-Enamel Coatings of Pipelines
    41Aleksey Serov, Oleg Slautin, Dmitri Pronichev
    Structural Formation in the Zone of Interaction under Laser Processing of Bimetal M1 + VT1-0
    Section 2.5. Processing and Controlling Technologies
    1Valentina I. Loganina, Yuri P. Skachkov, Valery S. Lesovik
    Quality Control of Building Materials According to Uncertainty of Measurement and Stability of the Technological Process of Production
    2I.G. Shubin, .V. Shubina
    Improvement of the Method for the High-Carbon Wire Rod Pearlite Grain Grade Identification
    4Phyo Wai Aung, Maryin S. Borisovich
    Device for Testing Pipe Billet
    5V.I. Kretinin, V.A. Sokolova and S.A. Voinash
    The Qualitative Assessment of Gas-Thermal Coatings Cohesive Strength Estimation Methods
    7V.V. Zhukov, A.V. Eremin, D.V. Stepanec
    Determination of the Load Carrying Capacity of Honeycomb Panels at Fixing Points under an External Load
    8I.A. Kharitonov, R.V. Rodyakina, A.L. Goncharov
    Investigation of Magnetic Properties of Various Structural Classes Steels in Weak Magnetic Fields Characteristic for Generation of Thermoelectric Currents in Electron Beam Welding
    9Andrey A. Udalov, Aleksander V. Udalov, Sergey V. Parshin
    Indentation Size Effect during Measuring the Hardness of Materials by Spherical Indenter
    13V.P. Grusha, V.F. Bevza, A.. Baron
    Investigation of Grey Iron Primary Structure Influence on Hollow Castings Strength
    14A.. Baron, L.V. Palatkina, I.L. Gonik
    Grey Cast Iron Strength s Function f Primary Austenite Dendrites Volume Fraction
    17Mikhail A. Filippov, Elena I. Korzunova and Valentina A. Sharapova
    Engineering Method for Analysis of the Ability to Strain-Hardening of Steels
    21L.G. Kolyada, .V. Tarasyuk, N.I. Baryshnikova
    Test for Anticorrosive Properties of Packing Paper under the Conditions of Increased Humidity and Presence of Chlorides
    26Natalya I. Volgina, Tatyana S. Saltykova and Svetlana S. Hlamkova
    Influence of Phase Composition of Steel on a Damage Rate from Bio-Corrosion
    28Vladimir I. Mironov, Dmitry A. Ogorelkov and Olga A. Lukashuk
    Analysis of Fatigue Damage Accumulation in Structural Materials under Quasi-Random Load
    32S.A. Shalnova, O.G. Klimova-Korsmik, G.A. Turichin, M. Gushchina
    Effect of Process Parameters on Quality of Ti-6al-4v Multi-Layer Single Pass Wall during Direct Laser Deposition with Beam Oscillation