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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.6. Механическая обработка метериалов / Mechanical Treatment of Materials

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.6.1D.Yu. Dubrov
    How different autonomous cutter cooling methods affect machining performance
    1.6.2V.A. Spirin, V.F. Makarov, O.A. Khalturin
    Calculation of thermodynamic parameters of geometrically-complex parts at abrasive globoid gear machining
    1.6.3A.A. Fomin, V.G. Gusev, N.F. Timerbaev
    Providing of surfaces geometry at the design stage of profile milling operation of off-grade workpiece
    1.6.4A.V. Morozov, V.G. Gusev
    The method of the combined flat peripheral grinding
    1.6.5Min Ko Hlaing, Phone Htet Kyaw, B.N.Maryn
    Defect analysis of operating hydro-gasified piping system
    1.6.7Y.N. Oteniy, O.V. Martynenko, N.I. Nikiforov
    Сontact zone effect analysis onto the deforming rollers geometrics during the surface plastic deformation treatment
    1.6.9N. Papsheva, O. Akushskaya
    Increasing resistance of cutting tool with diamond burnishing
    1.6.10V.A. Nosenko, M.V. Danilenko
    Determining coordinates of cutting force application point in grinding zone
    1.6.11S.V. Grubyi, P.A. Chaevskiy
    Improving efficiency of machining of grooves on shafts of increased hardness structural steel
    1.6.12S.V. Usov, D.S. Sviridenko, P.A. Davydenko
    General patterns in formation of surface layer of machine parts treated by combined electro-technical methods
    1.6.14A.V. Antsev, N.I. Pasko, A.V. Khandozhko
    Evaluation of tool life equation of single-point cutting tool by accumulation model
    1.6.15S.V. Grubiy, M.A. Shavva, V.V. Lapshin
    Ultra-precision machining of optical materials elements devices surfaces
    1.6.16T.N. Ivanova
    Identification of deformations and errors in flat thin workparts during grinding
    1.6.17N.N. Zubkov
    Novel method of single-pass threading by cutter
    1.6.18V.M. Shumyacher, O.G. Kulik, S.A. Kryukov
    Chip forming processes at high speed grinding
    1.6.19V.M. Shumyacher, S.A. Kryukov, O.G. Kulik
    Express control of abrasive tool operational characteristics
    1.6.20I.Yu. Orlov, T.N. Orlova, I.V. Bashkirtseva
    Study of physical and chemical processes occurring during polycondensation of bakelite binder in order to adjust technological process of abrasive tool production
    1.6.21I.Yu. Orlov, N.V. Baidakova, P.Yu. Bochkarev
    Optimal sequencing at selection of abrasive tools characteristics for their improvement
    1.6.22I.V. Bashkirtseva, T.N. Orlova
    Change in microhardness of metal depending on wetting ability of lubricating coolant
    1.6.23А.V. Savilov, V.М. Svinin, S.А. Timofeev
    Studies on titanium alloy turning rate improvement
    1.6.24V. Golovkin, O. Batishcheva, V. Papshev
    Ultrasonic impact study on strain hardening of thread profile surface layer
    1.6.25V.A. Kim, B.Ya. Mokritsky, A.V. Morozova
    Dissipative structure of contact interaction when cutting metals
    1.6.26D.B. Podashev, Yu.V. Dimov
    Cutting temperature by polymer-abrasive end brushes for machining planes
    1.6.27Y.A. Bondarenko, N.A. Maslennikov, A.A. Mamchenkova
    Research of influence of location tool in treatment of large shafts on surface shaping
    1.6.28О.А. Nikitina, Т.М. Slobodyanik
    Numerical modelling of the material layer upset forging with extrusion under the stiffening rib into forging cavity
    1.6.29N.V. Vulykh
    Centrifugal rolling of flexible shafts for achieving best possible roughness of the surface
    1.6.32Z. Tikhonova, D. Kraynev, E.Frolov
    Thermo-emf as method for testing properties of replaceable contact pairs
    1.6.33D. Kraynev, A. Bondarev, Z. Tikhonova
    Mathematical apparatus for predicting cutting tool life in turning process after prior plastic deformation
    1.6.34A.V. Shcherbakov, D.A. Gaponova, R.V. Rodyakina
    Numerical modeling of heat transfer and material flow during wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing
    1.6.35A.V. Shcherbakov, D.A. Gaponova, R.V. Rodyakina
    Control of weld bead position in additive manufacturing process with using backscattered electrons collector signal
    1.6.37S.I. Agapov, Yu.I. Sidyakin, A.F. Tolstyakov
    Operating efficiency of worm gears under ultrasonic vibration imposition in the cutting region
    1.6.38I.V. Firsov, Ju.L. Tchigirinskiy, N.V. Chigirinskaya
    Features of formation of surface layer properties in multistage processing of Cr-Ni steel
    1.6.40A.R. Ingemansson
    Characteristics, composition, mechanisms of function and modern aspects of implementation of digital production systems in mechanical engineering industry
    1.6.41O.A. Kursin, S.B. Fam, N.A. Fedotov
    Abrasive machining of low carbon steels: ways to improve the surface quality
    1.6.42А.А. Lipatov, J.L. Tchigirinsky, Hoang Trung Pham
    Features of contact interaction in cutting high alloyed steels with carbide tool
    1.6.43P.S. Nesterenko, J.L. Tchigirinsky, E.N. Nesterenko
    Analysis of influence of strains of technological system elements on machining accuracy under turning of non-rigid shafts based between centers
    1.6.44P.A. Norchenko, V.A. Solodkov, S.I. Kormilitsyn
    Peculiarities of application of th20 hard alloy for turning processing of various steels with advanced plastic deformation
    1.6.45Y.I. Sidyakin, S.N. Olshtynsky, S.Y. Abakumova
    Application of smoothing rollers in processes finishing-strengthening treatment of shafts SPD
    1.6.46O.V. Skrygin, V.P. Smolentsev, E.A. Saltanaeva
    Preparing automated of software complex for technological processes with imposition of electric field
    1.6.47V.P. Smolentsev, V.V. Ivanov, E.V. Panichev
    Technology of combined chemical –mechanical processing
    1.6.48V.P. Smolensev, A.V. Shchednov, J.S. Smolenseva
    Technology of combined treatment of engine cooling elements
    1.6.50D.B. Prosvirnikov, A.R. Sadrtdinov, Z.G. Sattarova
    Cogeneration power plant for processing of biomass and municipal solid waste based on plasma heat source
    1.6.51N.N. Ovchinnikova, G.S. Kochetkova, Т.А. Tolmacheva
    Application of statistical modeling methods to assess decontamination effect of electromagnetic field on raw materials for food industry
    1.6.52V. Salnikov, Y. Frantsuzova
    Energy consumption modeling of machining processes