industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.2. Динамика машин и рабочих процессов / Dynamics of Machines and Working Processes

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1_2_3O. Benyukh, V. Kushnir, S. Ibragimova
    Peculiarities of Work of a Belt-Type Water-Lifting Unit at High Speed
    1_2_7A.N. Savoskin, A.P. Vasilev
    Influence of Various Types of the Bogie-Wheelsets Longitudinal Connections on the Dynamic Properties of the Vehicle
    1_2_8A. Startsev, S. Romanov, I. Storozhev
    Motion Stability of Tractor Transport Unit in Uncontrolled Rotation Mode
    1_2_9Yu.A. Izvekov, E.M. Gugina, V.V. Shemetova, E.A. Puzankova, V.V. Tochilkin
    Theory of Constraints in Machine Dynamics and Steelmaking Processes
    1_2_10K.V. Chernyshov, A.V. Pozdeev, V.V. Novikov, A.M. Kovalev, S.A. Shiryaev
    Methodology for Constructing Regulatory Boundaries for the Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics of Vehicles
    1_2_11E.T. Plaksina, A.B. Syritskii
    Internal Combustion Engine Diagnostics System Technical Implementation by Precision Chronometric Measurement Technology
    1_2_12S.D. Shepelev, А.М. Plaksin, I.P. Troyanovskaya, M.V. Pyataev, E.N. Kravchenko
    Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Tractive Resistance of the Sowing Complex for the NO-TILL Technology
    1_2_13A.V. Christoforova, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
    Modeling Hydroelastic Oscillations for the End Wall of an Annular Channel
    1_2_15E.S. Evtukh, G.A. Neklyudova
    Distributing Contact Pressures and Stresses in the Rail Joint Zone during the Railroad Track Assembly
    1_2_16S.I. Polyakov, V.I. Akimov, A.V.Polukazakov
    Mathematical Model of the Dynamics of the Balancing Mechanism of the Weighing System of the Batcher
    1_2_18O.V. Anikeeva, A.G. Ivakhnenko, O.Yu. Erenkov, K.V. Podmasteryev
    Regularities of Hidden Management at Purpose Activities in the Field of Quality
    1_2_19A. Chernova, A. Kolchin, A. Valeev, R. Karimov
    Optimization of a Supersonic Separator for LNG Treatment
    1_2_20L. Kondratenko, L. Mironova
    Method for Studying Oscillations of Mechanical Lines with Variable Elasticity
    1_2_21J. Kokunko, S. Krasnova
    Dynamic Smoothing of the Path of a Wheeled Robot with Automatic Fulfillment of Design Restrictions
    1_2_23Tint Naing Win, V.M. Alakin, S.A. Plakhov
    Development of a Methodology and Study of the Center of Gravity of a Vehicle
    1_2_25A.A. Abyzov, Y.O. Pronina, K.J. Muhiddinzoda
    Experimental Study of the Dynamic Characteristics of the Anti-Vibration Industrial Tractor Operators Seat
    1_2_26A.R. Buranshin, D.A. Godovskiy, A.P. Tokarev
    Comparative Evaluation of the Compressor-Ejector Unit Operating Regime for Gas Evacuation during the Repair of the Main Gas Pipeline
    1_2_27R.A. Peshkov, A.A. Shabley, D.R. Ismagilov
    Using Mathematical Modeling to Analyze the Strength Properties of Different Designs of Liquid Hydrogen Transportation Tank
    1_2_29I.V. Kudryavtsev, M.V. Brungardt, M.P. Khomutov, O.I. Rabetskaya, A.E. Mityaev
    Analytical Calculation of Beam Supports Stiffness to Provide the First Eigenfrequency and Critical Load
    1_2_30S. Buzikov, O. Buzikova
    Development of a Methodology for Bench Testing of Internal Combustion Engines
    1_2_31S. Ivannikov, I. Manaenkov, M. Krutyakova
    Assessing the Thermal State of Metal-Working Machinery
    1_2_33A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, A. Burzev, F.N. Grakov, K.I. Lukomsky
    Monitoring of the Exhaust System of the Internal Combustion Engine by the Rundown Parameters
    1_2_34I.E. Agureev, M.Yu. Elagin, R.N. Khmelev
    Simulation of the Combustion Engine Intake Pipeline Length Regulator Operation
    1_2_37A.P. Tokarev, A.M. Usmanova, D.A. Godovskiy
    Reducing Vibration of Vertical Booster Pumping Units under Resonance Conditions
    1_2_40A.E. Kaplyukhin, Zh.M. Blednova
    Alternative Soil-Sparing Drive
    1_2_42A.A. Chernousov, R.D. Enikeev
    Friction and Heat Transfer Models Derivation, Validation and Calibration on Experimental Data for Unsteady Air Flow in Pipe