industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.3. Трение, смазка, износ машин (УРАЛТРИБО-2019) / Friction, Wear, and Lubrication in Machines

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.3.1Е.В. Фоминов, К.Г. Шучев
    Динамика процесса надмолекулярной самоорганизации в граничном смазочном слое
    1.3.2M.Yu. Karelina ,T.Yu. Cherepnina , N.Yu. Bugakova
    Improvement of operational characteristics of aggregates by nanostructuring surfaces of tribounits
    1.3.3Ye.V. Balakina, Ye.Y. Lipatov, D.S. Sarbayev
    Advantages of using wheel rolling radius for calculating friction characteristics in wheel-to-road contact patch
    1.3.4A.T. Kulakov, E.P. Barylnikova, I.P. Talipova
    Lubrication conditions and development of pre-failure state of crankshaft bearings
    1.3.5M.V. Boiko, A.P. Sychev, I.V. Kolesnikov
    Investigations of antifriction films formation in dioctyl sebacate medium with cholesterol esters
    1.3.7O.Yu. Kazakova, L.B. Gasparova
    Dependence of automatic installation of tool carrier process on orientation errors and their effect on performance characteristics of spindle-tool subsystem
    1.3.9V.A. Saninsky, V.V. Korzin, M.A. Kononovich
    Automated calculation and control of body wear in friction pair
    1.3.10A.S. Gorobtsov, E.G. Gromov, N.V. Chigirinskaya
    Method for modeling of circulation of lubricating fluid in models of machine-building products
    1.3.11S.A. Izotov, A.I. Izotov, A.A. Fominyh
    Influence of physicochemical processes on reliability of node of sliding current collector of electric machines
    1.3.12V.A. Butorin, I.B.Tsarev, R.T. Guseynov
    Bench-scale tests aimed at finding rate and acceleration of wear determining service life of thrust bearing in submersible electric motor
    1.3.13M.A. Skotnikova, G.V. Ivanova, A.A. Strelnikova
    Macromechanism destruction of structurally and crystallographically textured titanium billets
    1.3.14V. Belogusev, A. Egorov, I. Polyanin
    Study on factors having influence upon efficiency of AC motor chain drive using newly developed method and procedure for identification of its friction losses
    1.3.16V. Feropontov, N. Perfileva, A. Maksimenko
    Contact movement in mating conical joints within resting friction
    1.3.17V.I. Kubich, E.A. Zadorozhnaya, O.G. Cherneta
    Forming laminar flow of engine oil under conditions of high-speed sliding friction
    1.3.18А.В. Титенок, И.А. Титенок
    Дискретный контакт в зубчатом зацеплении
    1.3.19V.G. Shram, Yu.N. Bezborodov, A.V. Lysyannikov
    Study of dependence of kinematic viscosity and thermal-oxidative stability of motor oils
    1.3.20G.I. Shulga, A.O. Kolesnichenko, I.Y. Lebedinsky
    Сomplex method for evaluating lubricating properties of technological tools and stresses when drawing products from sheet steel
    1.3.23A.V. Gritsenko, V.D. Shepelev, A.Yu. Burcev
    Monitoring technical status of engine bearings by pressure parameters in central oil line
    1.3.24E. Zadorozhnaya, V. Hudyakov, I. Dolgushin
    Evaluation of thermal condition of turbocharger rotor bearing
    1.3.25P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov, V. Kushnarev
    Ensuring tightness of sealing joints at the design stage
    1.3.26P. Ogar, A. Kozhevnikov, V. Kushnarev
    Modeling introduction of rigid sphere into layered elastic body
    1.3.28B.I. Kovalski , N.N. Lysyannikova, E.G. Kravcova
    Influence of oxidation products on anti-wear properties of lubricants
    1.3.29A. Doikin, K. Gavrilov
    Experimental modeling of wearing the friction surfaces of “piston-cylinder” tribounit
    1.3.31E.G. Kravtsova, B.I. Kowalsky, N.N. Lysyannikova
    Investigation of influence of steel SH 15 on oxidation and anti-wear properties of mineral oil
    1.3.32Y.P. Serdobintsev, M.P. Kukhtik, A.M. Makarov
    Theoretical research of kinematic pair «shaft-sleeve» of friction bearing of gas-compressor unit at variable speeds of shaft rotation
    1.3.33R.V. Yudin, D.A. Parinov, I.N. Medvedev
    Design engineering and manufacturing of technology of bearings for heavy-duty friction units
    1.3.34A.V. Sidashov, M.V. Boiko
    Surface films formation on steel during friction of polymer composites containing microcapsules with lubricant
    1.3.35A.N. Bolotov, V.V. Novikov, O.O. Novikova
    Fabrication and triboengineering properties of aluminum composite ceramic coatings
    1.3.36I.N. Shcherbakov, A.A. Korotkiy, E.V. Egelskaya
    Formation and properties of multilayer composite solid lubricant coating
    1.3.37S.A. Kurguzov, M.V. Nalimova
    Modeling wear of tool’s front surface during turning
    1.3.38S.G. Dokshanin, V.S. Tynchenko, V.V. Bukhtoyarov
    Evaluation of lubricants use with ultrafine copper-containing additives in sliding bearings with reversible friction
    1.3.39A. Babin, A. Fetisov, V. Tyurin
    Numerical modelling of fluid-film bearing lubricated with magnetorheological fluid