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Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства /
Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
Секция 2.4. Технологии покрытия и обработка поверхности / Surface Engineering and Coatings

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    2.4.1E.N. Eremin, A.S. Losev, S.A. Borodikhin
    Wear Resistance and Characteristics of the Friction Surface of Metal Coatings with Nitride-Boride Alloying
    2.4.3Dmitry A. Barchukov, Ekaterina F. Romanenko
    Procedure for Research of Process Strength of Deposited High-Speed Steel Used in Cutting Tools
    2.4.5S.R. Shekhtman, N.A. Sukhov, M.Sh. Migranov
    Formation of Wear-Resistant Nanostructured Coatings on the Surface of the Cutting Tool
    2.4.6N.Yu. Dudarevaa, R.F. Gallyamova
    The Effect of Silicon in Al-Si Alloys and Electrical Treatment Modes on Structure and Properties of MAO-Coatings
    2.4.7N.Y. Dudareva, E.I. Ustimova, R.F. Gallyamova
    Corrosion Resistance of MAO Coatings on Al-Si Alloys
    2.4.9Aleksey Antimonov , Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Theory and Practice of Long Products with a Metal Coating Production
    2.4.10S.V. Zotov
    Analysis of Galvanized Coatings Applied on General Purpose Wire
    2.4.11R.V. Gavariev, I.A. Savin
    Choice of Protective Coating of Metal Molds for Casting Non-Ferrous Alloys
    2.4.12I.A. Savin, M. Akhmadeev
    Connection of the Steel Pipes Having a Polymeric Covering on Internal and External Surfaces
    2.4.13Alexander V. Shchegolev, Alexey V. Ishkov, Victor V. Ivanayskiy
    Comparative Study of High-Chromium Cast Iron Coatings Modified with WС-W2C/Co+B4С+Ni/Al Complexes and Cr3C2/PG-US25 Ceramet
    2.4.15Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Andrei V. Gorin, Maria A. Tokmakova
    Study of the Micro-hardness of Anti-Friction Coating after Plastic Deformation in Bimetallic Sliding Bearings
    2.4.17Yury V. Shcheglov, Natalia V. Fedorova, Dmitry A. Shaforost
    The Abrasive Properties of Coal Power Plants Ash and Slag Materials
    2.4.18E.E. Bobylyov
    Formation of Diffusion Titanium Coatings from Liquid Metal Media Solutions on Hard Alloys WC-Co and TIC-WC-Co
    2.4.20A.V. Sobachkin, A.A. Sitnikov
    Features of the Formation of Various Functional Coatings of SHS Mechanical Composites Using Gas Detonation Spraying Technology
    2.4.21Viktor G. Shmorgun, Artem I. Bogdanov , Vitaliy P. Kulevich
    Formation of Intermetallic Coating on 20880 Steel in the Liquid-Phase Inter-reaction with Aluminum
    2.4.22Svetlana G. Nitskaya, Ksenia R. Smolyakova, Irina V. Shmidt
    Optimizing the Performance of Electroplating Gas-Cleaning Equipment
    2.4.23Oksana N. Gruba, Dmitrii V. Ardashev, Victor P. Chernobrovin
    Main Directions of the Electrochemical Chrome Plating Process Intensification
    2.4.24V.N. Zlobin, A.M. Sorokin, A.S. Kudashev
    The Application of Catalytic Coatings Ion Implantation Method
    2.4.25Vitaliy N. Gilman, Ayrat I. Faskhutdinov, Igor P. Balabanov
    Increase Effectiveness of Shaving by Using Wear-Resistant Coatings and Preliminary Modeling Cutting
    2.4.26Alexey Yu. Rodichev, Elena N. Gryadynova, Andrei V. Gorin
    Investigation of the Influence of Kinematic and Geometric Parameters of the Thermo- Sprayer Location on the Adhesion Strength of Anti-Friction Coating
    2.4.27Y.I. Krykhtin, V.I. Karlov, A.V. Leonard
    Development of Technological Bases for Manufacturing Blanks of Friction Disks with Molybdenum Gas-Thermal Coating for Working in Oil in Units of Transport Machines
    2.4.28А.Ю. Фанда, В.В. Керимова, Л.А. Яценко
    Проблема защиты стальных трубопроводов и пути её решения
    2.4.30Alena Ivashchenko, Dmitry Kochuev and Nikolay Davydov
    Formation of Coatings under the Action of Laser Radiation in Liquid Media
    2.4.31О.Е. Tchufistov
    Formation of Coatings on Details from Valve Metals Alloys by Micro-Arc Oxidation in Internal Cavities of Counter Electrodes
    2.4.32Damir M. Galimov, Dmitrii V. Ardashev, Aleksandr A. Dyakonov
    Morphology and Properties of Solid Chrome Plating, Obtained by the Galvano-mechanical Method
    2.4.33H.L. Alwan, Yu. S. Korobov, N.N. Soboleva, N.V. Lezhnin, A.V. Makarov, M.S. Deviatiarov
    Study of Сavitation Erosion–Corrosion Resistance of Thermally Sprayed Ni–Based Coatings Prepared by HVAF Process
    2.4.34H.L. Alwan, Yu.S. Korobov, N.N. Soboleva, N.V. Lezhnin, A.V. Makarov, E.P. Nikolaeva, M.S. Deviatiarov
    Cavitation Erosion-Corrosion Resistance of Deposited Austenitic Stainless Steel/E308L-17 Electrode
    2.4.35Olga Chikova, Irina Brodova, Vladimir Tsepelev, Kseniya Shmakova
    Wetting of Low Carbon Steel by High-Entropy Melts CuSnBiPbGa, CuSnBiPbIn and CuSnBiInCd and Formed Structure of Diffusion Layers
    2.4.36V.G. Shmorgun, A.I. Bogdanov, D.V. Shcherbin
    Kinetics of Diffusion Interaction in Cr15Ni60-AD1 Layered Composite
    2.4.37A.V. Khramenkova, D.N. Ariskina, K.R. Yuzhakova
    Production of Hybrid Polymer-Oxide Materials Based on Molybdenum Oxide Compounds Using Transient Electrolysis Method
    2.4.39Аnna V. Ryabova, Elena A. Yatsenko and Lyudmila V. Klimova
    Researching of Steel Grade Influence on Structure and Properties of Silicate-Enamel Coatings of Pipelines
    2.4.41Aleksey Serov, Oleg Slautin, Dmitri Pronichev
    Structural Formation in the Zone of Interaction under Laser Processing of Bimetal M1 + VT1-0