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Раздел 2. Материаловедение и технологии промышленного производства /
Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing
Секция 2.2. Стали и сплавы, металлургические и металлообрабатывающие технологии / Steels and Alloys, Metallurgical and Metalworking Technologies

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    2.2.1I.N. Khaimovich, A.I. Khaimovich, E.A. Kovalkova
    Automatisation of Calculation Method of Technological Parameters of Wiredrawing with Account of Speed Factor and Material Properties
    2.2.2V.I. Astashchenko, A.I. Shveyov, T.V. Shveyova
    Technologies and Materials for Boriding of Steelworks
    2.2.3S.I. Feoktistov, Kyaw Zayar Soe
    Identification for Technological Capabilities of Titanium and Aluminum Alloys in Deep Drawing Process
    2.2.4K.K. Kim, A.Y. Panychev, L.S. Blazhko
    The Use of a Magnetic Suspension for the Crucibleless Metal Melting
    2.2.6E.V. Ageev, A.Y. Altukhov, M.S. Korolyov
    The Phase Composition of Products from Electro-erosive Cobalto-chrome Powders, Obtained by Additive Technologies
    2.2.7E.V. Ageev, A.Yu. Altukhov, D.I. Valguzov
    Microanalysis of Additive Products from Electro-erosion Cobalt-Chrome Powders
    2.2.8Vladimir A. Kim, Aung Ngwe Thein
    Quantitative Assessment of Dissipative Properties of Superficial Structure of the Steel 25XM Strengthened by Pulse Laser Influence
    2.2.9Alla Gerasimova, Sergey Gorbatyuk, Dmitry Efremovc
    Modeling of Tool for Cold Extrusion of Steel and Tooling with Proportional Bandaging
    2.2.10Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov, Alexander Bannikov
    Simulation of High-Speed Cutting Using Deform 3D Software
    2.2.11Dmitry Frunkin, Leonid Gurevich, Roman Novikov
    A Simulation of the Post-Bending Process of the Pipe Billets for Welded Pipe Manufacturing
    2.2.12N.Zh. Mukashev, N.Y. Kosdauletov, B.T. Suleimen
    Comparison of Iron and Chromium Reduction from Chrome Ore Concentrates by Solid Carbon and Carbon Monoxide
    2.2.14Georgy L. Baranov
    Improvement of Methods of Calculation of Forces in Hot Strip Rolling
    2.2.15S.E. Krylova, S.V. Gladkovskiy, E.V. Romashkov
    Conceptual Approach to Development, Structure Formation and Hardening Micro-alloyed by Steels for the Metallurgical Tool
    2.2.16I.N. Egorov, N.Ya. Egorov
    Study of Electromagnetic Effect Parameters Influence on Fluidity of Fine Nd-Fe-B Powder
    2.2.17Sergey I. Fominykh, Andrey Yu. Konyaev
    Improving the Quality of Secondary Aluminum Alloys when Recycling Automotive Scrap
    2.2.18Vladimir Toporov, Aleksandr Bogatov , Danis Nukhov
    Computer-Simulation of the Billet Shape Change during Helical Piercing
    2.2.20Tatyana V. Mal’tseva, Anna V. Levina, Ekaterina K. Skobelina
    The Study of Structure Formation Evolution at high Pressure with a Shear in a Corrosion-resistant Austenitic-ferritic Steel 03Kh14N10K5M2YuT with Different Initial States
    2.2.21Yu.B. Egorova, L.V. Davydenko, A.V. Shmyrova
    Influence of Chemical Composition and Heat Treatment Modes on Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloy VT22 Bars
    2.2.22G.A. Orlov, A.G. Orlov
    The Calculating Method of Thinning Pipes Ends Before Rolling in the Reduction Mill
    2.2.23Maksim G. Allenov, Oleg A. Belokurov
    Evaluation of the Friction Factor Influence on the Results of Cross-wedge Rolling Simulation in Qform Software
    2.2.24S.I. Platov, V.A. Nekit, M.L. Krasnov
    The Mechanical Properties of the Pipe Steel after Rolling at the Plate Mill
    2.2.25Mikhail Erpalov, Dmitry Pavlov
    The Method of Testing Cylindrical Specimen for Torsion in order to Determine the Rheological Properties of Materials Sensitive to the Strain Rate
    2.2.26A.V. Shaparev 
    Investigation of the Effect of Oxygen Content in the Auxiliary Process Gas on the Quality and Speed of Laser Cutting of Steel Sheets
