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Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства /
Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
Секция 2.3. Химические и гидрометаллургические технологии /
Chemical and Hydrometallurgical Technologies

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    2.3.1Aleksei Kritskii, Kirill Karimov and Stanislav Naboichenko
    Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate: Ultra-Fine Milling as Process Acceleration Method
    2.3.2V.V. Demiyan, E.A. Zelenskaya, N.P. Shabelskaya
    Electrolytic Behavior of Nickel in Polarization by Variable Asymmetric Rectangular Current in Alkaline Solutions
    2.3.5E.S. Makhotkina, М.V. Shubina, I.G. Shubin
    Investigation of Hydrometallurgical Processing of Titanomagnetite Ore Enrichment Waste
    2.3.6Y.I. Toporkova, D.A. Prodanova, O.S. Anisimova
    An Influence of EAF Dust Calcining Conditions on Zinc Leaching Efficiency in Ammonium-chloride Media
    2.3.7G.M. Kurunina, O.M. Ivankina, G.M. Butov
    Novel Catalytic Systems Based on Platinum Catalysts
    2.3.8Dmitry Kruchinin, Liana Garayshina, Elena Farafontova
    The Influence of Temperature Testing on the Technical Data of Cementing Technology
    2.3.9Dmitry Kruchinin, Yulia Aleshina , Elena Farafontova
    An Effect of the Epoxy Cementing Technology on the Deformation of the Optical External Surfaces Made of Quartz Glass
    2.3.10E.B. Kolmachikhina, E.A. Ryzhkova, D.V. Dmitrieva
    Sodium Lingo-sulfonate and Sodium Dodecyl-sulfate Mixtures Influence on Zinc Concentrate Pressure Leaching and Zinc Electro-winning
    2.3.11V.A. Matyushina, O.B. Kolmachikhina, K.A. Vakula
    Centrifugation of Interphase Suspension with the Use of Surfactants
    2.3.13Yu. M. Berezhnoy, D.I. Monastyrsky, O.N. Romanova
    Influence of Polyelectrolytes on the Processes of Structure Formation of Copper Powders
    2.3.16E.Yu. Titov, I.V. Bodrikov and A.M. Kutin
    Plasma-Chemical Simulation Fragmentation of Chloroform in the Liquid Phase by Direct Electrical Discharges
    2.3.17R.R. Safin, G.F. Ilalova, R.R. Khasanshin
    Study of Pyrolysis of Annual Crop Refuse under Reduced Pressure
    2.3.18Denis Tuntsev, Rushan Safin and Milausha Khayrullina
    Processing of Used Wooden Slippers by Thermal Method
    2.3.19Rushan Safin, Dmitry Prosvirnikov and Denis Tuntsev
    New Chemical Fibers Obtained from Wood, Activated by Steam Explosion Treatment
    2.3.20Dmitry Prosvirnikov, Nail Timerbaev and Zulfiya Sattarova
    Strength Properties of Composite Board Materials Based on Ligno-Cellulose Fiber, Modified by Steam Explosion Treatment
    2.3.21Alfiya M. Kapizova, Tamara V. Alikova and Luisa V. Omarieva
    Creating and Studying of Enterosorbent with Harsh-Fixed Antioxidants Which Have Enzymatic Properties
    2.3.23Aleksandr Bulaev, Vitaliy Melamud and Anna Boduen
    Bioleaching of Non-Ferrous Metals from Arsenic-Bearing Sulfide Concentrate
    2.3.25Mikhail M. Kosukhin and Andrei M. Kosukhin
    The Role of Surface Phenomena in Modified Cement Dispersions at Studying Poly-functional Modifiers Mechanism of Action
    2.3.26Yury V. Andreev
    Arsenic Precipitation from Solutions in Autoclave-Hydrometallurgical Technology of Processing Sulphide Concentrates
    2.3.27O.Yu. Makovskaya, A. Shevchuk, S.P Sorokin
    Copper Recovery from Rinse Waters after Ammoniac Etching of Printed Circuit Boards
    2.3.28Denis Nazarov, Ilya Mitrofanov, Maxim Maximov
    Atomic Layer Deposition of Lithium-Silicon-Tin Oxide Nanofilms for High Performance Thin Film Batteries Anodes
    2.3.29A.A. Shoppert, D.A. Rogozhnikov, Y.E. Agapitov
    Obtaining of High Quality Iron Oxide from Nitric Acid Leaching Solution
    2.3.30D.A. Rogozhnikov, A.A. Shoppert, L.M. Karimova
    Investigating of Nitric Acid Leaching of High-Sulfur Copper Concentrate
    2.3.31E.A. Kuzas, V.N. Voinov and P.S. Potapov
    Oxygen Passivation of Rhodium and Platinum with Direct Current Polarization in 12 M Hydrochloric Acid Solution
    2.3.32Alyona S. Edamenko, Larisa Yu. Matveeva Anna V. Yastrebinskaya
    Influence of Gypsum Binder Phase Composition on Operational and Mechanical Properties of the Hydration Product
    2.3.33Ashimkhan Kanayev, Khussain Valiyev, Aleksandr Bulaev
    The Effect of Different Oxidants on Extraction of Uranium from Low Grade Ore
    2.3.34Almaz Kozhonov, Anvar Samsaliev and Yulia Toporkova
    Studies on Microwave-Plasma Treatment of Froth Flotation Tailings
    2.3.35Maksim I. Filimonov, Andrey E. Novikov and Mariya I. Lamskova
    Investigation of Stagnant Zones in Centrifuges
    2.3.36Aleksei Kritskii, Kirill Karimov and Stanislav Naboichenko
    Pressure Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate: Iron Removal from Leaching Residues
    2.3.37S.S. Vinogradova, Ye.V. Pleshkova
    Staged Local Dissolution of Stainless Steel in Chloride Solutions