industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.8. "Зеленые технологии" в машиностроении / Green Manufacturing

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.8.2D.V. Varnakov, V.V. Varnakov, S.A. Simachkov
    Results of determining optimal correlation between components of biodiesel fuel on basis of rape
    1.8.3I.K. Andronchev, D.Ya. Nosyrev, A.A. Mishkin
    Decrease in destructive environmental impact and fuel consumption in internal combustion engine of vehicles as result of using aluminium and hydrogen technologies
    1.8.6N.R. Bukeikhanov, S.I. Gvozdkova, E.V. Butrimova
    Automated resource-saving system for the use and regeneration of epilam-based lubricating-cooling technological liquid
    1.8.7N.A. Merentsov, А.V. Persidskiy, V.N. Lebedev
    Use of wastes from metal working machining for packings in contact heat-and-mass exchange devices
    1.8.8A.A. Fomin, R.V. Yudin, A.R. Sadrtdinov
    Natural and energy resource saving based on the development of technology for profile milling of wood waste
    1.8.10A. Blinov, N. Malastowski, A. Bykov
    Performance evaluation of static mixers in the urea injection pipe for SCR systems
    1.8.12A. Kulganatov, Ahmed Ibrahim, A. Miroshnichenko
    Comparison of lifting mechanisms for raising wind wheel in mobile power complex based on renewable energy sources
    1.8.13D.A. Akhmedzaynov, A.E. Kishalov, V.D. Lipatov
    Study of steam injection effect on course of combustion processes in combustion chamber of gas turbine unit
    1.8.14D. Donchenko, N. Sadovnikova, D. Parygin
    Prediction of road accidents severity on Russian roads using machine learning techniques
    1.8.15E. Krushel, A. Panfilov, I. Stepanchenko
    Computer aided ecological & profitable scheduling of the oil depot reservoirs filling process