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Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
Automation Engineering
Секция 4.5. Датчики и системы технического зрения / Sensors and Computer Vision

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    4.5.2Stella Lyasheva, Vladimir Tregubov, Mikhail Shleymovich
    Detection and Recognition of Pavement Cracks Based on Computer Vision Technology
    4.5.3Nikolay Shtabel, Liudmila Samotik, Enis Mizrakh
    Fluxgate Direct Current Sensor For Real-Time Insulation Resistance Monitoring
    4.5.11Vladislav Dygalo, Mikhail Lyashenko, Pavel Potapov
    Ways for Improving Efficiency of Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles and Driver Assistance Systems
    4.5.12M.A. Tarasova, A.S. Chernikov, N.N. Davydov
    Volume Modification of Optical Quartz Materials by Femtosecond Laser Radiation
    4.5.13Kseniya I. Goryanina, Alexandr D. Lukyanov
    Recursive Least Squares Method for Identification оf MEMS Orientation Sensors Parameters
    4.5.14Yuriy S. Andreev, Sergey D. Tretyakov, Aleksei B. Mikhailov
    Оbjects Geometry Comparative Analysis Method for Industrial Robot Vision System
    4.5.15Naing Min Tun, Alexander I. Gavrilov, Pyae Phyo Paing
    Human Face Recognition using the combination of ZCA Feature Extraction method and Deep Neural Network
    4.5.16Aleksandr A. Basalaev, Mikhail V. Tochilkin, Dmitry A. Shnayder
    Enhancing Room Thermal Comfort Conditions Modeling in Buildings Through Schedule-Based Indicator Functions for Possible Variable Thermal Perturbation Inputs