industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.1. Конструирование машин и механизмов / Machinery and Mechanism Design

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1_1_1G.A. Kushner
    Shaft Movement in Plane Bearing with Clearance
    1_1_3V.I. Charykov, A.A. Evdokimov, I.I. Kopytin
    Nomogram-Parametric Design for the Electromagnetic Separator with Permanent Magnets
    1_1_4A. Ermakova
    AFEM As the Variant of FEM for Analysis of N-Nonlinear Systems at Limit States
    1_1_5E.V. Balakina, A.I. Kislov, V.A. Malkov, D.V. Bruev
    Calculation of the Wheel Rolling Radius at Design Modeling of a Wheeled Vehicle
    1_1_6O. Krol
    High-Efficiency Worm Drive for Machine Rotary Table
    1_1_7B.A. Sharoglazov, V.V. Klementev
    Analysis of Operating Cycle Processes for Axial Internal Combustion Engine Working under Full Load
    1_1_9A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko
    Design Features of Switching Diesel Engines to the Gas-Diesel Operation Using Natural Gas as a Fuel
    1_1_10I.P. Nikitina, A.N. Polyakov
    Method of Simulation of the Thermal Deformation Behavior of Double-sided Face Grinding Machines
    1_1_12P.V. Boslovyak, V.V. Dvoretsky
    Optimal Design of Metal Structure of a Stand for Automated Resistance Welding
    1_1_13V.I. Tikhonovskiy, V.V. Gorbachev, A.V. Osipov
    Multifunctional Aerodynamic Plant for Experimental Static Studies of Turbomachine Annular Diffusers
    1_1_16A.A. Markina, E.Y. Kuznetsova, H. Ahmad
    Car Passive Safety Ensuring: FEA Analysis
    1_1_17A. Osipov, D. Egerev
    Investigation of the Loading of Fire Carriage Barrel Mounts
    1_1_19A.L. Balaban, P.A. Denisov, V.V. Grechikhin, Yu.V. Yufanova
    Application of Parallel Calculations and SIMD in Determining the Magnetization of Permanent Magnets
    1_1_20A.M. Busygin, A.A. Stelmakhov
    Mathematical Model for Determining Kinematic Parameters of a Bulldozer Ripper Mechanism
    1_1_21A.M. Busygin, A.A. Stelmakhov
    Strength Calculation of the Bulldozer Ripper Mechanism
    1_1_22A. Gushchin, V. Larshin, V. Marchuk
    CNC Machine Adaptive Control Mechatronic Module
    1_1_23Д.С. Писарев, И.А. Максимов, А.Н. Рогалев
    Разработка конструктивно-компоновочных схем для ТЭС с углекислотным теплоносителем
    1_1_24L.N. Shafigullin, N.V. Romanova, A.T. Gabdrakhmanov, G.R. Shafigullina, A.A. Treshchev
    Using Tire Reclaim for Production of Rubber Wheels of Waste Containers
    1_1_25V.A. Pronin, A.V. Kovanov, V.A. Tsvetkov, E.N. Mikhailova
    A Systematic Approach to Improve the Efficiency of a CO2 Booster Refrigerating Machine by Optimising the Performance of the Scroll Compressor
    1_1_28A.N. Gots, V.S. Klevtsov
    Non-Motor Stands for Accelerated Testing for Reliability of Piston Engine Cylinder Heads
    1_1_29M. Polyakova, D Konstantinov, A. Korchunov, M. Dabala
    The Use the Concept of Multiscale Simulation to Improve the Topology of TRIP-Steel Parts Operating under Extreme Loads
    1_1_31D.D. Korobko, S.A. Mikaeva
    Gradient Method Optimization of a Race Car Wing Airfoil at the Conceptual Design Phase
    1_1_32A.N. Gots, A.Yu. Abalyaev
    Calculations of Diesel Pistons with a Crack on the Edge of the Combustion Chamber
    1_1_34Yu.A. Lagunova, S.A. Khoroshavin, R.Sh. Nabiullin, A.E. Kalyanov
    Evaluation of Metal Structures of a Mining Excavator Boom by Non-Destructive Testing
    1_1_35A.Yu. Shabanov, Yu.V. Galyshev, A.A. Sidorov, A.B. Zaitsev
    Computational and Experimental Study of the Mechanisms of Influence of Multifunctional Additives to Diesel Fuel on the Combustion Process in the Cylinders of Internal Combustion Engines
    1_1_36V.F. Knelts, A.B. Matisen
    Design Principles and Specifics of Air Supply Systems Used in the Engines Produced by JSC Kolomensky Zavod
    1_1_37V.V. Miroshnikov, T.V. Petruchshenko, V.V. Dyadichev
    Multiunit Ferroprobe Converters as an Effective Method of the Nondestructing Magnetic Inspection
    1_1_38L.V. Radionova, E.V. Safonov, D.V. Gromov, S.R. Faizov
    Strength Analysis and Modeling of Direct Extrusion Tooling for Fusible Solder