    2.2.27T.M. Makhneva, V.B. Dementiev, S.S. Makarov
    About Impact Strength and Thermal Properties of Steel Melts
    2.2.28V.A. Kim, B.Ya. Mokritsry, A.V. Morozova
    Multifractal Analysis of Microstructures after Laser Treatment of Steels
    2.2.32Y.A. Svinoroev, V.V. Dyadichev, O.A. Ternovskiy
    The Research of the Possibilities of Using Purge Methods for the Manufacture of Casting Cores from Mixtures Based on Secondary Polymers and Technical Lignosulphonates
    2.2.33V.I. Dudorov, A.D. Drozin, V.P. Chernobrovin
    Thermodynamic Regularities of Nuclei Growth during Crystallization of Metastable Alloys
    2.2.34M.V. Dudorov, A.D. Drozin, B.G. Plastinin
    Features of the Use of Equilibrium State Diagrams for Description of Crystal Growth from Metastable Melts
    2.2.36Danil L. Shvarts, Sergey O. Nepryakhin
    Determination of Contact Pressure during Double-T Section Rolling in Universal Beam Groove
    2.2.37А.А. Герасимова, В.А. Дмитриев
    Изготовление деталей методом холодной штамповки
    2.2.38Mikhail Erpalov
    The Influence of Cylindrical Specimen Size and Material Properties on the Distribution of Deformation during Torsion Test
    2.2.39Dmitry Pavlov, Veniamin Chernyh
    Verification of a New Torsion Test Method to Study the Rheological Properties of Materials in a Cold State
    2.2.41M.A. Mikheenkov, O.Yu. Sheshukov, D.A. Lobanov
    Slag Technogenic Formations as a Material for the Production of Silicate Products and Pig Iron
    2.2.42Danis Nukhov, Andrey Tolkushkin
    Theoretical Justification of the Longitudinal Rolling Method of the Thick Sheets by the Severe Shear Deformation
    2.2.43Lev S. Zimin, Aleksey G. Sorokin
    Advantages in a System Approach to Optimal Design of Induction Heating Installations for Aluminum Extrusion Process
    2.2.44Natalya Gabelchenko, Artem Belov and Alena Savchenko
    The Role of the Primary Structure in the Formation of the Mechanical Properties of Steel Castings
    2.2.45O.Yu. Sheshukov, M.A. Mikheenkov, D.A. Lobanov
    Zinc Techno-genic Formations: Physico-Chemical Features of its Extraction
    2.2.46Inna I. Barankova , Uliana V. Mikhailova, Lyudmila I. Antropova
    Development of Energy Saving Technologies for Steel Wire Heat Treatment
    2.2.48G.G. Zadykyan, R.S. Korsmik, R.V. Mendagaliev, G.A. Turichin
    Formation of Bead Shape, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Resistant High-Strength Steel Produced by Direct Laser Deposition Method
    2.2.49Egor V. Terentyev, Artem Yu. Marchenkov and Andrey P. Sliva
    Increase of Weld Joint Efficiency of the Combined Band of a High-Speed Rotor of an Electric Machine by Local Strengthening
    2.2.50Aleksey A. Darin, Nail M. Telyakov
    Investigation of Sulfatization Mechanism of Iron-Manganese Concretions in Fluidized Bed
    2.2.51Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    The Peculiarities of Smelting of Wear-Resistant Cast Iron IChH28N2 in the Induction Crucible Furnace IChT10
    2.2.52Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    Cast Iron and Steel Smelting in Induction Crucible Furnaces of Industrial Frequency
    2.2.53L.M. Gurevich, D.V. Pronichev and A.G. Serov
    Study of the Influence of Technological Factors on the Surface Structure of Aluminum 6000 Series Alloys Ingots
    2.2.55Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Young Modulus at High Temperatures
    2.2.56Vladimir N. Shinkin 
    Plastic Twisting of Erect Metal Roller
    2.2.57Igor Polozov, Vadim Sufiiarov and Anatoliy Popovich
    Investigation of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy in-situ Manufactured Using Selective Laser Melting from Elemental Powder Mixture
    2.2.58Mikhail V. Maisuradze and Maxim A. Ryzhkov
    Investigation of the Austenite Grain Growth in HY-TUF Steel
