industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.4. Конструкторско-технологическое обеспечение машиностроительных производств / Design and Manufacturing Engineering of Industrial Facilities

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.4.3N.N. Ogarkov, S.I. Platov, E.U. Zvyagina
    Modelling of roll roughness transfer process to strip during skin-pass rolling
    1.4.5V.A. Lebedev, A.V. Kirichek, L.V. Chunakhova
    Effectiveness of application of additional strengthening processing of surface plastic deformation on increase in fatigue life of parts
    1.4.6A.V. Vyboishchik
    Surface accuracy improvement in process of milling freeform parts
    1.4.7E.V. Khaliulin, A.V. Bobylev, A.V. Kozlov
    Determination of rational technological parameters of cold bending with rolling of pipes from corrosion-resistant steels
    1.4.9P.A. Ogin, D.G. Levashkin
    Recomposition procedure of automatic replacement laser modules for CNC machines
    1.4.10E.I. Yatsun, N.P. Anikeyeva, I.S. Karnaukhov
    Tooling backup of сutting and deforming processing of non-rigid shafts
    1.4.11S.Е. Lyuminarsky, I.Е. Lyuminarsky, E.S. Lyuminarskaya
    Theoretical study of harmonic drive flexible bearing durability
    1.4.16P.V. Shalamov, I.A. Kulygina, A.N. Yasnitsky
    Determination of flanging parameters and length of screwing in producing holes by the method of thermal drilling in thin-sheet metal
    1.4.17M.G. Galkin, A.S. Smagin
    Practice of dimensional modeling in the implementation of the methodology of group interchangeability
    1.4.22A.N. Polyakov, A.N. Goncharov, I.V. Parfenov
    Method for predicting thermal characteristics of machine tools based on experimental modal analysis
    1.4.23I.N. Madyshev, O.S. Dmitrieva, A.V. Dmitriev
    Development of new types of contact devices for heat-mass transfer apparatuses used at petrochemical enterprises
    1.4.24R.M. Khusainov, A.R. Sabirov
    Stiffness maximization on the basis of layout characteristics of the elastic machine system and milling process
    1.4.25V.E. Lelyukhin,O.V. Kolesnikova
    Formation automation of geometric configuration of real machine parts
    1.4.26A. Loginov
    Information model for machine’s electronic structure storage
    1.4.27V.М. Svinin, А.V. Savilov, А.V. Shutenkov
    Software spindle speed variation as method for chatter suppression in drilling
    1.4.28S.I. Gvozdkova, L.E. Shvartsburg
    Experimental studies of steady-state sources of vibrations of machinery production process equipment to substantiate choice of vibration protection methods
    1.4.30L. Mironova, L. Kondratenko, V. Terekhov
    On issue of verifying new method for studying dynamics of deep hole machining
    1.4.31I.I. Voyachek, D.V. Kochetkov, S.G. Mityasov
    Rational provision of robustness properties of bolted joints of assembly with implementation of anaerobic materials
    1.4.32E.I. Shchurova, P.G. Mazein
    Machining accuracy improving with the use of mobile mechatronic systems as industrial robots end effectors
    1.4.33E.I. Shchurova
    Voxel and finite element modeling of twist drill
    1.4.34A.V. Shchurova
    3D modeling of turbine rotor journal machining with location on a bearing bottom half
    1.4.36A.V. Belov, A.A. Polivanov, N.G. Neumoina
    Selecting criterion of long-term strength in assessing durability of constructions operating under non-isothermal loading processes
    1.4.37P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Virtual prediction of accuracy of processing on example of external circular grinding
    1.4.38P.P. Pereverzev, A.V. Akintseva, M.K. Alsigar
    Designing of optimal grinding cycles, sustainable to unstable mechanical processing on the basis of synthesis of digital double technology and dynamic programming method
    1.4.39S.M. Beloborodov, V.F. Makarov, M.L. Tselmer
    Controlled assembly of rotors
    1.4.40V.V. Kuts, M.S. Razumov, V.S. Kochergin
