industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.7. Промышленные гидравлические и пневматические системы и оборудование / Industrial Hydraulic Systems

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.7.1K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Design and calculation method of composite housings for new generation magnetorheological devices
    1.7.2K.V. Naigert, V.A. Tselischev
    Methodology and constructive implementation of active vibration protection of large scale structures
    1.7.3A.V. Gorin, N.V. Tokmakov, I.S. Kyznetsov
    Substantiation of parameters of machine with volumetric hydraulic drive for formation of wells in ground
    1.7.4A.N. Sirotenko, S.A. Partko, S.A. Voinash
    Research of pneumodrive with energy recovery into additional volume
    1.7.5A. Markov
    Model of airflow process through throttling sections of automated deadweight absolute pressure measurement system
    1.7.6I.V. Vishtak, V.A. Fedotov, A.N. Solomon
    Investigation of radial gas bearings with longitudinal micro-grooves of various transverse profiles
    1.7.7В.В. Корзин, Д.Б. Мелехов
    Математическая модель газодинамического преобразователя температуры
    1.7.8D.V. Kasharin, S.A. Kalmikov, O.A. Surzhko
    Flexible composite diversion water conduits of small hpps for recreational facilities in the republic of north Ossetia
    1.7.9L. Ilina, N. Goncharov, A. Shagarova
    Experimental research on reducing hydraulic resistance when transporting high-viscosity fluids by pipeline
    1.7.10Yu.S. Sergeev, S.V. Sergeev, G.E. Karpov
    Modeling three-dimensional liquid flows in computer controlled vibrojet mixer using flowvision
    1.7.11K.V. Osintsev, M.M. Dudkin, Iu.S. Prikhodko
    Improving efficiency of boiler in case of coal hydrotransport
    1.7.12L. Ilina, P. Vasilyev, M. Krasnodubrovsky
    Finding flow of non-Newtonian fluids in circular pipe with wall-adjacent gas layer
    1.7.13V.V. Korzin, D.B. Melekhov
    Mathematical model of gas-dynamic temperature transducer
    1.7.14V. Khokhlov, T. Shestopalova, J. Titova
    Emergency flooding protection system based on self-regulating jet pumps for hydroelectric power stations