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Раздел 4. Системы управления и автоматизации технологических процессов и объектов
Automation Engineering
Секция 4.3. Силовая электроника, электрические машины и электроприводы /
Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    4.3.2Vladimir A. Solomin, Andrei V. Solomin, Larisa L.Zamshina
    Mathematical Modeling of Currents in Secondary Element of Linear Induction Motor with Transverse Magnetic Flux for Magnetic-Levitation Transport
    4.3.3A.E.Bychkov, A.E.Buller, E.A.Kuznetsova 
    Digital Methods of Synchronization for Electric Drive Unbound Mechanically
    4.3.4Evgenij Koptjaev, Evgenij Popkov
    AC-multiphase Adjustable Electric Drive with Two-channel Conversion
    4.3.5Jianhui Zhao, Leonid Grekhov
    Effect of Fuel Temperature on Operation of High-speed Electromagnetic Actuator Common Rail Injector
    4.3.6Yuri Zubkov, Yuri Makarichev, Marat Alimbekov
    How Permanent Magnets Bonding Methods Affect the Rotor Mechanical Strength in an SPM Synchronous Starter
    4.3.8V.I. Laletin, E.N. Malyshev, N.I. Prismotrov
    Stepper Electric Drive with Function of Suppressing Resonance Phenomena
    4.3.10Victor Domanov, Svetlana Gavrilova, Irina Sokolova
    Optimization of Control System of Interconnected Processes
    4.3.11A.V. Isaev, A.I. Nefed’ev, L.A. Isaeva
    Automated System for Diagnostics of Emergency Operation Modes of Electric Motor
    4.3.12I.A. Khudonogov, E.Yu. Puzina, A.G. Tuigunova
    Evaluation of Short Circuit Currents Effects on Power Transformers’ Residual Service Life
    4.3.13Vladimir Belogusev, Aleksey Egorov, Igor Polyanin
    Development of New Method and Tools for Assessing Build Quality of Asynchronous Electric Drives
    4.3.15Michael Schubert and Rik W. De Doncker
    Self-Sensing Torque Control of an IM Drive with Instantaneous Phase-Voltage Sensing
    4.3.16Hussain M. Bassi
    A New PWM Technique for Cascade H-Bridge with Reduced Switching Losses
    4.3.17Ananias C. P. Muxiri, Fernando Bento, D. S. B. Fonseca, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso
    Thermal Analysis of an Induction Motor Subjected to Inter-Turn Short-Circuit Failures in the Stator Windings
    4.3.19Aleksei F. Burkov, Valery N. Yurin, Vagarshak R. Avetisyan 
    Ship Electric Equipment Maitenance
    4.3.20Aleksei F. Burkov , Mikhail V. Kraskovskiy, Valery N. Yurin
    Determination of Parameters of Three-Phase Asynchrounous Motors
    4.3.21Robert R. Sattarov, Evgeny M. Fedosov, Artem A. Tumanov, Ruslan R. Ismagilov
    Experimental Studies of Torque-Speed Characteristics of Eddy Current Brakes with Slotted Disk Rotor
    4.3.25Alexander G. Garganeev, Raef Aboelsaud, A. Ibrahim
    Voltage Control of Autonomous Power Supply Systems Based on PID Controller Under Unbalanced and Nonlinear Load Conditions
    4.3.26Igor Polyuschenkov
    Metodology of Model-Oriented Programming Technique in Development of Electric Drive
    Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter of Centralized Type with Pulse-Amplitude Modulation for Increasing Output Power
    4.3.28M.Yu. Pustovetov, S.A. Voinash
    Analysis of dv/dt Filter Parameters Influence on its Characteristics. Filter Simulation Features
    4.3.29Alexander V Shestakov
    Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of the Asynchronous Motor
    4.3.30Alexandr E. Maslov, Gennady S. Mytsyk
    Voltage-stabilized Brushless Permanent Magnets Generator with Reversible Voltage Booster Channel
    4.3.31Alexander Krasovsky, Sergey Vasyukov, Sergey Kuznetsov
    Design of Speed Regulator at Direct Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motors
    4.3.32Nikolay Grebennikov
    Calculation of Core Losses in Switched Reluctance Motor with Strong Mutually Coupling Between Phases
    4.3.34Aleksandr M. Afanasyev, Anastasiya V. Eremina, Yuri M. Golembiovsky
    Synchronous Time-pulse Control Method based on Equalization of Losses in IGBT of Bridge Series Resonant Inverter
    4.3.35Igor A. Barinov, Oleg V. Melnichenko
    Power IGBTs Application in AC-Wire DC-Motor Locomotive Thyristor-Based Power Circuit for Regenerative Brake Energy Efficiency Increase
    4.3.36Alexander Pugachev, Andrey Kosmodamianskiy
    Induction Motor Scalar Control System with Power Losses Minimization
    4.3.39V.I. Kotenev, A.V. Kotenev , D.A. Elkin
    Synchronous Motor Start-up Operation Modeling in Event of Load Bus Reactive Power Control
    4.3.41S.I.Malafeev, S.S.Malafeev
    Investigation of Electric Power Processes During Mining Excavator Operation
    4.3.42Vladislav Petrov, Maksim Serov, Anton Glushchenko
    PI-controller Fuzzy Tuner Based on Transient Quality Estimation to Control DC Drive Speed
    4.3.44Elmira Gayfutdinova, Ekaterina Ozerova, Nikolai Bazhenov
    Study of Dynamic Properties of Three-phase Transformers
    4.3.45A. Ibrahim, E. Solomin, D. Korobatov
    Development of Mathematical Model of Doubly Fed Induction Electric Machine for Wind Turbine with Improved Yaw System
    4.3.47Sergey Gandzha, Bakhtiyor Kosimov, Dilshod Aminov
    Selecting Optimal Design of Electric Motor of Pilgrim Mill Drive for Manufacturing Techniques Seamless Pipe
    4.3.48Sergey Gandzha, Dilshod Aminov, Bakhtiyor Kosimov
    Development of Engineering Method for Calculation of Magnetic Systems for Brushless Motors Based on Finite Element Method