    Study of energy intensity of shaped holes broaching process
    1.4.41D.T. Safarov, A.G. Kondrashov
    Methods of quality control manufacturing gears of the differential satellites
    1.4.43I. Agureev, K. Platonov, R. Khmelev
    Computational and experimental studies of deformations of air-cooled diesel cylinders at its assembling
    1.4.45I.I. Voyachek, E.S. Slashchev, D.M. Malikova
    Feasibility study of applying group interchangeability method for assembly components of machines
    1.4.46L.E. Shvartsburg, O.V. Yagolnitser, E.V. Butrimova
    Development of integrated criterion to select environmentally sound cutting fluids and relevant application systems in shape-forming processes
    1.4.47N.V. Lishchenko, V.P. Larshin
    Gear grinding temperature modeling and simulation
    1.4.48M.Ya. Durmanov, B.G. Martynov, S.V. Spiridonov
    How parameters of agricultural machine and tractor unit affects effectively used mean indicated power
    1.4.49V.P. Antipin, M.Ya. Durmanov, O.A. Mikhailov
    Method to reduce oil burning in diesel engine of agricultural machine and tractor unit
    1.4.51S.I. Kozhevnikov, V.F. Makarov
    Mill conditions effect on roughness of injection molds’ forming surfaces
    1.4.52A.N. Hotz, V.V. Zelinskiy, E.A. Borisova
    Effect of magnetic processing on mass transfer in a frictional pair “alloyed steel - carbon steel”
    1.4.53A.A. Udalov, A.V. Udalov, S.L. Vasilevykh
    Strength parameters of hardening cylindrical workpiecеs by tapered roller
    1.4.55O.V. Kolesnikova, V.E. Lelyukhin, F.Yu. Ignatev
    Formation of schemes generating geometric structure of machine parts
    1.4.56R.M. Khusainov, P.N. Krestyaninov, D.D. Safin
    Optimization of cutting parameters in milling by means of system nyquist plot
    1.4.57A. Sychugov, Yu. Frantsuzova, V. Sal’nikov
    Comprehensive evaluation of shaft manufacturability: mathematical and information models
    1.4.59T.D. Nguyen, V.M. Volgin, V.V. Lyubimov
    Simulation of electrical discharge machining of microholes
    1.4.60V.V. Lyubimov, V.M. Volgin, V.P. Krasilnikov
    Investigation of kinematic-geometric characteristics of electrochemical machining
    1.4.61S. Ivanov, E. Valdaytseva, I. Udin
    Model for numerical simulation of temperature field and bead profile in hybrid laser-arc welding of T-joint
    1.4.62A.V. Muratov, V.V. Lyashenko, S.A. Petukhov
    QMS as tool for improving maintenance and repair processes of traction rolling stock
    1.4.67E.V. Orlova
    Approach for modeling and situational management of industrial product efficiency
    1.4.68V.M. Trukhanov, M.P. Kukhtik, A.M. Makarov
    Modeling of trying out and reliability estimation of technological processes of machine-building products
    1.4.69А.Г. Караванова, А.С. Калашников
    Исследование операции зубохонингование ведущих зубчатых колес с расчетно-экспериментальной оценкой характеристик
    1.4.70A.F. Tavaeva, A.A. Petunin, E.G. Polishchuk
    Methods of cutting cost minimizing in problem of tool route optimization for CNC laser machines
    1.4.72L.A. Galiullin, R.A. Valiev
    Development of hardware-algorithmic system for ICE diagnostics
    1.4.73A. Zagitova, N. Kondratyeva, S. Valeev
    Information support of gas-turbine engine life cycle based on agent-oriented technology
    1.4.74I.A. Gushchin, I.V. Martynovich, I.S. Torubarov
    Automatic print job scheduling and management over multiple 3D printers
    1.4.75E. Krylov, N. Kozlovtseva, A. Kapitanov
    CNC processing equipment’s technical operability evaluation by developing mathematical models based on continuous logic of antonyms
    1.4.76S.V. Makartichyan, L.V. Khoperskova, V.E. Avvakumov
    Digital in-line moisture meter of thin sheet materials
    1.4.77A.A. Yakovlev, V.S. Sorokin, S.G. Postupaeva
    Modeling physical operating principles during search design of cooling and refrigerating systems