industrial engineering
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Раздел 1. Машиностроение / Research and development of machines and mechanisms
Секция 1.2. Динамика машин и рабочих процессов / Dynamics of Machines and Working Processes

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    1.2.2E.A. Lazarev, V.E. Lazarev, M.A. Matculevich
    Estimation of heat losses in fuel combustion by analysis of gas pressure in the cylinder of diesel
    1.2.3V.V. Shishkov, E.A. Lazarev
    Determination of parameters and characteristics of injection in fuel system of accumulating type at cold start of the diesel engine
    1.2.4B.A. Sharoglazov, V.V. Klementev
    Influence of main design parameters of motion conversion mechanism of crankless reciprocating machine (engine) on torque value on output shaft
    1.2.5G. Voronkova, N. Borisova, A. Borisov
    Research of dynamic characteristics of bearing structures at takeaway of ventilation equipment on the workshop roof
    1.2.6L.V. Plotnikov , Yu.M. Brodov , N.I. Grigor’ev
    Features of pulsating flows thermomechanics in exhaust system of piston engine with turbocharging
    1.2.7L.V. Plotnikov , S. Bernasconi, P. Jacoby
    Improvement of environmental characteristics of diesel locomotive engine with turbocharging by changing valve timing (based on Miller cycle)
    1.2.9V.V. Mazur
    Theoretical Studies of Automobile Smooth Running on High-Safety Wheels
    1.2.11A. Malozemov, A. Savinovskikh, G. Malozemov
    Simulation of fuel ignition chemical kinetics in diesel engine at cold start with Modelica language
    1.2.12Yu. A. Izvekov, V. V. Dubrovsky, A. L. Anisimov
    Dynamic pattern of safe operation indicators for heavy-duty machines
    1.2.14V. Lapshin, V. Yashenko, A. Eliseev
    Influence of spherical body diameter on impact interaction dynamics
    1.2.15V.E. Lazarev, M.A. Matculevich, E.A. Lazarev
    Indicative and efficient parameters of the engine operating cycle when using fuels with various octane numbers
    1.2.16A. Startcev, S. Romanov, O. Vagina
    Interaction of elastic wheel with bumps of rectangular shape
    1.2.19V.S. Zhernakov, V.P. Pavlov, V.M. Kudoyarova
    Opportunities for using spline-method to calculate orthotropic plate under bending conditions
    1.2.20V.V. Mazur
    Experiments to find the rolling resistance of non-pneumatic tires car wheels
    1.2.21A.I. Artyunin, S.V. Barsukov, O.Yu. Sumenkov
    Peculiarities of motion of pendulum on mechanical system engine rotating shaft
    1.2.22N.K. Kuznetsov, I.A. Iov, E.S. Dolgih
    Reducing dynamic loads in hoisting mechanism of excavator based on feedbacks on elastic torque
    1.2.24D.Ya. Antipin, V.O. Korchagin, М.А. Maslov
    Determination of magnetization efficiency of wheel-rail contact zone
    1.2.25D.Ya. Antipin, V.V. Kobishanov, A.S. Mitrakov
    Forecasting of life service of hopper car body load-bearing structure on basis of mathematical modeling methods
    1.2.26G.V. Lomakin, V.M. Myslyaev
    Evaluation of heatmechanical loading of piston of gasoline engine 4CH8,2/7,56 when it is forced at average effective pressure
    1.2.27I.A. Krivosheev, N.B. Simonov, K.E. Rozhkov
    Losses analysis in gas turbine engines flow parts
    1.2.28V. Sokolov
    Transfer function for shearing stress in nonstationary fluid friction
    1.2.29S.V. Seregin
    On splitting of bending frequency spectrum of geometrically imperfect shells
    1.2.32E.S. Gasparov, L.B. Gasparova
    Mathematical model of spindle unit bearing assembly
    1.2.35E.S. Evtukh, G.A. Neklyudova
    Evaluation of contact stresses in railway wheel when rolling through rail joint
    1.2.37A.P. Levashov, O.Yu. Medvedev
    Determination of eigenforms and frequencies of transverse vibrations of a rod of variable cross section in the field of centrifugal forces
    1.2.38P.A. Kulakov, D.D. Galyautdinov, V.G. Afanasenko
    Problem of calculation of reliability of hierarchical complex technical systems
    1.2.39R.A. Peshkov, A.V. Erpalov
    Developing methods for calculating gas-dynamic parameters in launch canister during the missile launch
    1.2.40M. Kozochkin, A. Porvatov, D. Allenov
    The detection of electrode breakage in electric discharge process by methods of vibroacoustic diagnostics
    1.2.42E.Y. Kulikova, I.I. Shornikov
    Method of estimation of pressure forces from power plant in microtunneling
    1.2.44V.V. Shishkov
    Diesel work cycle at start
    1.2.47K.V. Chernyshov, A.V. Pozdeev, I.M. Ryabov
    Vibration isolation properties of vehicle suspension at optimal instantaneous damping control in oscillation cycle
    1.2.52S.A. Partko, L.M. Groshev, A.N. Sirotenko
    Finding stable region of torsional vibrations of agro-industrial rotary cultivators
    1.2.53V.A. Markov, S.N. Devyanin, V.G. Kamaltdinov
    Improvement of fuel injection and atomization processes in transport diesel engine
    1.2.54T.A. Golubeva, E.V. Balakina
    Finding New Component in Displacement of Normal Supporting-Surface Reaction to Car Wheels
    1.2.55V.G. Kamaltdinov, V.A. Markov, K.S. Leonov
    Numerical research of combustible mixture inert components influence on compression ignition engines combustion process
    1.2.56V.V. Novikov, A.V. Pozdeev, D.A. Chumakov
    Results of bench tests of pneumatic suspension with air-hydraulic damping
    1.2.58Ju.A. Bondarenko, S.I. Khanin, O.V. Bestuzheva
    Investigation of stress-strain state of ball mill trunnion
    1.2.60Yu.A. Polyakov
    Influence of stiffness of rear leaf spring on van vibration loading
    1.2.62D.V. Kondratov, V.S. Popov, A.A. Popova
    Hydroelastic oscillations of three-layered channel wall resting on elastic foundation
    1.2.68A. Tokarev, A. Valeev, A. Zotov
    Use of vibration isolation systems with negative stiffness on the basis of special shaped guides to reduce pump piping vibration
    1.2.69Salam Ahmed Abed, Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Jassim Farij Thijel
    Effect of two cracks in a rotor on stiffness using the theory of fracture mechanics
    1.2.71S.V. Seregin
    How asymmetric initial imperfections in shape affect free oscillations of thin shells
    1.2.72A.V. Gorin, R.N. Poliakov, A.V. Sitin
    Test bench for analyzing adaptability of foil gas-dynamic bearings to external changes
    1.2.73M.Yu. Prakhova, A.N. Krasnov, E.A. Khoroshavina
    Automatic system of low-pressure gas recycling at liquid removal from wells and gas collectors
    1.2.74M. Lyutikova, S. Korobeynikov
    Improvement of procedure for determining antioxidant additive (ionol) in insulating oils
    1.2.75I.V. Dolotovskij, N.V. Dolotovskaya
    Resource-saving multifunctional apparatus for autonomous energy- and water-supply systems
    1.2.77Yu.I. Eremenko, D.A. Poleshchenko
    Slag cut off during steel casting
    1.2.78Baraa M.H. Albaghdadi, A.O. Cherniavsky
    Arresting longitudinal cracks in steel pipelines: computational analysis technique