    2.2.61Raisa K. Mysik, Sergey V. Brusnitsyn and Andrey V. Sulitsin
    Determination of Thermo-physical and Physical Properties of Complex Alloyed Brass
    2.2.62G.A. Orlov, E.A. Kungurov
    Method of Speed Mode Correction of Rolling Pipes in the Reduction Mill
    2.2.64Nataliia Vodolazskaya, Olga Sharaya
    Modifying of the Surface of Products from Cast Iron as the Element of Production Modernization
    2.2.66Boris Yurev, Vladimir Goltsev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Efficiency Upgrading for Blast Furnace Smelting through Use of Iron Ore Raw Materials with Various Fluxing Degree
    2.2.67Boris Yurev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Process Development for Solid Fuel Use at Siderite Ore Roasting in Shaft Furnace
    2.2.68Nikolay Spirin, Oleg Onorin, Alexander Istomin
    Prediction of Blast Furnace Thermal State in Real-Time Operation
    2.2.69A.I Scvortsov, M.A. Melchakov, A.A. Scvortsov
    Influence of Thermomagnetic Treatment on the Damping Properties and Structure of Iron-Based Alloys
    2.2.70Vadim A. Motorin, Ludmila V. Kostyleva, Dmitry S. Gapich
    Increasing Wear Resistance of Chizel Tools Working Bodies Based on Improving the Metallographic Structure of Grey Cast Iron
    2.2.71Y. N. Loginov, A. I. Golodnov, S. I. Stepanov
    Effect of Friction on Compression Test of Ti-6Al-4V with Open-Cellular Structure
    2.2.72Alexey Stolbovsky, Vladimir Popov, Ruslan Falahutdinov
    Effect of Hf Doping of Commercially Pure Copper on Evolution of Its Microstructure under High Pressure Torsion
    2.2.74Alexey Stolbovsky
    Advanced Statistical Analysis of Grain Structure in Single-Phase Materials Nanostructured by High-Pressure Torsion
    2.2.75M.P. Shalimov, E.B. Votinova
    Appication of the Complete Material Balance Method to Estimate the Transition of Elements in Flux Cored Arc Welding
    2.2.76Dmitriy N. Romanenko, Victor V. Gorozhankin, Marina V. Nalimova
    Hardenability and Wear Resistance of Carburized to Hypereutectic Concentrations Steels
    2.2.77M.L. Lobanov, S.V. Danilov and V.I. Pastukhov
    Crystallographic Peculiarities of ?-? Transformation in Brass Induced by Hot Extrusion
    2.2.78Abdrakhman B. Naizabekov, Sergey N. Lezhnev, Alexandr S. Arbuz
    The Effect of Radial-Shear Rolling on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Technical Titanium
    2.2.79V.G. Gusev, A.V. Sobolkov and A.V. Aborkin
    Increasing of Energy-Power Indicators of Mechanical Processing in a Planetary Mill by the Use of a Working Chamber with a Square Shape of the Internal Cavity
    2.2.80A.G. Illarionov, S.V. Grib, A.S. Yurovskikh
    Scientific Approaches to the Development of Titanium-based Alloys for Medical Implants
    2.2.81F.V. Vodolazskiy, E.A. Gornostaeva and S.M. Illarionova
    Calculation of Phase Composition of ?- and near-?- Titanium Alloys
    2.2.83S.A. Laiha, A.A. Veselovsky
    Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from Nickel Slag Wastes by the Thermo-Diffusion Method
    2.2.84A.A. Sukhikh
    On the Role of Gamma-Alpha Transformation in the Increase of the Fracture Toughness of Maraging Steel
    2.2.87R. Mendagaliyev, R.S. Korsmik, O.G. Klimova-Korsmik, S.A. Shalnova
    Effect of Powder Fraction 09CrNi2MoCu on the Structure and Properties of the Obtained Samples Using the Direct Laser Deposition
    2.2.88Sergey A. Tipalin, Mikhail A. Petrov and Yuriy A. Morgunov
    Theoretical Investigation of the Bending Process of the Pre-Strained Metal Sheet
    2.2.89G.G. Mikhailov, L.A. Makrovets and O.V. Samoilova
    Phase Equilibria in a Liquid Metal of Fe–La–Ce–O System at 1600 °С
    2.2.90A.V. Ryabov
    Comparative Characteristics of Free-Machining Steels of Cr-Mo Type
    2.2.92P.A. Lykov, L.V. Radionova and A.O. Shultс
    Influence of Powder Layer Thickness on Microstructure of Selective Laser Melted TiAl6V4